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We are so delighted to announce that EComposer and Stamped.io have become partners officially. Both Shopify app developers came to this decision with an aim of providing highly qualified store-building and product-reviewing solutions to Shopify community that are 100% compatible with each other. 

Via this article, we would love to spread out the great news for our customers regarding this collaboration. Let’s see what is waiting for you!

About Stamped Product reviews


Stamped Product Reviews & UGC assists you in gathering and showing very effective reviews, ratings, images, and Q&A.

NPS, photo and video reviews, Instagram Shoppable Gallery, Community Q&A, Checkout Reviews, and more can all help you increase your income. Stamped Reviews' on-site display widgets allow for complete customization to match your brand. Review comments should be moderated.

Highlight features:

- Product reviews with strong visual appeal to enhance sales: Gather and display product reviews with star ratings, photographs, and videos to improve sales.

- Raise your company's ranking on sites like Facebook, Google, etc.: Utilize predictive machine learning to identify your most satisfied clients, then invite them to provide reviews on the most widely used sites.

- Using AI to accelerate growth: Use Stamped's AI and machine learning skills to mine consumer comments for useful information.

Contact information:

Website: https://stamped.io/

Email: hello@stamped.io

Shopify app portfolio here

About EComposer 


EComposer- The next-generation Shopify Page Builder helps you create beautiful branded pages/sections fast and easily. 

EComposer has the biggest template library & elements that make page design freedom. Not stopping that, the live drag-drop editor allows merchants (even beginners) to build anything visually without needing any single piece of code. 

What’s more? You will own EComposer’s rich add-on library which equals 15+ apps on Shopify. Plus many top Shopify app integrations. Saving cost and no effect on your store loading speed.  

Highlight features: 

- Support for building any page type: Landing, Sales page, Homepage, Product page, Collection page, Blog & other standard pages, plus extra builder for Sections, Password page, Global Block, Footer, Quick View

- 100% compatible with All Shopify themes

- 80+ page layouts,190+ section templates, countless elements & design options

- Easy page builder with beautiful pre-made layouts

- 15+ built-in addons & top app integrations

- Optimized for all devices/browsers & SEO performance

You can try EComposer with a Free plan available to explore more!

Contact information:

Website: https://ecomposer.io/

Email: support@ecomposer.io

Shopify app portfolio here

Integration case

In this partnership, EComposer and Stamped completed an Incredible integration between the outstanding Landing Page Builder and Top Product Reviews & UGC applications. We all hope that makes Shopify merchants surprised.

So what is this integration in detail?

After installing the two apps on your Shopify store, you will need some easy steps to quickly complete the setting without technical skills. What are they?

Step 1: Import reviews

Stamped Product reviews &UGC allows generating the review receive sequence…


…or you also can import the existing reviews from other sources such as csv file, Aliexpress, or other used Shopify apps such as Klaviyo.


Step 2: Customize how Stamped widget displays


Step 3: Activate Stamped reviews display

In EComposer’s App settings, you need to select “Stamped Reviews &UGC” as approving this app to display your product reviews.


Step 4: Add Stamped Rating & reviews extensions

Alsoo in EComposer editor, you need to open the extension library, search keyword “Stamped'', and click the “install” button in any kind of widget you want. 

The Stamped widgets assist you with capture and display high-converting reviews & ratings, photos & videos, and Q&A. 

Let’s see how Stamped extensions looks in the EComposer Page Builder app. 


After dragging and dropping the extensions to your editing page, don’t forget to complete the full settings to display the widget as you want.


Complete Full settings for Stamped Star widget


 ....Also, click here to fulfill full settings for Stamped Review widget

And here is how Star ratings and reviews are shown by EComposer x Stamped extensions.


How Stamped star rating widget of EComposer looks


And here is how Stamped review widget looks

Click and Add “Stamped Product reviews” NOW

So now, Shopify store owners can save their time and effort collecting related reviews and ratings about their products shown in other channels. Then they can increase their revenue with high-converting product reviews, NPS, photo and video reviews, Instagram Shoppable Gallery, Community Q&A, Checkout Reviews, and more.

Via EComposer- Stamped Product reviews integration, You just need to dragand drop rating and reviews elements in EComposer Extension library.

Looking forward to our further projects

EComposer and Stamped teams all strive to provide more beneficial technical solutions to level up Shopify merchants’ business social proof and boost their revenue.

This is just the beginning of Stamped Product reviews &UGC <> EComposer's partnership. We are working hard to provide you with unique technical solutions and to add value to the Shopify community. Keep an eye out!


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