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General Question

What is EComposer and how does it work?

EComposer is a live page builder app that allows you to create any page types or sections such as: Landing Page, Homepage, Product Page, Collection page, Blog page, Other essential pages or any custom page you want.

Why should I choose EComposer over other Page Builder apps?

There are many Shopify Page Builder apps outhere but below are most outstanding reasons a lot of merchants have chosen EComposer:
- Flexible page and templates: 80+ page templates, 190+ section layouts and countless elements.
- Drag-and-drop live page editor with richest element options you can find no where
- 16+ built in extensions that save you ton of money using other apps
- 24/7 customer services that rated 5/5 on Shopify App Store.

Does EComposer work with my theme?

The Answer is YES. Now EComposer can not only work with OS2.0 supported themes, it can work smoothly with all old version themes. Please refer this article to know more.

Will EComposer slow down my website loading speed?

No, EComposer is optimized for codes to minimize the loading time. We also offer various features for you to improve the website speed such as Lazy load.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

Yes, you can cancel EComposer plan at anytime. See more about our policy here.

What happens to Pages/Templates created in the higher plan after I downgrade?

If you downgrade your plan by moving from a more expensive charge to a less expensive charge, you will receive the features corresponding to your current plan. For example : Pro plan you can keep 50 pages. Basic plan you can keep max 15 pages. Hope the answer is clear enough.
What happen after I uninstall EComposer?
Uninstall EComposer will stop functioning everything created in the app. You can reset data in EComposer to uninstall the app safely. Just find it from app settings. All of your pages/templates/sections created in EComposer will be saved as back up in 30days in case you would like to recover your EComposer account.
How to get the Live Chat support?
We offer Livechat support for all plans. You can find the chat box at the bottom right inside EComposer app. We will be available to you, to iron-out any potential questions customers have in using the EComposer app. If you do run into any conflict, our support and development team will do everything to fix the issue.

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