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Hi buddies!

EComposer’s back with lots of wonderful updates in October 🎉. 

In today's EComposer monthly release series, we would love to spread all that great news. You will definitely find helpful updates from our team this month.

Let’s ride into it!

Password /Coming Soon page (available for all plans)


While running an eCommerce website, you need a short time periodically for your store updates and maintenance. 

That's why we, the EComposer team, have developed a Password/Coming Soon page. You can find this page to configure on Extra builder.


We also make a video explaining how to enable this function in a minute. You can watch it and follow the instructions.

Set your list of favorite elements


Yes! You can choose your list of favorite elements.

Just by flicking through the “star icon” to “Add favorite”, you now own your element list as you like that will save your element searching time later. 

This function is super helpful when you want to create a new part on your page using the same store-building elements as other pages. Instead of re-finding those pages to see what element you applied last time, you just find them on your favorite list. 

Thus, your whole page-building process will be faster and more efficient. 

Text Marquee elements


Do you see the horizontally running text above this website’s header?

That is Text Marquee. 

That cool scrolling text is commonly used to highlight special features of your business, products, or services. 

Normally, to have this function on the Shopify store, you need either coding intervention or installing a Marquee app which can affect your store loading speed, and consume lots of your budget, time, and effort.

Great news! You can add your scrolling text just by dragging and dropping the Text Marquee element that exists on EComposer Editor for FREE. 


New Integration: EComposer & Omega Two Owls


That’s right! EComposer and Omega have already formed an official partnership🤝

By integrating EComposer and Two Owls successfully, the ATC event can be activated when someone clicks on such button elements from EComposer.

To understand clearly this cool integration, explore here.

Moreover, in this month, EComposer Landing Page Builder also was integrated with Fera Product Reviews App, with a mutual aims of providing the Top page building and Product reviewing features to Shopify community.

Click here to know more.

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Other Improvements

We are aware that numerous tweaks and bugs need fixing in every EComposer release. Although they might be small bugs, they will enhance how you use EComposer daily significantly.

That’s why we would love to share with you EComposer version 1.3 with lots of improvements and innovations to the last version. As most of them relate to requests we received from our community, you can also read the full changelog here.

New loading experience in the editor

- Improvement in Product Image, Product Grid, Collection List, video element, and Preview layout experience

- And more…

Look forward to new updates

Thank you for reading this article.

The EComposer team is working very hard daily to give customers improved experiences by releasing new monthly updates.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you find any of the ideas related to this appealing blog. Any of your comments are also always appreciated. We are all ears for you!


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