Refund Policy

Updated June 30, 2023

This article might help you get more details about how to be qualified for a refund and request one.

1. Refund Qualification

The refund request must be submitted within 7 days of the subscription date. A refund request can only be considered if there has been a substantial problem with your EComposer account, resulting in data loss or significant disruption.

We have NO responsibility to issue a refund in the following cases because we provide a free plan with access to almost all EComposer features:

  • You’ve changed your mind about using the app.
  • You purchased or upgraded it by accident.
  • You lack the necessary knowledge to utilize the app.
  • You request goodwill.
  • You request refunds for previous months.
  • You have upgraded but not used it.
  • You downgraded or uninstalled the wrong billing cycle

2. How can you request a refund

If you wish to get a refund, please contact us via or Live Chat

If you find an issue with our app, you should examine it and restore any lost or disrupted data. As a result, please do not uninstall EComposer, we can only assist you if you still have our app in your store. There is nothing we can do after it has been uninstalled.

3. What will you do before issuing a refund?

 If you decide to downgrade from Premium, Pro, or Basic plan to the Free plan, please refer to the article Downgrade your subscription

If you decide to uninstall EComposer, please refer to this article Uninstall EComposer

4. How can you receive a refund

When we receive your refund request, we will:

Case 1: The billing cycle has been paid: Means EComposer has already received the payments from Shopify for your subscription, we will arrange the refund for you within 7 business days.

Case 2: The billing cycle has not been paid yet: Means EComposer hasn’t received payment from Shopify for your subscription. In this situation, EComposer will help you contact Shopify and ask them to deduct your EComposer bill.  

Note: Please keep in mind that we cannot avoid future charges because they are under the authority of the Shopify Billing team. We can only issue a refund once you have paid the amount. We are unable to handle this refund due to Shopify policy, therefore we really appreciate your understanding and patience.