[Welcome 2023] EComposer 1.5 - Product updates and Insights


[Welcome 2023] EComposer 1.5 - Product updates and Insights - EComposer Visual Page Builder

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Hi buddies!!!

2023 is knocking on our door with full of luck and chances.

Today we are delighted to share with you our EComposer 1.5 - our newest version of the Next Generation Page builder, along with lots of updates and improvements. 

Together, let’s leverage your Shopify businesses with EComposer 1.5.

Let’s dive in and make sure you will not miss any!

New Stunning templates


Let's sight your stores with New eye-catching and fully responsive page and sections templates.

Those templates are supportive for your in creating Next-generation Homepage, Landing page. Product Page,

To preview EComposer’s new page templates:







... and section templates:





Check your EComposer Templates Library now to grab the Newest Next-Gen templates.

No more plagiarism worries with EComposer Content Protection

If you are looking for a solution to protect your on-page content against being copied by another one, Content Protection is built for you.

This solution is developed by the EComposer team, and published on EComposer Extension library as a new extension, like the image below.


EComposer Content Protection is the free extension for all plans. 

To use it, you just need to follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Add EComposer Shopify page builder

Step 2: Open the EComposer app dashboard, then choose a page that you want to customize.

Step 3: On EComposer Extension library, seek Content Protection by searching bar, or finding out on the Newest extension list, then Install now.

Step 4: Open setting to configure this extension. 

There are 4 options that Content Protection extension gives you, which are:

- Enable anti copy: Activate this extension before using.

- Disable select and copy: Prevent the visitors from selecting and copying any text on your website

- Disable right mouse: restrict visitor to click and choose options by their right mouse

- Disable debug website: When visitors press F12 or Inspect your site, EComposer Content Protection will block this behavior

Here is how this extension works.


Before Installing EComposer Content Protection extension, visitors can copy any parts of your site, as well as inspect it.



…but after adding the EComposer Content Protection extension, they no longer can copy your store information, and do the inspect section on your page.

This extension is available for all pages, just by one-time enable.

Check our doc here to understand clearer about this extension

Winback visitors with Inactive Browser Tab Extension

You are afraid of being bounced by your users. Don’t worry because Inactive Browser Tab is on air officially.

This is another super cool extension that the EComposer team has built with the aim of noticing the visitor attraction whenever they leave your page to another one. 

This extension is free for all EComposer plans, and available for all pages just by one-time activation.

Here is how Inactive Browser Tab looks on the EComposer library.

To use this extension on your page, you need to install it. Then go to settings and customize your Inactive browser tab’s notification.


You can see the output below.


Learn more how to use this extension in details here.

Masonry Layout

You can see in several stunning websites using Masonry Layout such as Pinterest, Unsplash, Kube.

Masonry is a column-based grid layout which doesn’t have fixed height rows, unlike the basic grid layouts. In basic, Masonry layout is built to optimize the use of space within the web page by eliminating any unnecessary gaps, as you can see on the image below.

To increase the visitors’ focus when scrolling your page, EComposer developed the Masonry Layout element which is available for all plans and applied for all types of pages.


You can add and customize your ideal Masonry Layout by seeking Basic elements collection of EComposer -> find and drag Masonry Layout element to any places on your editing page -> change its settings such as:

- Updating banner

- Change content

- Add a button to trigger sales and conversion.

You can direct your audiences to your different collections and portfolios.

Here is the outcome of the Shopify page using EComposer’s Masonry Layout.


Kube used EComposer’s Masonry layout to build its landing page

Here is the detailed guideline of using EComposer's Masonry Layout. Check out now.

Visualize your Product display by EComposer Product Box

We all know that Homepage and Landing page are considered as a hub to lead your shoppers exploring your entire store. So it’s really essential to design your key products’ display visually and compellingly. 

Product Box is developed for that reason. In detail, this EComposer’s element contains a bunch of basic features that help you build a dynamic Product box. It can be a collection of Best- selling products list, or Product details on Landing page. 


Beyond a grid which only shows basic product aspects like Product title, price, variants, EComposer Product Box allows you to add extra attributes to build up an Sale - driven product grid. 

This element is available on Homepage, Landing page, Blog page and collection page.

You can read the detailed instructions of this element here.

SEO Optimization: Lazy loading

EComposer team has implemented Lazy loading as a popular technique for on-page optimization.


With eager loading - letting everything be available immediately, can make you retrieve a large amount of data ahead of time, including data that may never be required (e.g. an image which is rendered in a part of the page that is never visited by the user).

Meanwhile, lazy loading can shorten the initial page load time by avoiding the download of unnecessary resources ahead of time, as well as save users' bandwidth.

New Integration: Vitals x EComposer Integration

EComposer team is delighted to inform you our new partner - Vitals All-in-one marketing tool 🤝


Via this successful integration, EComposer & Vitals decided to form an integration, with the aim of providing great marketing experiences, through 6 stunning extensions:

1. Buy one get one

2. Product reviews

3. Recently viewed

4. Shipping information

5. Shoppable instafeed

6. Volume discount


You can read the full instructions of this integration here.

Other Improvements

We understand that EComposer could still exist with several tweaks and bugs. They might be small, but they might impact your online store performance significantly.

Beside introducing new features and extensions, we also want to inform you of other progress  that EComposer v1.5 has improved, compared to previous versions.

- New function: Add search box on EComposer app dashboard’s recent layouts section.

- Added: Helpful resources & news on app dashboard

- Upgrade UX-UI of EComposer editor.

- Editor improvements for smoother on-page configuring and customizing experience

- Improving layout import, navigator section moving, etc.

And more…

Reach out EComposer full changelog here to read the whole updates related to requests we received from the EComposer community. 

Look forward to new updates

Thank you for taking time to read the entire EComposer update article. We hope that this article has provided you with useful information to help you customize your store more professionally for preparing 2023 new successes.

We, the EComposer team, all strive to enhance your store-building experiences.

Please do not hesitate to leave your thoughts on this interesting blog in the comment box below. They are all invaluable feedback for EComposer to improve and support your having a beautiful branded store-building path. 

We're all listening!


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