EComposer Full Features

The place that summarizes all the outstanding features of EComposer
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Live drag-drop editor

Build your page visually from top to bottom. Just drag and drop elements to edit lively without using any line of code. 


Home Pages

Create first impression with beautiful branded homepage templates in EComposer.

Collection Pages

Showcase all items of a collection nicely that help customers quickly find their favorite products to buy

Blog Post

Design how your single blog post look like with EComposer. Freely customize your blog to attract more readers.

About Us

Intro your business in a more professional way with a lot of prebuilt template for About Us Page. 

Custom Icons And 
Upload SVG Icon

Give answers for all frequently asked questions on your store in the most comprehensive way

Footer Builder

Level up & refresh your Footer navigation with EComposer footer builder. 

Custom Icons And 
Upload SVG Icon

Freely use EComposer icon library to design your page or you can upload SVG icons to use in editor. 

Live Margin & Padding

Change the margin & padding of your page element lively, just hover and drag it freely, instead of fill in specific values. Also, you can easily change 4 values at once to save time. .

Order Columns & Wraps

Dễ dàng thay đổi vị trí của 2 phần tử trong cùng 1 hàng, ví dụ ở desktop show content rồi tới banner thì ở mobile khách hàng có thể đảo vị trí để banner hiện bên trên và content hiện bên dưới.

One Click Import Layout

Insert any layouts of pages, sections or combine different layouts into one - all that's so simple with EComposer

Optimize For SEO

All EComposer layouts and elements are designed for SEO optmized using essential SEO tags like meta title, meta description, image ALT, etc.

Adjust Content Width

EComposer allows you to change the width of any section easily, by choosing Full width, Boxed or a Custom value. 

Live Responsive

Preview your page on different devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile right on EComposer editor. Especially, you can customize how your page show differently on each screen. Or add any screen size you want with ease. 


Hotkeys make your work faster while using EComposer editor. Feel like you're using a desktop app, is that cool?

Undo & Redo

Back to your previous work or redo your latest action just by a click.

Custom CSS/JS

You know coding like CSS, JS? EComposer supports custom codes for your unique design ideas.

Dynamic Sources

Metafields and Dynamic sources allow you to store and display unique content for products, collections, blogs, and pages.
It is perfect for displaying specific product information — such as size guides or part numbers — for different products that use the same template.

Dark Mode & Light Mode

Switching between dark mode and light mode in EComposer editor by a click. 

CSS Filter

Popular design options for your images element: Blur, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue

Global Colors & Typos

Set your most used colors + fonts once and you can have it as options for any element on EComposer editor

Save As Template

Save any page, section you created in EComposer into your Template library. From here, you can get it out to use later anytime.

Preview Page

Instantly preview how your page look like from EComposer editor. Make sure everything is perfect before you actually publish your page. 

Unlimited Color

Design made freedom with EComposer unlimited color options. You can simply add your color code for any elements, or use predefined color options from editor tool. 

Landing Pages

Collect leads or convert sales easily with Landing Page builder in EComposer. Provide 30+ pre-designed templates for all industries

Product Pages

Design Product Pages that optimized for conversion with EComposer boost sales add-ons and elements

Collection List

A page that list all collections available on your store. Customers can navigate and sorted their desired product with ease

Blog List

A page that display all of your blogs and blog categories. Make it eaiser for audiences to browse your content.

Contact Us

Refesh your default Contact us page with EComposer new design, put more details or creativity there. 

Password Page
Coming Soon Page

Design a more professtional password or coming soon page for your pre-launched website. Add countdown timer, newsletter subscriber, page backgound, etc.

Form Builder

Design a more professtional password or coming soon page for your pre-launched website. Add countdown timer, newsletter subscriber, page backgound, etc.

Quickview Builder

Create Product Quickview to make customer shopping experience more fun, easy and smoothly

Google Fonts and 
Custom Fonts

Choose from tons of Google fonts in EComposer or upload any custom fonts you want simply. EComposer Local Google fonts also handles the GDPR issues for EU customers. 

Section Builder

Wanna build a specific section that your theme does not support? Just create one in EComposer, using our powerful section edior, then insert it to your default theme, in a few clicks. No coding required, no hassale, no time wasted. 

Border Line & Radius

Various options for Border Lines and Border Rarius of your elements. You can also adjust it lively by drag the borders in editor preview.

Right Click

Right click to open most used functions while you edit your element, section, page. You can instantly Duplicate, Edit, Copy, Paste, Paste Style only, Clear Style, Rename or Delete anything you're working on. 

Auto Save

EComposer auto-saves your page editing every 5 minutes. This will make sure you never lost latest designs in any situation, even if you forgot to save it manully.

Import & Export

Export EComposer layouts for backup. Or import any layouts between different stores all using EComposer. 

Element Presets

For each element you drop to your page, EComposer provides various pre-designed layouts for that single element. This save you ton of time & effort self-design it.


Navigation in EComposer editor helps you see overal structure of your page. You can easily change the position of specific sections or elements just by drag drop it around here.  Plus, you can visualize how a section is structured with smaller elements inside.

Live Copy Section

Copy & paste any section from library to your page. Also, you can copy & paste an EComposer section between different browsers. 

Global Site Setting

EComposer allows you to sync your theme typography and colors to apply in EComposer pages/sections/elements. It makes your design branding consistent & save a lot of time to style it again.   

Video Background & 
Parallax Scrolling 

Change background for your video element with ease. Apply Parallax scrolling for your page to enhance customer experience.

Element Animation 
& Transform

Apply cool animation and transformation effects to your element to make it noticeble among your page.

Create page without 
header & footer

Show/Hide header & footer in EComposer page editor

Paste Style & Clear Style

Copy style only of any element and apply to another simply with EComposer. Also, you can clear style of a single element in a click.

Auto Update

EComposer new features & improvements are updated constantly and automatically. You do not need about manualy update, we take care all!

Global Block

EComposer new features & improvements are updated constantly and automatically. You do not need about manualy update, we take care all!