EComposer Product Updates September 2022



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Hi EComposer’s beloved customers!

Welcome to EComposer monthly release series. We would love to spread all about September product updates in this article. You will definitely find some helpful updates from our team this month.

Let’s dive in!

EComposer’s Dark mode editor


Dim the light, relax your eye and save your energy.

EComposer team has created Dark mode which is reversal of the default white UI that merchants have used for decades. 

We have found that dark theme interfaces reduce eye strain, especially in low-light or nighttime conditions, as a result of our increased screen duration. A better working environment and fewer headaches resulted from less eye strain.

New Awesome templates


We would love to share with you our New Eye-Catching and Responsive layouts for Home, Product and Store locator that can meet all store designing needs.

To preview EComposer’s new templates:

Quick start to Create Your Page


If you’re unsure how to start building your owned store, Let EComposer helps you.

Our development team strives to optimize your whole page-building experience. According that, when clicking on “Start building”, then choosing a page you want to design. EComposer will show you a quick look including simple starting steps and instant layouts that save your time and effort. 

Image comparison - Before & After


EComposer Image Comparison provides an amazing way for potential buyers to compare your two product images: old and new. It will visualize product major changes by maintaining the perfect image resolution and can style them in advance.

Advanced Image Element (Hover button overlay)


Advance Image is another new feature of EComposer version 1.2. By dragging and dropping this element, then choosing Display Hover Image, you will get transformable images. 

Other Improvements

We understand that every EComposer version has dozens of tweaks and bug fixes. They might be small, but they will significantly improve your daily use of EComposer. 

In EComposer version 1.2, there are lots of fixed tweaks and bugs that we wanted to share with you, as most of them relate to requests we received from our community, you can also read the full changelog here.

- Setting for Advanced Animation

- Use EComposer on Unpushlished themes

- Easier Editor Navigation

- Improvement in Extension Sorting; Announcement Bar extension; Sale Notification extension

- Better App performance & speed

Look forward to updated news

Thank you for reading this article. 

The EComposer team continues to put in significant effort every day to provide consumers with better experiences through new upgrades every month.

If any of the suggestions in this post appeal to you, kindly comment below. Also always welcome all of your comments. All ears are on you!


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