EComposer x Track123 Integration: Efficient Order Tracking on Stunning Pages


EComposer x Track123 Integration: Efficient Order Tracking on Stunning Pages - EComposer Visual Page Builder

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Today, we are delighted to announce an exciting partnership between Track 123 Order Tracking and EComposer Landing Page Builder

This integration aims to revolutionize how online merchants manage order tracking and create stunning eCommerce pages, providing an unparalleled shopping experience for customers. 

Let's dive into the remarkable integration and discover the exceptional value it brings to your eCommerce journey.

Get to know Track123

Track 123 is a game-changer in order tracking and shipment management. This all-in-one Shopify app automatically imports orders and updates shipping information in real-time, keeping customers informed. With multilingual tracking pages and intelligent notifications, Track 123 boosts customer engagement, sales and reduces the workload for handling order inquiries.

Highlighted Features:

- Extensive Carrier Integration: Seamlessly connect with 1500+ carriers for real-time shipping updates.

- Effortless Order Processing: Automate order import and provide accurate shipping information.

- Streamlined Dropshipping: Simplify order handling from various suppliers for dropshipping models.

- Customizable Tracking Details: Personalize tracking information for a branded customer experience.

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About EComposer 

EComposer Landing Page Builder represents cutting-edge Shopify page builders, offering merchants the tools to craft captivating landing pages effortlessly. With an extensive array of stunning layouts tailored for diverse page types, such as landing, homepage, product, and collection, etc, EComposer ensures your Shopify store shines above the rest. The user-friendly live drag-and-drop editor makes page customization a breeze, rendering complex coding unnecessary even for beginners. 

Moreover, EComposer boasts a wealth of built-in extensions and seamless integrations with top Shopify apps, presenting a cost-effective, time-saving solution for creating high-converting landing pages.

Highlighted Features:

- 400+ diverse layouts: Choose from a wide selection of striking layouts for various page types, allowing you to create a unique and engaging online presence.

- Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Editor: Craft your dream landing pages without the need for technical expertise using EComposer's easy-to-use live editor.

- Seamless Integrations: Benefit from EComposer's built-in compatibility with top Shopify apps, streamlining your workflow and enhancing your store's functionality.

- Cost-Effective Solution: Save on expenses with EComposer's comprehensive add-ons and extensions, which equals 20+ apps on Shopify, eliminating the need for multiple standalone tools.

- Time-Saving Efficiency: Empower your team to swiftly design and launch high-converting landing pages, maximizing productivity and staying ahead of the competition.

You can try EComposer free today and explore more!

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Integration case and benefits for mutual users

Integration case

EComposer and Track123 decided to make a “WOW” partnership to bring an exciting new dimension to your Shopify store. 

With this seamless integration, Track 123 Order Tracking extension to provide EComposer merchants tracking sections and smart notifications to drive traffic, boost sales, and save time. 

So how does it work?

After installing the two apps on your Shopify store, read our guide to connect them. You can quickly complete the setting without technical skills.

Then, all you need to do is: Open the EComposer Extension library, search the keyword “Track123'', then choose and Install Track 123 Order Tracking Now.

Do some simple configurations to finish your order tracking creation.

And here is an example of how Track123- Order Tracking looks in the EComposer Page Builder app. 


The EComposer x Track123 integration brings unparalleled efficiency and convenience to online merchants. 

With no technical skills required, you can quickly set up an order-tracking form on your Home and Landing page fast and efficiently, with smart and sale-boosting notifications

Elevate your e-commerce game with the EComposer x Track123 integration and revolutionize how you manage orders and create captivating pages. 

To Sum up

By combining the efficiency of Track 123's order tracking with the creative prowess of EComposer's landing page builder, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional value and enriching the Shopify community. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and new features as we embark on this journey together!


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