[21+] Best Free Shopify Themes for Your Store


[21+] Best Free Shopify Themes for Your Store

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If you're diving into E-commerce with a Shopify online store, understanding the expenses involved is essential. In this guide, we'll explore the top 21 Best Free Shopify Theme and paid, ideal for beginners in e-commerce. 

The importance of having the right theme

Having the right theme is crucial, as poorly designed online stores reflect negatively on your brand. Despite employing various eCommerce marketing strategies to drive traffic, the foundation remains the design; for customer attraction, the website must be user-friendly and intuitive.

Opting for a Shopify theme offers access to appealing designs and seamless functionality. Success doesn't exclusively rely on premium themes—numerous free themes rival premium ones, boasting client-centric designs that attract customers effectively.

What is Shopify Theme?

A Shopify theme serves as a foundational template enabling a distinct appearance and ambiance for your online store. Although each theme presents various layouts and styles, customization options such as font and color adjustments allow aligning with your brand identity.

For instance, in the case of perfume sales, an elegant and stylish appearance may be desired. Opting for a particular Shopify theme that embodies the desired aesthetic contributes to establishing the envisioned brand association.

Why free Shopify themes can be a good choice

Free Shopify themes can serve as a fantastic choice for beginners due to several reasons:

  • Cost-Efficiency: They are free, reducing initial investment costs for a budding business.
  • Ease of Use: Designed to be beginner-friendly, these themes often come with straightforward setups and customization options.
  • Learning Curve: They provide an excellent opportunity to explore and learn about Shopify's interface and functionality without financial risk.
  • Functionality: Many free themes offer essential features needed for an online store, ensuring a decent starting point.
  • Customization: Though limited compared to premium options, free themes still allow customization, enabling you to match your brand's look and feel.

For someone just starting their E-commerce journey, these themes offer a low-risk, accessible way to establish an online presence and learn the ropes of Shopify.

Choosing the best free Shopify theme for your store

When picking a theme for your store, the initial consideration is its visual appeal, a crucial starting point. If a specific theme layout doesn't align with your brand or lacks the desired aesthetics, exploring other options becomes essential.

By opting for a free theme, your choices narrow down significantly. Presently, there are some free themes available on the Shopify App Store, offering a range of possibilities. To pinpoint the ideal free theme for your brand, consider these aspects:

Built-in features: Look beyond appearances; themes offer diverse sales and marketing features such as product filtering, sidebar menus, and mega navigation menus. Assess what functionalities your store requires for growth.

Readymade pages: Ensure the theme's default template layouts, like product and collection pages, suit your needs without requiring extensive modifications.

Look and feel: Although not the sole factor, the theme's aesthetics should closely align with your desired store appearance, easing the customization process.

The older themes (e.g., Debut, Brooklyn, Simple) are now obsolete, phased out due to incompatibility with the updated Shopify Online Store 2.0 architecture. Shopify replaced these themes for reasons including enhanced functionality, improved maintenance, and better user experience, security, and compliance.

Although existing users of legacy themes can continue using them, upgrading to newer themes is recommended to leverage the latest features, enhanced performance, and better user experience. Despite the functioning of legacy themes, Shopify no longer offers support or security updates, potentially affecting their performance over time.

Top 9 Best Free Shopify Themes for Your Store

1. Dawn


At the top of our list for the finest free Shopify themes is Dawn by Shopify. This theme embodies elegance with its support for large images, clean lines, and simple fonts, directing shoppers' attention to essential content.

Dawn is adept at highlighting your products offering impressive media displays on product pages for customers to visualize the items, providing a more realistic feel.

Moreover, its Product Options feature simplifies the display of multiple product variations within a single listing, aiding buyers in viewing all available options conveniently.

In summary, Dawn on Shopify is an excellent choice for showcasing your items and putting them in the spotlight! It’s also recognized as one of the top Shopify themes for dropshipping.

Key Features

  • Display your press features and publications to boost social proof.
  • Utilize stunning image displays to narrate your brand’s story visually.
  • Offer the option for in-store pickups during checkout, letting customers collect their items from store locations.



The Studio theme stands out as one of the top free Shopify themes, especially beneficial for new eCommerce store owners due to its swift setup features. Its sleek design enables merchants to commence sales quickly without extensive customization needs.

This theme is particularly recommended for art professionals, as Studio caters to artists' requirements by offering stylish typography and vibrant accents, framing products and collections attractively.

Furthermore, Studio's emphasis on featured collections and artist profiles enhances artists' online presence, elevating their branding. For those seeking further customization, the theme provides ample options.

Overall, Studio is an excellent choice for those needing a store that beautifully showcases artistic works.

Key Features

  • Tailored to accommodate longer-form text sections, facilitating brand storytelling
  • Minimal steps for theme setup, enabling a speedy launch
  • Focused on displaying images to bolster visual brand storytelling



Ranked high among the best free Shopify themes, Taste is a visually appealing and responsive theme that ensures your website looks fantastic across various devices.

Taste excels among free Shopify themes, especially for specialty products and detailed branding. Its support for larger product displays, specialized product highlights, and custom FAQs aids buyers in making well-informed decisions. Compared to other free Shopify templates, Taste prioritizes storytelling, featuring optimized longer text sections and a visually engaging layout, based on our hands-on evaluation.

Capturing buyer attention is key, and Taste excels in this area. With its striking headlines and vibrant color scheme, we’re confident that your website can create a strong initial impression!

Key Features

  • Product image zoom: Enable customers to zoom in on product images by hovering over them, allowing for a closer look.
  • Homepage video: Incorporate a video segment on the homepage to present the brand story or highlight featured products.
  • Product filtering: Arrange products according to various search criteria like 'best seller', 'featured', and more for easier sorting.



Refresh is poised to uplift your brand's image significantly. Among the bold yet uncomplicated Shopify themes, it stands out for its ease of setup, ideal for swiftly launching your eCommerce store.

A standout feature we adore is the Slide Out Cart, which allows customers to view their carts while browsing the same page. The clean design contributes to seamless navigation, enhancing the user experience.

This modern design showcases a minimalist color scheme and impactful headings, enabling you to make a striking brand statement.

Key Features

  • Highlight product specifics: Utilize adaptable section layouts to showcase testimonials, quality details, and additional product information.
  • Quick purchase: Customers can add items directly to their cart without navigating to the product details page.
  • Persistent header: Feature special announcements or discounts at the top of your webpage using a sticky header.



Colorblock Shopify theme primarily for its sleek design. Its spacious and clutter-free layout provides ample room to showcase items on your storefront, effectively grabbing customers' attention as soon as they enter your site.

Colorblock caters well to more extensive catalogs, making it particularly advantageous for larger businesses. Its advanced filtering options enable seamless product sorting and help customers easily locate specific items.

Additionally, the ability to create prominent collections and leverage expanded menu navigation further enriches the shopping experience. Therefore, we identify this template as one of the top free Shopify themes for substantial inventories.

The Colorblock theme on Shopify offers distinctive typography and customizable color blocks, empowering you to craft a stylish, product-focused store with a modern lookbook vibe—all for free.

Key Features

  • Display a series of product images or brand visuals on your homepage.
  • Enable customers to search for specific items using filters like brand, price range, and customizable options.
  • Highlight up to 6 product categories directly on your homepage for easy access.



The Origin Shopify theme is designed for modern apparel stores that prioritize showcasing product visuals. Hence, in our assessment, it stands out as one of the most impactful free Shopify themes for apparel creators selling unique pieces.

In our perspective, the Origin theme on Shopify offers a simple yet striking homepage design for your store. It empowers brands to narrate their stories to buyers through well-structured layouts that entice them to explore further. Additionally, the blend of neutral color tones and playful typography adds a touch of delight to the shopping experience.

Origin facilitates easy item uploads for owners and allows customization of page elements, potentially boosting conversion rates without requiring any coding expertise. With this free, user-friendly, and visually appealing theme, your business is poised to thrive optimally. For those seeking free Shopify themes tailored for clothing, Origin is definitely worth considering.

Key Features

  • Enable customers to add products directly to their cart without navigating to the product page.
  • Offer customers a comprehensive view of the product's angles and details through video content.
  • Create an impactful impression on website visitors by featuring an image slideshow on the homepage.



Sense deserves recognition among the top free Shopify themes due to its stunning interface. The vibrant and fresh color scheme is poised to invigorate your brand's image. Customers will navigate the store effortlessly, guided by the gentle and appealing website elements this theme offers.

For those aiming to provide extensive information about their products, Sense is an excellent choice. Its advanced product comprehension features enable the addition of testimonials and comprehensive product descriptions, fostering enhanced customer trust.

Hence, we highly recommend Sense, especially for online beauty or health care stores. Its features empower brands to offer comprehensive product information, reinforcing their credibility and trustworthiness with customers.

Key Features

  • Provide crucial details to customers regarding the ingredients used in your products.
  • Display testimonials from press or media outlets to enhance social proof.
  •  Present similar or related products to customers when they visit a product page for further options.



Craft is a minimal yet highly effective free Shopify website theme available today. It offers users a refined and sophisticated website experience. The understated design, featuring ample spacing and stylish typography, ensures that your content takes center stage.

True to its name, Craft is ideally suited for a free Shopify website selling handmade items. You can eloquently present your products and their unique narratives through its visual storytelling capabilities. This theme is particularly fitting for those planning to sell jewelry via Shopify.

Furthermore, this free Shopify theme boasts flexible customization options, allowing you to create your desired storefront without requiring advanced technical skills. Craft's drag-and-drop functionality provides users with adaptable, well-designed blocks for presenting visually captivating media.

Key Features

  • Enable uploading videos onto product pages to offer a more comprehensive view of the items.
  • Present your top-quality product images within a professional catalog-style page.
  • Incorporate a dedicated section allowing detailed instructions about the usage of your products.



Crafted with an outdoor ambiance in focus, Ride is a dynamic theme ideally aligned with sports brands. It's dark background, striking typography, and vibrant accent colors effortlessly draw attention to your sporting goods, making them the focal point.

This free Shopify theme caters to both smaller brands and rapidly expanding businesses with extensive catalogs. Ride boasts robust features like a Mega Menu and Product Filtering, facilitating seamless navigation for customers in search of specific items.

Notably, Ride stands out among the best free Shopify themes by offering support for videos on product pages. Leveraging this feature allows users to showcase stunning footage of outdoor gear, captivating and engaging potential customers.

Key Features

  • Provide distinct page templates and unconventional layouts to optimize design possibilities.
  • Generate direct links to collection pages within the menu bar for swift access.
  • Make a remarkable impact on website visitors by featuring an image slideshow on the homepage.

Shopify free vs paid themes: Are premium themes worth it?

Free Shopify themes offer considerable advantages with well-designed layouts and a fair share of default features from the start. They are a great starting point, enabling the establishment of a substantial customer base and revenue stream without any initial investment.

However, paid themes offer distinct advantages with their extensive built-in features and dedicated support, ensuring a smoother operation for your online store. As businesses expand, so do their requirements. While apps can enhance certain features in free themes, investing in a paid theme can provide pre-included functionalities, proving advantageous.

Premium themes offer increased customization options and cater specifically to different store types, addressing needs like extensive inventories or specific industry niches, which free alternatives might not fully cover. This tailored approach can significantly benefit growing businesses.

Benefits of using premium Shopify themes instead of free in detailed 

Selecting the right theme is crucial for your online store's success on Shopify. Shopify offers various themes, both free and premium.

While starting with free themes might be beneficial, opting for premium Shopify themes has several advantages. In the following section, let’s explore the benefits of choosing premium Shopify themes for your store and how they can enhance visibility and user experience.

Here are the benefits of using premium Shopify themes instead of free ones:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Premium themes offer better interfaces, transparent product displays, and easy navigation, ensuring a smoother and more satisfying shopping experience for customers.
  • More Customization Features: Advanced features like Wishlist functionality and quick product views are often included in premium themes, enhancing the shopping experience for customers.
  • Improved SEO Friendliness: Premium themes are designed with SEO best practices in mind, featuring clean code and SEO-friendly elements that can improve the store's visibility in search engine results.
  • Greater Design Options: Premium themes provide more creative and personalized design options, allowing for a richer and more varied visual experience for customers.
  • Branding Enhancement: With various design options, it's important to regularly update premium themes to match your brand's identity and stay appealing to customers.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Premium themes are fully responsive, adjusting seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices, which is vital for engaging customers in today's mobile-driven market.
  • Dedicated Support: Purchasing a premium theme ensures access to support from the developers' team for assistance with setup, customization, and updates.

Overall, premium Shopify themes offer a range of benefits that improve visibility, user experience, and differentiation in a competitive market. Investing in a premium theme can help build a successful store with an attractive design and high performance.

Best Shopify Free Theme Alternatives for your store

1. Kalles


The Kalles Theme for Shopify enhances online brand visibility through its extensive features, enhancing customer engagement and sales. Its primary goal is to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly, and visually appealing platform. With diverse features, customizable choices, and simplified e-commerce processes, Kalles Theme on Shopify streamlines operations for greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Over 50 captivating demo designs available
  • Mobile responsiveness ensuring smooth browsing experience
  • Optimized SEO capabilities for enhanced performance
  • User-friendly layout importer for easy setup
  • Advanced functionalities including smart filters and product upselling opportunities

2. Impulse


Named for its purpose, Impulse stands out among the top converting Shopify themes, specially tailored for campaigns aiming to trigger spontaneous customer purchases.

While Impulse caters to various store niches, it is an excellent choice for clothing stores. Notably, well-known apparel brands like Kappa have utilized Impulse's appealing design and powerful sales-enhancing features to establish their effective online storefront.

Key Features

  • Robust localization capabilities, including EU translation and currency switcher
  • Attractive mega menu featuring in-menu banner displays
  • Interactive before-and-after image slider showcasing product impacts
  • Diverse sales-enhancing functionalities like countdown timers, stock counters, recommended products, and more
  • Streamlined checkout acceleration elements such as slide-out cart and quick view options
  • Elegant animation effects reminiscent of Amazon, such as image zoom and hover effects

Pricing: $350 | Unlimited free trial

Presets: 3 styles – Modern | Bold | Clean

3. Warehouse


For those seeking to display an extensive product catalog prominently, Warehouse is the ideal choice. Tailored for Shopify businesses with substantial inventories akin to Amazon or eBay, this theme is designed to spotlight various products.

Warehouse provides three presets tailored for electronic, home decor, or apparel niches. Its tidy homepage layout, improved navigation, and quick buy functionality ensure a smooth shopping journey for your customers. Moreover, Warehouse boasts well-optimized theme codes, positioning it among the fastest Shopify themes comparable to Booster or Turbo.

Key Features

  • Robust localization tools such as EU translation and currency-switching capabilities
  • Various product page layouts, offering a sidebar choice to exhibit related products, promotional banners, trust badges, product tabs, and more
  • A multi-column mega menu allows the display of promotional banners and images
  • Numerous sales-enhancing functionalities like stock counters, recommended products, and more
  • The quick buy button allows customers to add items to their cart and view item details without leaving the current page.
  • Gift wrapping option for an additional revenue stream enhances your profit margin.

Pricing: $320 | Unlimited free trial

Presets: 3 styles – Wood | Fabric | Metal

4. Prestige


The sophisticated Prestige theme stands out as an excellent choice for upscale clothing stores seeking luxurious Shopify templates. This website theme offers three presets, each crafted with a vintage aesthetic and a focus on high-fashion design.

Renowned for its conversion capabilities, Prestige ranks among the top Shopify themes. Its multimedia-centered product page layouts enable sleek presentations of items through diverse formats like videos, carousels, and image stacking. Additionally, you can tag products within images, offering shoppers a realistic view of how items appear in various settings.

Key Features

  • Robust localization capabilities, such as EU translation and a currency switcher
  • Elegant hover effect on call-to-action buttons, enhancing your click-through-rate
  • Impressive product page layout featuring immersive multimedia content
  • Interactive product hotspots on images, encouraging visitors to explore tagged products
  • Multi-column mega menu showcasing captivating promo banners
  • A range of sales-boosting features, including stock counters, recommended products, and more

Pricing: $320 | Unlimited free trial

Presets: 3 styles – Allure | Couture | Vogue

5. Eurus


Eurus offers many customization options, making it simple to modify the store’s appearance to reflect the brand better. For customers to have a distinctive and fashionable shopping experience, you can alter your store's colors, fonts, and layout.

Anyone looking for a solid and adaptable Shopify theme should choose Eurus. Eurus is the ideal approach to giving customers a stunning and enjoyable online shopping experience because of its svelte design, simple functionality, and first-rate support."

Key Features

  • Experiment freely with your own products, brand colors, and modifications at no cost.
  • Enjoy the flexibility in collection page navigation and access a convenient back-to-top button.
  • Benefit from features like color swatches, animations, and customizable slideshows.
  • Offer comprehensive shipping and delivery details, including estimated shipping time and delivery dates.
  • Support multilingual EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES) for wider accessibility.
  • Access quick purchase options, a slide-out cart, multiple popups, and customizable product labels.

Price: $220

6. Grid 


The Shopify theme Grid stands out for its editorial layout, offering customizable headers and blocks. Its grid structure promotes creativity and allows for experimentation with the arrangement of various sections. This flexibility enables users to start with a large grid of images or follow a more conventional layout with the grid below the header banner at the top.

Grid offers four styles: moody, warm, light, and bright. Each style maintains the theme's core appearance while catering to different product categories. Widely acknowledged as a leading premium Shopify theme, Grid's vibrant design captivates customers' attention. Its combination of product hero banners on the homepage creates a trendy and product-centric store, ultimately driving sales.

Key Features

  • Breadcrumbs and a mega menu enhance navigation.
  • Streamlined product discovery and a simplified checkout process.
  • Zoom functionality for detailed product images.
  • High-resolution images offer comprehensive views of items from various angles.
  • Slide-out cart popups designed to increase conversion rates.

Pricing: $260

How to install the Shopify theme

Once you've selected the right Shopify theme for your online store, follow these steps:

Step 1:To access the administrative area of your Shopify store, please log in.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Themes” section and Explore the theme store and locate your preferred theme.

Navigate to the “Themes” section and Explore the theme store

Step 3: On the theme's product page, select the “Try theme” button.

Select the “Try theme” button.

Step 4: Preview and personalize the theme in the “Customize theme” section.

Preview and personalize the theme in the “Customize theme” section.

Step 5: After customizing, click the “Publish theme” button.

Your new Shopify theme is now installed and active on your online website.

Factors to consider when choosing pefect Shopify Themes?

To ensure a smooth experience with your selected free or downloaded premium Shopify themes, consider these key aspects:

Budget and Demand

Consider your budget and requirements. Prior to selecting a premium service from Shopify's extensive range, establish a realistic budget. Avoid overspending.

Additionally, studying competitors and outlining essential functions for your niche's online store is crucial. Identify vital features and seek themes that cater to these needs.

We suggest exploring top free Shopify themes initially before delving into the premium offerings.

Site Performance and Responsiveness

An eCommerce site's loading speed is pivotal. Slow loading times increase the likelihood of visitors leaving your site. Also, your site must adapt well to various devices, ensuring a seamless experience across mobile and desktop. 

Over the past 6 months, a significant 79% of smartphone users have completed online purchases via their mobile devices. It's evident that mobile users significantly contribute to eCommerce sales.

Neglecting mobile optimization on your website implies missing out on a substantial pool of potential buyers. While an appealing desktop theme is essential, focusing solely on it isn't sufficient. Smaller screens are pivotal—ensuring a seamless mobile interface should be a top priority.

These factors directly impact conversion rates and customer satisfaction, so ensure your theme meets these speed and responsiveness requirements.

Design and Customization

Why settle for a plain design when numerous free Shopify themes offer stunning storefronts? Customization options allow you to tailor your website's appearance to match your brand. If you're familiar with coding, Shopify's liquid language lets you modify themes extensively without needing separate code for each store, maintaining consistency and visual appeal.

The first interaction customers have with your brand is through your website. Therefore, a well-designed Shopify theme can significantly enhance your brand image and overall business performance.

Customer Support

For first-time store builders, encountering theme-related questions is common. Having reliable support available can be invaluable when troubleshooting issues. Prompt assistance ensures that any problems don't impact your store's performance. Opt for themes that offer dedicated customer support for a smoother journey.

User Experience

When assessing a Shopify theme, focus shifts from mere aesthetics to the pivotal aspect of user experience (UX). While numerous third-party tools enhance UX, certain criteria should guide your theme selection process.

  • Emphasis on Business Logo: Your brand's identity should prominently feature at the website's top within the theme.
  • Streamlined Navigation: Opt for a straightforward navigation menu to facilitate easy browsing, as a convoluted menu might discourage further exploration.
  • Striking CTAs: Calls-to-Action need to distinctly stand out amidst other site elements to prompt shopper engagement.
  • Significance of Footer: Often overlooked, the footer holds crucial details like contact information, quick store links, or vital policies, which many customers consider essential as much as the header.

Theme Updates

Regular updates from theme developers are crucial to align with Shopify's latest features. Outdated themes might not support Shopify's current functionalities, potentially requiring a theme change. Choosing a theme that updates frequently saves time and effort, preventing the need for frequent theme replacements.

How to enhance user experience by another method? 

While opting for a ready-made theme offers simplicity and requires less effort initially, it may become outdated in the long run. Its singular design could limit its longevity, especially considering the price ranging from $100 to $200.

Therefore, exploring tools like EComposer Landing Page Builder can be a lifesaver for store owners by suitable price with many features ( not only provide theme) . Page Builder offers flexibility by seamlessly integrating with third-party apps and staying updated with Shopify's advancements. We hope this solution works for you!

EComposer Landing Page Builder

Key Features

  • Create different types of pages and sections: landing pages, home pages, product pages, and more.
  • Utilize a user-friendly live drag-and-drop page builder, requiring no coding and maintaining a standard Shopify interface.
  • Access a design library offering a wide array of page layouts, section templates, and numerous elements to choose from.
  • Benefit from built-in add-ons such as Ajax Cart, Color Swatch, Image Optimizer, and Cross-selling.
  • Explore advanced features including Page Analytics, Global Blocks, AI Content Generator, Lazy Load, and more.


What are the drawbacks of utilizing free Shopify themes?

Design: Paid themes typically provide more design versatility compared to free ones. Free themes tend to offer a standard layout with limited font and color choices, insufficient for creating a unique store appearance. The aim is to avoid resembling every other online store.

What sets apart a Shopify free theme from a premium one?

When deciding on a Shopify theme for your online store, it's important to weigh the options. Free themes offer fundamental features and design choices that might suffice for certain businesses. Conversely, premium themes offer advanced features and enhanced support, catering to those seeking more sophisticated functionalities.

Is investing in premium Shopify themes worthwhile? 

Ultimately, selecting the ideal Shopify theme is a significant decision for your online business. While a free theme can suit startups, a premium theme offers extra advantages such as enhanced features, superior customization, appealing design, and an overall improved aesthetic and functionality.

What's the typical price range for a Shopify theme?

The Shopify marketplace and other platforms offer numerous free and paid themes. On average, a paid theme typically ranges between $150 to $350. Another option is to engage a web designer or developer to craft a custom theme tailored to your brand identity and objectives.

Howw to find your perfect Shopify theme? 

Beyond just appearance, your chosen theme significantly impacts your store's usability.

Fully explore each theme's features to craft the precise customer experience your online store demands.

What's fantastic about free themes is the freedom to download and experiment without financial concerns.

Integrate it into your store, tweak it using the theme editor, and then determine its suitability for your needs.

For additional functionality, EComposer Landing Page Builder elevates free themes, enhancing any page—even those in legacy themes are fully adaptable with Page Builder.

Should you require more, premium Shopify themes offer built-in sales features, potentially transforming the look and functionality of your store. Get ready for an impressive storefront!


In summary, choosing the right best free Shopify theme and premium can streamline website management and offer a competitive advantage. Customers might seek alternatives elsewhere if your design doesn't engage visitors or complicates browsing your product range.

While many excellent Shopify themes are available, more than a sophisticated theme is needed to build a robust eCommerce business. Expert assistance in your field will likely be necessary for success. 

EComposer provides the flexibility to craft a variety of appealing pages, spanning from standard layouts to entirely tailored designs. Delve into the remarkable templates offered by EComposer without charge – experience it today!


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