[+15] Best Product To Sell in Women's Day 2024


[+15] Best Product To Sell in Women's Day 2024

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As March approaches, the anticipation for Women's Day 2024 grows, heralding a celebration of women's achievements and a bustling opportunity for businesses to cater to a diverse and dynamic market. With the right products, companies can capitalize on the spirit of empowerment and appreciation and contribute meaningfully to women's lives worldwide. 

In this blog, we will explore the best products to sell on Women's Day - March 8, and discover what makes these products the perfect choice for this special occasion. Get ready to find the key to unlocking success this Women's Day.

What is the market potential in March?

The e-commerce market is expected to continue its strong growth trajectory in 2024, reaching a projected value of $6.4 trillion. While March typically sees a slight dip after the holiday season, it remains a significant month due to regional events like International Women's Day (8/3) and St. Patrick's Day.

International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8th, has become a significant e-commerce sales driver. In 2023, global online sales for 8/3 surged to $13.2 billion, showcasing a 35% year-on-year increase. Categories like beauty, fashion, accessories, and health & wellness are experiencing exceptionally high demand during this period.

Popular brands capitalize on this trend, launching targeted campaigns and promotions around 8/3. Sephora saw a 30% online sales increase in 2023 compared to the previous year, while Nike and L'Oreal also reported significant growth thanks to dedicated campaigns.

However, it's important to note that regional differences exist. While 8/3 sales are robust in Asia and Latin America, Europe and North America experience a more moderate increase. Economic factors like inflation and consumer spending patterns can also impact sales performance.

Overall, the e-commerce market offers promising potential in March, especially during 8/3 for relevant categories and brands. Effective marketing campaigns and promotions can further boost sales and tap into the growing consumer demand. While the future is always uncertain, the current trends and data suggest a positive outlook for the e-commerce sector in the coming month.

Top 15 Best Products to sell in Women's Day

1. Clothing products

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

When celebrating Women's Day, few gifts are as universally cherished and versatile as clothing. From timeless classics to trendy ensembles, clothing offers a canvas for self-expression and empowerment, making it an ideal choice for commemorating this special occasion.

Every year, the demand for clothing surges as individuals seek to express their appreciation and admiration for the women in their lives. With many unique designs and styles, clothing presents endless possibilities for gifting and celebration on Women's Day.

Selling clothing products for Women's Day is feasible and highly adaptable to various business models. Entrepreneurs can showcase their offerings and cater to diverse consumer preferences through traditional brick-and-mortar stores, online platforms, or innovative methods like print-on-demand (POD) and Dropshipping.

Best strategies for selling Clothing Product on Women’s Day:

  • Create irresistible deals and promotions accompanied by heartfelt wishes for women, enticing shoppers with attractive discounts and special offers that make them feel valued and appreciated.
  • Embrace the flexibility of print-on-demand services, allowing customers to customize their clothing with meaningful designs or messages, adding a personal touch to their Women's Day gifts.
  • Curate specially designed collections inspired by the spirit of Women's Day, featuring empowering slogans, symbols of strength, and inclusive designs that celebrate the diversity and resilience of women.
  • Collaborate with celebrities or key opinion leaders (KOLs) to share inspiring stories and messages that uplift and motivate women, leveraging their influence and reach to amplify your brand's message and connect with a wider audience.

2. Jewelry

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

Jewelry is a symbol of elegance, sophistication, and enduring love. For Women's Day, jewelry is a timeless and cherished gift that transcends material value, embodying the wearer's style, personality, and the giver's heartfelt sentiments.

As women increasingly gravitate towards jewelry for self-expression and adornment, businesses can capitalize on this demand through various selling channels, including online platforms, brick-and-mortar stores, dropshipping, and print-on-demand (POD) services. However, given the high-end nature of jewelry and its significance as a long-lasting investment, businesses must source products from reputable suppliers and prioritize safe transportation for customers.

Best strategies for selling Jewelry Products on Women’s Day:

  • Offer jewelry product assets, such as matching necklaces and earrings, or a complete set including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. This provides customers with a convenient, cohesive gifting option that exudes elegance and sophistication.
  • Launch a new collection specifically tailored for Women's Day, featuring designs and motifs that celebrate and honor women of all backgrounds and walks of life. You can position your brand as a beacon of luxury and empowerment by infusing your jewelry pieces with empowering messages and symbolism.
  • Transform your offline store and website aesthetics to reflect the spirit of Women's Day, incorporating thematic decorations and imagery that convey messages of appreciation, empowerment, and beauty. 

3. Mug products

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

Mugs uniquely appeal as souvenirs, gifts, or decorative items, offering functionality and aesthetic charm. Their affordability and everyday utility make them an accessible option for women of all ages, allowing them to add a touch of personality and empowerment to their daily routines.

For Women's Day, businesses can leverage the potential of mug products by offering unique and diverse designs that support feminism and celebrate women's achievements. By infusing mugs with empowering messages, symbols of strength, and vibrant artwork, businesses can appeal to a broad audience of women seeking to express their pride and solidarity.

Best strategies for selling Mug Products on Women’s Day:

  • Offer reasonable incentives, such as discounts or free shipping, when customers purchase multiple products, encouraging them to explore and select additional items to complement their mug purchase.
  • Release a unique mug model specifically designed for Women's Day, featuring eye-catching artwork, inspiring quotes, or symbols of female empowerment. By creating a limited-edition design exclusive to Women's Day, businesses can generate excitement and anticipation among customers, driving sales and fostering brand loyalty.

4. Poster and artwork

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

Elevate the ambiance of any space with the timeless elegance of posters and artwork, making them an ideal choice for Women's Day gifting and decoration. Offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and meaningful messages, posters and artwork reflect personal taste and style, making them a cherished addition to any home or office.

For Women's Day, businesses can capitalize on the popularity of posters and artwork by offering pieces celebrating women's resilience, strength, and beauty. From empowering images of women of color breaking barriers to uplifting quotes that inspire confidence and self-love, there's no shortage of creative possibilities to explore.

Best strategies for selling Poster and Artwork on Women’s Day:

  • Create motivational posters that promote positive images of women, such as encouraging women of color to embrace their unique identity, celebrating women with physical disabilities, or affirming the indispensable role of women in the family unit. 
  • Incorporate quotes that reflect modern women's style or emphasize the importance of women in life into the artwork. These brief yet affirming quotes are powerful reminders of women's inherent value and worth, inspiring viewers to embrace their inner strength and dignity.

5. Flower

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

As timeless symbols of beauty and affection, flowers continue to hold a special place in commemorating special occasions, and Women's Day is no exception. The language of flowers transcends words, conveying emotions and sentiments that celebrate women's strength, grace, and contributions.

For Women's Day, offering carefully curated floral arrangements presents a thoughtful and classic gift choice. The elegance and fragrance of flowers make them a universal expression of appreciation and admiration, perfect for expressing love and gratitude towards the remarkable women in our lives.

Best strategies for selling Flower on Women’s Day:

  • Curate Special Women's Day Bouquets: Design floral arrangements for Women's Day, incorporating blooms that symbolize femininity, strength, and beauty. 
  • Collaborate with Local Florists: Partner with local florists or flower suppliers to ensure the freshness and quality of your floral products.
  • Offer Flower Subscription Services: Create subscription services for regular flower deliveries, allowing customers to extend the celebration beyond a single day. This offers a unique opportunity for individuals to continuously express appreciation and love for the women in their lives.
  • Emphasize Customization: Provide customization options for floral arrangements, allowing customers to tailor their bouquets based on the recipient's favorite flowers, colors, or themes. 

6. Vitamins and supplements

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

Vitamins and supplements stand out as thoughtful and practical gifts for Women's Day, offering a tangible expression of care and support for the women in our lives. These products help address specific health concerns and contribute to overall wellness and vitality, allowing women to feel empowered and rejuvenated.

Last year, the surge in demand for vitamins and supplements catapulted them to the top of Shopify merchant sales charts in the United States. A supplement meets every need and preference, from essential immune-boosting nutrients like vitamin C and zinc capsules to specialized formulas designed to enhance workout performance.

Moreover, the accessibility of vitamin and dietary supplement products has never been greater, thanks to the proliferation of e-commerce platforms and the rise of solo entrepreneurs. With the necessary certifications, individuals can produce herbal remedies from the comfort of their homes and promote them through platforms like TikTok, reaching a diverse audience of health-conscious consumers.

Best strategies for selling Vitamins and Supplements on Women’s Day:

  • Create meaningful discount programs highlighting women's health and well-being, incentivizing purchases, and fostering brand loyalty.
  • Collaborate with fitness and health influencers to showcase the benefits of specific products, leveraging their credibility and reach to amplify your message.
  • Feature testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers, providing social proof of the effectiveness and reliability of your products.
  • Offer regular users incentive packages or subscription services, adding value and convenience while encouraging long-term engagement and repeat purchases.

7. Skincare 

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

For Women's Day, a gift set comprising a curated selection of skincare products is an ideal tribute to the women in our lives, acknowledging their beauty and self-care rituals. Whether it's to achieve soft, glowing skin, combat acne, or minimize wrinkles, skincare products cater to many needs and preferences, empowering women to look and feel their best.

Consumer interest in skincare products has surged in recent years, driven by a growing demand for products that combine high-quality ingredients with ethical, sustainable, and cruelty-free practices. Searches for skincare trends such as "hyaluronic acid serum," "vegan skincare," and "retinol" are witnessing a steady rise, reflecting the evolving preferences of discerning consumers.

Best strategies for selling Skincare on Women’s Day:

  • Offer skincare products in enticing combos with attractive deals and luxurious packaging that exudes sophistication and appeals to women's aesthetic sensibilities.
  • Collaborate with beauty influencers to showcase skincare routines, demonstrating the efficacy and versatility of your products while leveraging the influencers' credibility and reach.
  • Convey a meaningful message about women's beauty, emphasizing the importance of self-care and embracing one's unique skin journey.
  • Highlight real-life before-and-after results from satisfied customers, providing tangible evidence of the transformative effects of your skincare products and fostering trust and confidence among prospective buyers.

8. Makeup

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

Makeup holds a special place in the hearts of many women, serving as a powerful tool for self-expression, confidence, and empowerment. For Women's Day, offering a curated selection of makeup products presents an opportunity to celebrate the beauty and individuality of women while providing them with the tools to enhance their natural radiance. From luxurious lipsticks to versatile eyeshadow palettes, makeup offers endless possibilities for creativity and self-care. 

Best strategies for selling Makeup on Women’s Day:

  • Create special makeup collections or bundles specifically tailored for Women's Day, featuring products in shades and formulas that celebrate femininity and empowerment. 
  • Provide educational content such as makeup tutorials and beauty tips that empower women to experiment with different looks and techniques. This adds value to your products and fosters a sense of community and support among your customers.
  • Partner with beauty influencers and makeup artists to showcase your Women's Day makeup products through tutorials, reviews, and social media posts. Their expertise and influence can help amplify your brand's message and reach a wider audience of beauty enthusiasts.
  • Ensure that your makeup products cater to a diverse range of skin tones and types, promoting inclusivity and diversity in beauty. Emphasize the importance of representation and celebrate the beauty of women of all backgrounds.

9. Art and crafting materials

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

For creative and artistic women, art and crafting materials are essential for self-expression and exploration. On Women's Day, offering a diverse range of art and crafting materials presents an opportunity to celebrate the talents and passions of women while empowering them to pursue their artistic endeavors. 

Best strategies for selling Art and crafting materials on Women’s Day:

  • Create special crafting kits or bundles specifically designed for Women's Day, featuring materials and supplies catering to different artistic interests and skill levels. 
  • Organize virtual or in-person creative workshops or classes led by experienced artists or crafters, allowing women to learn new techniques and skills while connecting with like-minded individuals. These workshops can cover various topics, from painting and pottery to knitting and embroidery.
  • Emphasize the importance of sustainability and eco-friendliness by offering art and crafting materials made from renewable or recycled materials. Showcase products that prioritize environmental consciousness appeal to women mindful of their ecological footprint.
  • Partner with female artists and crafters to promote your Women's Day offerings through collaborative projects, tutorials, and social media campaigns. 

10. Perfume and cologne

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

Fragrance holds a special allure, captivating the senses and leaving a lasting impression. For Women's Day, offering a curated selection of perfumes and colognes provides an opportunity to celebrate the essence of femininity and sophistication while indulging in the luxury of scent. Perfumes and colognes are more than just beauty products; they express individuality and style. 

Best strategies for selling Perfume and cologne on Women’s Day:

  • Create special fragrance sets or gift bundles specifically curated for Women's Day, featuring perfumes or colognes embodying the spirit of femininity and empowerment. 
  • Showcase signature scents that resonate with the personality and style of the modern woman. Whether it's a classic floral fragrance, a fresh and citrusy scent, or a bold and exotic blend, highlight perfumes and colognes that capture the essence of femininity and sophistication.
  • Offer a consultation or DIY experience to allow women to discover their perfect scent.

11. Candles

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

Illuminate Women's Day with the warm glow and captivating aroma of candles, offering a delightful sensory experience that embodies comfort, relaxation, and ambiance. Candles have long been cherished for their ability to create a serene atmosphere and evoke tranquility and well-being. They are a cherished gift for women seeking moments of self-care and indulgence. For Women's Day, offering a curated selection of candles provides an opportunity to celebrate femininity and empowerment while providing women with a luxurious and indulgent treat. 

Best strategies for selling Candles on Women’s Day:

  • Create special candle collections or gift sets specifically tailored for Women's Day, featuring a range of scents and designs that celebrate femininity and empowerment. 
  • Showcase candles that offer aromatherapy benefits, such as stress relief, relaxation, and mood enhancement. 
  • Partner with wellness experts, aromatherapists, and influencers to promote your Women's Day candle offerings through educational content, workshops, and social media campaigns. 

12. Bath and Body

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

Indulge in luxurious self-care rituals with a curated selection of bath and body products, allowing women to pamper themselves and rejuvenate their senses on Women's Day. Bath and body products encompass a range of indulgent treats, from sumptuous bath bombs and nourishing body lotions to fragrant shower gels and soothing skincare essentials, providing women a blissful escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Best strategies for selling Bath and Body on Women’s Day:

  • Create special spa sets or gift bundles specifically tailored for Women's Day, featuring bath and body products that promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-care.
  • Showcase bath and body products made with natural and organic ingredients, emphasizing their nourishing and rejuvenating properties. 
  • Provide personalized skincare consultations or recommendations to help women find the perfect products for their skin type and concerns. 
  • Partner with wellness influencers, beauty bloggers, and lifestyle experts to promote your Women's Day bath and body products through sponsored content, reviews, and social media campaigns.

13. Cookware

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

Empower women to unleash their culinary creativity with a curated selection of high-quality cookware, offering the tools and inspiration they need to create delicious and nutritious meals on Women's Day and beyond. Cookware encompasses a wide range of essential kitchen essentials, from durable pots and pans to versatile utensils and gadgets, providing women with the foundation for culinary success and enjoyment.

Best strategies for selling Bath and Body on Women’s Day:

  • Create unique cooking sets or gift bundles specifically tailored for Women's Day, featuring essential cookware items catering to different culinary needs and preferences. 
  • Showcase cookware products with functional yet stylish designs that appeal to women's aesthetic sensibilities. 
  • Host virtual or in-person cooking demonstrations and classes led by experienced chefs or culinary experts, providing women with the opportunity to learn new recipes, techniques, and kitchen hacks. 
  • Partner with food bloggers, chefs, and culinary influencers to promote your Women's Day cookware offerings through recipe collaborations, cooking tutorials, and social media campaigns.

14. Nail care

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

Elevate Women's Day with the perfect manicure or pedicure, offering a curated selection of nail care products that empower women to express themselves with confidence and style. Nail care encompasses a range of essential products, from nourishing treatments and strengthening polishes to trendy nail art supplies and accessories, providing women with the tools they need to achieve salon-worthy nails at home.

Best strategies for selling Bath and Body on Women’s Day:

  • Create special nail care kits or gift sets specifically tailored for Women's Day, featuring essential nail care products and accessories catering to different needs and preferences. 
  • Showcase nail care products prioritizing nail health and wellness, emphasizing ingredients that nourish, strengthen, and protect the nails. 
  • Host virtual nail art workshops or tutorials led by professional nail artists or beauty influencers, providing women with the opportunity to learn new techniques, trends, and designs. 
  • Partner with nail influencers, beauty bloggers, and manicure mavens to promote your Women's Day nail care offerings through sponsored content, nail art challenges, and social media campaigns. 

15. Notebook 

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

Embrace the power of creativity and organization with a curated selection of notebooks, offering women the perfect canvas to capture their thoughts, dreams, and aspirations on Women's Day and beyond. Notebooks are more than just stationery; they reflect individuality and inspiration, providing women a platform to express themselves, set goals, and unleash their creativity.

Best strategies for selling Notebook on Women’s Day:

  • Create special notebook collections or gift sets specifically tailored for Women's Day, featuring various designs, sizes, and formats that cater to different preferences and needs. Consider including themed collections that inspire creativity and productivity, such as a "Dream Big" or a "Boss Babe" series.
  • Highlight features such as durable covers, lay-flat binding, and high-quality paper, emphasizing both practicality and elegance in the workplace or at home.
  • Provide customization options for notebooks, allowing customers to personalize them with their name, initials, or inspirational quotes. 

What makes the best-selling product on Women's Day?

best products to sell in Women Day (8/3)

Regarding Women's Day, the market is flooded with various products vying for attention. But what sets the best-selling products apart from the rest? Let's delve into the key factors that elevate certain products to the top of the sales charts on this special occasion.


Step into a world where every product serves as a powerful statement of solidarity and empowerment, resonating profoundly with the ethos of Women's Day. From apparel adorned with bold slogans of empowerment to accessories infused with symbols of strength and resilience, relevance is the cornerstone upon which the most sought-after products are built. 

Prepare to make a profound impact with offerings that capture the zeitgeist of the moment and embody the values and aspirations of women across the globe.


Elevate the art of gift-giving with products that transcend materiality and delve into heartfelt sentiment. Whether it's a meticulously crafted piece of jewelry symbolizing sisterhood and solidarity or a poignant poster paying homage to trailblazing women throughout history, meaningful gifts can forge deep emotional connections and create unforgettable memories. 

Get ready to evoke profound emotions and touch the hearts of consumers with products that resonate on a deeply personal level, leaving a lasting impression that extends far beyond the transactional.


Embrace the transformative power of customization and usher in a new era of personalized products tailored to discerning shoppers' unique tastes and preferences. From engraving a name or meaningful message on a piece of jewelry to creating bespoke artwork that captures the essence of individuality, the possibilities are as limitless as the imagination. 

Unleash your creativity and captivate customers with offerings that speak directly to their identities and personal narratives, fostering a sense of connection and belonging that transcends the transaction.


Quality is the ultimate differentiator in a marketplace inundated with choices, separating the exceptional from the ordinary. Prepare to elevate your offerings with products that exemplify the highest standards of craftsmanship and excellence, from luxurious skincare formulations crafted with premium ingredients to meticulously curated artwork showcasing the finest attention to detail. 

Earn the trust and loyalty of discerning consumers who demand nothing but the best as you deliver an unparalleled experience of refinement and sophistication that sets you apart as a purveyor of distinction.


Prepare to be enraptured by-products that fulfill a functional purpose and captivate the senses with their beauty and elegance. From striking color palettes that evoke emotions to innovative designs that push the boundaries of creativity, aesthetics play a pivotal role in captivating the imagination of consumers and eliciting a visceral response. 

Stand out from the crowd with visually appealing offerings and serve as a testament to your commitment to artistry and innovation, creating a lasting impression that resonates long after the initial encounter.


Harness the power of storytelling and strategic promotion to elevate your products from mere commodities to coveted treasures. Using compelling advertisements that weave narratives of empowerment and inspiration or engaging social media campaigns that invite participation and dialogue, effective promotion is the key to capturing the attention and imagination of consumers. 

Craft narratives that resonate deeply emotionally with your audience as you showcase your product's unique features and benefits in a way that captivates hearts and minds, driving engagement and conversion in equal measure.


Embrace the ethos of inclusivity and ensure that your offerings are accessible to all, irrespective of background or circumstance. You can offer flexible payment options to accommodate diverse financial situations or provide seamless and reliable shipping services to reach customers. 

Break down barriers and foster a sense of belonging as you extend your message of empowerment and celebration to every corner of the globe, uniting individuals from all walks of life in a shared celebration of progress and possibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the theme for Women's Day 2024?

The theme for International Women's Day 2024 has two main components:

  • Official United Nations Theme: This year's theme, set by UN Women, is "Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress". This theme builds on the previous year's emphasis on ending gender-based violence and aims to highlight the importance of investing in women and girls to achieve gender equality.
  • International Women's Day Website Theme: The website InternationalWomensDay.com promotes a separate theme, which for 2024 is "Inspire Inclusion." This theme encourages individuals and communities to actively work towards creating an inclusive world where all women feel valued and empowered.

Both themes highlight different aspects of the broader goal of gender equality, with the UN theme focusing on economic empowerment and the website theme emphasizing the importance of inclusion across all aspects of life.

2. What can brands do for International Women's Day?

Brands can celebrate and empower women on International Women's Day by:

  • Highlighting achievements: Feature women's stories, partner with female-led organizations.
  • Promoting equality: Address own practices, offer initiatives like bias training.
  • Meaningful offerings: Develop women-specific products, donate proceeds, partner with women entrepreneurs.
  • Authenticity is key: Actions should align with values, focus on long-term impact, and avoid tokenism.

3. What should I post for International Women's Day?

Post ideas depend on your audience, goals, platform, and resources. Some general ideas:

  • Share inspiring stories/quotes about women.
  • Highlight female leaders/achievements.
  • Post facts/statistics about gender equality.
  • Use creative visuals/videos.
  • Partner with female influencers/organizations.

Remember: Authenticity and alignment with your values are key.

4. What are the campaign ideas for Women's Day 2024?

Here are some campaign ideas for Women's Day 2024, considering the official theme "Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress" and the website theme "Inspire Inclusion":

  • Businesses: Invest in employees, partner with women-led organizations, highlight female leaders, launch women-focused products, advocate for policy changes.
  • Individuals: Share inspiring stories, donate to women's causes, challenge bias, mentor young women, educate yourself, speak out, organize local events.
  • General: Be authentic, impactful, and aligned with your values. Use diverse channels, measure results, encourage ongoing engagement.

Final Thoughts

Let us carry forward the spirit of empowerment and appreciation we have cultivated today. Let us continue supporting and uplifting women in all their endeavors, celebrating their achievements, and advocating for their rights and equality.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery and celebration. Here's to the women who inspire, challenge, and enrich our lives daily. Happy Women's Day!