Top 27 Best Highest Converting Shopify Themes for 2024


Top 27 Best Highest Converting Shopify Themes for 2024

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Every Shopify seller aims to turn more visitors into buyers. To reach that target, it's crucial to think about the top highest-converting Shopify theme for your online store. It's even better when you can find all you need in one theme to boost sales without adding many apps. With many great options, it might be overwhelming, but don't stress—we've got you covered!

Our experts have shortlisted 27 contenders and provided details to help you pick a theme that suits your brand and business goals.

What is a high-converting Shopify theme?

Several elements determine a website's ability to convert visitors effectively. Essentially, a top-notch Shopify theme assists Shopify owners in showcasing and selling products more effectively. When seeking the best Shopify themes for boosting conversions, it's crucial to consider certain features:

  • User-Friendly: Ensure ease of navigation.
  • Customization: Easily adaptable to suit individual needs.
  • Clean Design: Presents a tidy appearance.
  • Responsiveness: Adaptable to various screen sizes, including mobile.
  • Fast Loading Speed: Quick page load times.
  • Unique Design Elements: Draws attention to Call-to-Actions.
  • Enhanced Navigation: Provides improved navigational tools.

Why you should choose Highest Converting Themes for your Shopify store? 

As an eCommerce store owner, you've got a lot on your plate. That's why having a high-converting theme can help ease some of your concerns and drive more orders.

A visually attractive and easy-to-use online store can grab visitors' attention, prompt them to browse your products, and ultimately turn them into buyers. A thoughtfully designed theme ensures easy navigation, helps customers find products effortlessly, and simplifies checkout. This reduces abandoned carts and boosts the chances of making a sale.

When people shop online, the website's look and feel matter a lot. Shopify themes are made to make websites easy to use and look good. They work well on phones, tablets, and computers, which is super important today since lots of folks use phones to shop. Picking a Shopify theme that works great on mobile helps you reach more customers using phones.

These themes are made to help you sell more too. They have buttons and pages that guide visitors to buy stuff. Plus, you can make your site look like your brand and stand out. Also, these themes work with lots of other apps and tools, like email marketing and social media. That helps you do better marketing, understand customers, and sell more.

Choosing the right Shopify conversion theme creates an environment for a smooth shopping journey, building trust and encouraging more customers to make purchases.

Top 27 Highest Converting Shopify Themes in 2024

Our choice: Ecomus


EComus, an advanced Shopify premium theme meticulously crafted by The4, stands out for its precision engineering and exceptional performance. Versatile across various online industries—from Fashion, Accessories, Furniture, Electronics to Food, Drink, and more—EComus excels with its laser-focused optimization for eCommerce. Its arsenal of sales-boosting functionalities ensures a competitive edge for your online store.

Notably, EComus leads in critical eCommerce performance metrics, including SEO, speed, and responsive design. Elevate your online presence with a theme that seamlessly blends sophistication and functionality, enhancing customer experience and driving business success—EComus sets the benchmark for superior eCommerce performance.

Highlight Features:

  • Clean and well-structured coding
  • Mobile-focused for improved search ranking
  • Optimal loading speed for increased sales
  • Responsive design across all devices & browsers
  • Product Swatches for enhanced presentation
  • Mass Port for flexible blog and page creation

Pricing: only $69

  • Use EcomRise for free (Boost Sale) 
  • Use EComposer for free for 6 months (Elevate online presence)

1. Kalles theme

Kalles theme

Kalles theme is crafted for exceptional e-commerce performance with a contemporary edge. While it might not encompass every feature present in Gain, it combines practicality and visual appeal tailored for today's digital merchants. Its intuitive design and customizable features empower businesses to establish an appealing and effective online store, fostering increased conversions. Kalles stands as a reliable option for those aiming for a harmonious blend of style and functionality within their Shopify theme.

Moreover, the product page undergoes thorough optimization and streamlining to offer customers the finest experience. It includes various elements aimed at boosting conversion rates. The overall appearance is sleek, organized, and maintains a professional aesthetic.

Key Feature

  • More than 50 captivating demo designs available
  • Mobile-responsive design ensures smooth browsing on all devices
  • Enhanced SEO capabilities for optimized performance
  • Easy-to-use layout importer for user convenience
  • Advanced features like smart filters and product upsell for added functionality

Pricing: $89.00 USD

Get Kalles theme

2. Booster theme

Booster Shopify theme

The Booster Shopify theme is more than just a highly customizable design. It's a robust marketing platform trusted by over 45,000 stores, offering various sales tools and claiming to elevate conversion rates by up to 277%.

This theme boasts over 40 conversion-optimized marketing tools, focusing on increasing the average order value by grouping frequently purchased items. Additionally, it employs widgets for recently viewed and recommended products.

What sets the Booster Shopify theme apart is its self-reliance – it operates without dependency on additional apps and is fully managed by the company. This means minimal app management and fewer customer support requests. Moreover, Booster ensures fast-loading sites by employing automatic image optimization, reducing server requests, and using modular JavaScript.

Key Features

  • Created to boost conversion rates effectively.
  • Includes built-in marketing tools such as recent purchase notifications.
  • Cross-selling tool like  “Frequently Bought Together”)
  • Responsive design customization by screen size

Pricing Plan

  • Yearly License: $248/year
  • Lifetime: $398 One-Time
Get Booster theme

3. Turbo theme

Turbo theme

Turbo stands out as an exceptional option for creating a Shopify website that outperforms competitors. Its standout features include high configurability and a visually appealing, adaptable style that immediately captures consumers' attention. Notably, Turbo excels in speed and mobile interface optimization, crucial factors for enhancing customer satisfaction, promoting business expansion and fostering a positive reputation.

Tailored for large catalog stores, particularly those handling substantial volumes, Turbo remains a versatile and well-designed option adaptable to shops of any size. The Turbo Shopify theme collection comprises a total of six themes.

Beyond its speed, Turbo boasts several other powerful features, including predictive live search, quick-view functionality, dynamic slideshow or full-width banner options with customizable text and colors, and advanced models for newsletters and video banners. Notably, Turbo undergoes frequent updates, offering users access to new functionalities without additional costs.

Key Features

  • Intelligent page preloading for swift navigation prediction.
  • Predictive search enhancing user experience with quick query suggestions.
  • The newsletter popup feature is designed for seamless subscription engagement.
  • Comprehensive lookbook function for visually appealing product showcases.

Pricing Plan: $425

Get Turbo theme

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4. Empire

Empire theme

Empire is crafted by Amazon, has solidified its position as a top-tier Shopify theme ideal for large catalogs and driving significant product sales, placing it among the best converting options available.

It boasts user-friendly functionalities like predictive search and customizable filters, streamlining the process for customers to discover and add items to their carts. These features enhance the shopping journey, ultimately elevating conversion rates.

Key Features

  • Adaptable, agile, and equipped with functionality akin to specialized apps
  • Local pickup availability for convenient retrieval by nearby shoppers
  • Customizable promotion tiles to spotlight discounts and standout products

Pricing Plan: $340

Get Empire theme

5. Responsive

Responsive theme

The Responsive Shopify theme stands out among Shopify themes by significantly boosting visitor conversion rates, thereby increasing sales and revenue swiftly. Its exceptional responsiveness ensures seamless viewing across various monitors and screens, facilitating a user-friendly browsing experience.

This theme offers extensive customization options, enabling the creation of a sleek, contemporary, and customer-oriented website. Establishing brand loyalty is made easy by incorporating the current brand logo, a key feature fostering online presence and customer connection. Utilizing the logo designer tool allows for the creation of a text-based logo, while the personalized website favicon enhances SEO performance.

Furthermore, the theme allows customization of the backdrop to match the brand's color palette, contributing to a robust brand identity. This extends to even the order buttons on the website. Additionally, the ability to compare shopping colors aids in determining which hues effectively drive conversions.

Key Features

  • Hero videos on the homepage captivate visitors, offering dynamic visuals and setting an engaging tone for the brand, boosting user interest and interaction.
  • Engaging promotional banners strategically highlight offers or products, driving conversions by enticing user attention and encouraging action.
  • Mobile-centric design ensures optimal viewing and functionality across devices, catering to the increasingly mobile user base and enhancing accessibility.
  • Extensive customization options empower businesses to tailor their online presence, creating a unique brand identity and fostering a memorable user experience.

Pricing Plan: $240

Get Responsive theme

6. Eurus

Eurus theme

Eurus, a product of BSS, stands out as an advanced, swift, and mobile-centric theme leveraging cutting-edge technology. This innovative addition to the collection is particularly suited for stores boasting medium to large product catalogs, striving for superior site speed and optimized user experiences, especially on mobile devices, without excessive reliance on external applications.

What distinguishes Eurus among the top-performing Shopify themes is its outstanding speed, achieving a score of 98, along with its high adaptability across various devices. It boasts conversion-focused features that entice potential buyers, such as quick-view options, per-page pop-ups, limitless product labels, and intelligent navigation. Furthermore, the theme facilitates improved store conversion rates by instilling a sense of urgency and scarcity through countdown timers.

Key Features

  • Offering essential conversion tools like a 4-level Mega menu, unlimited Product Badges, and per-page Pop-ups without requiring additional pricey apps.
  • Prioritizing speed optimization and mobile-first design, ensuring a seamless experience across devices with intelligent navigation and adaptable Light/Dark modes.
  • Providing over 25 powerful sections and blocks, granting full control for users to create visually captivating elements and impactful visual enhancements.

Pricing Plan: $220

7. Impulse

Impulse theme

Impulsecherished by luxury brands, designers, and boutique stores, extends its appeal to custom product businesses. Renowned for its bold, fresh, and creatively structured layout, the theme invigorates e-commerce spaces, fostering a compelling environment for shoppers.

This dynamic design inspires customer purchasing decisions while offering a seamless avenue to spotlight special promotions. Its intuitive layout enables swift access to promotions and products with a single click, facilitating efficient advertisement of discounts. Moreover, the theme enriches user experience by integrating filters and customizable tags, enhancing navigation and personalization.

Key Features

  • Showcase sub-collections within other collections for enhanced browsing.
  • Customize and display promotions or tailored ads within collection pages.
  • Integrate custom promotion boxes to elevate sales and spotlight specific products.
  • Simplify navigation by showcasing a menu list directly on the homepage.
  • Enable customers to filter products using various tags and custom labels for a refined shopping experience.

Pricing Plan: $380

8. Pacific 

Pacific theme

The Pacific theme is a Shopify classic, known for its visually appealing design, mobile responsiveness, and seamless customization options, making it a top contender among high-converting Shopify themes.

Primarily tailored for large stores and extensive catalogs, it offers multi-column menus, site-wide promotional tiles, and diverse product page layouts, facilitating the management and highlighting of key products for customers.

With a wide range of built-in styles and color palettes, your store's appearance can always remain vibrant and engaging.

Key Features

  • Homepage's strategic promotional sections spotlight offers, attracting user attention and driving sales effectively.
  • Seamless contact form integration facilitates easy communication, enabling customer inquiries and feedback collection effortlessly.
  • Dynamic checkout button options optimize the buying process, offering varied choices and enhancing user convenience.
  • Integration of an Instagram feed enriches visual content, fostering brand engagement and showcasing products within a popular social media platform.

Pricing Plan: $240

9. Wokiee

Wokiee theme

Wookie isn't just a Shopify theme; it's a design powerhouse tailored for mobile shoppers. It's optimized for customization, offering 86 homepage layouts and diverse design options.

The theme includes its Content Management System, granting control over content and navigation. Wookie's versatility makes it suitable for any store type, and its extensive features come with excellent resources like detailed documentation, a support forum, and video tutorials.

For stores with various product types or those seeking flexibility in design, Wookie is the ideal choice among Shopify themes.

Key Features

  • RTL and localization features cater to a global audience, accommodating diverse languages and cultural preferences, enhancing accessibility for international markets.
  • Advanced Megamenu options offer versatile and customizable navigation, providing an organized and user-friendly browsing experience with extensive menu choices.
  • QuickView functionality facilitates swift product viewing, expediting decision-making and improving user interaction for efficient shopping experiences.
  • User-friendly filters enhance navigation, enabling customers to refine searches effectively, fostering smoother browsing and precise product discovery.

Pricing Plan: $89

10. Flex

Flex theme

Flex by Out of the Sandbox is a recent addition to Shopify themes and has gained significant popularity and positive reviews. Flex Shopify offers immense versatility and empowers users to bring their unique store visions to life.

Enabling customers to drag and drop elements effortlessly, this theme provides various designs and finely tuned sections, ensuring easy customization with just a few clicks. Incorporating Custom CSS enhances Shopify's functionality, catering to store owners and drop shippers.

Flex themes cater to diverse product ranges and niches, boasting 12 distinct styles crafted by developers to suit various niche requirements. Each theme comes with a demo shop import comprising all essential niche content and styles. Users can opt for the Flex demo layout from the six pre-built demo shops or utilize the standard demo, easily customizable to achieve the desired appearance. The theme ensures flexibility, offering limitless customization options from individual pages to the overall homepage layout.

Key Features

  • Newsletter popups strategically capture leads, nurturing customer engagement and expanding outreach effectively.
  • Quick buy feature streamlines purchase processes, ensuring swift transactions and enhancing user convenience.
  • A selection of 10 mega menu options amplifies navigation versatility, allowing tailored browsing experiences for users.
  • CSS customizations empower personalized design choices, enabling unique and branded aesthetics for the website.

Pricing Plan: $495

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11. Electro

Electro theme

The Electro theme, designed primarily for electronics and high-tech stores, offers versatility to adapt to various online retail needs. It features three styles—Gadget, Audio, and Surveillance—and can be tailored to suit any store type. Its standout features are aimed at boosting conversion rates and scalability.

Key Features

  • Allows visitors to compare products side-by-side, providing extensive information before purchase.
  • Offers a distinct Product Sticky Bar navigation system, enhancing ease of navigation within product pages.
  • Enables displaying multiple products or content within a single image, fostering engagement and driving conversions.
  • All Electro demo stores consistently score above 90 on PageSpeed Insights, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across devices.

Pricing Plan: $170

12. Retina

Retina theme

Retina, a visually stunning Shopify theme, prioritizes establishing brand credibility through striking testimonial sections and product reviews. Its minimalist design ensures easy setup and customization.

In addition to its elegant aesthetics, the theme offers robust marketing features such as countdown timers, quick buy options, testimonials, recommended products, promotional banners, and a slide-out cart. Furthermore, it incorporates advanced product search and filtering mechanisms, smart collection page navigation, improved search capabilities, and breadcrumbs.

Moreover, the theme creators have dedicated considerable effort to crafting a seamless and professional mobile design, guaranteeing an ideal shopping journey for mobile customers.

Key Features

  • This theme clinched the “Shopify eCommerce Design Award Competition,” offering diverse blog templates, social media icons, logo lists, and image galleries, delivering an aesthetically pleasing shopping journey and enabling captivating storytelling.
  • Guarantees your product visuals and content display with sharpness and vividness.
  • The theme seamlessly adjusts to various devices—desktops, tablets, and mobiles—ensuring an optimal viewing experience.
  • Empowering you to personalize your online store's layout, colors, typography, and content, fostering a distinct and unified brand identity.
  • Incorporating a quick view function, allowing customers to access product details and make buying choices directly from the collection page.
  • Simplifying customers' exploration of diverse product categories and effortless navigation throughout your store.

Pricing Plan: $220

13. Superstore 


The Superstore Theme offers an incredibly responsive interface, exceptional rankings, and remarkable conversion rates. With four theme styles available, you can align your website closely with your brand's identity and business theme.

Featuring a broad multilevel menu, this theme directs visitors to key sections of your website. The inclusion of a convenient 'quick buy' feature streamlines the user journey, reducing steps between browsing and completing purchases, ultimately leading to increased conversions.

Additionally, the theme includes an impressive Instagram feed feature, fostering deeper engagement between you and your visitors. However, while this functionality benefits social media engagement, it requires an Instagram Shop application, potentially slowing down your store's performance.

Key Features

  • Superstore arrives equipped with numerous speed-enhancing functionalities 
  • Showcase sales, deals, and highlighted products using promotional segments, mirroring approaches seen on leading online retail platforms.
  • Present essential store information, such as contact details and shipping policies, using modish, customizable icons to engage customers dynamically.
  • Elevate product discoverability and expedite conversions by delivering swift, dynamic search outcomes for both products and content.
  • Implementing AJAX technology enables swift and responsive filtering and sorting of products directly on collection pages, enhancing the shopping experience.

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14. Parallax


The Parallax Shopify theme embodies minimalism in Shopify, offering a sleek design ideal for diverse industries, particularly suited for fashion companies. Its array of features is tailored for user conversion. Notably, the product filtering system allows seamless sorting by color, size, and other key attributes, enhancing the shopping experience through AJAX-driven pages for swift browsing.

For businesses nurturing long-term customer relationships, the newsletter feature proves pivotal, encouraging visitor subscriptions for essential updates. Statistics show that an average visitor may require five to 12 interactions before purchasing; a mailing list ensures brand retention.

Moreover, building credibility is facilitated through customer reviews, facilitated by an integrated app within the Shopify theme. Leveraging social media tools also contribute to customer conversion by engaging audiences across various platforms.

Key Features

  • Streamlined dropdowns for convenient access to login and cart functions, ensuring a compact yet accessible layout.
  • Eye-catching promotion banners and strategically timed pop-ups to capture attention and promote special offers 
  • Effective product sorting and filtering choices for swift and accurate product searches
  • A slider-based section dedicated to displaying related products, enabling easy exploration and encouraging additional purchases 
  • Integration of back-in-stock alerts to notify customers when previously unavailable items are restocked

Pricing Plan: $240

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15. Doni

Doni theme

Doni is a drag-and-drop Shopify theme offering extensive customization options while ensuring a coherent, conversion-optimized design.

This responsive theme surpasses standard features like sliders, providing a wide array of design solutions, including limitless Google Fonts, Instagram image sliders, and product carousels.

Doni is available for a one-time fee of $56, and includes 24/7 support for 6 months. Extended support for up to 12 months is available for an extra cost.

Key Features

  • Labels like "New," "Sale," and "Hot" spotlight products, leveraging visual cues to grab attention and encourage exploration.
  • Layered navigation streamlines browsing, offering convenient filters for users to navigate product categories effortlessly.
  • Customer reviews aid in informed decisions, building trust and credibility by showcasing experiences shared by previous buyers.
  • Wishlist functionality allows users to save desired items, nurturing engagement and prompting return visits for potential purchases.

Pricing Plan: From $56 

16. Streamline


Streamline is a Shopify store template that effortlessly embodies your website's contemporary and polished look. It provides vast customization choices, enabling easy adjustments from homepage sections to product details and visuals.

It excels in conversion-oriented attributes like a persistent header, quick product viewing, and customer reviews, aiming to boost sales. Its mobile-first approach guarantees an excellent shopping journey for users on smaller screens, enhancing conversion possibilities.

Key Features

  • Preloading product pages facilitates uninterrupted shopping within the current page.
  • Elevate content visibility with captivating text, images, and page animations.
  • Enable customers to refine product searches effortlessly by utilizing advanced filters based on brand, type, color, and size.

Pricing Plan: $360

17. Debutify

Debutify theme

Debutify is more than a mere theme; it's a potent marketing tool trusted by high-revenue brands for its prowess in enhancing store conversions. Seamlessly integrating slick design with top-tier conversion technology, it's the go-to choice for numerous 8-figure brand owners.

With an arsenal of over 50 "conversion boosters," Debutify doesn't just rely on established strategies but also adapts to scale your store conversions as your business grows, catering to stores of any size. It consolidates the functions of multiple Shopify apps, eliminating the need for their installation and management. Debutify is a transformative force, rightfully earning its place among the top converting Shopify themes.

Key Features

  • Prioritizing swift website loading through streamlined coding practices to enhance overall performance and user experience
  • Designed with user-friendly navigation, allowing for an intuitive and effortless website exploration, promoting ease of use and smoother interaction for visitors
  • Incorporates an integrated testimonial slider, presenting customer testimonials or reviews dynamically and engagingly, fostering credibility and trust among potential buyers.
  • Highlights a visible guarantee bar, prominently displaying assurances or promises, enhancing customer confidence 

Pricing Plan:

  • Free Plan available
  • Growth: $22/mo
  • Pro: $59/mo
  • Enterprise: $112/mo

18. Blum 

Blum theme

The Blum Shopify Theme from SalesHunterTheme is an ideal option if you're seeking a Shopify theme engineered for optimal conversions!

Crafted with mobile optimization in mind, the Blum theme ensures a seamless shopping experience across devices. Its rapid loading speeds eliminate customer frustration associated with slow loading times.

Designed to elevate user experience, Blum streamlines store navigation, simplifies product evaluation, and facilitates quick and effortless purchases. Tailorable product pages and a quick view feature further elevate the overall shopping experience.

Perfectly suited for industries like fashion, beauty, and health, the Blum Shopify Theme stands out with its clean, modern design, making it the top choice for businesses prioritizing heightened conversion rates.

Key Features

  • Rapid loading times ensure swift access, fostering user engagement by minimizing wait times and enhancing overall site performance.
  • Primarily designed for mobile users, the theme caters to modern shopping habits, prioritizing a seamless and optimized experience across mobile devices.
  • User-friendly navigation and quick view functionality streamline browsing, facilitating easy exploration and quick decision-making for customers.
  • Highly optimized for SEO purposes, the theme maximizes visibility and search engine ranking, boosting discoverability and attracting organic traffic.
  • Allows customization of product pages and filters, empowering businesses to tailor their offerings and create personalized shopping experiences.
  • Features product image zoom and rollover capabilities, enabling customers to inspect products closely, enhancing their understanding and confidence in purchases.

Pricing Plan: $170

19. Symmetry


Symmetry stands as the perfect Shopify theme for customizable products, combining versatility and style. Its expansive inventory capacity and array of remarkable features make it a top choice. Symmetry enables extensive image customization within preset frameworks, offering flexibility and options for full-width slides.

This theme boasts a multi-level menu, facilitating easy navigation, and seamless Instagram integration for an improved user experience and exceptional product display. With a streamlined purchasing process, customers can click the buy button and add items to their cart without leaving the page, increasing conversions for sellers.

Key Features

  • Incorporate a wide slideshow with navigational arrows for customer interaction.
  • Offer an extensive homepage layout, encompassing sliders, products, collections, texts, and images.
  • Enable the addition of drop-down menus for each link, simplifying product categorization and site navigation.
  • Facilitate seamless purchasing by allowing customers to click the buy button and add products to their carts without navigating away from the page.

Pricing Plan: $360

20. Boost


Boost Shopify theme aims to replicate an in-person shopping atmosphere online. Its homepage provides diverse ways to showcase products, including the ability to affix product labels directly onto images, mimicking real shopping experiences.

The "Get the look" feature is a convenient tool enabling the creation of cohesive collections of up to six products, offering complete fashion ensembles or furniture sets for customers. Menu promotions and customized promotion tiles ensure that customers always encounter the most relevant products while navigating through your store.

Bigger stores will undoubtedly benefit from Boost’s live search functionality, allowing people to browse product pages and articles in real time.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration of SEO tools for improved online visibility.
  • Advanced, customizable product filters facilitate effortless search refinement.
  • Customizable sections to effectively showcase promotions.
  • Engaging lookbook display format for inspiring product showcases.

Pricing Plan: $320

21. Motion


Motion is a choice for crafting an immersive shopping journey. Its impactful full-screen video or image feature on the homepage, tailored product collections, and persistent descriptions make it a top contender among high-converting Shopify themes. Additionally, it boasts conversion-centric functionalities such as quick buy buttons, product zoom, and customer testimonials to bolster purchasing choices.

Key Features

  • Engaging homepage displays full-screen visuals, instantly capturing attention.
  • Testimonial section boosts trust, leveraging positive customer experiences.
  • Quick buy option ensures swift, hassle-free purchases, encouraging immediate sales.
  • Seamless animations enhance user experience, adding visually appealing transitions.

Pricing Plan: $360

22. Korando


Tailored for fashion and electronics brands, Korando is a high-converting Shopify theme with five pre-designed homepage layouts, offering various options for engaging your shoppers. This mobile-optimized theme, equipped with a drag-and-drop page builder, caters to these industries by offering diverse product display choices, ranging from single product sections to grids, lists, and tabs.

Especially advantageous for dropshipping stores, Korando is praised for its user-friendly customization options. Although some customization may require additional CSS, supportive customer service is known for guiding users through unfamiliar processes.

Key Features

  • QuickView feature enables rapid product browsing, facilitating efficient decision-making and enhancing user experience.
  • A dedicated customer testimonials section reinforces trust and credibility, highlighting positive experiences shared by previous buyers.
  • Utilization of multiple promotional banners strategically draws attention to offers, boosting engagement and sales.
  • Wishlist functionality allows users to curate desired items, promoting return visits and facilitating easier purchasing decisions.

Pricing Plan: $48

23. Expression

Expression theme

The theme streamlines business operations and emphasizes effortless promotions. Its visually engaging product banners enable sellers to craft compelling brand stories beyond simple product displays.

Expression stands out among conversion-oriented themes with its versatile sidebar. This feature facilitates the incorporation of product images, discounts, blog posts, and more.

Key Features

  • Grid-style layout and captivating slideshow for seamless product presentations
  • Multi-level drop-down menu for enhanced navigation
  • Customizable sidebar to align with specific visual preferences
  • Editorial-style image and text columns for a personalized touch

Pricing Plan:  $240

24. JumpStart 

JumpStart  theme

If you're seeking a highly convertible website without breaking the bank, consider trying Jumpstart. This free Shopify theme offers a minimalist design with ample space strategically placed to draw attention to specific calls-to-action, fostering a quicker website experience while elevating user interaction and search engine rankings.

Two standout features aim to boost customer satisfaction and enhance conversions. Firstly, Jumpstart provides a slideshow feature, ideal for showcasing your brand's story or services. Additionally, the 'as seen on' function allows you to associate your brand or products with recent media exposure, building credibility.

To further drive conversions, the theme offers support for an impactful video on your homepage. This feature allows you to showcase product/service videos or your brand's story. Hosting these videos on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo instead of Shopify servers not only speeds up your website but also broadens your market reach while keeping your website management hassle-free.

Key Features

  • Search engine optimization boosts discoverability, enhancing the website's visibility and attracting organic traffic through effective ranking strategies.
  • Slideshow for images and storytelling elevates engagement, enabling visual narratives to showcase products or brand stories dynamically, capturing user interest.
  • "As seen on" feature reinforces credibility by displaying affiliations with reputable entities, instilling trust and validation among potential customers.
  • Dropdown navigation support facilitates organized and intuitive browsing, simplifying user navigation and enhancing the overall user experience.

Responsive design ensures seamless functionality across devices, optimizing user experience regardless of the device used for access.

Pricing Plan: $700.00

25. Shoptimized

Shoptimized theme

Shoptimize is the pioneering Shopify theme crafted by Conversion Rate Specialist Bradley Long. By adopting Shoptimized, you could save up to $2,011 annually on applications that are no longer necessary and benefit from exceptionally fast website loading times. This theme boasts over 30 features specifically designed to enhance conversion rates, transforming clicks into valuable customers.

Included within the theme is an application that offers real-time social proof updates, showcasing recent purchases and popular items sold within the last hour. Additionally, users receive free upgrades with each update, eliminating the need for theme reconfiguration.

One unique feature of Shoptimized is the ability to add a countdown timer to tagged items, allowing you to specify the countdown duration in days or hours. Once set, the timer resets automatically upon reaching zero.

Moreover, the theme facilitates quick item identification and purchase by customizing the mega-menu to suit your niche and product range. This menu feature can be deactivated for more traditional navigation as your portfolio grows.

For those seeking a highly customizable, user-friendly theme that maximizes profits, Shoptimized is our top recommendation.

Key Features

  • Scarcity indicators and urgency timers leverage FOMO (fear of missing out) tactics, urging prompt action from customers by signaling limited availability or time-sensitive offers.
  • GEO-IP recognition personalizes the shopping experience, displaying location-specific content or offers, enhancing relevance and engagement for users based on their geographic location.
  • Social proof popups showcase real-time interactions or purchases, reinforcing trust and credibility by highlighting positive customer experiences
  • "Skip the cart" functionality streamlines the checkout process, allowing customers to expedite purchases by bypassing the cart page, enhancing convenience and potentially reducing cart abandonment.

Pricing Plan: 

  • Annual License: $199/year
  • Lifetime License: $299 one-time
  • Lifetime License + Setup & Audit: $1199 one-time

26. Prestige

Prestige theme

The Prestige theme is a standout choice among the top converting Shopify themes offered in the Theme Store. With its sophisticated and luxurious design, it effortlessly captures the attention of your brand and products.

Its editorial content and visual storytelling capabilities enable you to articulate your brand's narrative and essence, fostering a deeper connection with customers and potentially enhancing loyalty.

Key Features

  • Versatile, flexible, and equipped with functionalities similar to standalone apps
  • The pickup availability feature aids local customers in conveniently finding and collecting their purchases
  • Customizable promotion tiles to spotlight discounts and featured items

Pricing Plan: $380

27. Flow

Flow theme

Flow is a visually-centered theme that resonates universally with audiences seeking high-quality products. It is suitable for fashion, accessories, food, and visually driven merchandise and is an ideal choice for swift conversions.

With three pre-built presets and a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, Flow allows effortless customization of store pages sans coding. Its strength lies in an enhanced navigation system, from sticky headers to improved search, breadcrumbs, and megamenus.

Key Features

  • Quick Buy option expedites purchases, allowing swift transactions directly from product pages, optimizing user convenience and potentially increasing sales.
  • Flash sales functionality highlights limited-time offers, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging immediate purchases, capitalizing on impulse buying behavior.
  • Recommended products section suggests complementary or related items, prompting additional purchases 
  • Product video integration enriches product presentations, offering immersive visual experiences that engage customers and provide comprehensive insights, potentially boosting sales.

Pricing Plan: $350

28. Broadcast


Broadcast empowers sellers to craft a captivating visual narrative through featured or auto-playing background videos on the homepage and look-book layouts. Its extensive customization options cater to multi-brand and single-line stores, facilitating the creation of feature-rich Shopify sites requiring less time for modifications and more focus on sales.

Key Features

  • Lookbook functionality and homepage videos offer immersive brand storytelling, captivating users with dynamic visual narratives that showcase products in real-life contexts
  • Quick product views enable swift exploration, allowing users to preview details efficiently, reducing decision-making time and facilitating quicker purchases.
  • Client testimonials reinforce credibility and trust, leveraging social proof to showcase positive experiences, aiding in converting potential customers into buyers 

Pricing Plan: $360

Some signs of a highly converting Shopify theme

We have stringent criteria to select high-performing Shopify themes. All the themes mentioned in this article meet these criteria exceptionally well.

However, if you haven't found the perfect match yet and wish to continue your search, here are some tips to help you choose the best-converting Shopify theme:

Optimal User Experience:

It's crucial to prioritize a theme with seamless navigation and an experience that entices shoppers to revisit your store. Don't just focus on looks; prioritize functionality.

A compelling Shopify theme should:

  • Simplify movement between pages for shoppers.
  • Enable easy wishlist and product comparison.
  • Provide access to comprehensive product reviews.
  • Allow shoppers to create profiles, make alterations, and save payment details.

Lightweight Design

Aim for a Shopify theme that ensures your site loads within 2-3 seconds. Many modern themes have intricate navigation, excessive scrolls, numerous carousels, videos, and heavy pages, which can slow loading times.

Choose a theme that prioritizes lightweight design and optimized page load times to prevent losing potential customers due to frustration caused by slow loading.

Streamlined Checkout Process

A convoluted and lengthy checkout process is a prime reason for cart abandonment. Look for a theme that features:

  • A simple and clear checkout process.
  • Prominent checkout buttons.
  • Guest checkout option.
  • A progress bar indicating the remaining steps.
  • Ability to save personal information.
  • Review items before checkout.

Integrated Language and Translation Support

If you cater to an international audience or plan to expand globally, choose a theme that supports internationalization. Ensure the theme can be translated into multiple languages and offers various currencies to attract buyers from different countries. Additionally, consider GEO-IP functionality to customize content based on a visitor's location.

Incorporated SEO Tools

While a high-converting theme is essential, it's equally vital for your Shopify store to be discoverable. Look for themes with fundamental SEO features to enhance your site's Google ranking, including:

  • SEO title and headers.
  • Metadata support.
  • Functionality for featured snippets.
  • Sitemap generation.
  • Broken link analysis.

Mobile-Responsive Design

Often overlooked, a mobile-responsive design is crucial for capturing mobile shoppers. Evaluate shortlisted themes on mobile devices to ensure proper navigation, image fitting, appropriately sized CTAs, and overall functionality on smaller screens.

Efficient and High-Quality Support

Having reliable support from the theme developer is crucial for addressing any future issues. Thus, it's essential to thoroughly review detailed feedback for each shortlisted theme to ensure you choose one backed by a developer known for offering hands-on assistance when needed. Explore reviews on software customer review platforms to make an informed choice.

Additional strategies for optimizing conversions on your Shopify store 

Sure, a conversion-optimized Shopify theme does a lot, but you might wonder what else you can do to drive higher conversion rates.

Here's a list of extra tips to supercharge your Shopify store's conversions:

Utilize large, high-quality photo galleries. Let visuals take the lead.

  • Prioritize website speed: Slow-loading sites deter buyers. Use Shopify apps like TinyIMG for image optimization to reduce size and boost speed.
  • Emphasize photo reviews: Customers trust visual product reviews; set up automated review requests to gather more photo reviews.
  • Be strategic with creativity: Avoid overly experimental page layouts that confuse customers. Instead, focus on creative typography, compelling descriptions, and on-page elements that shape your brand and drive consistent conversions.
  • Conduct A/B tests: Test different versions of elements like CTA buttons to find out which drives the most conversions before committing to a final choice.

Customize Your High-Converting Shopify Theme with EComposer

An Overview of EComposer

EComposer Page Builder serves as a versatile tool empowering merchants to swiftly craft diverse page types and sections using an intuitive live drag-and-drop editor. This tool supports customization for landing pages, collections, products, blogs, carts, and more, minimizing reliance on multiple third-party apps. Backed by optimized speed tools and round-the-clock live chat support, it ensures consistent store performance.

EComposer Page Builder

EComposer earns praise for its customization options, user-friendly interface, unique features, updated templates, and robust editor. Its responsive performance, device-specific customization, and exceptional customer support set it apart.

Customization Options

  • Abundant Pre-designed Layouts: Gain access to over 100 pages and varied layouts comprising 260+ sections and 90+ elements, providing versatile and compelling design choices for high-converting pages.
  • Seamless Compatibility and Integration: Effortlessly integrate with default and premium Shopify themes, enabling straightforward customization and additions to augment theme functionality.
  • Performance-Boosting Extensions: Access 20+ extensions, including analytics for enhanced performance tracking, ensuring optimized page performance and an enriched user experience.
  • Efficiency-Enhancing AI Integration: Seamlessly integrate ChatGPT for AI-powered content generation, significantly reducing time and effort in crafting compelling page content.
  • Mobile-Optimized Design Focus: Prioritize mobile responsiveness in template creation, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for users across various devices, ultimately boosting conversion rates.
  • Efficient Design Tools: Utilize live margin & padding adjustment and section builder functionality, facilitating simple mouse-drag adjustments and efficient mass editing for swift design optimization.

Basic guide to use EComposer 

Step 1: Install EComposer Landing Page Builder

Step 2: Access the EComposer Landing Page Builder app within your store and commence page creation. EComposer enables users to generate various pages such as the Landing page, Home page, Product page, Collection page, Blog list, Blog post, FAQ page, and other standard pages.

Step 3: Add sections and leverage the aforementioned customization choices. To illustrate, let's consider incorporating a Background Image for your Shopify store to enhance customer engagement.

Access your Shopify app dashboard, proceed to "Online Store," and select "Themes." Pick a theme containing the section you intend to adjust and click "Customize."

Pick a theme containing the section you intend to adjust and click "Customize."

  • Inside the Shopify editor, click on "Add Section." Choose a section type that permits using an image as a background, such as the "Image Banner" section.

Inside the Shopify editor, click on "Add Section."

  • In the editing settings for the "Image Banner" section, select "Choose Image." In the appearing window, either pick an image from your existing collection or click "Add Image" to upload a photo from your device. Click "Done" to complete the image upload.

Settings for the "Image Banner" section, select "Choose Image" and  Click "Done" to complete the image upload.

  • To save your changes, click "Save" to complete the editing process.


What causes a low conversion rate in my Shopify store?

Conversion rates on Shopify stores can be influenced by various factors such as the store's design, product offerings, and marketing strategies. 

How can I optimize my Shopify store for higher conversions?

  • Select a Lucrative Product Niche.
  • Craft an Engaging Storefront Design.
  • Implement Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tactics.
  • Focus on Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences.
  • Utilize Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales.
  • Harness the Power of Social Media Marketing.
  • Provide Tailored Customer Support Services.

What Constitutes an Effective Product Page for Conversions?

  • High-resolution product images.
  • Persuasive and captivating product descriptions.
  • Clearly visible and enticing Call-to-Action (CTA).
  • Transparent pricing details and discount offers.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials for credibility.
  • Clear shipping information for transparency.
  • Mobile-responsive design for varied device access.
  • Easy and intuitive navigation for seamless browsing.

What is a high converting website?

A high-converting website is one that prompts users to take specific actions, such as making purchases, subscribing to newsletters, or completing forms. These sites serve as effective tools for converting leads, often emphasizing user experience (UX) and utilizing data and analytics to enhance performance.

What defines an effective sales page in terms of conversion?

Customer feedback stands out as a critical element for a high-converting sales page. To demonstrate the popularity and demand for your product, integrating customer reviews or video testimonials showcasing sales effectiveness is vital. Social proof serves as a powerful tool in persuading potential clients to consider trying your product or service.


In conclusion, selecting the Highest converting Shopify theme for your online store is important in maximizing conversions. Recognize that there isn't a universal solution as each theme boasts distinctive features and advantages. Emphasize customization choices, mobile adaptability, loading speed, SEO functionalities, and marketing utilities. Opt for a theme that resonates with your business requirements and objectives, fostering a captivating shopping journey that enhances sales and customer contentment.

Ecomposer stands as a globally recognized all-encompassing eCommerce solutions provider and certified Shopify Expert. Our offerings include Shopify themes, applications, and store development. For further details, inquiries, or to explore our services, feel free to reach out to us or visit

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