Using EComposer Logo

1. Primary Logo


Primary Logo

This is the standard logo used for EComposer, please use this version wherever possible.

Inverted Primary Logo

Usually used in places with a dark background. 

2. Logo design ratio

The corresponding size, position and distance between special signs and featured letters must strictly comply with design regulations. The ratio of the logo layout helps the overall logo to ensure the standard ratio of the elements that make it up. When displayed at the standard ratio, the logo will be recognized in the most accurate and uniform way. To ensure the professionalism and consistency of the logo. The user is forced to ensure that the proportions between the elements that make up the logo remain the same. Here 1 square is equal to 1x

3. Monotone Logo


Positive logo


Negative logo


Single-tone logo identification


Logo on identity background

4. Exclusion zone

To ensure the logo symbol is always represented with the greatest degree of clarity and visual impact. No graphic elements may encroach on this area. The ratio of the space around the logo needs to be balanced as indicated on the side. In rare cases where it is absolutely necessary (e.g. block signs, monuments or tube lights...) this may not be necessary, but should ensure that the logo appears as clearly as possible. .
X is calculated by the height of the logo icon

5. Color

To ensure a successful implementation of a brand identity system, it is necessary to ensure that color elements are used correctly and consistently in accordance with standard regulations. 

The color of the logo is specified in Pantone colors and in accordance with the guiding indicators to ensure as much similarity as possible in all materials and screens.

Complementary color groups create creative space and logo style. Using logo colors in combination with complementary colors is very important. Do not use different colors, different spaces in the design of publications, internal documents and promotional communications
Logo Identity Color
Color code: 00A2BC | Printing color: C: 78 M: 17 Y: 22 K: 0 | Display color: R: 0 G: 162 B : 188 | Pantone
Color code: 00B4D0 | Printing color: C: 73 M: 5 Y: 16 K: 0 | Display color: R: 0 G: 180 B : 208 | Pantone
Color code: 3BC4E5 | Printing color: C: 63 M: 0 Y: 7 K: 0 | Display color: R: 59 G: 196 B : 229 | Pantone

6. Font

Brand name font, slogan
Brand name font: Sofia Pro
Slogan font: Not available yet

7. Forms of logo

It is up to each case to use appropriate forms of the logo. It is recommended to use a standard logo so that customers can easily identify the brand, increase the ability to identify as well as increase the ability to remember for customers. Once the business has grown, the logo can be used as an identity.
Standard logo
Logos with only symbols