Shopify Plus Pricing: Everything You Need To Know


Shopify Plus Pricing

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Embarking on an e-commerce journey demands a platform that supports your growth and propels it into the stratosphere. If you're eyeing the upper echelons of online retail, then Shopify Plus is your golden ticket. This blog will dive deep into Shopify Plus Pricing and explore its highlight features.

Embark on a journey with us as we demystify the intricacies of Shopify Plus Pricing, delve into its distinctive features, assess the advantages and disadvantages, and guide you in determining if this formidable plan aligns seamlessly with your business needs. Are you prepared to embark on the voyage of discovering the insights of Shopify Plus? 

Let's dive in!

What is the Shopify Plus Plan?

Shopify Plus Pricing: Everything You Need To Know 

Shopify Plus stands as the ultimate eCommerce powerhouse, meticulously designed to cater specifically to high-growth brands and online merchants. As the premier enterprise-level solution within the Shopify family, it transcends the conventional, offering businesses the tools they need to survive and thrive in the dynamic digital landscape.

Distinguishing itself from its standard counterpart, Shopify Plus is finely tuned to accommodate high-traffic stores seamlessly. This ensures an unparalleled shopping experience for customers, even during peak times of demand. It's not merely an eCommerce solution; it's a tailored experience, a strategic move that propels businesses into a new dimension of success.

Adding to its appeal is Shopify Plus's remarkable 99.98% uptime promise. In the digital age where availability is paramount, this guarantee ensures that your online store isn't just a digital storefront but a consistently accessible service, ready to serve customers at any moment.

Yet, Shopify Plus goes beyond reliability; it's a transformation toolkit. Embedded within its robust infrastructure are invaluable integrations and tools, such as Shop Pay, Launchpad, and more. These tools elevate your store's performance and efficiency, simplifying tasks like inventory management, order handling, and automation.

Shopify Plus Pricing

Shopify Plus Pricing: Everything You Need To Know

Contemplating an upgrade to Shopify Plus for your online store inevitably leads to a pivotal question: "What is the cost of Shopify Plus?" The pricing structure for Shopify Plus is straightforward—it typically starts at $2,000 per month. However, this serves as a baseline, and additional variable fees might apply, especially if your sales volume is notably high or your business has intricate requirements.

The exact fee is contingent on your business specifics, and discussing with a Shopify Plus expert before committing to the service is advisable. It's crucial to note that the $2,000 monthly cost is a robust starting point but not the sole expense associated with Shopify Plus. It emphasizes that the $2,000 monthly figure serves as a foundational baseline for this advanced e-commerce solution.

Here are a few costs businesses often pay:

Development Costs

- Monthly cost for development.

- Data migration takes 90 days and incurs fees.

- Varying costs for website development.

Shopify Plus License

- Baseline license: $2,000/month.

- Variable fee based on revenue (capped at $40,000).

Transaction Fees

- Third-party transaction fees are reduced with Shopify Plus.

- Shopify Payments for cost savings.

Third-Party Apps

- Curated apps, optional, cost a few dollars to around $500/month.

Site Maintenance

- No hidden fees, covers security upgrades.

- Consider agency costs for site redesign.

The cost of building your Shopify Plus store

When deciding to establish a Shopify Plus store, it's crucial to understand the associated development costs clearly. Several factors merit consideration in the realm of Shopify Plus development. As mentioned earlier, the monthly cost stands as a primary developmental expense.

Migration constitutes another significant cost. Data migration to Shopify Plus is not only time-consuming but also incurs expenses. This process demands a minimum waiting period of 90 days for completion. The opportunity cost is notable during this time, requiring ongoing payments for Shopify Plus while maintaining your existing store to sustain sales.

Additionally, fees may apply if you stay on your current platform. Furthermore, building a website introduces potential costs for engaging a developer. Pricing in this domain varies, emphasizing the importance of diligent comparison shopping to secure the most favorable deal.

The cost of Shopify Plus licenses

To operate a Shopify Plus store and engage in buying, selling, and expanding into international markets, securing a Shopify Plus license is imperative. This ensures a scalable and adaptable licensing structure tailored to the success of your enterprise.

The cost of Shopify Plus Transactions

Third-party transaction fees are obligatory charges to support the seamless integration of Shopify with external platforms. A notable perk of Shopify Plus is the reduction in payment processing fees.

For instance, with the Shopify Advanced package, each online transaction incurs a 2.4% fee and an additional 30 cents for in-person transactions. While this fee contributes to sustaining third-party relationships, it could be much better than standard transactions. Specifically, Shopify charges a mere 0.15% per transaction, which is allocated towards enhancing the security features inherent in Shopify Plus.

Opting for Shopify's proprietary payment processor, Shopify Payments, provides a cost-effective solution, allowing businesses to circumvent these additional fees. It is the most economical choice within the Shopify Plus ecosystem, catering to companies seeking financial efficiency.

The cost of Shopify Plus Third-party Apps

An exceptional advantage Shopify Plus offers is its diverse array of carefully curated applications within its ecosystem. While these applications remain optional, their integration can propel your store to unparalleled heights. From streamlining email responses to orchestrating seamless shipping and connecting with accounting applications, the functionalities of these apps are boundless.

Understanding the potential impact of these applications, you might be curious about their associated costs. The range is extensive, from a few monthly dollars for some applications to nearly $500 for others. For detailed pricing information on individual applications, you can explore the Shopify Plus Certified App Program store, where many possibilities await.

There is a reasonably effective way to save costs. You can use Page Builder apps that integrate many of the needed features instead of using separate apps. This helps you pay a more reasonable fee than using many other applications simultaneously. It is easy to find a Shopify Page Builder. Some examples for you are EComposer - Page Builder or LayoutHub Page Builder.

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The cost of Site Maintenance

A notable advantage of Shopify Plus and similar hosted services is the assurance that, beyond the monthly fee, no hidden charges will disrupt your financial planning. This encompasses site maintenance fees, including coverage for security upgrades provided by Shopify.

While the platform takes care of essential updates, if you're looking to elevate your site with a redesign, engaging an ecommerce website design agency might be necessary, and the cost can vary based on your specific requirements. It's crucial to note that Shopify Plus needs to handle the editing of custom site components, potentially necessitating the services of an agency to ensure the upkeep and relevance of these specialized sections.

All unique features of the Shopify Plus Plan

Shopify Plus Pricing: Everything You Need To Know

In this section, we'll introduce the unique features of the Shopify Plus Plan. Each element is designed to amplify your business potential, from seamless multi-store support to advanced permissions. Join us on this journey into Shopify Plus's unique offerings.

Storefront Features

  • Multi-store Support: Shopify Plus opens the gateway to expansion by allowing you to add up to nine additional stores, be it physical or digital. This feature and essential tools ensure a seamless and successful expansion, enabling your business to flourish in the competitive e-commerce landscape.
  • Specialized Apps and Channels: Dive into advanced apps and channels tailored for enterprise-level growth. These powerful tools enhance your eCommerce experience, uncovering the full potential of your enterprise.
  • Shopify Plus Academy: Stay ahead with the Shopify Plus Academy—an online learning platform providing essential knowledge to conveniently manage and elevate your store's progress from your admin interface.
  • Customizable Checkout: Take your checkout page to new heights with Shopify Plus, surpassing basic customization to create an engaging store experience that truly reflects your brand.
  • Unique Themes: Explore various unique themes, including popular ones like Unsen, Ocolus, Kalles, and Gecko. Shopify Plus allows experimentation without altering your website's appearance and supports up to 100 themes, offering unparalleled customization possibilities.
  • Launch Team Support: Migrating to Shopify Plus comes with Launch Team Support, an invaluable service providing tools, strategies, and integration techniques for a smooth transition.

Admin Features

  • Shopify Organization Admin: Gain unified control over all your stores with the exclusive Shopify Organization Admin. Efficiently manage your store overview, and user settings, and leverage Shopify Flow for streamlined automation.
  • API Resources: Simplify app integration with Shopify Plus's extensive API resources, covering functions like Multipass, User, GiftCard, and more. Read more: Mastering the Shopify API: Plans, Types, and Tips
  • Advanced Permissions: Exercise increased control over store activities with enhanced permission settings, allowing precise task delegation.
  • Shopify POS Pro: Add multiple stores seamlessly and enjoy integrated POS capabilities at no extra charge with Shopify Plus.
  • Automated Tax Calculation: Integrate with Avalara AvaTax for effortless and accurate tax management, ensuring real-time calculations.
  • Shopify Plus Partner Program: Join a network of service providers through the Shopify Plus Partner Program to accelerate business growth with expert support.
  • Merchant Success Program: Entering the realm of Shopify Plus unlocks the doors to the Merchant Success Program—an invaluable resource providing insights, tips, and tricks to enhance your store's performance, all included at no extra expense. Unlock the full potential of your online business and strive for greater success.

Pros and Cons of Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus Pricing: Everything You Need To Know

Pros of Shopify Plus Plan

    • User-Friendly: Shopify Plus stands out for its exceptional user-friendliness, facilitating seamless store setup and management. Many businesses have grown significantly with Shopify Plus, and the platform excels in effortlessly integrating promo and discount codes.
    • Integration: Enhancing business performance often requires additional apps, and Shopify Plus simplifies this process. The API feature seamlessly syncs with connector apps, allowing easy integration without extra costs. Furthermore, incorporating review apps to enhance customer relationships is a straightforward process.
  • Shopify Flow: The automation prowess of Shopify Flow empowers users to automate various store activities. Once set up, this feature efficiently manages and updates the store and apps in real-time, offering convenience and boosting efficiency.
  • Customer Support: Shopify Plus provides round-the-clock customer support, ensuring immediate assistance. Businesses can expect swift responses and practical solutions from the dedicated support team whenever challenges arise.
  • Data Organization: Systematic organization of store data by Shopify Plus simplifies access to customer information. This feature eliminates the need to sift through extensive data, saving time and ensuring easy retrieval of necessary information.
  • Order Visibility: Shopify Plus offers comprehensive details of customer orders immediately upon placement. This visibility facilitates precise order handling, minimizing the risk of mix-ups. Additionally, the platform streamlines payment, shipping, and refund status tracking for seamless order management.
  • High Scalability: Over 10,000 merchants have experienced remarkable revenue growth with Shopify Plus. The platform's scalability allows businesses to elevate their earnings substantially, with certain aspects requiring minimal effort for significant results.
  • Sell Faster With Shopify Plus: Migrating to Shopify Plus enables businesses to start making sales in just 3-4 months. This rapid path to success contrasts with traditional software that may take over 12 months for noticeable growth. Shopify Plus offers a quicker route to seizing opportunities and witnessing results sooner.
  • Cons of Shopify Plus Plan

    • High Service Charge: Shopify Plus has a higher price tag than other e-commerce platforms. In addition to the $2,000 monthly fee, integrating certain third-party apps may incur additional charges. Businesses should carefully weigh these costs against the advanced features offered by Shopify Plus.
  • Difficulty With Multiple Order Processing: Combining multiple customer orders with separate times or emails can be challenging on Shopify Plus, potentially leading to difficulties merging them into a single shipment. This may result in higher customer shipping costs, necessitating businesses to consider covering additional expenses.
  • Rigidity in Customization: The programming language used by Shopify may pose challenges for regular users and some developers. This complexity can make customizing store designs daunting, causing users to hesitate to update their store outlook frequently.
  • Who should use Shopify Plus Plan?

    Shopify Plus, a premium offering tailored by Shopify, caters to large and rapidly expanding e-commerce ventures. This plan is an ideal fit if:

    • Your e-commerce venture is not just on the rise but is actively navigating a phase of significant and sustained growth, warranting a platform capable of keeping pace with your success.
    • As your business draws substantial website traffic, the need for a platform that seamlessly manages increased loads becomes paramount. Shopify Plus ensures an uninterrupted user experience even during traffic surges.
    • Customization is more than a desire; it's a priority. Shopify Plus is the perfect avenue to explore if you aim for enhanced control over your online store's design and functionality, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.
    • The standard offerings in Shopify plans need to meet your business requirements. Shopify Plus provides advanced features and integrations for executing a sophisticated, high-performance e-commerce strategy.
    • For your business, customer support isn't just a service; it's a lifeline. Shopify Plus ensures prompt and efficient customer support with swift issue resolution, a critical component for the seamless continuity of your operations.
    • If your business is setting sail towards international markets, Shopify Plus facilitates this journey with features supporting multi-currency and multilingual capabilities. This ensures a smooth transition into diverse global landscapes.
    • Security is not negotiable. Shopify Plus understands this and prioritizes top-notch measures to safeguard customer data, ensuring compliance and instilling confidence in your customers.

    Shopify Plus is the premium solution for flourishing e-commerce enterprises, providing a robust, flexible, and feature-rich platform to elevate your online store to unparalleled heights.

    Shopify Plus Plan vs. Other Plans

    Based on the details outlined earlier, operating Shopify Plus typically incurs annual costs slightly over $24,000. Now, let's dive into the comparative analysis with rival products.

    Shopify Plus vs Shopify

    Shopify Plus Pricing: Everything You Need To Know

    Delving into the pricing comparison, a notable distinction emerges. Shopify boasts a more extensive range of package prices, encompassing monthly plans ranging from $29 to $299. In contrast, Shopify Plus streamlines its offerings with a singular main package, commanding a monthly starting price of $2,000.

    While the standard Shopify packages present a cost advantage, it's crucial to recognize that they offer comparatively less functionality than the robust features provided by Shopify Plus. For businesses experiencing rapid growth, the advanced capabilities of Shopify Plus become indispensable, justifying the higher investment.

    Ultimately, the choice between Shopify and Shopify Plus involves a nuanced consideration of budget constraints against the imperative for advanced features and scalability. This decision shapes the trajectory of your e-commerce venture, aligning the chosen platform with your growing business's unique needs and ambitions.

    Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce

    Shopify Plus Pricing: Everything You Need To Know

    The fierce competition between Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise dominates the ecommerce landscape. Both platforms cater to large businesses, offering robust and reliable solutions. Despite their similarities, key differences set them apart.

    Typically, Shopify Plus is positioned as a more cost-effective choice compared to BigCommerce Enterprise, with a starting cost of at least $24,000 annually. In contrast, BigCommerce Enterprise spans $1,000 to $15,000 monthly, totaling between $12,000 and $180,000 annually.

    So, what is the precise cost of Shopify Plus? Shopify Plus entails a minimum licensing fee of $2,000 per month, incrementally increasing with monthly revenue exceeding $800,000. This fee structure ensures that merchants never pay more than $40,000 in Shopify Plus fees.

    While the licensing fee is a component, additional costs include monthly app subscriptions and a modest transaction fee for third-party payment processes. Despite these supplementary expenses, Shopify Plus emerges as the unparalleled value proposition in the ecommerce platform arena. Its exceptional features and top-notch support make it the preferred choice.

    At Thooja, we boast a dedicated team of Shopify Plus experts, simplifying the process for sustainable brands to navigate Shopify Plus intricacies. Contact us today to discuss and elevate your ecommerce needs!

    Shopify Plus vs Magento 

    Shopify Plus Pricing: Everything You Need To Know

    Magento Enterprise and Shopify Plus, prominent in the enterprise-tier e-commerce realm, offer diverse functionalities. When comparing Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise, several considerations come to light.

    Shopify Plus presents a more cost-effective option, although the calculation involves nuances. While Shopify Plus licensing appears slightly higher, starting at $24,000 annually compared to Magento Enterprise's $22,000, the latter's licensing costs can escalate based on business revenue.

    Conversely, despite Shopify Plus having a higher licensing cost, Magento Enterprise introduces additional fees for hosting, an SSL certificate, and a domain name. These supplementary expenses can accumulate, potentially surpassing the overall cost of Shopify Plus licensing. The decision between the two platforms necessitates a comprehensive evaluation of these intricacies to align with your enterprise's financial considerations and specific needs.

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    Shopify Plus vs WooCommerce

    Shopify Plus Pricing: Everything You Need To Know

    WooCommerce, a rapidly rising star in the e-commerce arena, has gained immense popularity for its seamless integration with WordPress. In a cost comparison of WooCommerce vs Shopify Plus, the former emerges as a notably more budget-friendly option. While Shopify Plus commands a starting price of at least $2,000 per month, the most expensive WooCommerce package is a mere $31.99 monthly, making it highly affordable, especially for smaller businesses.

    Yet, it's crucial to note that WooCommerce incurs additional fees for hosting, security, and other essentials. Despite these supplementary costs, they seldom exceed a few hundred dollars, rendering WooCommerce an appealing and cost-effective choice, particularly for smaller enterprises looking to establish a robust online presence.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How many stores can I have on Shopify Plus?

    On Shopify Plus, you can operate a total of 10 stores. This encompasses one primary Shopify store and the flexibility to establish up to 9 expansion stores. If the need arises to create additional stores beyond this limit, it is possible, albeit incurring an extra fee of USD 250 per month for each supplementary store.

    2. How many domains can I have using Shopify Plus Plan?

    The Shopify Plus plan empowers you to incorporate up to 1,000 domains or subdomains into your store alongside your URL. This robust feature grants you extensive flexibility, enabling effective management of multiple domains and subdomains. This proves valuable for addressing various aspects of your business or precisely targeting different regions and markets.

    3. Is it worth upgrading to Shopify Plus? 

    Yes, upgrading to Shopify Plus is worth considering if your online business has surpassed the features and functionalities offered by regular Shopify plans. Shopify Plus provides superior capabilities, extra support, and unique features designed explicitly for high-growth brands and enterprise-level merchants. Suppose your business demands advanced customization, scalability, and additional resources to handle increased traffic and complex needs. In that case, Shopify Plus becomes a valuable investment to elevate your business to the next level.

    4. Can I negotiate fees with Shopify Plus?

    Yes, Shopify Plus does provide some flexibility for negotiation, especially for larger businesses or those with significant sales volumes. The pricing structure for Shopify Plus can be influenced by various factors, including your business's specific needs, sales volume, and the level of customization required.

    It's advisable to contact Shopify directly or through a Shopify representative to discuss your business requirements and explore potential options for negotiation. While there might not be room for negotiation on specific fixed fees, you may have the opportunity to tailor the pricing based on your unique circumstances. Remember that negotiation possibilities can vary, and it's essential to clearly understand your business's specific needs before entering into discussions.

    5. Is Shopify Plus expensive?

    Yes, Shopify Plus can be considered expensive for businesses due to its monthly base cost of at least $2,000. Additionally, depending on your monthly revenue, you may have to pay an additional variable fee of 0.25% of your sales. However, there is a cap on this variable fee, ensuring you never pay more than $40,000 per month or $480,000 per year. It's also important to factor in potential development costs as an additional consideration. The overall cost of Shopify Plus should be evaluated in the context of your business's revenue, needs, and the value derived from the platform's advanced features and capabilities.

    In a nutshell

    While the prospect of seamless integration and round-the-clock customer support adds to its appeal, it's crucial to weigh the costs carefully. The higher service charge and potential complexities in order processing and customization demand thoughtful consideration.

    Shopify Plus is more than a pricing plan; it's a gateway to accelerated success, allowing businesses to sell faster and achieve remarkable scalability. As you contemplate the move to Shopify Plus, armed with the knowledge of its pricing intricacies, you're better equipped to make informed decisions that align with your business goals.

    Remember, the path to substantial success lies in understanding the pricing details and leveraging the platform's robust features to elevate your online business to new heights.