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[New Integration] EComposer & Parcel Panel Order Tracking - EComposer Visual Page Builder

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Great news for merchants using EComposer and Parcel Panel Order Tracking app! The two apps have recently integrated to provide a seamless way for merchants to add order tracking forms to their EComposer pages. This integration is designed to enhance customer experiences, build store trust, and professionalism.

Let's dive in and learn more about these two apps and their integration.

About Parcel Panel

Parcel Panel is a Shopify app that helps merchants to provide their customers with an easy way to track their orders. With Parcel Panel, merchants can import orders from Shopify and automatically send tracking information to customers. Parcel Panel supports over 800 couriers worldwide and provides real-time tracking information for each package.

Highlight features:

- Easy order import: Parcel Panel allows merchants to import orders from Shopify in just one click.

- Automatic tracking updates: The app sends automatic tracking updates to customers via email or SMS.

- Real-time tracking: Parcel Panel provides real-time tracking information for over 800 couriers worldwide.

- Delivery notifications: Parcel Panel sends delivery notifications to customers when their packages are out for delivery, delivered, or if there is any delay.

Contact information:

App link: https://apps.shopify.com/parcelpanel

Website: https://www.parcelpanel.com/

Email: support@parcelpanel.com

About EComposer

EComposer is a Shopify page builder app that allows merchants to easily create custom pages and layouts for their online store. With a drag-and-drop interface and pre-built content blocks, merchants can quickly design pages that showcase their products and brand.

Highlight features:

- Versatility: EComposer supports a variety of page types, including landing, homepages, product, collection, and blog pages, etc.

- Layouts and templates: Includes over 100 page layouts, 190 section templates, and countless design elements and options, giving users plenty of flexibility to create custom pages that meet their specific needs.

- Easy-to-use builder: Drag-and-drop builder is easy to use and includes a variety of beautiful pre-made layouts to help users get started.

- Add-ons and integrations: EComposer includes 15+ built-in add-ons and integrates with top Shopify apps, providing users with additional functionality and flexibility.

- Optimization: EComposer is optimized for all devices and browsers. Additionally, built-in SEO optimization tools help to improve page rankings and attract more visitors to the store.

Contact information:

App link: https://apps.shopify.com/ecomposer

Website: https://ecomposer.page/

Email: support@ecomposer.page

Integration case & benefits for mutual users

Integration case

The integration between Parcel Panel and EComposer allows merchants to add order tracking forms into any EComposer pages. With the integration, customers can easily track their orders by entering their tracking number into the form. The order tracking form is customizable and can be added to any EComposer page using the drag-and-drop interface.

Learn more about how to set up this integration.


By adding order tracking forms to their EComposer pages, merchants can enhance customer experiences and build store trust and professionalism. Customers can easily track their orders without leaving the website, which provides a more seamless shopping experience. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The integration also provides merchants with valuable insights into how their customers are interacting with their orders. They can see how many customers are using the order tracking form, how many orders are being tracked, and which couriers are being used the most. This information can be used to improve customer experiences and optimize the order tracking process.

Waiting for further collaboration

Overall, the integration between Parcel Panel and EComposer is a powerful tool for mutual users who want to enhance their customer experiences and build store trust and professionalism. 

We’re preparing for more integration and cooperation coming up. With this effort, EComposer hopes to bring a valuable page builder tool for our users, more than any other solution. 


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