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International Women’s Day (IWD) is one of the world's special days - the day we celebrate the value of women. This is also a special occasion for businesses to seize the opportunity to show their sophistication in marketing campaigns.

An International Women's Day-themed Landing Page would be a great choice if you're looking for a unique seasonal campaign. On this special day, EComposer gives you a “special gift”, which is the launch of a new template with the theme of International Women's Day.

This blog will show you How to build a unique International Women's Day Landing Page. Before going into the details, make sure you have built your eCommerce store on Shopify!

What is Shopify Landing Page? 

In online marketing, a Landing Page is a stand alone web page that appears in response to a click on a search engine optimized (SEO) result, promotional marketing, email marketing, or online advertising. 

A Shopify landing page will often be a more complete and logical presentation than what's written on the ad, search results, or links. It is used to generate leads, convert sales, sign up and so on.


Top 4 benefits of Shopify Landing Page on International Women’s Day

Landing pages are often used in online sales, for a marketing campaign, or for selling a certain item. On a special occasion like International Women's Day, a landing page will bring you many benefits.

* Increase traffic for the main website

When you create an International Women's Day-themed Landing Page, your customers will be captivated by your flair. Therefore, customers will visit your website more, helping your website to receive a large amount of traffic.

* Increase conversion rate

A professional Landing Page on the occasion of International Women's Day helps you increase customers' buying motivation easily. Landing Page is built with images, detailed content, and clear call-to-action buttons, so it can better impact user psychology and help increase conversion rates significantly.

* Increase brand awareness

Designing a unique Landing Page on International Women's Day is a good way to help your brand go viral and be known by more people. With the interface and design style synchronized with the main website, the landing page will make a significant contribution to helping you increase your brand awareness.

* Understanding customers

Finally, creating a landing page on International Women's Day helps to better analyze customer insights. When users visit the landing page and perform actions on the page, you will have more necessary statistical data to evaluate and analyze insights. From there, businesses will build more accurate marketing and advertising strategies, hitting the right customer psychology.

How to build a Shopify Landing Page using IWD template?

To honor the value of women, EComposer launches a brand new template with the theme of International Women's Day. By using this template, you can quickly create your own creative and trendy landing page for International Women's Day. 

Choose one of three suitable paid plans and follow the steps below!

Step 1: Install EComposer 

EComposer - Shopify Page Builder

In Shopify App store, search app “EComposer - Landing Page Builder”, then click “add app” and “Install” to activate the use of this app.

Step 2: Open EComposer - Landing Page Builder

From your Shopify Dashboard menu, go to "App" and click "EComposer - Landing Page Builder"

* In Dashboard of EComposer, click “Start Building”

EComposer - Landing Page Builder

* Select “Landing Page” and start designing

EComposer - Page Builder

Step 3: Select Landing Page template & settings

Here you can easily choose templates and design your own Landing Page on International Women’s Day.

Select a template

EComposer has an ever-growing collection of templates, in addition to International Women's Day templates, you can find themed or other non-thematic templates.

Step 4: Customize your Landing page

From this step, you will officially start your Landing Page design. In the process of you designing the Landing Page, EComposer will provide a lot of the necessary elements.

In addition, you can easily change the background, color and more of the page as you like.

Moreover, you will have a treasure trove of professional eye-catching themes and extensions to add on your Landing pages.

Go to for more information.

Step 5: Save, Publish and View live page 

Once you are satisfied with your landing page design, the next step you need to do is save, publish and view your live page.

In the right corner of your edit page, you will see options for this next step.

- The “Preview" button allows you to preview your finished landing page

- The "Publish" button allows you to live the landing page on your website

- The drop-down menu gives you other options to suit your needs.

After you live your page successfully, you can view your live page by clicking the “view” button

Besides the IWD template, EComposer also has many other festival-themed templates. For example, you can refer to the blog 10+ Website Design Ideas for Valentine's Day + Real Examples to pocket a unique template for Valentine's Day

If you want to build your Women's day landing page from scratch, check out the detailed tutorial here


To Sum-up 

EComposer hopes, with this template for Women’s day, you can create a beautiful Landing Page as a spiritual gift to your customers.

EComposer would also like to wish you and your wonderful woman a meaningful International Women's Day!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via We will chat with you 24/7, and answer all your questions at any time.


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