How To Report A Shopify Store? (For Customer & Partners)


Report a Shopify store

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Want to report a Shopify store but don't know how to do it? This guide gives partners and consumers the information they need to report questionable conduct on Shopify. We'll explain how to report a Shopify shop, explore the types of violations you might encounter, and answer any concerns below.

How To Report A Shopify Store? (For Customer)

If you suspect a store is violating its policies, reporting it is a quick and effective way to help maintain a trustworthy marketplace. Here are two ways to report a Shopify store for other issues or about a merchant:

Option 1: Report A Orders

If you believe you've been scammed, received a faulty product, or the seller hasn't resolved an issue with your order, you can report it directly to Shopify.

While Shopify does not directly handle order complaints, they may investigate shops that use their platform. Visit the Shopify Order Issues Reporting page and give the following information:

  • Your Information (Required): Fill out your contact info so Shopify can reach you.
  • Order Confirmation URL: The URL of the Shopify product you bought. This helps find the shop.
  • Messenger: Please fill in the details of the problem you encountered with your order here.
  • Order Status: Describe the current state of your order (e.g., not received, damaged product, etc.).

Shopify will review your report to determine whether the store works with their system. If so, they will investigate the problem internally and take the necessary steps.

NOTE: If the seller is unresponsive after 30 days, contact your payment source (PayPal, credit card issuer). Depending on their rules, they can start a chargeback or assist in recovering money.

Option 2: Report A Merchant

Report a Shopify merchant

Shopify values a free and open marketplace for trade, yet certain acts contradict this purpose. If you feel a shop is participating in these illegal behaviors, please report it to help keep the platform safe and ethical.

Step 1: Visit the dedicated website to report AUP and Shopify violations of the above.

Step 2: Select the category that best represents the violation you noticed.

Here are the key areas where activities are strictly forbidden:

  • Child exploitation.
  • Harassment, bullying, defamation, and threats containing content.
  • Carrying hateful content.
  • Running illegitimate activities.
  • Violating intellectual property.
  • Malicious and deceptive practices.
  • Contains personal, confidential, and protected health information.

In addition, Shopify does not enable shops to get, store, or process HIPAA-covered protected health information:

  • Self-Harm: Stores promoting self-harm through products, services, or content are not allowed.
  • Spam: Sending unsolicited commercial emails using Shopify services is prohibited.
  • Terrorism: Promoting terrorist groups via goods, services, or content is illegal.

Step 3: The website will then show you three parts to fill out:

  • Your contact information: Enter your name, email, and other contact info.
Report a Shopify merchant
  • Materials you want to report: Describe the store's Shopify violations. The business may encourage activities, graphics, or product descriptions.
Report a Shopify merchant
  • Electronic signature.
Report a Shopify merchant

Not all places need information. Use your discretion and provide Shopify with any more information to assist them in understanding.

Step 4: After completing every area, email your report to Shopify by clicking the "Submit" button.

Shopify will receive and examine the report. Whether you get a notice or not, they will take action if a violation is found. This may involve deleting material, suspending accounts, or canceling access to the platform.

How To Report A Partner Shopify Store? (For Shop Owners)

Reasons you can report a violating partner

Reasons you can report a violating partner.

Shopify prioritizes a reliable and secure partner ecosystem. If you suspect a Shopify Partner isn't following the Partner Program Agreement or API License and Terms of Use, you can report them.

Here's how to report a violation:

Step 1: Head to the dedicated "Report a Partner Violation" page.

Step 2: Fill out the form with the following details:

  • Your Contact Information: This includes your name, email address, phone number (optional), and country.
  • Partner identification:
    • Ideally, provide the URL of the Shopify Partner you're reporting.
    • If you don't have the URL, enter the Partner's name or other identifying details in the description field.
  • Reason for reporting: Clearly describe the activity you believe violates Shopify's agreements.
  • Declarations & electronic signature: Review and acknowledge the statements before submitting the report.

Shopify will likely initiate an investigation to assess the reported activity. This may involve reviewing the Partner's actions, website content, or app functionality.


1. What Happens After I Report A Shopify Store?

After reporting a Shopify shop, Shopify will investigate. Shopify may attempt to verify the information you supplied by visiting the business or calling them directly.

Depending on the violation, Shopify can take various steps:

  • Content removal: Removing content that violates their Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
  • Account suspension: Temporarily suspending the store's ability to operate on Shopify.
  • Account termination: For significant violations, close the shop and remove platform access.

If they find no violation or insufficient evidence, they may not take any action.

You may not get a straight report on the result, but you can be sure that they will do something about violations that have been proven.

2. How Do I Know If A Product On Shopify Is Counterfeit?

While it can be hard to be sure if an item on Shopify is real or fake, here are some things to look out for that might make you suspicious:

  • The price is suspiciously cheap.
  • Unfamiliar branding.
  • Poor-quality logos or descriptions.
  • Negative reviews.

It's best to avoid purchasing from a store if you suspect the product is fake. If you buy something fake, you might get a low-quality item, have trouble returning it, or even put yourself in danger.

3. Is There A Time Limit For Reporting A Shopify Store?

There is no clear time limit for reporting a violation in a Shopify shop. Even if the violation happened recently or a while back, reporting it can help take action if it's still ongoing.

If the violation concerns imminent danger, such as child exploitation or unlawful activity, report it immediately.

Key Takeaways

Reporting a Shopify store violation is essential to keep the platform secure and trustworthy. Customers and partners who report questionable stores or contract violations help maintain a healthy environment.

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