How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify: A Step-by-Step Guide


How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

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In the bustling world of e-commerce, every pixel counts. The humble contact form, often overlooked, is an untapped canvas. Welcome to the realm of customizing contact forms in Shopify, where the mundane transforms into the extraordinary. Join us as we explore crafting captivating contact forms that transcend the ordinary. With simple tweaks and thoughtful design choices, your contact form can become a beacon of your brand's identity and a cornerstone of exceptional user experience..

Significant Impacts of Contact Forms in Shopify

Customizing the default contact form in Shopify offers numerous advantages beyond mere functionality. By harmonizing the form with your brand's visual style and customizing it to suit your unique business requirements, you can significantly improve user satisfaction and strengthen the recognition of your brand by aligning with these design principles.

Reflecting Brand Aesthetics

A customized contact form allows you to integrate design components like color palettes, fonts, and images, that resonate with your brand's identity. This cohesive visual presentation creates a seamless transition for customers navigating your website, fostering a sense of familiarity and trust.

How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

Streamlining User Interaction

Personalizing the contact form lets you optimize the user interface for intuitive navigation. By strategically placing fields and labels, you can streamline the process for users to submit inquiries, reducing friction and increasing engagement. This streamlined interaction enhances the overall user experience, making it easier for customers to connect with your brand.

How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

Building Trust and Credibility

A polished and professionally customized contact form signals customers that your business values attention to detail and prioritizes their experience. This attention to branding consistency instills confidence in potential customers, demonstrating that your brand is credible and trustworthy.

How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

Differentiating Your Brand

Customizing your contact form sets your brand apart from competitors who may rely on generic, unmodified templates. By infusing your brand's personality and unique selling points into the contact form, you create a memorable impression that resonates with customers long after their initial interaction. This differentiation strengthens brand loyalty and encourages repeat business.

How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

Customizing your contact form in Shopify is not merely about functionality; It involves harnessing the power of design and branding to forge a lasting and influential user experience that reinforces your brand identity.

Exploring Shopify's Default Form in Shopify

Before delving into customization options, it's essential to grasp the basics of Shopify's default contact form. By default, Shopify offers a simple contact form with standard fields, including name, email, subject, and message.

How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

The default contact form is a foundation you can build by customizing its appearance and functionality to better suit your brand and business needs. Familiarizing yourself with this default form is crucial before proceeding with any modifications or enhancements.

How to Access Contact Form Settings in Shopify

Customizing your contact form in Shopify is a simple and intuitive process. To access the contact form settings and begin making modifications, follow these straightforward steps:

Log in to Shopify Admin Panel

Start by logging in to your Shopify dashboard using your credentials.

Navigate to The Online Store

Once logged in, locate and click on the "Online Store" section from the sidebar menu.

Select Themes

In the Online Store section, select "Themes" to manage your store's theme settings.

How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

Choose Current Theme 

Identify the current theme you use for your Shopify store from the list of available themes and click on it to select it.

Enter Theme Customization

Once you've selected your current theme, look for the "Customize" button and click on it. This action will take you to the theme customization interface.

Access Contact Form Settings

Within the theme customization options, navigate to the "Contact" section. Here, you'll find various editing options related to your contact form.

How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

By following these steps, you'll gain access to the contact form settings, allowing you to customize and tailor the form to meet your specific branding and business requirements. Whether you want to adjust the layout, add new fields, or integrate additional functionality, Shopify's customization options empower you to create a contact form that aligns perfectly with your store's unique identity and objectives.

How to Edit Contact Form to Create a Unique One in Shopify

Personalizing Fields and Labels

You are tailoring the fields and labels of your contact form in Shopify to meet your specific requirements is essential for tailoring the form to your business needs and enhancing user experience. While Shopify provides default fields such as name, email, subject, and message, you can add, remove, or modify these fields according to your requirements.

How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

Navigating to the contact form settings within the Shopify admin panel is the first step toward personalizing your contact form. Within this interface, you can easily add new fields to gather additional information from customers, rearrange the order of existing fields to optimize user flow, and edit labels to ensure clarity and alignment with your brand's tone and style.

By strategically selecting which fields to include and how to label them, you can streamline the communication process between your customers and your business. Whether requesting specific details relevant to your products or services or providing options for customers to categorize their inquiries, personalized fields, and labels enable you to gather valuable information and provide a seamless experience for your audience.

Ultimately, by customizing fields and labels in your Shopify contact form, you can create a more efficient and user-friendly interface that fosters better customer communication and engagement.

Empowering Your Form: Adding and Removing Fields

Empowering your contact form by adding or removing fields in Shopify offers a tailored approach to gathering essential information from your customers while streamlining the user experience. Adding new fields is a straightforward process; simply navigate to the contact form settings and click on the "Add Field" button. Shopify provides a variety of field types to choose from, including dropdown menus, checkboxes, and text areas, allowing you to collect specific data relevant to your business needs.

How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

Removing fields is equally effortless. Within the contact form settings, select the field you wish to eliminate and click on "Delete." However, exercise caution when removing fields to ensure you don't unintentionally discard crucial information-gathering elements. Removing non-essential fields declutters the form, reducing unnecessary steps for users and improving form completion rates.

Striking a balance between collecting pertinent information and maintaining a concise form is key. Each added field should serve a clear purpose, enhancing your understanding of customer inquiries without overwhelming them. By strategically adding and removing fields, you can create a contact form that efficiently meets your business requirements while enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Choosing Wisely: Navigating Different Field Types

In customizing your contact form in Shopify, navigating different field types is crucial for efficiently gathering pertinent information from your customers while optimizing user experience. Understanding the various field types offered by Shopify empowers you to strategically tailor your form to suit your business needs effectively.

How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

The text field is versatile, allowing customers to provide short, open-ended responses such as their name or phone number. This type of field facilitates quick and straightforward data entry for users. 

The email field, specifically designed for capturing email addresses, ensures accurate contact information, essential for follow-up communication.

Checkbox fields offer customers multiple options to select from, such as subscribing to a newsletter or indicating specific preferences. This type of field enables users to indicate their interests or preferences with ease. 

Dropdown fields present a list of predefined options, streamlining the selection process for customers by providing a structured menu of choices.

Thoughtfully integrating these types of fields into your contact form, you can efficiently collect relevant information while enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. Choosing the appropriate field types enables you to streamline the communication process with your customers, ultimately improving overall user experience and facilitating meaningful interactions with your brand.

Aesthetics and Interaction: Designing Your Contact Form

Designing your contact form in Shopify involves more than just functionality; it's about crafting a visually appealing interface that enhances user engagement and reinforces brand identity. Shopify offers several avenues for customizing the design and layout of your contact form, catering to varying levels of expertise and preferences.

Utilizing theme options is a straightforward way to modify the appearance of your contact form, with built-in customization features that enable you to select color schemes, typography, and button styles consistent with your brand's aesthetic.

How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

For those with coding skills, custom CSS provides a deeper level of customization, allowing for granular adjustments to elements such as spacing, font sizes, and border styles. This approach offers unparalleled flexibility in tailoring the contact form to match your website's design precisely.

Additionally, Shopify's extensive app store offers third-party apps and extensions that expand customization possibilities even further. These user-friendly tools often provide intuitive interfaces for making changes without requiring extensive coding knowledge, ensuring accessibility to a wider spectrum of users.

Exploring Third-Party App Integration for Enhanced Contact Forms on Shopify.

EComposer Landing Page Builder

With EComposer, merchants can seamlessly create any page type or section with unparalleled speed and simplicity, thanks to its intuitive live drag-and-drop editor. From crafting stunning landing pages to fine-tuning essential elements like the homepage, collection pages, product pages, and beyond, EComposer offers limitless creative freedom.

But what sets EComposer apart is its ability to revolutionize the way merchants approach custom contact forms on Shopify. In a world where every interaction counts, having a contact form that not only functions flawlessly but also reflects the unique identity of your brand is paramount.

How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

With EComposer, merchants can effortlessly design custom contact forms that resonate with their brand aesthetic and user experience goals. Whether it's seamlessly integrating contact forms into landing pages, homepage sections, or even product pages, EComposer ensures that every interaction is not just functional but also visually captivating.

Price Planning:

  • FREE Plan: Live 3 Pages, Save 10 Templates, 70+ Page Layouts, 200+ Section Layouts, All Elements, 20+ Integrations, 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • STANDARD Plan ($19/month or $190/year - Save 17%): Live 15 Pages/Sections, Save 50 Templates, All VIP Layouts, Section Builder, Footer, QuickView, 20+ CRO Extensions
  • PRO Plan ($39/month or $390/year - Save 17%): Live 50 Pages/Sections, Create 100 Templates, Cart Page Pro, AI Content Generator, Global Blocks, Page Analytics
  • PREMIUM Plan ($149/month or $1,490/year - Save 17%): Unlimited Pages, All VIP Templates & Extensions, Priority Support

Rating: 5/5 based on 2.954 reviews

qikify Contact Form Builder

The qikify Contact Form Builder app on Shopify offers a convenient solution for effortlessly creating custom forms to enhance lead generation, customer service, and sales without requiring any coding knowledge. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily craft tailored forms for various purposes such as contact inquiries, wholesale orders, registrations, and surveys.

How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

Key Features:

  • Tailored Form Creation: Craft custom forms for various needs, including contact, wholesale, registration, and surveys, to cater to diverse business requirements.
  • Supports Essential Form Elements: Enjoy the flexibility of including essential form elements such as file upload, image choice, checkboxes, dropdowns, and more to gather relevant information from your customers.
  • Display Options: Showcase your forms effortlessly as popups, bubbles, or embedded forms, seamlessly integrating them into your website's design for a cohesive user experience.
  • Advanced Features: Benefit from advanced functionalities like reCaptcha, conditional logic, form scheduling, and more to enhance the functionality and security of your forms.
  • Efficient Submission Management: Track form submissions within the app or via email effortlessly, ensuring smooth communication and streamlined lead management.

Price Planning:

  • FREE FOREVER: Start for free with the basic plan offering 1 form, 10 fields/form, various field types, conditional logic, form scheduling, and more.
  • BASIC PLAN ($5.99/month or $57.48/year - 20% savings): Upgrade for additional features including 3 forms, unlimited form fields, file upload up to 2MB, reCaptcha, store & export submissions, and more.
  • PREMIUM PLAN ($7.99/month or $76.67/year - 20% savings): Unlock premium features such as unlimited forms, file upload up to 20MB, multiple recipient mails, auto-response mails, integrations, and more to take your form-building capabilities to the next level.

Rating: 4.9/5 based on 537 reviews

Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form

Pify Form Builder offers a robust solution for effortlessly connecting with your customers and driving lead generation and product sales on your Shopify store. With its powerful features and customizable options, Pify makes it easy to create various types of forms, including Contact Forms, Order Forms, and more, tailored to your specific business needs.

How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

Key Features:

  • Automated Lead Generation: Automatically create customer contacts with Contact Widgets and Subscription forms, enabling you to effortlessly gather leads and expand your customer base.
  • Wholesale Order Form: Facilitate wholesale orders directly through your store or via PayPal integration, streamlining the ordering process and increasing sales opportunities.
  • Form Templates and Integrations: Access a wide range of form templates to save time and effort, along with seamless integrations to automate workflows and enhance efficiency.
  • Customization Options: Create custom popup forms with support for multiple steps, conditional logic, and Announcement Bars, allowing you to tailor forms to match your branding and capture attention effectively.
  • Custom Email Templates and Styling: Personalize email communications with custom email templates and messages, along with extensive form styling options, all achievable without any coding knowledge.

Price Planning:

  • FREE: Start for free with unlimited submissions, emails, and contacts. Includes basic features such as popup forms, integrations, ReCaptcha, and more.
  • BASE (Now $5.99/month): Unlock additional features such as unlimited forms, fields, submissions, along with image options, reporting, export capabilities, and more.
  • ADV (Now $9.99/month): Gain access to advanced features like Announcement Bar, Wholesale Order Widget, Zapier integration, discount code forms, and increased file upload limits.
  • GOLD (Now $14.99/month): Enjoy premium features including Order Form with PayPal integration, higher file upload limits, and all features from the ADV plan.

Rating: 4.8/5 based on 485 reviews

Powerful Contact Form Builder

With Powerful Contact Form Builder, creating professional-looking forms without any coding becomes effortless. Integrated with a multitude of third-party applications such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and more, this app offers seamless integration and enhanced functionality. Whether it's displaying custom forms on product pages, collection pages, or the home page, the flexibility of placement options ensures maximum visibility and usability.

How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

Key Features:

  • Customer Account Registration Forms: Customize registration forms with custom fields to gather specific information tailored to your business needs.
  • File and Image Upload Options: Allow customers to upload files or images directly through your forms, simplifying communication and enhancing interaction.
  • Autoresponder Emails: Send automated responses to form submissions and integrate form data with popular email marketing platforms like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and more.
  • Versatile Form Options: Easily build various types of forms including contact us forms with captcha, feedback forms, popup forms, wholesale order forms, and more, utilizing features like conditional logic for enhanced functionality.

Pricing Planning:

  • FREE: Start for free with basic features including the ability to display forms anywhere, 1 form with 12 fields, file upload, and conditional logic, accommodating up to 40 submissions per month.
  • PREMIUM (Now $9.99/month): Upgrade to unlock unlimited forms, increased submission limits of up to 1,000 per month, larger file upload sizes (up to 30MB), and storage capacity of 2GB, along with additional features like cart forms and bulk order forms.
  • PRO (Now $19.90/month): Gain access to premium features including higher submission limits of up to 10,000 per month, integration with Zapier, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar, larger file upload sizes (up to 100MB), and expanded storage capacity of 10GB.

Rating: 4.8/5 based on 1258 reviews

Enhancing the performance of your contact form for mobile devices on Shopify.

In the modern digital landscape, where mobile usage dominates, optimizing your contact form for mobile devices is essential for creating a smooth user experience on Shopify. Fortunately, Shopify's responsive themes automatically adjust the design and layout of your contact form to suit the screen size of the user's device. Nevertheless, there are further measures you can implement to guarantee the best possible mobile usability:

  • Concise and Navigable Design: KMaintain a concise and easily navigable contact form for smaller screens. Avoid cluttering the interface with unnecessary elements and prioritize essential fields for a streamlined experience.
  • Touch-Friendly Elements: Utilize larger, touch-friendly buttons and input fields to accommodate mobile users' interaction preferences. This ensures that users can easily tap on form elements without precision issues on smaller screens.
  • Optimized Loading Time: Optimize the loading time of your contact form to minimize waiting for mobile users. Compress images, minimize HTTP requests, and optimize code to ensure swift loading, enhancing the overall mobile user experience.
How to Edit Contact Forms in Shopify

With these best practices, you can ensure that your contact form provides a seamless and user-friendly experience across all devices, catering to the increasing number of users accessing your Shopify store via mobile devices. Prioritizing mobile optimization not only enhances user satisfaction but also plays a role in boosting conversion rates and overall business success.


  1. Do I need coding knowledge to edit my Shopify contact form?

No coding knowledge is required to edit your Shopify contact form. Shopify's user-friendly interface allows you to make changes to your contact form easily through the admin panel. However, if you wish to make advanced customizations, basic HTML and CSS knowledge might be beneficial.

  1. Is there a limit to the quantity of fields that can be added to my contact form?

Shopify allows you to add a reasonable number of fields to your contact form based on your business needs. However, it's recommended to keep the form concise and relevant to avoid overwhelming users.

  1. Can I receive notifications when someone submits a contact form?

Yes, Shopify allows you to set up email notifications for contact form submissions. You have the ability to set up notifications to be directed to designated email addresses or integrate with third-party tools like Slack or CRM systems for streamlined communication and follow-up.

  1. How can I guarantee that my contact form aligns with data privacy regulations?

Shopify takes data privacy seriously and provides tools to assist you in adhering to regulations like GDPR and CCPA. You can enable features like consent checkboxes and privacy policy links within your contact form to ensure transparency and compliance with relevant laws.

  1. Can I create multiple versions of my contact form for different purposes?

Indeed, Shopify offers the flexibility to create multiple contact forms tailored to specific purposes or audiences. This functionality allows you to customize forms for different departments, products, or promotional campaigns, ensuring a personalized experience for your customers.

Read more:


As we draw the curtains on our exploration of editing contact forms in Shopify, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the potential for customization knows no bounds. From the humble default form to the meticulously tailored masterpiece, every tweak and adjustment holds the power to elevate your store's appeal and forge deeper connections with your audience.

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, where user experience reigns supreme, the ability to craft captivating contact forms is a game-changer. It's not just about functionality anymore; it's about creating an immersive journey for your visitors, one interaction at a time.

As you journey into the realm of customization, remember that EComposer awaits to empower you. With its intuitive interface and versatile features, EComposer unlocks a world of possibilities. Build stunning landing pages seamlessly integrated with your Shopify store, enhancing your brand's online presence and captivating your audience. Ready to experience the power of EComposer? Start your free trial today!



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