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Are you ready to take your Shopify store to the next level and achieve massive success in 2024? The eCommerce is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the trends is key to winning big. 

This comprehensive guide will unveil the best products to sell on Shopify this year. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your journey, these trending products will give your online store the competitive edge it needs. Let's dive into the hottest eCommerce opportunities and skyrocket your sales in 2024.

Why should you sell on Shopify?

What is Shopify?

What is Shopify

Shopify, the powerhouse of eCommerce platforms, is a dynamic and user-friendly solution that empowers individuals and businesses to create and manage online stores easily. It is a comprehensive toolkit for aspiring entrepreneurs and established companies, offering everything you need to embark on your eCommerce journey. 

From customizable templates to secure payment processing and a wide array of integrative apps, Shopify equips you with the means to build, personalize, and grow your digital store. It's an excellent choice for those who desire a seamless, end-to-end platform to bring their products and services to the world.

Shopify’s Features

Shopify stands out for the excellent features:

- Easy to use: Shopify is a very user-friendly platform, even if you have no prior experience with eCommerce. Setting up a store, adding products, and selling is easy.

- Scalable: Shopify can grow with your business. As you start to sell more products, you can easily upgrade your plan to add more features and functionality.

- Reliable: Shopify is a very reliable platform. It has a 99.9% uptime, so you can be confident that your store will be up and running when your customers need it to be.

- Secure: Shopify is a very secure platform. It uses the latest security technologies to protect your store and customer data.

- Customizable: Shopify is very customizable. You can choose from a variety of themes and templates to create a store that looks and feels unique to your brand.

- Feature-rich: Shopify comes with a wide range of features built in, including product management, inventory management, shipping and payment processing, and marketing tools.

- App marketplace: Shopify has a huge app marketplace with over 10,000 apps available. These apps can add even more features and functionality to your store.

Overall, Shopify is a great platform for selling online.

Setting up your business on Shopify for $1/month 

Shopify offers exclusive deals for users in 2024 - Start selling online for only $1/month.

Shopify Free Trial $1 3 months

Here are the steps to set up your business on Shopify for $1/month:

- Go to the Shopify website and click the "Start free trial" button.

- Enter your email address and create a password.

- Choose your business name and store address.

- Select a Shopify plan. I recommend the Basic plan for most businesses.

- Enter your payment information.

- Create your store.

- Add products to your store.

- Start selling!

Read the complete guide here: Setting up your Shopify store in 10 minutes 

How to find the best product to sell on Shopify

How to find best products to sell on Shopify

Market Research

Market research is the foundation of finding the best products to sell on Shopify. Start by investigating your niche and target market. 

- Look for trends, gaps, and specific needs within your chosen industry.

- Pay attention to what potential customers are actively searching for. This data can guide your product selection by addressing their demands and preferences.

Competitor Analysis

- Study other Shopify businesses and eCommerce platforms operating within your niche.

- Observe the products your competitors offer and identify which ones appear successful. Examine customer reviews and feedback to gain insights into what customers appreciate and dislike about competitor products.

Learn more here:

Passion and Interest

It's beneficial to consider selling products that genuinely interest you or align with your passions. Your enthusiasm for these products will not only make your business more enjoyable but will also enable you to connect with your target audience on a personal level, potentially boosting your sales and brand loyalty.

Unique Value Proposition

- Look for products that can provide a unique value proposition in the market. This could include features like higher quality, competitive pricing, sustainability, or any other qualities that set your products apart.

- Offering something unique can attract customers and help build your brand's identity.

Profit Margins

When selecting products to sell on Shopify, it's essential to calculate potential profit margins. Ensure that the products you choose can be sold at a price that covers your expenses (product costs, shipping, marketing, etc.) and leaves room for profit. A healthy profit margin is vital for the sustainability and growth of your business.

Seasonal Trends

- Be aware of seasonal trends that can impact product demand. Some products have strong sales during specific seasons or holidays.

- Consider how your chosen products perform throughout the year and whether they are suitable for different times, allowing you to optimize your inventory and marketing strategies accordingly.

These steps provide a structured approach to finding the best products to sell on Shopify. They help you make informed decisions based on market dynamics, customer preferences, and business goals and values.

What to sell on Shopify?

What are the best products to sell on Shopify?

The best products to sell on Shopify are the ones that have a high demand, low competition, and high-profit margins. They refers to the product categories or individual items that are most likely to yield successful sales and generate profits when offered through a Shopify-based online store. Market demand, trends, and customer preferences typically determine these products. 

The selection of these products is a critical decision for entrepreneurs and eCommerce businesses, as it can significantly impact their success and profitability. Identifying the best products to sell on Shopify involves conducting market research, competitor analysis, considering one's interests and expertise, evaluating profit margins, and recognizing the influence of seasonal trends.

Top Trending Niches to Sell on Shopify

Top trending niches to sell on Shopify

- Sustainable and Ethical Products: Products made from recycled materials, organic materials, and fair labor practices are in high demand as consumers become more eco-conscious.

- Health and Wellness Products: Consumers are increasingly investing in their physical and mental health, driving the demand for products such as organic food, dietary supplements, fitness equipment, and wearable devices.

- Personalized Products: Consumers want products that reflect their unique tastes and preferences, from custom clothing and jewelry to tailor-made home décor.

- Experiences: Consumers are shifting from material possessions to memorable experiences, such as travel, dining, and entertainment.

- Subscription Services: Subscription services offer consumers convenience and regular access to products and services they love, from meal kit subscriptions to beauty product deliveries.

- Clothing: Customers can customize clothing items such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and leggings to express their unique style.

- Accessories: Customers can enhance their fashion sense and express their individuality with customizable hats, stylish bags, trendy tote bags, and phone cases.

- Home Decor: Customers can infuse their living spaces with personal style with customizable items like wall art, throw pillows, and blankets.

- Stationery: Customers can add a personal touch to their writing and organization with personalized notebooks, journals, planners, and greeting cards.

- Art Prints: Customers can adorn their homes with artwork that resonates with them, from captivating landscapes to intriguing abstracts to elegant portraits.

- Phone Cases: Customers can use customizable phone cases to protect their phones in a style that reflects their personality or interests.

- Pet Supplies: Pet owners are willing to spend top dollar on their furry friends, making pet supplies a profitable niche.

- Baby and Kids Products: Parents are always looking for the best products for their little ones, creating a steady demand for baby and kids products.

- Gaming and Entertainment Products: The gaming and entertainment industry is booming, with millions of people around the world enjoying video games, movies, and TV shows.

- Fitness and Sports Products: People are becoming more health-conscious and are investing in fitness and sports products to stay active and healthy.

- Arts and Crafts Supplies: Creative people of all ages enjoy using arts and crafts supplies to express themselves.

- Educational Products and Services: People of all ages are always looking to learn new things, creating a demand for educational products and services.

These niches are trending because they align with current consumer demands and trends, focusing on sustainability, health and wellness, personalization, and experiences. They also have low competition and high growth potential, making them ideal for businesses looking to enter or expand their eCommerce presence.

Explore more details about top trending niches to sell on Shopify here. (link to blog top trending niches)

The Best Products to Sell on Shopify in 2024

Let's delve deeper into why each of these products is a prime choice to sell on Shopify in 2024:

Best products to sell on Shopify

Travel Accessories

Travelers always need accessories that can make their journeys smoother and more enjoyable. Travel mugs keep beverages hot or cold on the go, while neck pillows provide comfort during long flights or road trips. Packing cubes help travelers stay organized, and portable chargers ensure that they're never disconnected, all of which are essential elements for modern explorers.

Health and Beauty Products

Pursuing health and beauty is a never-ending journey, and consumers are willing to invest in products that help them look and feel their best. Shopify is a great platform to sell skincare products, haircare items, makeup, and supplements. The accessibility and reach of Shopify allow beauty and health businesses to connect with a broad and diverse audience.

Eco-Friendly Products

With an increasing focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness, eco-friendly products are in high demand. Reusable water bottles help reduce single-use plastic waste, while bamboo toothbrushes offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic ones. Sustainable clothing satisfies the eco-conscious shopper's desire for more environmentally friendly fashion choices.

Vegan Products

As the vegan lifestyle gains traction, consumers are actively seeking vegan alternatives in various aspects of their lives. On Shopify, you can tap into this trend by selling a range of vegan products, including food, clothing, and beauty items. This aligns perfectly with the platform's capacity to reach a global audience of health-conscious and eco-aware consumers.

Pet Accessories

Pets are cherished family members for many, and pet owners are willing to invest in accessories that enhance their pets' comfort and well-being. Shopify provides an ideal platform to offer a wide range of pet accessories, from plush pet beds to interactive toys, premium pet food, and fashionable pet clothing.

Sports and Fitness Products

The growing emphasis on personal health and fitness has created a thriving market for sports and fitness products. You can offer an array of workout clothes, shoes, and equipment to cater to fitness enthusiasts. Shopify's eCommerce capabilities make it a convenient place for both beginners and seasoned athletes to find the sports gear they need.

Home and Garden Products

People are constantly seeking ways to upgrade their living spaces, making home and garden products a winning category on Shopify. Whether you're selling furniture, chic home decor items, or innovative gardening tools, the platform's user-friendly interface and extensive reach help you connect with homeowners looking to enhance their surroundings.

Home Office Equipment

The rise of remote work has resulted in an increased demand for home office equipment. Desks, chairs, computers, and printers are essential items for remote workers, and Shopify is an excellent platform to market these products. Its accessibility allows you to reach professionals seeking top-quality home office solutions.


With the ever-evolving tech landscape, the demand for electronics remains constant. Shopify is an effective channel for selling popular electronics like smartphones, laptops, TVs, and gaming consoles. The platform's broad reach and user-friendly shopping experience make it an ideal place to connect tech enthusiasts with the latest gadgets.

Smartphone Accessories

As smartphones have become integral to daily life, there's a constant demand for accessories that protect and enhance these devices. On Shopify, you can showcase a variety of smartphone accessories such as stylish phone cases, durable screen protectors, and reliable charging cables. The platform's wide audience base ensures that your products reach smartphone users looking for practical and stylish accessories.


Jewelry has timeless appeal, and consumers of all ages appreciate the opportunity to express themselves with fashionable accessories. Whether it's necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings, Shopify provides an excellent platform to reach a global audience looking to enhance their style with jewelry. Its extensive reach and user-friendly features make it an attractive choice for both jewelry designers and consumers.

Car and Bike Accessories

Personalizing vehicles is a trend that continues to gain momentum, and Shopify is an excellent platform for selling car and bike accessories. From seat covers to steering wheel covers and creative decals, you can tap into the desire for customization, whether for cars, bikes, or other modes of transportation.


Clothing is a perennially popular product category that appeals to a wide audience. With items like t-shirts, hoodies, dresses, and shoes, you can provide shoppers with a variety of fashionable choices. The accessibility and reach of Shopify make it a great platform for selling clothing to style-conscious consumers of all ages.

Toys and Games

Toys and games cater to a diverse and age-spanning audience. From action figures to board games and video games, Shopify allows you to offer a wide range of entertainment options. Its user-friendly interface and extensive reach connect you with consumers seeking engaging and enjoyable products.


Books have an enduring appeal and cater to readers of all ages. Whether it's fiction, non-fiction, or children's books, Shopify is an excellent platform to sell books to a broad and diverse audience of book enthusiasts. Its accessibility and user-friendly shopping experience make it a convenient choice for both bookstores and readers.

Home Improvement Products

There is a perpetual demand for products that help people enhance their homes. Selling tools, paint, hardware, and other home improvement products on Shopify enables you to connect with DIY enthusiasts and homeowners eager to improve their living spaces. The platform's user-friendly features make it a convenient place to shop for home improvement essentials.

Pet Food and Supplies

For pet owners, their furry friends are cherished family members, and they are willing to invest in their health and happiness. Shopify is an excellent platform to offer a wide array of pet food and supplies, from high-quality dog food to essential cat food and litter. Its user-friendly interface and extensive reach connect you with pet owners looking for top-notch products for their beloved pets.

How to sell on Shopify

Step 1: Sign up for a Shopify account

There is a free 3-day trial, and after that, you can choose from one of the three paid plans: Basic Shopify, Shopify, or Advanced Shopify to claim the Shopify exclusive deals: only $1/ month for the first three months.

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Step 2: Add your products

You can add products manually or import them from a spreadsheet. When adding products, be sure to include clear and concise descriptions, high-quality photos, and accurate pricing.

Step 3: Set up your shipping and payment methods

Shopify offers a variety of shipping and payment methods to choose from. You can also choose to offer free shipping on certain orders.

Step 4: Design your store

Shopify offers a variety of themes to choose from. You can also customize your store to match your brand and style.

To save your time and effort, you can use EComposer - a powerful Shopify Page Builder App that enables you to create any pages fast and easily (landing page, homepage, product page, collection page, blog page, etc). Using EComposer stunning templates library, you can create a professional Shopify store that can capture customers’ attention from first sight. 

Furthermore, you do not need programming knowledge with a user-friendly live drag-drop editor of EComposer. Also, this app provides excellent extensions such as lazy loading, cross-selling, global block, and more to optimize your online store for better conversion. Significantly, the dedicated support team is always ready to assist you 24/7. Try EComposer FREE now!

EComposer Shopify page builder app

Step 5: Promote your store

Once your store is set up, you need to start promoting it so people can find it. There are various ways to promote your store, such as social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and paid advertising.

Step 6: Fulfill orders

When a customer places an order, you will need to fulfill it. This means shipping the product to the customer and providing tracking information.

What are not allowed to sell on Shopify?

what are not allowed to sell on Shopify

Shopify is a great option for businesses that want to sell online, but it is important to note that there are some things that you are not allowed to sell on the platform. This is due to a number of factors, such as legal restrictions, safety concerns, and Shopify's policies.

Prohibited items

These are items that are not allowed to be sold on Shopify at all. This includes items that are illegal, dangerous, or harmful, as well as items that are subject to copyright or trademark infringement. Includes:

- Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs

- Dangerous goods, such as explosives, weapons, and hazardous materials

- Hateful content, such as items that promote racism, sexism, or other forms of discrimination

- Illicit goods, such as counterfeit products and stolen items

- Pornographic and sexually suggestive content

- Prescription drugs and other medical products

- Services that violate Shopify's Terms of Service

Restricted items

These are items that are subject to certain restrictions on Shopify. This means that you may need to obtain permission from Shopify before you can sell them, or you may need to comply with specific requirements. Includes:

- Adult toys

- Animal products, such as fur and ivory

- Cryptocurrencies and virtual currencies

- E-cigarettes and vaping products

- Gambling products

- Healthcare products and services

- Lottery tickets and other gambling products

- Medical devices

- Nutritional supplements

- Real estate

- Stocks and other securities

- Tobacco products

- Travel services

- Weapons and ammunition

It is important to note that the list of prohibited and restricted items on Shopify is subject to change at any time. It is always best to check the Shopify documentation for the latest list of prohibited and restricted items before selling on the platform.

If you are still determining whether an item can be sold on Shopify, you can contact Shopify support for assistance.

In a nutshell

Whether it's sustainable and ethical products, health and wellness offerings, unique personalized items, or experiences that resonate with today's consumers, success awaits. By identifying the right niche, staying aligned with evolving trends, and offering top-notch customer experiences, you can tap into the vast potential of Shopify. 

Your journey to winning big in 2024 starts with selecting the best products to sell on Shopify that align with your passion and the brand's unique value proposition. Stay agile, adapt to industry shifts, and embark on a path to eCommerce success.

FAQs - Best Product to Sell on Shopify

1. How do I source reliable suppliers for my Shopify store?

Answer: You can source reliable suppliers through platforms like Oberlo, SaleHoo, and AliExpress. These platforms offer access to a wide range of suppliers with varying products.

2. Should I focus on a niche market or offer a variety of products on my Shopify store?

Answer: Your approach depends on your business strategy. Some entrepreneurs find success in a niche market, while others prefer offering a diverse range of products. It's important to align your strategy with your target audience.

3. How do I create a competitive pricing strategy for my Shopify products?

Answer: To create a competitive pricing strategy, consider factors like product costs, shipping fees, competitor pricing, and your desired profit margin. Balancing these factors can help you set attractive prices.

4. Is it important to use social media and influencer marketing to promote my products on Shopify?

Answer: Yes, social media and influencer marketing can significantly boost your product visibility. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are effective channels for reaching potential customers.

5. What are the shipping and fulfillment options available on Shopify?

Answer: Shopify offers various shipping and fulfillment options, including dropshipping, in-house fulfillment, and third-party fulfillment services. You can choose the one that best suits your business model.

6. How can I optimize my product listings for better visibility on Shopify?

Answer: Optimize product listings by using high-quality images, writing compelling product descriptions, and incorporating relevant keywords. Additionally, encourage customer reviews and ratings.

7. What should I consider when expanding my product offerings on Shopify?

Answer: When expanding your product offerings, consider your target audience's preferences, competition, and potential profit margins. Ensure the new products align with your brand and existing offerings.


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