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EComposer was launched in May 2022, with the mission to help Shopify merchants build their dream websites in the easiest & most flexible way. 

Till now, we’re proud to see our mission is definitely possible and come closer to more businesses. After 8 months of release, EComposer reached 10k active users and the number is growing dramatically. 

After much consideration, we announce to change all pricing plans, which will take effect on Feb 15, 2023. Free plan is still available. Please see the new pricing plans here. 

Why is new pricing needed?

Compare to the first day of EComposer, our new users now can have a much more powerful, complete & stable page builder tool. A lot of new features & improvements are added up every month. We raise the values first and now we need to change the prices to match the app true values, though it is still very competitive prices and best for your investment.

Let’s draw the significant features & values added up into EComposer within the last 10 months:


EComposer product updates May 2022- Feb 2023

The second thing to mention, a lot has changed from the first day of EComposer, but our value promises are not. But what’s that mean, the resources required to keep our value promises have also changed much when we constantly update the products, release new features, use the best technology and provide users with 24/7 chat support. 

In order to not change the product values & support quality, we had to adjust our pricing.

How & When EComposer pricing change?

Basically, new EComposer pricing still has 4 main plans: Free, Standard, Pro and Premium

We keep the Free plan with 3 published pages to encourage and support new merchants to try our app freely. Even if you just need some custom pages/sections, Free plan is great to go.

There are changes in features & prices of other paid plans. You can see the details of updated pricing here:

New pricing will be active from Feb 15, 2023. 

How does new pricing affect EComposer users?

We don’t want to make any “not want” surprises for our users. So new pricing will not affect our current paying users. Check the effect if you are one of the cases below:

* For existing free & paying users: new pricing will not affect you. You still can enjoy your current plan unless you change plan or reinstall EComposer after Feb 15, 2023. 

* For Theme partner users (users from one of Kalles, Gecko, Unsen, Ellesi, Molla themes): you still can enjoy your initial EComposer partner plan. New pricing will not affect your current plan unless you change plan or reinstall app. (if you have to reinstall app for specific reasons, contact our chat support to get assistance)

* For new users after Feb 15, 2023: New pricing plans will apply to you.

Subscribe now to enjoy locked current prices before new prices take effect on Feb 15, 2023.

For any question related to new pricing, please chat with our support in app or contact us at


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