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ChatGPT is integrated in EComposer

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The integration of ChatGPT with the EComposer Page Builder app has revolutionized the way online store owners create content for their pages. In this article, we will explore what is ChatGPT and how it is integrated with EComposer, and the incredible benefits that this integration offers to our online merchants.

What is ChatGPT?

what is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, or "Chat Generative Pretrained Transformer," is a state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI. It has been trained on massive amounts of text data, allowing it to generate human-like text responses to various prompts. With its advanced artificial intelligence technology, ChatGPT can generate high-quality content that is both relevant and professional.

Launched on Nov 30, 2022; ChatGPT reaches over 100 mil users in only after 2 months. It is being considered the fastest-growing consumer app of all time. 

What is EComposer Page Builder?

EComposer landing page builder

EComposer Page Builder is an ecommerce website builder app specifically designed for Shopify stores. It provides a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for online merchants to create custom page designs and manage their stores.
Some highlight features of EComposer:

- Intuitive Page Builder: The live, drag-and-drop editor allows you to preview & customize any page in real-time

- Section Builder: Create custom sections and seamlessly integrate them into your store's theme.

- Support all page types: EComposer allows you to create and design any page type such as Landing Page, Home Page, Product Page, Collection Page, Blogs and other custom pages. 

- Optimized for SEO: With EComposer, you get a page builder optimized for both speed and SEO. Quick-loading pages and options for customizing titles, meta descriptions, and social media images are just some of the benefits.

- Template Library: EComposer offers access to 100+ pages layouts & 190 section templates and a continually growing collection of elements, making it the largest template library among other page builders. 

- Boost Sales Extensions: With a wide range of extensions available, users can easily level up your website performance. Include: Upsell, cross sell; product enhancements, conversion rate optimization and more. 

Install EComposer Page Builder for free here.

How is ChatGPT Integrated with EComposer?

How is ChatGPT integrated with EComposer?

Understanding the hard part while building your website not only in designs, but also in content, this integration is quickly applied to EComposer.

The integration of ChatGPT with EComposer Page Builder allows users to access the powerful AI technology of ChatGPT directly from within the page builder app. With this integration, online store owners can now generate high-quality content for their pages in seconds, without having to spend hours brainstorming and writing.

To use ChatGPT with EComposer, users simply need to access the AI Content Generator function within the app while they edit any text element. They can then enter a prompt or keyword related to their brand, and ChatGPT will generate a professional, well-written response in seconds. The generated content can be easily edited, and applied immediately on the elements. 

What are the incredible benefits of this integration?

The integration of ChatGPT and EComposer offers several awesome benefits to online store owners. These outstanding pros include:

Saving time and effort in creating content

One of the biggest challenges of creating content for an online store is finding the right words to capture your brand's voice and message. With ChatGPT, users no longer have to spend hours brainstorming and writing content. Instead, they can simply enter a prompt or keyword related to their brand, and ChatGPT will generate a professional, well-written response in seconds. 

This not only saves time, but it also ensures that the content is of a high quality and relevant to the brand

saving time and effort in creating content

SEO-optimized content, better page rankings 

Another benefit of the integration of ChatGPT with EComposer is that it makes it easier for online store owners to optimize their pages for search engines. 

By using ChatGPT to generate content, users can ensure that their pages contain the right keywords and phrases that will help improve their search engine rankings. This, in turn, will drive more traffic to their online store, leading to more sales and conversions.

More traffic, more sales

With better page rankings and SEO-optimized content, merchants can expect to see an increase in traffic to their stores, leading to more sales and conversions.

As a consequence, with high-quality, optimized content, online store owners can increase conversions and drive more sales, helping to grow their businesses.

How to Use ChatGPT Content Generator in EComposer

Step 1: Drop text element into EComposer editor

Drop the text element to any position you want and start editing the content.
Or if you use the prebuilt templates, click directly to the text inside the template to start editing it in the sidebar. 

Inside Content editor, you will find AI Content Generator tool - which is integrated with ChatGPT to help you create content easily. 

How to use ChatGPT in EComposer?Step 2: Type your content idea or request 

Type the idea or any request about your content, AI Content Generator will give the result shortly:

type your content idea or request in ChatGPTStep 3: Insert the suggested content into text element

Click “Insert” to add the suggested content into the text element initially. 

insert suggested content in text element

Tada! We have new content written by AI in seconds now. You can freely edit it as you want. The tool best in giving you content ideas, you may need a bit adjustment of style to match your brand voice. 

content is generated by ChatGPT with EComposer

See how simple and quickly AI Content Generator can do for you?

Check our full tutorial about this outstanding feature here

Try this function right now by upgrading to EComposer Pro Plan. Contact our chat support to enjoy 20% discount while upgrading to Pro plan. Mention “AI integration - Pro discount” at live chat in-app so that our team can shortly assist you the discount code. 

To sum up

AI will surely become more popular in the future and even now we’re starting to use it more in many fields. Chat GPT integration with EComposer is the latest effort of our team to help users catch up with the new technology. Now you can utilize AI in the most efficient way in building your online store. 


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