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Shopify sections and blocks

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Get ready to take your Shopify store to the next level! Our blog, "How to Customize Your Shopify Theme Using Sections & Blocks", guides you through the exciting design world. There is no complex method - just easy steps to make your store look amazing. 

Learn how to arrange things your way, add cool stuff like images and buttons, and make your site truly yours. With Shopify's handy sections and blocks, you'll have all the tools to create an outstanding website. Let's dive in and make your online store shine!

What are Shopify section & blocks?

Shopify section

Shopify sections and blocks

What are Shopify sections?

A Shopify section is a modular building block to construct and organize your online store's page layout. These sections contain various content blocks, each serving a specific purpose: text, images, product listings, headers, and more. 

Sections provide a flexible way to arrange your store's content without requiring you to delve into code. With the ability to add, rearrange, and customize sections, you can create a visually appealing and tailored storefront that aligns with your brand and engages customers effectively.

Shopify section types

Shopify offers a variety of section types that you can use to structure and customize the layout of your online store. Each section type serves a specific purpose and enables you to display various content types. Here are some common Shopify section types:

- Header: This section appears at the top of your page and typically includes your store's logo, navigation menu, and other vital elements.

- Hero Banner: The hero section is a prominent area at the top of a page, often featuring a large image or video, a headline, and a call-to-action.

- Featured Products: Showcase selected products with images, descriptions, and buttons for easy access to shopping.

- Collection List: Display a grid or list of product collections, helping customers navigate to specific categories.

- Testimonials: Showcase customer reviews and testimonials to build trust and credibility.

- Featured Blog Posts: Highlight blog posts to engage visitors with informative content.

- Email Signup: Encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter for updates and promotions.

- Instagram Feed: Display a feed of your Instagram posts to showcase your brand's social media presence.

- Footer: The footer section often contains links to important pages, contact information, and other relevant details.

- Video: Embed videos to provide more dynamic content and engagingly convey information.

- Image with Text: Create content sections with text columns alongside images to present information visually.

- Featured Collection: Highlight a specific product collection with images and links to drive customer interest.

These are just a few examples of Shopify section types. Each theme may offer different section types, and you can customize their content, styling, and arrangement to create a unique and appealing storefront layout that suits your brand and goals.

Shopify section limit

There are a maximum of 25 sections per template. These limits are in place to ensure that your store's performance remains optimal and that your website loads efficiently for visitors. While these limitations might vary from theme to theme, they help maintain a cohesive user experience by preventing overcrowded or cluttered pages.

When designing your store, it's essential to consider the available section limits. This encourages thoughtful planning and strategic content placement. By understanding these constraints, you can make the most out of the sections at your disposal, creating engaging and visually appealing pages that enhance customer interactions.

Shopify blocks

Shopify section block limit

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What are Shopify blocks?

Shopify blocks are the smaller components that you can use within Shopify sections to create and customize your online store's layout and content. They allow you to add specific information, features, or visual elements within a more extensive section.

Each block has a distinct function and can be tailored to match your store's branding and design. For instance, your homepage's "Featured Products" section might contain multiple blocks, each representing a product image, title, description, and link. By arranging and customizing these blocks, you can create engaging and informative content layouts that resonate with your customers.

Shopify's approach to using blocks within sections provides you with flexibility and control over your store's appearance and functionality. By selecting and arranging the appropriate blocks, you can tailor your pages to showcase products, share information, and guide customers through their shopping journey.

Shopify block types

Shopify section block types encompass diverse content elements that can be seamlessly integrated into various sections of your Shopify theme. The range of block types available includes, but is not limited to:

- Headers and Headlines: These blocks provide titles and headings for sections, helping to organize content and guide visitors through your page.

- Text Blocks: Text blocks enable you to add informative and engaging written content, such as product descriptions, blog posts, or company information.

- Image Blocks: Images enhance visual appeal and help convey your brand's message. You can insert single images or create dynamic image galleries.

- Buttons and Call-to-Action (CTA) Blocks: These blocks encourage user interaction by adding products to the cart or navigating specific pages.

- Social Media Blocks: Integrate social media feeds to connect with your audience and encourage sharing.

These block types are designed to be easily customizable and adaptable to your specific design and content needs. They empower you to build visually appealing and functional pages without the necessity for extensive coding knowledge. 

Shopify block limit

The Shopify section block limit refers to the maximum number of individual content blocks you can add to a single section of your Shopify theme. There are 50 blocks maximum for each section, the building blocks of your page's layout and content. Shopify sets this limit to ensure optimal performance and maintain a consistent design within your store.

To make the most of the available block limit, it's recommended to prioritize essential content and features that align with your store's goals. Careful planning and thoughtful organization of blocks will help you create engaging and visually appealing pages while staying within the confines of the block limit. 

If you've reached the block limit for a particular section and still need more content, consider utilizing other sections or exploring alternative layout options within your theme.

How to use Shopify section & block for website design

You can freely add and customize Shopify sections & blocks to enhance the website’s visuals. Below are the simple steps that you can start with:

- Go to “Shopify Theme” under “Online Store”

- Click on the “Customize” button

- Hit “Add section” or “Add block”, then select the section & block that you want to add to your Shopify stores

- Customize the content & design of each section & block

- Finally, choose “Save” in the top left corner to save all your changes.

Add section & block to Shopify theme

For detailed guides, follow here: How to add sections on Shopify pages.

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Final words

Incorporating Shopify sections and blocks into theme customization offers an array of benefits. These tools empower you to craft a tailored online store, allowing for effortless rearrangement of content, enhanced visual appeal, and responsive design for various devices. 

By harnessing the flexibility of sections and blocks, you can design an exciting and enjoyable shopping experience, captivating visitors and driving conversions. Leverage EComposer Landing Page builder today to effortlessly elevate your Shopify stores with custom section templates.



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