EComposer 2.3 product update


EComposer 2.3 product update

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Hello, EComposer enthusiasts

Welcome back to another article on EComposer Product Updates. It's a pleasure to have you join us again.

Welcome back to another exciting update on EComposer. We're thrilled to announce the release of version 2.3 this June. The new EComposer 2.3 promises fantastic improvements that elevate your Shopify pages’ performance.

Without further ado, let's dive right in.

23+ Brand-new Ecommerce pages and 150+ section templates

Get ready for the exciting release of EComposer version 2.3, featuring over 21 new templates tailored for dynamic eCommerce pages. These templates include designs for About Us, Landing, Home, Product, Footer, and Sections, catering to various domains like Electric Gadgets, Fashion, Home Equipment, Beauty, Sport & Fitness, and even seasonal landing pages perfect for celebrations.

- Mother’s Day Sale campaign:
    - Father’s Day Sale campaign:

      You can check all of EComposer brand-new templates here:

      All EComposer templates are meticulously created and UX-UI optimized, promising “WOW” shopping experiences to all shoppers.

      Explore the full stunning EComposer template library at: 

      New Page Type: Search Result Page

      One of the most requested features is finally here in EComposer 2.3: customizable search templates! Unlike Shopify's basic search, you can now design a unique search experience with EComposer by adding elements like headings, images, and recommended products. With the visually customizable Search page built by EComposer, finding desired items and news in your Shopify store now is just a piece of cake.

      Along with the creation of the Search Result page, our EComposer team also develops 2 elements specialized in building your visual Search result page, which are:

      Read more about how to configure your functional EComposer Search page here

      Streamline Shopping with New Element: EComposer Coupon Code

      We’re excited to announce the new Coupon Codes- Our EComposer 2.3’s new element!

      Now, Instead of remembering lists of different coupons, your customers just easily copy discount codes with a single click, enhancing their shopping experience.

      You can effortlessly drag and drop the Coupon Codes element into any position on any page type, particularly on product templates. Then, just spend a little time customizing each coupon’s content and design to match your store's style.

      Check out our detailed manual to understand how to configure.

      Besides cool elements, EComposer has already implemented various integrations with top-rated Shopify apps in order management, upsell and cross-sell, SEO, and Email Marketing, then brought integrated features that work compatible with your EComposer pages. So what are they?

      Syntrack Order Tracking x EComposer

      In this EComposer 2.3 product updates article, we’re excited to announce that EComposer now integrates seamlessly with Synctrack Order Tracking.

      Synctrack Order Tracking- a robust extension resulting from the EComposer and Synctrack integration, is a powerful solution for merchants to order monitoring, precise tracking, and efficient post-purchase communication, significantly improving customer satisfaction. Display order tracking forms effortlessly on your EComposer pages to help customers track their orders and reduce WISMO inquiries.

      Read more about the benefits EComposer merchants can gain from this integration here.

      Drive Revenue with Zoorix Bundle Kit x EComposer Integration.

      We’re thrilled to announce the integration of EComposer with the Zoorix Bundle Kit. This powerful Shopify app helps merchants increase average order value (AOV) and boost revenue through cross-sells, bundles, cart drawers, volume discounts, BOGO offers, and mix-and-match deals. With this seamless integration, you can effortlessly display bundle offers on your EComposer product and cart pages, encouraging customers to spend more.

      So don't snooze. Explore more about this integration here and enhance your sales strategy now.

      EComposer x Wiser AI Integration: Power of Product Personalized Recommendation

      We are excited to announce the integration of the Wiser Product Recommendations extension, made possible through the collaboration between EComposer and Wide AI, in our latest EComposer 2.3 product update.

      This extension helps Shopify merchants enhance their stores with personalized recommendations, boosting sales with widgets like 'frequently bought together,' 'post-purchase upsell,' and 'slide cart.'Are you prepared to elevate your Shopify store?

      Dive into our detailed manual here to learn how to unlock the full potential of the Wiser Product Recommendations extension.

      EComposer x Social Snowball Affiliate Marketing: Transform Customers into Affiliates

      EComposer now integrates seamlessly with Social Snowball Affiliate Marketing, empowering your Shopify store to convert happy customers into brand advocates.

      Snowball: Affiliate marketing extension- resulting from the integration between EComposer and Social Snowball Affiliate Marketing, lets you easily add affiliate sign-up forms to your EComposer pages, enhancing your marketing efforts by leveraging customer and influencer referrals. Ready to boost your sales and streamline your affiliate program? Discover more about how this powerful extension can benefit your store here.

      EComposer x Recurpay: Increase Recurring Revenue

      EComposer now integrates with Recurpay Subscription, allowing you to easily manage and display subscription plans directly on your product pages. This seamless integration helps merchants boost sales and generate recurring revenue by showcasing subscription options from Recurpay right in the product details section of the EComposer pages. Simplify your subscription management and elevate your storefront effortlessly.

      Learn more about this integration here.

      EComposer x EcomRise: Boost Bulk Sales

      We're excited to announce the integration of EcomRise: Boost Sale Pro with EComposer.

      The EcomRise Volume Discount extension, developed from the successful EComposer x EcomRise integration, enables you to showcase volume discounts on your product pages quickly. With this extension, you can now create compelling discount options directly within EComposer, then encourage bulk purchases and boost sales.

      Learn more about setting up and maximizing the benefits of the EcomRise Volume Discount extension here.

      EComposer x Avada SEO & Image Optimizer: Enhanced SEO Capabilities

      We're excited to introduce enhanced SEO capabilities by integrating Avada SEO & Image Optimizer in our latest EComposer 2.3 update.

      In particular, the SEO feature, thanks to EComposer and Avada SEO integration, simplifies on-page optimization, including titles, meta tags, keyword research, and image optimization. It seamlessly integrates into EComposer so merchants can enhance their SEO strategies without specialized knowledge.

      Explore our detailed manual here to unlock the full potential of the Avada SEO & Image Optimizer integration.

      EComposer's Pricing Changes Coming April 15, 2024

      In the latest EComposer 2.3 product update, we're excited to unveil our revamped pricing plans for 2024. Scheduled to take effect on April 15, 2024, these updates are designed to offer better value and accessibility to our users. The new pricing structure includes four main plans: Free, Standard, Pro, and Premium, each tailored to accommodate varying business needs. Notably, the Free plan allows merchants to live on one page/template/section, with expanded access to essential features. For those seeking more excellent capabilities, our Premium plan offers unlimited everything at a more affordable rate.

      Check out complete pricing updates here.

      Other Improvements

      With every new release, EComposer places a premium on enriching and fine-tuning its features, conscientiously rectifying minor glitches and bugs to guarantee a smooth and intuitive page-building journey. With the advent of the latest iteration, EComposer v2.3, substantial enhancements have been integrated across diverse domains.

      Besides stunning templates and incredible integration extensions, EComposer also has new features and significant improvements in several elements.

      EComposer Product Quantity now can set up the quality limit.
      You can choose file types for customers to upload in the Product Properties form.

      Freely change the sidebar width to make your page editing space more comfortable.

      Choose Heading type for your text

      …. Along with improving Global Typos, Dropdown options, Product Filters on the Collection page, and mini bug fixings.

      The updates are crafted to improve your page-building experience, ensuring it's more intuitive and enjoyable than ever. For a comprehensive list of updates tailored to requests from the EComposer community, check out the EComposer changelog here.

      We all keep improving.

      That wraps up the latest highlights from our EComposer 2.3 Product Updates article. Our EComposer team all strives to improve EComposer Shopify Page Builder performance and services to serve all merchants' page-building journey. If you have any innovative ideas to take EComposer even further, please feel free to share them with us here. Follow us for exciting updates from EComposer in the next Product Updates series!

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