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Hi Buddies!!!

Holidays are coming 🎉

EComposer’s back with lots of wonderful updates since November 🎉. 

In this article, we would love to spread out EComposer monthly updates that highlight recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

Let’s ride into it!

Celebrate Xmax with Christmas Effect Extension

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🎉🎄☃️.

EComposer team would love to introduce to you Christmas Effect Extension - A specific extension serving for Christmas Eve. 


What’re the cool things inside the EComposer Christmas effect extension?

- Audio Picker: Allow you to add a Christmas rhythm on your store, mute and unmute it.

- Adding snowfall effect

- Displaying Christmas body background and present popup.


To find and add this extension to your store, just open the EComposer Extension library, seek Christmas Effect, and Install now.

Then, you can customize how this extension works via the settings here.


Google Fonts GDPR Compliant

You can’t use Google fonts for your eCommerce website?

Since the beginning of 2022, Google fonts has been declared that it don’t stay in GDPR/DSGVO compliance. 

But don’t worry!

Along with updated functional elements stock and a huge trending template library for multi-purposes, EComposer Landing Page Builder has already released a Google Fonts GDPR-compliant extension. 


Installing this extension allows you to use Google Fonts while not directly violating GDPR. It means your users don’t need to give their IP addresses to Google. 

Display unique content with Dynamic content & Meta fields

Metafields and Dynamic sources are features assisting Shopify merchants with storing and displaying unique content for products, collections, blogs, and pages.

Those are outstanding features to add specific product information — such as delivery duration, size guides, in-stock number, etc. It means that you just need to set up one product, and whenever you change to another one, its specific information will be switched automatically without consuming much time to customize for every single product. 

Here is an example depicting how to create and add Dynamic sources of metafield to your product page.


 After generating a metafield and adding its value to your Product, let’s go to your product page being built by EComposer. 

Then picking the element “Text” to the destination you want to fill in.

In the general section of text editing space, you will see the “Dynamic source” icon. You will see a list of sources Click on and choose the metafield that you want to add. Then Save and Publish.

And here is the output


 Dynamic source & metafield” function is available for EComposer Text and Heading elements.

Transform - advanced options for elements?


EComposer developers have added an advanced function called “Transform”. This function can be applied to all EComposer elements in any element category.

EComposer-Transform-advanced function for element

You can rotate, align, and change the size of not only your site image but also all other elements such as title, heading, product descriptions, variant picker, etc. 

Timeline Showcase element is available

You want to stick memorable milestones of your products/services on your page?

You want to use your eCommerce site to share your online business growth path with all of your potential and loyal customers?

Don’t worry, because EComposer’s Timeline Showcase is here for you.


In EComposer v1.4, you can generate your online store roadmap by Timeline Element. 

Just by dragging and dropping, adjusting the display, you will have an appealing milestone map built by the EComposer Timeline element.

Global Blocks

Another super cool function we want to spread out about is Global Blocks


By EComposer’s Global Block builder, you can create any section and easily insert them into your Shopify themes. 

Moreover, there are thousands of pre-made section layouts that save you time and effort to create a great & professional website design. 

This Block built by Global Block can be added in 2 different ways: 

- Create a new block and insert it on a couple of pages. After that, you just modify the block in the global block builder instead of editing each section on each page individually.

- You can also use Global Block to build specific blocks used as content in a blog/ article or a product description of your Shopify theme.

Visit here to understand more details on how to customize your ideal Global block by EComposer.

New Integration: EComposer x Appstle℠ Subscriptions


EComposer team is so excited to form an official collaboration with Appstle℠ Subscriptions 🤝

Via this successful integration, EComposer & Appstle would love to give exceptional subscription experiences to their stores in a few clicks.

Appstle℠ Subscriptions is available as EComposer's extension.


Install EComposer and Appstle, and seek EComposer extension named Appstle℠ Subscriptions.

Drag, drop and Done! You can add and experience Appstle on your store built by EComposer, without any coding skill request.

New Integration: EComposer x Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

Double happiness when EComposer also has formed an official partnership with Stamped Product Reviews & UGC


Thanks for this integration, Shopify community can experience Stamped Rating and Review extension on EComposer's extension library to capture and showcase high-converting reviews & ratings, photos & videos, and Q&A with no coding worry.

Here are Stamped extensions on EComposer's extension library.


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Other Improvements

There is no doubt that EComposer could exist several tweaks and bugs that need fixing. 

They might be small bugs, but our EComposer team all understand how seriously they might affect your online business growth path on a daily basis.

Therefore, we would love to spread out our latest EComposer version 1.4 with numerous improvements and innovations, which are

- Smoother Quick view loading

- Improved Navigator and Editor experience, Feature Elements, and Collection menu & Collection on mobile.

And more…

All of the updates relate to requests we received from the EComposer community. You can reach out to the full changelog here.

Look forward to new updates

Thank you for reading the whole EComposer update article. We hope this article can provide you with more useful information to customize your store more professionally before lots of upcoming year-end events.

We, the EComposer team all strive to innovate your store-building experiences.

Please don’t hesitate to leave your ideas related to this appealing blog in the comment box below. They are all worthful feedback contributing to EComposer better versions supporting your beautiful branded store-building path. We are all ears for you!


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