Unbiased Debutify Shopify Theme Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings


Unbiased Debutify Shopify Theme Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings

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Welcome to the ultimate guide on the Debutify Shopify Theme. In the vast world of e-commerce, choosing a suitable theme for your online store is crucial. With numerous and diverse options available, it can be difficult to pinpoint the perfect fit. That's where our comprehensive review comes in.

In this deep dive, we'll explore the features, pricing, pros, and cons of the Debutify Shopify Theme, giving you an unbiased look at its capabilities. Whether you're a seasoned Shopify user or just starting your online store journey, this review aims to be your helpful resource for making an informed decision. 

Let's navigate the world of Shopify themes together and discover if Debutify is the missing piece to elevate your online storefront.

About Debutify Shopify Theme

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, where every click counts, the Debutify Shopify Theme stands out as a catalyst for brand acceleration. Crafted with conversion in mind, from its sleek design to its robust features, Debutify offers a dynamic platform designed to propel your brand to new heights. 

Debutify Shopify Theme

(Image source: Debutify)

Debutify isn't just a theme; it's a strategic ally for businesses of all sizes. Its adaptability ensures that your storefront looks exceptional and is equipped with the necessary tools to optimize sales.

What sets Debutify apart is its commitment to providing more than just a theme. It's a comprehensive solution, offering a suite of apps and unwavering support. Whether you're navigating the challenges of a startup or steering an established brand toward expansion, Debutify has your back, ensuring your journey to success is seamless and profitable.

Features & Pricing of Debutify Shopify Theme 

Debutify Theme Features

50+ Add-Ons: This feature enriches your online store with unparalleled flexibility and customization options, enabling meticulous tailoring to achieve a flawless and bespoke e-commerce presence.

User-centered UX and Modern UI Design: Debutify strongly emphasizes user-centered design principles, featuring a modern and intuitive user interface. This commitment ensures an engaging visitor experience, fostering sustained interest and interaction within the platform.

UX and UI Design of Debutify Shopify Theme

(Image source: Debutify)

Drag-and-Drop Design: Simplify storefront customization with the intuitive drag-and-drop design feature offered by Debutify. This user-friendly functionality streamlines the process of making design modifications, ensuring a seamless and effortless user experience.

Cart Maximizers: This feature is strategically designed to increase the average order value, encouraging customers to enhance their shopping carts, effectively boosting sales, and maximizing transaction value for an optimized e-commerce experience.

Conversion-Focused Design: Harness a design that strategically taps into the psychological triggers inherent in every human brain, effectively amplifying customers' inclination and desire to make purchases. This approach aims to optimize the emotional and cognitive aspects of the buying experience.

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Responsive Design: This adaptive feature ensures seamless performance across diverse screen sizes and resolutions, enhancing accessibility and user satisfaction for an optimized browsing and purchasing experience.

No Coding Needed: Debutify simplifies the website customization process as it eliminates the need for coding complexities, empowering users to make impactful changes effortlessly.

Responsive Design of Debutify Shopify Theme

Sticky Add-To-Cart: This feature prioritizes the purchasing process, ensuring convenience for customers by keeping the add-to-cart option readily accessible as they browse.

Color Swatches: Enhance product visibility and selection with color swatches, visually representing product variations. This feature improves the customers' shopping experience by providing them with a clear and intuitive means to assess and select their preferred product colors.

Product Zoom: Enable customers to delve into product details with Debutify's Product Zoom feature, offering a closer and more detailed view of your offerings. This enhancement provides a comprehensive and interactive shopping experience, allowing customers to examine the products you have to offer closely.

Trusted Integrations: Optimize your store's functionality effortlessly with Debutify's trusted integrations, offering a selection of 20+ freebies and exclusive offers. Streamline your operations and enhance user experience with seamless integration options, ensuring a hassle-free augmentation of your online store.

Integration of Debutify Shopify Theme

(Image source: Debutify)

Wish List: Encourage customer engagement by empowering them to create personalized lists that cultivate a sense of connection and stimulate future purchase intent. This functionality enhances the customer experience by providing a convenient and aspirational aspect to their shopping journey.

Quick View: Expedite the shopping process with a quick view option, allowing customers to have a quick look at product details without navigating away from the main page. This efficient feature enhances user convenience and facilitates quicker decision-making during the browsing phase.

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Smart Search: Improve user navigation with a smart search function, optimizing the search experience for customers to find desired products efficiently. This intelligent feature streamlines the process, contributing to a seamless and effective user journey within your online store.

Sticky Header: Maintain easy navigation throughout the shopping journey with a sticky header that stays visible as customers scroll through your site. This persistent navigation element enhances user experience by providing easy access to essential site functionalities.

Debutify Theme Pricing Options 

Debutify Shopify Theme caters to a spectrum of business needs with its flexible pricing options:

Debutify Shopify Theme Pricing Options

(Image source: Debutify)

Free: Ideal for startups eager to launch swiftly. This plan provides essential features to kickstart your online store with $0/mo.

Growth: Tailored for small businesses ready to scale, offering enhanced features for optimized growth.

  • Monthly billing: $29/mo
  • Yearly billing: $21.75/mo

Pro (Most preferred): The choice for growing brands seeking website optimization and maximizing sales. Embrace the preferred plan for comprehensive benefits.

  • Monthly billing: $79/mo
  • Yearly billing: $59.25/mo

Enterprise: Crafted for serious brand owners requiring advanced features, this plan ensures a robust toolkit for elevated performance.

  • Monthly billing: $149/mo
  • Yearly billing: $111.75/mo

Debutify offers a 14-day free trial for all plans. During this period, experience the full potential of Debutify, accessing all conversion-focused add-ons to boost your revenue significantly. Post-trial, select a plan aligned with your business goals or opt for the "free forever" plan, albeit with limited access. 

The best part - no credit card is required, ensuring a risk-free exploration of Debutify's capabilities.

Pros & Cons of Debutify Shopify Theme 

Pros of Debutify Shopify Theme

Unparalleled Speed: Revolutionize your customer experience with lightning-fast loading times, ensuring your store captivates visitors in seconds, not minutes.

Fully Customizable: Enjoy limitless design possibilities, making your store a unique standout in the crowded digital marketplace.

Build with Ease: Simplify the website-building process with a coding-free theme, accessible to everyone regardless of technical expertise.

Mobile Optimized: Embrace a mobile-first design that seamlessly adapts to any device, ensuring your store looks fantastic on smartphones, tablets, and more.

Pros of Debutify Shopify Theme

(Image source: Debutify)

Design that Sells: Elevate your storefront with stunning, professional aesthetics designed to convert visitors into customers. Customize effortlessly to match your brand identity.

Seamless Integration: Ensure a smooth-running store with full compatibility with trusted tools and apps, offering a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Conversion Triggers: Simplify the purchasing process, incorporating conversion triggers that make buying from your store an easy and enticing experience.

Improved Shopping Experience: Enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers, fostering satisfaction and loyalty.

Safe and Secure Shopping: Prioritize customer trust with a commitment to a safe and secure shopping environment, reassuring your customers throughout their journey.

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Regular Updates: Stay ahead with regular updates, ensuring your online store is featured with the latest functions and optimizations.

Reliable Customer Support: Experience peace of mind with reliable and helpful customer support, available wherever and whenever you need assistance with installation, customization, or any other inquiries. The Debutify team is here to support your success journey.

Cons of Debutify Shopify Theme

Lacking Features on Affordable Plans: The more budget-friendly plans may lack some advanced features, limiting access to certain functionalities for users on a tighter budget.

Expensive Recurring Payments: The cost of Debutify's recurring payments might be on the higher side, potentially impacting the budget for some users, especially those just starting.

Only One General Layout: Debutify offers only one general layout, limiting the variety in visual aesthetics. Users seeking diverse design options may find this constraint restricting.

Occasional Bug-Related Problems: Users might encounter occasional bug-related issues, affecting the seamless operation of the theme. While updates are frequent, occasional troubleshooting may be required.

Debutify Theme user reviews

User reviews of Debutify Shopify Theme

(Image source: Debutify)

Positive Comment

Users consistently praise the Debutify Shopify Theme for elevating their online store experience. They express sheer satisfaction, emphasizing how the theme takes their brand to a professional level with comprehensive features that enhance the overall aesthetic of their Shopify store. The software's customization options empower users to add their unique brand identity to the theme, contributing to increased Average Order Value (AOV) and efficiency.

Constructive Comment

While users appreciate the support and affordability of Debutify, some express a desire for additional features and customization options. They highlight the theme's great value for budget-conscious users but acknowledge room for improvement in expanding functionalities and enhancing customization options.

Negative Comment

Despite the generally positive feedback, there are instances where users encounter challenges. One user mentions issues with promised features not working as expected and the theme being plagued with bugs. Additionally, dissatisfaction is expressed with the customer service, alleging poor performance and charging without delivering the desired service. Negative comments shed light on areas for potential improvement, urging the theme developers to address bugs and enhance customer support to ensure a seamless user experience.

You can view some detailed comments here: 

Kenan D.

The support is the most incredible part; they can assist you in every way. Also, the price is excellent for what it is; it is indeed the best budget tool for creating an aesthetic Shopify website. There could be a few more features and some more customization options, which would be great!

Michael C.

This software TRUMPS any other service; users have the customization required to add their own brand to the theme and enough features to successfully up their AOV. Delete those other apps that do the same thing and save a ton of money and time! Though those features are great, some of the features are just not necessary, so for the price you pay for the best option you have a ton of services you won’t use. However, this is still far more valuable than its price.

Arifur R.

There is not much that I disliked, just some software that is not working for the purpose

Waheed Z.

They promote very good features on their website, but unfortunately, these features will not perform as promised when you install the product; it is full of bugs. The customer service is very bad, and they charge you without giving you the service.

Debutify Shopify Theme Support and Documentation


Debutify Theme offers varying levels of customer support based on the plan subscribed:

Pro and Enterprise Plans

Exclusive customer support is available during business hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. UTC, from Monday to Friday. Users at these levels benefit from priority email and phone support, live video support with screen-sharing capabilities, and development support.

For Enterprise subscribers, there's an added advantage of priority support for up to three older theme versions during the specified hours.

Growth Plan

Subscribers to the Growth plan can avail essential support during business hours (9 AM-5 PM UTC) via email. However, it's important to note that support is contingent on having the latest version of the Debutify Theme.

To access support, users need to fill out a form on the Contact Page, providing essential information along with a detailed description of the issue they're facing. This structured approach ensures a streamlined process for addressing and resolving customer queries.

Contact form of Debutify Shopify Theme

(Image source: Debutify)


For users seeking comprehensive guidance on utilizing Debutify's features, the Debutify Help Center is the go-to resource. The documentation is organized into 8 categories to cater to different user needs:

  • Getting Started: New to Debutify? This section provides step-by-step guidance on installing Debutify and getting started with the theme.
  • General: Explore how Debutify Theme and Add-Ons can be instrumental in scaling your online store intelligently. This category covers overarching insights into leveraging Debutify's capabilities for strategic growth.
  • Theme: Delve into the intricacies of installing and customizing Debutify Themes. This section equips users with the knowledge needed to personalize their storefront to align with their brand identity.
  • Add-Ons: Learn how to use Debutify's Add-Ons to scale your business intelligently and effectively. This category provides insights into the supplementary tools available to enhance the effectiveness and functionality of your online store.
  • Billing: Understand everything related to payment and subscription details. This section clarifies billing procedures, ensuring users have a comprehensive understanding of their financial commitments.
  • Integrations: Gain insights into integrating Debutify with other tools and platforms. This category explores the seamless integration possibilities to enhance your overall e-commerce experience.
  • Feedback: Users are encouraged to share suggestions or report any bugs. This interactive element allows users to contribute to the improvement of Debutify actively.
  • FAQs from the Community: Find answers to common questions by exploring the community FAQs. This collaborative approach ensures that users can benefit from the shared knowledge and experiences within the Debutify community.

How to Purchase the Debutify Shopify Theme

If you're ready to elevate your online store with the Debutify Shopify Theme, follow these straightforward steps for a seamless purchase process:

1. Begin by navigating to the official Debutify website. You can do this by entering "Debutify" into your preferred search engine or directly clicking here.
2. Once on the Debutify website, locate the "Apps" section. Within this section, find and click on "Debutify Theme." This then leads you to the dedicated page for exploring the theme's features and capabilities.

Purchase Debutify Shopify Theme
3. On the Debutify Theme page, choose the option to "Start your 14-day free trial now." This allows you to experience the full potential of Debutify before committing to a purchase.

Purchase Debutify Shopify Theme
4. Alternatively, if you're on the Debutify home page, scroll down until you find the section labeled "Debutify Theme." Click on "Start free trial" to start the process directly.

Purchase Debutify Shopify Theme
5. Once you've selected the trial option, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the purchase process. This may involve providing some basic information and selecting your preferred plan.


    Get Debutify!

    Stores using Debutify Shopify Theme

    Milkie Co

    Milkie Co, a small women's accessories business, witnessed remarkable growth as it doubled its conversions and experienced a fivefold increase in revenue within just four months of adopting the Debutify Theme. The theme's dynamic features played a pivotal role in enhancing the customer experience, contributing to Milkie Co's substantial business expansion.

    Debutify Shopify Theme at Milkie Co

    (Image source: Milkie Co)

    Make Me Royal USA

    Specializing in bespoke royal portraits, Make Me Royal USA has leveraged the Debutify Theme to create a visually stunning and user-friendly platform for art enthusiasts. The theme's customization capabilities have allowed the business to showcase its intricate and personalized creations, providing customers with a memorable, satisfied, and engaging shopping experience.

    Debutify Shopify Theme at Make Me Royal USA

    (Image source: Make Me Royal USA)

    Jennifer Lay

    Immerse yourself in the world of cosmetics and beauty products with Jennifer Lay's online store, powered by the Debutify Theme. Jennifer Lay leveraged the theme's sophisticated design and robust functionalities to create an immersive platform for beauty enthusiasts. The seamless integration of the Debutify Theme has undoubtedly contributed to Jennifer Lay's success in the competitive beauty industry.

    Debutify Shopify Theme at Jennifer Lay

    (Image source: Jennifer Lay)

    Add custom sections to Debutify Theme using EComposer

    Enhance the versatility of your Debutify theme by incorporating personalized sections with the EComposer Landing Page Builder. This intuitive application empowers businesses to effortlessly create diverse pages or sections through a dynamic live drag-and-drop editor. Follow these straightforward steps to infuse your Debutify theme with unique, customized elements:

    1. Log in to Shopify: Initiate the customization journey by logging in to your Shopify account.
    2. Install EComposer Page Builder: For first-time users, head to the Shopify App Store and install EComposer Landing Page Builder. Ensure a smooth integration with your Shopify store. If you've already installed the app, simply open it to kickstart the customization process.

    Install EComposer to customize Debutify Shopify Theme
    3. Access Theme Customization: Navigate to the "Online Store" category within your Shopify account. From the available options, select "Theme." 

    Customize Debutify Shopify Theme with EComposer
    4. Choose Debutify Theme: Locate the Debutify theme within your list of available themes and click "Customize." This action seamlessly directs you to the Debutify theme's customization interface.
    5. Add Custom Sections: Inside the customization interface, explore the "Add section" option. EComposer Page Builder offers a diverse array of section types for personalization within the Library. Choose the specific section type that aligns with your vision, and with a few clicks, craft a unique and engaging storefront tailored to your brand identity.

    Customize Debutify Shopify Theme with EComposer

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      Alternatives to Debutify theme


      Explore the dynamic possibilities of the Kalles theme, a compelling alternative that showcases over fifteen purpose-built demonstrations. Each demonstration exhibits a modern design and encapsulates a minimalist essence, offering a diverse range of features and styles tailored for various online businesses.

      Alternative to Debutify Shopify Theme - Kalles

      (Image source: The4)

      Key Features of Kalles

      • Optimize UX/UI: Kalles prioritizes an optimal User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), ensuring seamless navigation and engagement for visitors.
      • Fast Load Speed: Experience swift loading times, enhancing user satisfaction and ensuring your online store is accessible without delays.
      • Responsive and Retina-Ready Design: Kalles embraces an adaptable design that works well on many screen sizes and a Retina-Ready display for enhanced visual appeal.
      • Versatile Product Layouts: Tailor your product displays with versatile layouts, providing flexibility and customization to showcase your merchandise effectively.
      • Highly Customizable: Unlock extensive customization options, allowing businesses to customize their website to align with your brand identity.
      • Product Variations Swatches: Enhance the visual representation of product variations with swatches, providing a more interactive and user-friendly shopping experience.
      • Sticky and Mega Menu: Kalles incorporates a sticky menu for easy navigation and a mega menu for comprehensive and organized content presentation.
      • Optimized Search Layout: Enjoy an optimized search layout, streamlining the product search process for your customers.
      • Showstopping Lookbook: Showcase your products in a visually appealing lookbook, allowing customers to explore your offerings in a curated fashion.
      • Add to Cart Sticky: Keep the purchase process accessible with a sticky "Add to Cart" feature, ensuring a convenient shopping experience.
      • Wishlist Support: Allow customers to curate their favorite items with wishlist support, fostering engagement and potential future purchases.
      • Quick View: Expedite the shopping journey with a quick view option, enabling customers to preview product details without leaving the main page.
      • Zoom Magnifier Support: Offer customers a closer look at product details with Zoom Magnifier support, enhancing their confidence in purchasing decisions.

      Price: $89


      Try Kalles TODAY!

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      Molla stands as a compelling alternative to the Debutify theme, with its rich feature set and commitment to continuous improvement in response to evolving eCommerce needs. Tailored for a variety of businesses, Molla stands out with its 20 niche demos, offering an extensive array of features for both category and product detail pages. More niche-specific and robust features are continuously being added to enhance the theme's capabilities.

      Alternative to Debutify Shopify Theme - Molla

      (Image source: The4)

      Key Features of Molla

      • Fast Load Speed: Molla ensures a swift and efficient loading speed, contributing to an optimal user experience and seamless navigation.
      • 25+ Exclusive Demo Concepts: Explore a diverse range of 25+ exclusive demo concepts, each meticulously crafted to suit different eCommerce niches.
      • Quick View Popup: Expedite the shopping experience with a quick view popup, allowing customers to preview product details without leaving the main page.
      • Sticky Add to Cart: Keep the purchase process accessible with a sticky "Add to Cart" feature, ensuring a convenient and streamlined shopping experience.

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      • Ajax: Add To Cart, Wishlist, and Compare: Leverage the power of Ajax for dynamic interactions, including instant additions to the cart, wishlist management, and product comparisons.
      • Instant Search: Enhance users' ability to find products swiftly with an instant search feature, contributing to a seamless browsing experience.
      • Compatible with Popular Apps: Molla seamlessly integrates with popular Shopify apps, extending its functionality and compatibility with third-party tools.
      • Mega Menu: Utilize a mega menu for comprehensive and organized content presentation, making it easier for customers to navigate your online store.
      • Responsive and Mobile Optimized: Molla ensures a responsive and mobile-optimized design, adapting seamlessly to various devices for a consistent and visually appealing experience.
      • Premium Customer Support Service: Benefit from premium customer support services, to make sure that assistance is readily available for queries or concerns.
      • Straightforward Shortcode Page: Experience easy customization with a straightforward shortcode page, allowing you to tailor your online store's appearance effortlessly.
      • Showstopping Lookbook: Showcase your products in a visually appealing lookbook, offering customers curated insights into your offerings.
      • Zoom Magnifier Support: Provide customers with a closer look at product details using Zoom Magnifier support, enhancing their confidence in making informed purchase decisions.

      Price: $99


      Try Molla TODAY!


      Our in-depth exploration of the Debutify Shopify Theme has unveiled its features, pros, and cons, offering a comprehensive perspective on its utility. Debutify emerges as a formidable choice, catering to businesses of all sizes with its conversion-focused design and intuitive interface. 

      As we delved into alternatives like Kalles and Molla, their diverse demos and robust features added compelling choices for businesses seeking modern designs and flexibility.

      Additionally, optimizing the Debutify theme is made effortless with EComposer. The collaborative synergy between Debutify and EComposer unlocks new creative possibilities, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


      Try EComposer for FREE!