[Exciting partnership] Appstle Subscription x EComposer Landing Page Builder


[Exciting partnership] Appstle Subscription x EComposer Landing Page Builder - EComposer Visual Page Builder

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EComposer strives to supply you and the Shopify community with new updates, then simplify your eCommerce store-building process. 

That’s why EComposer and Appstle have decided to form an integration partnership officially, to provide EComposer and Appstle users with the best Shopify apps that are 100% compatible with each other. 

Via this announcement article, we would love to spread the great news for our customers regarding this collaboration. Let’s see what is waiting for you!

About Appstle


Appstle℠ Subscriptions - A smart, unique, innovative app for empowers Shopify merchants to grow and increase their sales.

Consistently ranked the Number 1 app in Subscriptions, Merchandising & Recurring orders with only a 5-star rating in subscription categories, Appstle℠ Subscriptions is just the right subscriptions and recurring orders app for you! 

Appstle assists companies in building a strong online presence and achieving steady growth. It is designed to strategize and manage subscription plans and increase conversions and sales. The app helps businesses manage and build their recurring revenue and client loyalty through its tailored solutions and enticing features.

Highlight features: 

- Custom shipping profiles that support you in creating and managing various shipping profiles

- Tiering discounts to increase customer loyalty by establishing various restrictions based on the number of deliveries

- Advanced email alerts to send automated emails to your clients based on their target market.

Contact information:

Website: https://appstle.com/shopify-subscriptions/

Email: support@appstle.com

Shopify app portfolio here

About EComposer


Being proud of the Next generation of Shopify page builders, EComposer is such an ideal Shopify Page Builder app for you to build appealing pages like Landing, Homepage, Product, Collection, Sections, etc,

Well-known as the Next Generation page builder app, EComposer gives you rich pre-made templates and updated functional elements so that you can build your store professionally saving cost and time.

Moreover, when grabbing EComposer, you will own a huge add-on library which equals 15+ apps on Shopify. Plus many top Shopify app integrations. 

Cool, right?  

Highlight features: 

- Build any page types & sections you need from landing to the homepage, product, etc.

- Live drag-drop page editor that is easy to use

- 80+ page layouts, 190+ section templates, countless elements

- Build-in add-ons: Ajax Cart, Color Swatch, Image Optimizer, Cross-selling, etc.

- Integrated: Ryviu, Fera, Stamped, Growave, Seguno, SEO Booster, Joy Loyalty, etc.

- You can try EComposer with a Free plan available to explore more!

Contact information:

Website: https://ecomposer.io/

Email: support@ecomposer.io

Shopify app portfolio here

Integration case

EComposer and Appstle decided to integrate the Professional Landing Page Builder with a dedicated subscriptions app that’ll make you “WOW”

After installing the two apps on your Shopify store, you just need to do some simple steps to connect the two apps. It is such easy work, and you can quickly complete the setting without technical skills.

In particular, after installing 2 apps, there are several steps you need to do:

Step 1: Enable the Appstle's embedded block on your live theme.


Thanks to this, we can set up a Subscription Widget on your product pages when products are configured for Subscription Plans.

Step 2: Setting up Your Subscription plans


Appstle supports 3 kinds of plans, which are

1. Pay As You Go: This plan type only charges the consumer for the recurrent order or delivery that occurs "immediately next."
2. Prepaid One-time Plan: With this option, you can get paid for several periods of future orders at once.

- Please remember that in the "Prepaid One-time Plan", the customer must manually renew the contract because it pauses after the billing cycle.

3. Prepaid Auto-renew: This plan is very similar to the Prepaid One-time Plan, with the exception that the contract automatically renews unless the consumer explicitly cancels the subscription and does not pause at the end of the monthly cycle.

Step 3: Configure Shopify settings:

Shopify now mandates that all Shopify owners wanting to install any subscription app utilize only Shopify Payments, Stripe, Paypal express gateway, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, or Authorized.Net. 

Check that all settings are set up correctly, including those for payments, checkout and accounts, shipping and delivery, taxes and tariffs, and alerts. For your Shopify store, those are several options that are pretty important.

Step 4: Install Appstle Extension in EComposer

From now on, all you need to do is Open EC Extension, search the keyword “Appstle'', and click the “install” button. 


The Appstle extension is a very potent recurring order feature for e-commerce, offering a wide range of effective options for managing subscriptions and rewards for loyalty and churn prevention.

Here is an example of how Appstle looks in the EComposer Page Builder app. 


E-commerce shops will save more time and effort to enhance your subscriptions and boost your revenue streams. By grabbing the free Appstle℠ Subscriptions extension integrated with EComposer successfully, you can simplify your customers' buying experiences, reduce friction, and then grow your online business.

Looking forward to our further projects

To bring exceptional subscription experiences to the Shopify community, we are constantly on the lookout for new chances to provide complete technical solutions. 

Additionally, to meet the present demands of Shopify merchants, EComposer and Appstle commit to working hard to create new useful apps, delivering more leads and benefits to online merchants.


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