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Hi folks, welcome to EComposer monthly release series. This article is all about August product updates. You will definitely find some helpful updates from our team this month.

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Fully compatible with Shopify App Bridge 2.0



EComposer is officially compatible with Shopify App Bridge 2.0, which means our users can now use EComposer inside their Shopify admin directly without opening a stand-alone website.

By embedding EComposer in Shopify admin, we believe the user experience will move to the next level. You can keep working with building with a familiar and easy-to-use app interface since it is seamlessly integrated inside your Shopify backend.

Also, App Bridge helps ensure that this experience is consistent no matter where our merchants are using our app, whether it’s on the web or in the Shopify Mobile app for iOS or Android.

Usage Status on App Dashboard


Keep track of your usage in EComposer that align with your plan features. This help to control the use of EComposer and have plan for future scale.

You can quickly see supported functions and usage status right on the app dashboard.
- Number of pages/templates created

- Allow import & export

- Supported page types

- Number of templates users can save

- Support multi-language translation

- Number of presets users can save

- Support global presets for elements

- Support custom font upload

- Auto-save page edition versions

- Number of drafts users saved

- Remove footer branding

Lively change spacing in editor


The gif image describes a whole new way to directly change element spacing.

Which one do you prefer?

Instead of manually editing each spacing figure such as top, bottom, left, right, etc., now you can just drag the element to change its look. This improvement is a game changer for a seamless editor experience. We believe you will definitely love it!

New extension: Sale Notifications


Showing recent purchases in your store not only creates urgency and FOMO feeling for other visitors but also builds a trusted image for your business.

EComposer now supports sales notifications extension that helps you achieve those targets. There are two options to get your order data shown:
- Auto-generate order data from your Shopify store

- Manual import order data (which allows you to select certain orders you wanna show only)

You can also configure how the popup display and its appearance.

In a nutshell, sales notifications in EComposer is simple to use and highly effective for sales driving for your store. 

New extension: Cookie Bar


For stores selling in EU, UK, you must comply with the GDPR law. Cookie Bar extension makes sure you meet this requirement. This add-on allows you to show a popup/bar asking for cookie consent from your site visitors. Learn more about Cookie and GDPR here.

You can easily upload Cookie icon and edit the message to show it the way you want. Plus, changing how the bar looks to make it perfectly match your store theme.

Earn passive income with EComposer Affiliate Program


In this app version, you can find EComposer Affiliate program open for all of our users and promoters. Referrals can get up to 50% commissions and continue to receive recurring commission lifetime.

Join it from the bottom block of the app dashboard or find the details info about our Affiliate program here.

Other Improvements

Every EComposer version includes dozens of tweaks and bug fixes. While these updates may seem small – some of them will have a significant improvement on your daily use of EComposer. 

This version includes a lot of tweaks and bug fixes that we wanted to share with you, as most of them relate to requests we received from our community, you can also read the full changelog here.

  • Change Import Popup position
  • Tab Element Improvement 
  • Extension sorting: More ECommerce categories
  • App content with clear explanation
  • Improve Editor experience
  • Extension Popup Layout Update

Wrap Up

Thank you for reading till this line. EComposer team still works hard every day to bring greater experiences for our users with new updates every month.

Please comment below if you like any ideas in this article. All of your contributed feedback are always welcome too. We’re all ears!


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