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You don't know how to create an impressive About Us Page? How can you introduce your stores without being seen as overly promotional? That's what all businesses care about in this period of strong digital growth. Don't worry, here are the best inspirational templates to help you design an impressive and effective About Us Page for your Shopify stores.

What is an About Us Page? 


(Image source: EComposer on Shopify)

The About Us Page is a page located on a store website to provide information about the business, products and services that you are providing. Besides, it also helps readers better understand the mission, vision and development orientation of the business.

The About Us Page often reflects different aspects of the business. It can reflect the history, mission, vision and development orientation of the business. Your profile page is the perfect opportunity for you to tell a compelling story about your stores. Content on the About Us Page is usually presented in the form of short articles and accompanied by specific images.

In addition, the page also incorporates information about the location or contact information of the business.

Why is the About Us Page important?

The About Us Page plays an important role in building relationships with your customers. Here are the reasons why your online stores need an About Us Page.

New customers touchpoint

Most new viewers visit the About Us Page to find out more about you. An attractive, impressive About Us Page builds trust, and stimulates customers’ demand for products and services. This is not only a marketing tool, but it also contributes to SEO optimization when the information about you is consistent, clear, and transparent.

Usually, most of the new customers who come to your About Us Page always want to explore more about the business and its stories. 

This About Us Page effectively attracts potential customers with the story of your business and the people inside. Therefore, creating an impressive About Us Page, and taking advantage of customers' curiosity is extremely important.

Strengthen your brand image


The About Us Page is the place to show the core values ​​and highlights that make your stores different from your competitors. Therefore, the content and images you use have a powerful effect on building a brand image with customers.

15+ Inspirational Shopify About Us Page Templates 

1. 4ocean About Us Page



(Image source: 4ocean.com)

4ocean About Us Page impressed by the mission is put in front and center. This style may be effective for a brand with a clear mission that is pursuing an objective that its target audiences can support.

Since the plastic crisis objective of 4ocean plays such a significant role in why it develops accessories and clothing, it divides its About Us Page into whole distinct sections that elaborate on its operations, the Osborne Reef, and its environmental impact. 

2. Mailchimp About Us page


(Image source: mailchimp.com)

“We empower millions of customers around the world to start and grow their businesses with our smart marketing technology, award-winning support, and inspiring content.”

Mailchimp is so smart when emphasizing the number of users to attract customers and create credibility. It's simple, fun and effective, pretty colorful, and presents a variety of combinations easily.

3. Milk Bar About Us Page 


(Image source: milkbarstore.com)

What Milk Bar did is quite different from any other ones. “About Milk Bar Page” uses lots of pictures and behind the scene videos of the production process to show customers its value. 

Besides, it still includes essential elements of an effective About Us Page such as a list of charities it works with, brief summary of its history and team and where it has appeared (The New York Times).

4. Flip Flop Shop About Us Page


(Image source: flipflopshops.com)

Flip Flop Shops catch the customers’ eyes with the animated pictures which make their visitors associate them with the products; moreover, it also mentions the mission at the top to give an overall view of the company. 

5. Boom! About Us Page


(Image source: boombycindyjoseph.com)

By using the call to action button above the fold, BOOM!’s About Us Page emphasizes the conversion, applying a straightforward approach to ensure the call to action is hard to miss.

6. Bentley Motors About Us Page


(Image sources: bentleymotors.com)

Bentley gave the car its personality and demonstrated its appeal. Along with incredibly captivating trailers, they use expert, rich, and intriguing visuals.

7. Marie Forleo About Us Page


(Image source: marieforleo.com)

This layout of About Us Page is more suitable for personal brands. It is like a long letter to tell visitors about her life. Who is she? What did she do? What are her life perspectives? Especially, “Which brings me to you” is the essential part of making trust from others.

8. Wild one About Us Page


(Image source: wildone.com)

Sometimes simple works best. Like Wild One - a brand that specializes in pet products - a clear and understandable approach to what you do, who you do it for, and what problems you solve are all important.

9. Magic Spoon About Page


(Image source: magicspoon.com)

The About Us Page of Magic Spoon does not have too much information; however, it has enough content about the team, history and unique selling point which makes them different from others. That is also the reason why customers should choose them.

Moreover, the interface has cute images and a colorful background attracts people more. Finally, the call to action located at the top is an effective conversion method.

10. Tate About Page


(Image source: tate.org.uk)

Tate’s About Us Page is so professional because all of the information is arranged clearly and suitably. Visitors can easily find out about them. Tate states the mission at the top of the page to highlight it and make it the starting point for the reader.

11. Dave About Us Page


(Image source: dave.com)

Due to its basic language, uncomplicated design, and captivating pictures, Dave's About Us Page was the inspirational one. The page reflected the company's brand and presented the founding narrative in a lighthearted, humorous manner.

12. Ollie About Us Page


(Image source: myollie.com)

The content on Ollie's About Us Page is divided into three separate sections using a secondary navigation bar: Our Mission, Our Values, and Our Community. 

Additionally, each part makes use of engaging graphics and friendly images to attract the reader and direct their focus to various locations that contain crucial information.

13. Marion About Us Page


(Image source: marion.com)

MARION's About Us Page highlights a few recent awards they've received and provides access to a comprehensive list of the dozens of accolades they've received throughout the nearly 40 years they've been serving Texas. This kind of evidence may inspire a prospective client to start working with your business.

14. Eight Hour Day About Us Page


(Image source: eighthourday.com)

People frequently believe that in order to be credible and trustworthy, About Us Pages must sound official. However, most people find it simpler to believe statements made by actual individuals than those that appear to have been generated by a machine. Keep your "about us" page welcoming and authentic.

Inspired ideas from Eight Hour Day. This brand humanizes its image by showcasing the individuals who make up the business.

15. Kuno Creative About Us Page


(Image source: kunocreative.com)

The page for Kuno Creative does a good job of highlighting what makes the business unique: its employees. The history of the digital marketing agency is briefly mentioned in the first line, but the remainder of the website is devoted to headshots in black and white and bios for each employee.

How to customize the About Us Page on Shopify with EComposer

A Shopify app called EComposer Page Builder enables customers to create expert web storefronts without any coding experience. It offers a bunch of templates and elements so you can "drag and drop" them to build whatever you want. For About Us Page, EComposer provides 9 templates of popular industries such as Fashion, Food, Technology, Furniture, Jewelry, and Home Decoration.

Step 1: Install EComposer Page Builder for your Shopify store

Add app at Shopify App Store: EComposer Landing Page Builder


- In your Shopify admin, to authorize the use of the app, click Install apps

Step 2: Choose About Us Page template

- Going to “Apps” from Dashboard, click on “EComposer” to open app

- From the Dashboard, click start building to choose the page that you want to work on.

- Choose “Standard page” by clicking on the “+” button beside it. 

- Select “About Us” on the left of the screen. There are beautiful templates of About Us Page that EComposer recommends to you. 

- Follow the step of EComposer

Firstly, choose the template.

There are various options built in different industries such as fashion, food, and cosmetics,... You can click on the preview to see it first. 


If you are attracted by this template, click on Insert now, choose “Insert” to start creating a page for your online stores.


In case you want to see more templates, click back to the library to continue selection with other templates.


 After choosing a suitable template, continue with setup page info

Step 3: Set up page information

- After inserting the layout of EComposer, you can see the navigator on the left corner slider. It allows you to navigate each section fast and conveniently.

- Click on any part that you want to edit, the edit tab will appear on the left and you will edit the information in this tab. You can edit both content and design of these components.

- Elements: This function allows you to add suitable elements that you want on the page.


- Site Settings: You can set some features related to layout, body, link, button,...


Step 4: Save and Publish

Click Publish in the top right corner, choose “Save and Publish” to publish the About Us Page.

customize-about-us-page-publishClick on “View” for a preview, here is the result.




Tips to create an impressive About Us Page

Show your core values ​​and core products

Navigate the content of the About Us Page around the USP (Unique Selling Point). That helps you assert "unique" values ​​compared to competitors.

However, your point of difference needs to be valuable to the customer. In other words, don't put in front of your customers all that you consider to be your strengths. Show them “useful” strengths that fit their needs.

Tell the story of your brand

If your business has been around for quite a long time, show your growth on the About Us Page, mark important milestones in your brand's history in the most authentic way. It could be the story that inspired your brand name, the milestone you sold your first product, etc.

Share the stories behind

Some photos, such as a product shot in production, help customers understand the company's production process. This makes the reader feel confident about your brand as well as know the exact origin of the product.

Ensure business information is always accurate

The About Us Page is a bridge to building trust in customers' hearts. Make sure all information on your About Us Page is current and accurate.

Add a “call to action” button

Add CTA (Call-to-action) buttons and distribute them appropriately throughout the page. This encourages customers to act with different goals. Like filling in email information, visiting your products, reading blogs on your website, etc.


Wrapping Up

About Us Page focused on highlighting the biggest selling points of your story and brand, creating a strong first impression on curious customers. It's a goal-oriented destination, to inform your potential customers about your biggest selling points. 

Do you have an impressive About Us Page? Let’s start with EComposer now.