Shopify Gift Card Check Balance: A Step-by-Step Guide


Shopify Gift Card Check Balance

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As a Shopify store owner, managing gift card balances should be easy. This blog aims to streamline the process of checking your customers' gift card balances effortlessly.

We'll walk you through the steps, providing straightforward guidance on navigating and managing Shopify gift card check balances in your store. There are no complex procedures—just straightforward tips and actionable insights.

Let's delve into mastering the art of Shopify gift card balance checks.

What is a Shopify Gift Card?

A Shopify Gift Card is a voucher available in digital or physical form that individuals can purchase and use as payment on the Shopify platform. It serves as a versatile and thoughtful gift option for various occasions. 

 Shopify Gift Card Check Balance

The recipient can redeem the card value to purchase various products or services available on the Shopify marketplace. Whether it's fashion, electronics, or any other category, a Shopify Gift Card allows the recipient to choose what suits their preferences. These user-friendly cards make them ideal for those seeking a convenient and personalized gifting solution on the Shopify platform.

The Pros and Cons of Shopify Gift Cards

Determining the worthiness of incorporating a Shopify gift card into a merchant's strategy is a nuanced consideration contingent on specific business goals and objectives. While these gift cards offer many benefits, they also come with a set of concerns.

The Pros of Using a Shopify Gift Card

Boost Sales: Introducing gift cards on your Shopify-powered online store can be a powerful catalyst for increased sales, effectively enticing new customers who may have yet to discover your products or services.

Personalize Branding: Shopify gift cards offer a canvas for creativity. Merchants can infuse their brand's unique identity by customizing these cards with distinctive designs and branding elements, aligning them seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the online store.

Offer Versatile Redemption: The versatility of Shopify gift cards extends to their redemption options. Customers can redeem these cards online or in-store, providing a convenient and adaptable solution accommodating varied consumer preferences.

Ensure Timeless Utility: Shopify gift cards offer the advantage of not having an expiration date. This lack of time constraints ensures customers can utilize their gift cards conveniently, fostering a positive and user-friendly experience.

The Cons of Using a Shopify Gift Card

Consider Cost: One aspect that merchants need to factor into their decision-making process is the cost associated with Shopify gift cards. Shopify imposes a fee for each gift card sold on the platform, which can affect the store's profit margin.

Address Fraud Risks: Gift cards, if not managed securely, can be vulnerable to fraud. Instances of unauthorized purchases pose a risk that merchants must be aware of and take measures to prevent.

Manage Customer Service: Implementing gift cards may necessitate additional customer service resources. Merchants must be prepared to handle customer queries or concerns about gift cards efficiently to ensure a positive customer experience.

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How Does Shopify Gift Cards Work? 

Shopify gift cards are an invaluable feature for online stores powered by Shopify, providing a seamless and flexible payment method. These prepaid cards, available in diverse denominations, enhance the shopping experience for customers and offer an excellent avenue for merchants to boost sales and cultivate customer loyalty.

To utilize a Shopify gift card, recipients enter the unique gift card code during the checkout process. The gift card amount is then applied to their purchase, and any remaining balance is conveniently stored on the card for future transactions. This functionality allows for hassle-free and efficient payment, making Shopify gift cards a preferred choice for consumers and businesses.Shopify Gift Card Check Balance

Creating Shopify gift cards for your store is straightforward, adding a valuable dimension to your sales and marketing strategy.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

Access Your Shopify Account: Access your Shopify account and go to the "Products" section located in the main menu.

Go to “Gift Cards” and Choose “Create Gift Card”: Click on “Gift Cards” and select “Create Gift Card” from the top right corner.

Design and Value Customization: Choose a visually appealing design for your gift card, either from the templates provided or by uploading a custom design.

Set the gift card's value by entering the desired amount, allowing you the flexibility to offer any denomination you wish.

Usage Preferences: Decide whether the gift card can be used online, in-store, or both, tailoring it to your business model.

Personalization: Customize the message on the gift card, including any terms and conditions. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand and encourage customers to utilize the gift card.

Delivery Options: Choose how you want to send the gift card to the recipient, offering the flexibility of email or a printable version for in-person gifting.

Review and Create: Review all the details, including the design, value, and message, ensuring everything aligns with your brand image.

Click "Create Gift Card" to successfully generate a Shopify gift card for your store.

Once created, strategically promote these gift cards on your web and social media channels to boost sales and foster customer loyalty. The Shopify gift card dashboard facilitates easy tracking and management of card usage, providing insights into customer engagement and preferences.

Incorporating Shopify gift cards into your business strategy enriches your customers' shopping experience and presents a dynamic tool for attracting new clients and cultivating lasting relationships. By offering this versatile payment option, you position your Shopify-powered online store as customer-centric, ultimately contributing to sustained growth and success.

What Is Shopify Gift Card Check Balance?

Shopify gift card check balance is a pivotal step for customers keen on managing their available funds for purchases on a Shopify-powered online store. A Shopify gift card balance represents the monetary amount stored on the card, which is accessible for acquiring the store's various products or services. 

After buying a Shopify gift card, customers obtain an exclusive code that they can utilize during the checkout process on the store's website.

Shopify Gift Card Check Balance

The gift card value is a purchasing asset, allowing customers to spend within the available balance. However, it's essential to note that gift card balances might have expiration dates or can be fully redeemed based on the store's terms and conditions.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is paramount, and offering an easy method for customers to verify their gift card balances is essential. This provides transparency and smooth transactions on your Shopify-powered store, enhancing the overall shopping experie

A Comprehensive Guide to Check Your Shopify Gift Card Balance

Regarding Shopify gift card balance checks, store owners have several avenues to explore. Customers need more direct access to inquire about their card balances, necessitating communication with the respective shop for such information.

Exploring the Admin Portal for Gift Card Details

For store owners, the primary method involves utilizing the admin portal. Accessing this platform grants access to many vital details linked to the gift card in question. Owners can delve into comprehensive insights by logging in and navigating to the specific gift card through its provided number. 

Shopify Gift Card Check Balance

These insights include the remaining balance, associated order number, customer name, and even the expiration date, ensuring a holistic view of the card's status.

Resending an Upgraded Gift Card

Alternatively, another efficient approach involves sending an updated gift card via the admin portal. This method comes in handy, especially when customers lose track of their card details or when their balance changes due to partial usage. 

To execute this, owners navigate to the 'products' section, proceed to 'gift cards,' locate the intended card, and opt to 'resend gift card.' This action prompts issuing an updated gift card, furnishing customers with essential details. If the card has been partially utilized, the new gift card will showcase the updated remaining balance.

Locating Your Gift Card Code in Shopify

When searching for the gift card code, the Shopify admin portal proves instrumental. Navigating to the gift card section within the portal reveals a list of active gift cards. Initially, only partial codes are visible, denoted by '...' and the final four digits of the gift card code. To access the complete code, click on a specific gift card entry to unveil its full details."

This elaboration encompasses detailed steps and nuances of the Shopify gift card balance inquiry process for store owners. It aims to understand the available methods and their functionalities comprehensively.

Keep Track of Your Shopify Gift Card Balance With Handy Tools

Vify: Professional Gift Cards

Vify's Professional Gift Cards – the effortless way to create sleek and polished gift cards for your store. With just a few clicks, craft custom-designed cards in different values and amounts, setting them up for a specific date and time. Plus, the app automatically adjusts the gift card display and email language based on your customer's location preference.

Shopify Gift Card Check Balance

The standout feature of our app is the dedicated balance checking page, exclusively designed for your customers. This user-friendly interface empowers your clientele to effortlessly track and review the remaining balance of their gift cards in just a few clicks. By accessing this page, customers gain instant visibility into their Shopify gift card check balance, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience. It's all about providing convenience and transparency, allowing your customers to stay informed and empowered while making purchases using their gift cards on your platform.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive balance adjustment feature for easy management of gift card balances.
  • Customizable gift card value options for customers.
  • Gift Card Expired Reminder to boost customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Balance checking page for customers to track their remaining gift card balance.
  • Custom email address options, including custom email sender, BCC email, and more.

Pricing Options:

  • FREE: Includes email configuration, Gift card (GC) management, Custom product pages, and Custom redemption page at no cost.
  • STARTER: Priced at $9.99 per month for Basic Shopify, this plan offers features like customizable email templates, Gift Card Value Adjustment, Custom Email Branding, Custom GC value, and Expiry Reminder.
  • PREMIUM: Available at $16.99 per month for Shopify and Advanced Shopify users, offering similar features as the STARTER plan.
  • ULTIMATE: Tailored for Shopify Plus at $29.99 monthly, includes advanced features like Custom email address, Custom GC value, and GC Expiry Reminder.

Overall Rating:

  • Boasting an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars from 51 user reviews, this Shopify gift card app has garnered high praise and positive feedback.

Gift Card Hero: All-in-One Tracker

Gift Card Hero simplifies gifting by providing a system that makes buying, sending, and using gift cards a breeze. With this app, you can create your own designs or pick from ready-made ones, add money to a gift card, sell physical or eGift vouchers, and even use point-of-sale tools. It's your all-in-one solution to boost sales during holidays, foster strong customer connections with personalized gift certificates, and attract new shoppers to your store.

Shopify Gift Card Check Balance

The app offers a handy "Gift Card Balance Check Widget," enabling quick and easy verification of the remaining balance on gift cards. With this widget, users can swiftly review their Shopify gift card check balance without navigating away from their current shopping or browsing experience. These functionalities enhance user convenience, streamlining the process of managing and utilizing gift card balances seamlessly within the app's interface.

Key Features:

  • Gift card schedule sending capability.
  • Bulk tools for managing gift cards via CSV files (import, generator, update, mass send).
  • Gift card balance top-up/reload and a balance check widget.
  • Unused balance reminders to encourage utilization.
  • Seamless setup, rapid support, design customizations, and an API for developers.

Pricing Options:

  • DEV: Free for stores on a development or trial plan.
  • FREE TO INSTALL: Install for free, with a 2% total gift card value (ranging from a minimum of $9.99/month to a maximum of $49.99). Features include sending directly to recipients via email, selling branded gift cards, balance check widget, gift cards delivered from your domain, and bulk tools.
  • PRO: Priced at $19.99/month, it encompasses all features of the FREE TO INSTALL plan plus POS tools, unused balance reminders, API for developers, free design, reload balance, and a fair flat fee.
  • PLUS STORES: Available at $39.99/month, this plan includes all PRO features along with an absolutely flat fee, no usage charges, and priority support.

Overall Rating:

  • Impressing users with a stellar 4.9 out of 5 stars from 92 reviews, this Shopify gift card app has gained significant acclaim and positive user feedback.

GV: Gift Cards Loyalty Rewards

GV: Gift Cards Loyalty Rewards, a Shopify app, simplifies sending gift cards via email to your customers. This handy tool lets you tailor the gift card vibe to reflect your brand, and you can plan campaigns for perfect timing. It's all about boosting your sales and keeping customers coming back. How? By crafting personalized gift cards that tempt recipients to spend beyond the card's value.

Shopify Gift Card Check Balance

Moreover, the distinctive feature of monitoring gift card balance and expiry date on storefront within GV: Gift Cards Loyalty Rewards on Shopify offers an unparalleled advantage. It empowers sellers with a comprehensive toolset to seamlessly oversee and display vital information about gift card balances and expiration dates directly on their storefront. 

This feature ensures a transparent and user-friendly experience for customers, allowing them to effortlessly check their gift card balances and expiry dates without navigating away from the shopping interface. Sellers can showcase these details prominently, enhancing customer convenience, fostering trust, and delivering a smoother Shopify gift card check balance process, thus augmenting the overall shopping experience and encouraging increased utilization of gift cards.

Key Features:

  • Complete brand customization for a customer-facing interface.
  • Diverse, appealing gift card designs provided or the option to upload custom designs.
  • Allow customers to add personal messages before sending the gift card.
  • Campaign scheduling to ensure precise delivery times.
  • Convenient gift card balance checks and expiry date display directly on the storefront interface.

Pricing Options:

  • Development Stores: Free for all Development & Partner stores, encompassing all features available in the Premium plan.
  • Essential: Priced at $19.90 per month, this plan includes features like selling branded gift cards, direct email delivery to recipients, scheduled delivery, bulk issuance, and a dedicated Balance Check page, charging 1% of the total gift card value.
  • Premium: At $39.90 monthly, this tier offers additional perks such as email customization, a personalized buying experience, customized Balance Check pages, and priority support, charging 0.5% of the total gift card value.

Overall Rating:

  • With a cumulative rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 34 reviews, this Shopify gift card app has garnered positive feedback from users.

Solving Common Issues with Shopify Gift Card Check Balance

Authenticity of the Balance Checker Page

When checking your Shopify gift card balance, the authenticity of the webpage you're using becomes crucial. Incorrect or unauthorized pages might lead to inaccurate balance information.

To address this, manually enter the Balance Checker's correct URL into your browser. Avoid relying on unfamiliar links or search results. This approach ensures accurate balance verification, guarding against discrepancies or unauthorized sources that could compromise your gift card information's accuracy and security.

Potential Browser Data Interference

When verifying your Shopify gift card balance, accumulated browser data like cache and cookies could lead to issues or errors.

To resolve this, clear your browser's cache and cookies. Clearing the cache ensures updated data retrieval from the website, reducing the chances of encountering balance check issues caused by outdated or corrupted data. Similarly, removing accumulated cookies provides a fresh starting point, minimizing conflicts and ensuring a smoother, error-free Shopify gift card balance verification process.

Browser Compatibility Impact

When verifying your Shopify gift card balance, using an incompatible or outdated web browser could lead to functionality issues.

To address this, opt for a browser officially supported by Shopify. Compatibility ensures smooth balance checking and other features. Additionally, keep your browser updated to the latest version to avoid glitches or compatibility conflicts. 

This proactive step guarantees access to security patches, improved performance, and enhanced compatibility for a reliable balance check experience on Shopify. By ensuring compatibility and updates, you optimize the reliability and efficiency of verifying your gift card balance without encountering technical obstacles.

Maximize Your Shopify Gift Card Value With Tips and Tricks

Shopify Gift Card Check Balance

Strategic Offerings

Strategic offerings encompass the deliberate promotion of high-margin or recently introduced products/services to incentivize customers to utilize their gift cards. By showcasing these specific items, you steer customers toward purchases that not only enhance your store's profitability but also potentially introduce them to innovative or newer offerings. 

This approach aligns the redemption of gift cards with items that carry greater financial benefit for your business, contributing to increased sales and encouraging customer exploration of novel products or services.

Combine your gift cards

This tip suggests the practice of merging the values of multiple gift cards into a unified sum for a single purchase. This consolidation not only simplifies the checkout process but also streamlines the transaction experience for both you as a seller on Shopify and your customers. 

By exploring this option, you ensure that customers can use multiple gift cards seamlessly during a single transaction, enhancing their overall shopping experience. Furthermore, this consolidation approach simplifies the management of your Shopify gift card check balance, making it easier to track and monitor the financial aspects of gift card usage within your store.

Timing Matters: Sales and Promotions

By strategically timing the redemption of gift cards during these discounted periods, sellers can maximize savings and extract more value from each gift card. This approach aligns with the concept of purchasing power, allowing customers to stretch their funds further and potentially acquire more products or services for the same gift card balance. 

Balancing the timing of gift card redemptions with sales or promotions ensures a savvy use of the cards while maintaining awareness of the Shopify gift card check balance to stay within budget constraints.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I customize the message displayed when a customer checks their gift card balance?

Certainly! Shopify provides customization options for messages displayed during the gift card balance check. You can personalize these messages to align with your brand tone and provide additional information or promotions, enhancing the overall customer experience.

How often is the gift card balance information updated?

The gift card balance information is updated in real-time on Shopify. This ensures that both you, as the shop owner, and your customers have access to the most accurate and current balance information whenever a check is performed.

What happens if a customer attempts to use a gift card with insufficient funds?

Shopify's system is designed to prevent transactions with insufficient funds. If a customer tries to use a gift card with an insufficient balance, the system will prompt them to either reload the card or choose an alternative payment method.


In conclusion, mastery of the admin portal and leveraging the gift card resend options stand as essential strategies for Shopify store owners seeking efficient card balance management. As customers lack direct access, store owners play a crucial role in ensuring transparency and satisfaction by promptly furnishing necessary details. 

Empowered with these insights, elevate your customer service standards, nurturing trust and loyalty among patrons through streamlined balance management. Incorporating tools like EComposer to build your online store on Shopify further enhances the overall experience. Embrace these strategies to smoothen the Shopify gift card process, ensuring customer satisfaction with every balance inquiry!

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