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If you are searching for an eCommerce platform to build your dream online store, Shopify is the best one.

Along with diverse tools and features, Shopify is a super cool platform that launches plenty of offers annually. This thing is beneficial for most new Shopify store owners who want to test this platform before purchasing. 

The thing is that the Shopify promotion plan has changed dramatically throughout the years. In particular, since 2022, this platform has launched Shopify $1 for 3 months plan. 

So is it still available in 2024?

Shopify 1 Months for $1 Plan

Starting from February 2024, Shopify is offering a special promotion where users can explore their platform with 3 free days plus first month extended for just $1.

This limited-time offer applies to all Shopify plans, including Basic, Advanced, and more, allowing users to delve into the world of eCommerce without breaking the bank. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to establish your online store and grow your business on Shopify while minimizing your initial expenses.

Don't miss out on this chance to kickstart your eCommerce journey with ease.

Start Free Trial Now


To help you grab an exclusive discount from Shopify, we have brought you this post on Shopify free trial plans, which includes a step-by-step guide on how to claim them.

So let’s explore now to not miss any useful information.

What is Shopify?



Shopify is an all-in-one commerce platform developed to support independent business owners launching, managing, and growing their businesses online, in-store, and everywhere in between.

Here are some of the things you can do with Shopify:

- Create and customize an online store

- Sell in a variety of channels, including web, mobile, social media, and brick-and-mortar stores.

- Control your products, inventory, payments, and shipping.

- Create, implement, and evaluate online marketing campaigns

Shopify default 14 - day free trial 

Normally, Shopify launches a trial plan within 14 days for all new users whenever they sign up.

The 14-day Shopify trial package allows you to set up your online business, add products, and prepare it for launch. After signing up, you will activate your 14-day free trial plan. However, unless you choose a paid plan, you won’t be able to sell or collect money from customers (don't worry, you will not be charged until the trial period ends).

To activate the Shopify 14-day free trial, all you need is an email address; no credit card information is required. 

The trial provides access to nearly all of the features and tools available in a subscription plan.

Shopify will notify you to make a subscription at the end of your trial period. You will be unable to access your online store unless you purchase a plan. Your store's work will not be lost; it will simply be inaccessible.

When you sign up for a monthly subscription, everything is restored to its original state, and you can resume running your Shopify business as usual.

Shopify $1/ month for 3 months

Since 2022, Shopify launched the special pricing plan, which is a 3- day free trial plus 90 days extended for $1. So what is it in detail?

Shopify's 1 dollar for 3 months is the special subscription plan that gives merchants access to Shopify's powerful eCommerce platform for just 1 dollar. It gives everything you need to start selling online, including your online store and all the features provided by the Basic plan chosen, along with 24/7 support. 

However, the Shopify $1 offer is only valid for the Basic plan, which includes all of the necessary features.

How to claim Shopify's $1 plan for a 90-day discount?

Here is the step-by-step guide to getting Shopify at $1:

Step 1: Click here to sign up for Shopify. Then a banner in the header will prompt you to begin a 3-day free Shopify trial and subscribe to a 90-day extended plan for just $1. You can either click the Sign up now button on the banner or enter your email address on the landing page and then click the Start free trial button.


 Step 2: Begin by entering all of the required information to launch your own Shopify store. You can choose where to sell your products, link them to your social media handles, and enter information such as your store name, business location, and other pertinent information. You can also skip this step and go straight to the dashboard, where you can configure it later.


 Step 3: Once you've reached the dashboard of your Shopify store, you can configure your plan by clicking the 'Pick a plan' button at the bottom of the page.


Step 4: Check to ensure that you are on a monthly plan rather than a yearly plan. There, you will find the Basic Shopify plan, which is available for $1 for three months. To proceed with the offer, click the "Choose this plan" button.


Step 5: On the billing page, confirm your plan and business address, and then enter your payment method. You can charge by credit card or PayPal. Once all of the details have been entered, click the 'Start plan' button on the right-hand side.



That's it! You have successfully purchased Shopify 1 dollar for a 3- month plan.

Like the basic plan, this Shopify special deal gives you a chance to try lots of advantages that help you functionalize your online store much more conveniently, including:

- Free access to various Shopify Plus utilities like customer support, product reviews, inventory management, and shipping.

- A dedicated account manager will assist Shopify users in establishing their stores.

- An online sales funnel creator that supports merchants in developing a profitable eCommerce business.

- Over 40,000 available apps and extensions.

- Customized training sessions

And more.


Newest Promotion 2024: Shopify 3 free days + 1 month $1

To attract new users, from 2024, Shopify has introduced a special offer where merchants can access their eCommerce platform for 3-day free trial, plus $1 for the first month. This offer is available for the Basic plan, which includes essential features for starting an online store.

Here's how to claim the offer:

Step1: Sign up for Shopify


Step 2: Complete the necessary information to launch your store or skip this step and configure later.

Shopify-sign-up-fill-infoStep 3: Access your Shopify dashboard and click on "Pick a plan."

Shopify-pick-a-planStep 4: Choose the Basic Shopify plan and proceed to the billing page.

Shopify-basic-planStep 5: Confirm your plan and enter your payment details. Then complete the purchase to access Shopify's features for 30 days for just $1.

With this plan, users can enjoy various benefits, including access to Shopify Plus utilities, a dedicated account manager, an online sales funnel creator, a wide range of apps and extensions, customized training sessions, and more.

This offer provides an opportunity for merchants to explore and utilize Shopify's tools to enhance their online businesses efficiently.

What should you do in Shopify's free trial time?

We don’t know when exactly Shopify can run other promotion campaigns. So let’s use this free time to do the things below:

- Set up your Shopify store in basic using Shopify’s free or premium themes, depending on your choice. Here are some theme choices with exclusive prices that you can consider.

- Add your products or services information, then gather themes in different collections.

- Set up your store payment gateways that are acceptable by Shopify.

- Visit Shopify App Store to find and add stunning features to your store.

After opening a new online store, the next thing you need to consider is configuring and customizing your store to the highly qualified standard.

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Shopify Available Pricing plans

After the free trial time ends, you can grab any plan you want. Let’s check out available plans on Shopify Pricing below.

Since the beginning of 2024, Shopify pricing has already changed.

There are three pricing plans available. What are they?

1- Basic plan: The basic Shopify plan costs $25 per month or $19 per month if paid annually. In this plan, you must pay a 2% transaction fee for all payment providers as well as a 2% currency conversion fee. This plan also allows you to add up to 2 employees and choose up to 4 locations.

2- Shopify plan: The Shopify plan costs $65 per month or $49 per month if paid annually. In this plan, you must pay a 1% transaction fee for all payment providers and a 2% currency conversion fee. You can also add up to 5 staff members, choose up to 5 locations, and receive professional reports with this plan.

3- Advanced plan: The advanced Shopify plan costs $399 per month or $299 per year. In this plan, you must pay 0.5% transaction fees for all payment providers, a 2% conversion fee, and 0.85% duties and import taxes rates. You can also add up to 15 staff members, choose up to 8 locations, use professional reports, and an advanced report builder, and get international pricing with this plan. The advanced plan includes eCommerce SEO features as well.

All of the above plans include features such as fraud detection, a free SSL certificate, sales channels, manual order creation, an online store, gift cards, unlimited products, and the ability to sell in over 133 countries. 

Those are such a reasonable price list for any store owners who want to start their online business with cost savings, especially since you will receive 25%OFF if choosing any yearly plans.

Claim this chance to build your dream Shopify store now.


Wrap up

Shopify has now extended its deal up to 2024. The reason for this is Shopify's growing popularity. Keep an eye out for this 1-dollar offer in specific geographic areas.

Please keep in mind that the Shopify 1- dollar 1-month offer will expire soon, so let's take advantage of it as soon as possible. Also, share your thoughts on Shopify's free trial in the comments below.

Check out to see updated news, tips, and tricks to build your beautiful branded Shopify store fast and easily.

FAQs of Shopify Free trials 2024

Is Shopify completely free to use? Is it necessary for me to charge to use Shopify?

Shopify is neither free nor freemium. Signing up for the Shopify Free Trial, on the other hand, gives you access to almost all of the essential features. You can start selling on Shopify for free during the free trial period. You only have to pay for Shopify once the free trial period expires.

When does the Shopify free trial start?

Your Shopify free trial is active from the moment you first sign up, not when you begin working on your store.

The latest Shopify free trial currently ends after 3 days, and its duration can be changed at any time. And if you charge for the Shopify Basic plan after those 3 days, you just need to pay $1/ month for the first 1 month.

What happens when the 3-day trial of Shopify ends?

If you're a new Shopify user, you can get three more months for $1/month after your three-day trial period expires. When your 3-day trial period expires, the Shopify 1-dollar plan for 1 month takes effect. You won't have to switch plans or pay more because the next three months will only cost you one dollar. Following the free trial, all features remain unchanged. 

You can either pick your $1/month for your next 1month or upgrade to higher Monthly or Yearly plans.

After the 1-month Shopify 1-dollar plan expires, you can upgrade to other Monthly Shopify or Advanced plans, which start from $25/ month, as well as move to yearly plans which start at $49/month.

Even if you decide not to continue using your account at this time (due to the increased monthly or yearly fees), Shopify will save all your site's themes, applications, items, design components, and customizations. You can return anytime, sign into your account, and pick up where you left off, but you'll need to buy a paid plan this time.

How much does a Shopify account cost?

You can sign up for a Shopify account for free. But to start selling, you have to select a subscription plan first. If you're just getting started with your online business, the Shopify free trial is the ideal choice to experience this platform.

How can you get Shopify for only 1 dollar?

Just click here to grab get it for only $1 for 1 months 

Do I need a Shopify coupon code to activate my free trial?

No. You don’t need any Shopify code to use your free trial. 

All you have to do is click this link, then enter your email, password, and store name. If you don't like your store name, you can always change it later.

Can I sell and make money during my Shopify trial time?  

Of course, you can sell and earn money during your free Shopify trial. However, you must first select a paid plan. Don't worry, you won't be charged until your free trial period expires. 

To make money on Shopify, you must first properly set up your store and then get customers to buy your products. Start your free trial and start selling right away by clicking here.

How much is the Shopify plan after the free trial? Does Shopify charge after the free trial time has expired?

When the trial period expires, you must upgrade to a paid plan in order to continue working on your store. As mentioned above, Shopify has changed its pricing plans since 2024, which are:

Shopify Starter — $5 per month

- Shopify Retail — $89 per month

Shopify Basic — $25 per month

Shopify — $65 per month

Advanced Shopify — $399 per month

Shopify Plus — $2300 per month

- Enterprise Commerce - Custom price. 

Especially, Shopify also offers you yearly Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plans, with 25%OFF.  

Please notice that If you do not purchase a paid plan after the free trial, your store will be deactivated and you will not be charged.


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