Kalles Shopify Theme Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings


Kalles Shopify Theme Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings

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Are you seeking the perfect theme to elevate your Shopify store into a sleek and visually compelling online platform? Enter the 'Kalles Shopify Theme.'

In the realm of e-commerce, the appearance of your website is crucial in shaping potential customers' first impressions. So, what sets Kalles Theme Shopify apart as the ideal selection for creating a captivating Shopify store that leaves a memorable impression?

This detailed review offers comprehensive insights into why the Kalles Theme Shopify stands out as an optimal choice for merchants on the Shopify platform.

What is Kalles Shopify Theme? 

Kalles shopify theme

The Kalles Shopify Theme is truly remarkable. It emanates an air of polished sophistication, showcasing a clean and intuitive design that achieves a flawless blend between simplicity and elegance. Each design element is meticulously placed to enthrall attention, sustain user interest, and encourage interaction.

Who Is Kalles Theme Shopify for?

The Kalles Theme Shopify is a versatile and practical solution suitable for diverse business needs, mainly catering to startups, those seeking adaptability and efficiency, and companies looking for a swift online store setup.

  • Fashion Sector: Kalles Theme Shopify is tailored for fashion retailers, providing tools like color swatches to display their product range in various available color options effectively.
  • Electronics Industry: Kalles offers advanced search and filter features for electronic stores, enabling efficient navigation through diverse tech products.
  • Furniture Market: Businesses in the furniture sector can leverage Kalles' high-resolution image display and 3D video capabilities to present their products in detailed, lifelike scenarios.
  • Beauty and Cosmetics Domain: Beauty companies can utilize Kalles' aesthetic customization options to mirror the elegance and style of their products.
  • Artisanal Crafts Market: Craft stores, often requiring unique presentation styles for their handmade items, can benefit from Kalles' diverse range of customizable demo themes to highlight their items' uniqueness.

Features & Pricing of Kalles ShopifyTheme 

Advanced Mega Menu 

​​The Advanced Mega Menu feature provides a sophisticated and well-structured menu system, accommodating multiple tiers of product categories, promotional banners, and featured products. This intuitive menu enhances navigation, allowing customers to swiftly locate desired items, fostering an improved shopping journey, heightened satisfaction, and excellent conversion rates.

Advanced Mega Menu

Moreover, a meticulously organized mega menu enhances SEO performance, elevating the store's visibility on search engines. The Advanced Mega Menu feature significantly influences a seamless user experience, amplifying sales and improving search engine rankings.

Frequently Bought Together

The Built-in "Frequently Bought Together" feature suggests products frequently purchased alongside the currently viewed item. This prompts customers to add items to their cart, raising the average order value.

Frequently Bought Together

By aiding customers in discovering related products, it enhances their shopping experience, elevating satisfaction and fostering loyalty. Additionally, this functionality strategically promotes particular items, manages inventory, and increases exposure for new or less popular products. Ultimately, the "Frequently Bought Together" feature substantially influences revenue growth and customer retention.

Image focal points

Image focal points functionality empowers you to determine the primary area of focus within an image that customers will first see. This control enables highlighting the most enticing aspects of a product, ensuring immediate attention from visitors. Particularly advantageous for businesses with visually intricate or compelling products, this feature has the potential to boost conversion rates. When customers immediately encounter the key selling points of a product, it often increases the likelihood of a purchase.

Page displaying store locations

The Store Locator feature within the Kalles Theme enables businesses with physical stores to showcase details such as addresses, operating hours, and interactive maps. This integration merges the digital and physical retail realms, fostering a seamless multichannel shopping experience.

This functionality can attract foot traffic to brick-and-mortar locations, catering to potential customers nearby who are keen on making purchases. Additionally, it provides a platform to highlight in-store events or exclusive products, effectively leveraging both online and offline aspects to expand reach and enhance potential sales.

Product Customization Field

Product Customization Field

The Product Customization Field feature empowers Shopify store proprietors to personalize the information showcased for each product. This feature enables the highlighting of specific product details that resonate most with the intended audience.

For businesses, this feature presents a strategic edge. By spotlighting the most enticing product specifics, companies can actively direct consumer focus toward specific features, potentially swaying buying choices and driving sales.

Moreover, this customization capability allows businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors, offering distinct product insights that align with their brand narrative and principles. Consequently, the Product Customization Field enhances user experience and fosters a strategic edge in the business landscape.

 Advanced Search and Discovery

The Advanced Search and Discovery functionality within the Kalles Theme Shopify offers a considerable edge to businesses by simplifying product exploration for customers. Employing intelligent algorithms, this feature delivers precise and pertinent search outcomes, minimizing the effort required by customers to locate the desired product.

As a result, it enhances the efficiency of the shopping experience, boosts customer satisfaction, and increases sales. Moreover, the information derived from these search patterns can offer valuable business insights, assisting in inventory management, refining marketing tactics, and enabling personalized customer interactions.

Intelligent Filter and Sort System

The Kalles Theme Shopify’s Intelligent Filter and Sort System is a robust tool that markedly improves customers' shopping journey and positively affects business functionalities.

Intelligent Filter and Sort System

It enables swift decision-making and enhances the chances of purchase by enabling customers to efficiently arrange and filter products by diverse attributes like price, size, color, or ratings.

This streamlined navigation indirectly heightens customer contentment and loyalty. Additionally, the analysis of customer sorting and filtering actions offers businesses deeper insights into customer preferences, guiding product evolution, inventory control, and targeted marketing approaches.

Animation effect

The Animation Effect feature within the Kalles Theme Shopify stands out for its ability to entice and retain customers on your website. Integrating captivating animations enhances the visual appeal of your online store, attracting visitors.

This can boost user engagement, potentially lowering bounce rates and prolonging visitors' time on the site. These aspects benefit conversion rates and SEO, as search engines prioritize sites with high user engagement. These animation effects can also spotlight particular products or promotions, further captivating customer attention and driving sales.

UX/UI optimized

The Shopify Kalles Theme is designed to optimize user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), ensuring effortless navigation, quick product discovery, and seamless transactions. This intuitive and enjoyable shopping journey elevates customer satisfaction, enhancing conversion rates and encouraging customer loyalty.

Furthermore, a finely-tuned UX/UI lowers the likelihood of abandoned shopping carts and encourages repeat purchases, directly impacting a business's profitability. It also positively shapes the brand's perception, potentially prompting customers to recommend the company to others.

Pre-order features

The Pre-order Functionality offered by the Shopify Kalles Theme proves invaluable for businesses, enabling advanced sales and optimizing cash flow. Allowing customers to order products not yet in stock helps companies assess demand, make informed inventory choices, and secure early sales.

This feature builds anticipation and generates excitement for a product launch, amplifying brand visibility. Additionally, pre-ordering offers a chance to reward loyal customers by granting them priority access to new products.

In summary, the Pre-order feature aids businesses in refining inventory management, increasing sales, and fostering deeper customer engagement and loyalty.


Companies can prompt customers to spend more than intended by proposing pricier items or supplementary products related to their interests. This tactic heightens the average transaction value and introduces customers to a wider array of products, potentially fostering stronger engagement and loyalty.

Additionally, upselling can optimize inventory management, strategically showcasing sluggish or high-margin items. Consequently, this feature significantly bolsters revenue, customer engagement, and inventory control.

Design optimized for Retina display and responsiveness.

The Shopify Kalles theme has a responsive and retina-ready design that ensures an optimal viewing experience on different devices. Its responsive design seamlessly adjusts the website layout to different screen sizes, providing a consistent shopping experience on desktops, mobiles, and tablets, potentially enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

Moreover, the Retina-Ready design ensures that images and graphics appear sharp and vibrant on high-resolution screens, elevating the visual appeal of the online store. This enhanced aesthetic quality can contribute to the perceived professionalism and credibility of the business, encouraging more confident shopping experiences and potentially expanding the business's reach and increasing conversion rates.

Video thumbnails and 3D

The Video Thumbnails and 3D functionality within the Kalles Theme Shopify delivers a distinct advantage to businesses navigating the competitive e-commerce market. Videos serve as powerful tools, enhancing product presentations by showcasing the product in action, elucidating its features, and enabling customers to envision owning it.

Video thumbnails and 3D

Alternatively, 3D models offer a novel shopping experience by presenting a lifelike representation of products. Customers can interactively explore the product from various angles, gaining a sense of its dimensions, which aids in reducing returns and bolstering overall customer satisfaction. These features contribute to a captivating and immersive shopping experience, differentiating your business in the market.

Fast loading speed

High loading speeds contribute to a seamless and hassle-free user experience, diminishing the risk of visitors leaving due to slow loading times. Research indicates a clear link between swift website loading and heightened conversion rates.

Furthermore, rapid loading is pivotal for SEO rankings. Search engines prioritize fast-loading websites, potentially elevating your Shopify store in search results and attracting more organic traffic. This characteristic aids in customer retention, amplifies conversions, and augments visibility, ultimately fostering greater sales and revenue.

Countdown timer

Countdown timer

The Countdown Timer function generates a feeling of urgency by displaying a countdown to the conclusion of a sale or the expiration of a special offer. This scarcity mindset can prompt customers to act promptly, minimizing the chances of cart abandonment or hesitation.

Additionally, countdown timers can generate anticipation for upcoming products or events, maintaining customer interest and building excitement. This attribute aids businesses in improving conversion rates, stimulating sales based on urgency, and nurturing customer engagement.

Color Swatches

Color Swatches

The Color Swatches functionality within the Kalles Theme Shopify holds significant importance for businesses, especially those operating in the fashion and home decor sectors.

It empowers customers to visualize products across various color options directly on the product page, offering a more immersive and practical shopping experience. This feature enhances product presentation, simplifying the decision-making process for customers and potentially boosting conversions while minimizing return rates.

Moreover, color swatches contribute to a more orderly and visually appealing product page layout, ultimately elevating the user experience. In essence, the Color Swatches feature bolster customer satisfaction, decrease return rates, and drive sales for businesses.

Pros & Cons of Kalles Shopify Theme 


  • Mobile Responsiveness: Kalles ensures optimal viewing on mobile devices, acknowledging consumers' preference for mobile shopping and enhancing their experience.
  • Compatibility with Filter and Search Apps: The theme seamlessly integrates with filter and search apps, aiding customers in finding desired products and streamlining the shopping process for an improved journey.
  • User-Friendly Theme Settings Panel: Kalles boasts a comprehensive settings panel, offering a streamlined drag-and-drop feature for customization. This accessible interface allows easy tailoring of your eStore, catering to users with varying technical expertise.


  • Initial Financial Investment: Kalles is a paid Shopify theme, necessitating an upfront financial commitment that might deter startups or businesses operating on limited budgets.
  • No Free Trial: Unlike some themes, Kalles does not provide a trial period. This requires an outright purchase to explore its features, posing a risk if it aligns differently from your expectations or store requirements.

How to Purchase the Kalles Theme Shopify 

You can acquire the Kalles Theme Shopify by following this link. This leads you to a preview of the theme, enabling you to explore how it adapts to your store.

You can directly purchase the Kalles Theme Shopify from the Envato Market, a reputable platform for top-notch digital assets. Procuring this Shopify theme guarantees a quality-checked product from Envato and grants access to future updates, ensuring its ongoing relevance.

Moreover, The4, the creators of the Kalles Theme, offer six months of support after your purchase, ensuring a seamless and trouble-free setup of your online store.

Kalles Theme user reviews, Support and Resources

User reviews:

"The Kalles Theme has received widespread feedback from users within the e-commerce realm. Among the 1,535 reviews for Shopify Themes, an impressive 81% express contentment, and admiration for different facets of the theme. Users especially laud its visually appealing design and notable capability to boost conversion rates significantly." 

  • Afasaventures 

Rated 5/5 stars:

“ Alfred, Mei Tran and Harry responded quickly to questions I had in customizing the theme. I felt more comfortable and confident digging into Kalles Theme and figuring out how to use as many of its cool features as appropriate. Thanks Kalles Team!” 

  •  Hellhoundapparel 
  • Rated 5/5 stars:

    “ A feature-rich and well-performing theme. I intended to purchase a Paid Shopify theme originally, but after seeing the prices and lack of features, I came to ThemeForest. Now, I have purchased a theme on this website before and was let down by it, but I decided to give it another shot. At my time of purchase Kalles had over 1,000 reviews with the majority being 5 stars. I read through the comments and saw that the company who made the theme, The4, was very responsive and helpful to questions. I've been able to put together an attractive looking store in a matter of days with this theme. Very happy with my purchase! “ 

    •  Xiaol5

    Rated 5/5 stars:

    “ I recently had an excellent customer service experience with the team behind this theme. Their attentiveness, professionalism, and prompt responses truly stood out, making my experience both pleasant and memorable.

    What impressed me the most was their in-depth knowledge and their willingness to go above and beyond to help me resolve my code-related issues. They simplified complex procedures and made sure my concerns were thoroughly addressed, demonstrating their commitment to excellent customer service.

    The team's dedication to helping me overcome my challenges significantly exceeded my expectations and had a real impact on my overall experience with the theme. Their assistance enabled me to achieve my goals and further solidified my trust in their products and services.

    I wholeheartedly recommend this theme not only for its exceptional features but also for the stellar customer service team behind it. Their support makes a huge difference, and it's clear that their main goal is not just resolving issues, but also winning the trust and appreciation of their customers.” 

  • Hassangtm 
  • Rated 5/5 stars:

    “ Amazing theme in terms of design and flexibility. It offers so many options to customize.

    Besides, the customer support has been amazing, I raised a couple of support tickets and every time I found customer support representative to be very helpful and they went extra mile to resolve my queries. (The Customer Support representatives that dealt my ticket were Mie Tran and Annie and they were both very helpful)” 

  • Herr_Lemminger 
  • Rated 5/5 stars:

    “ Excellent theme! Kalles by the4 has impressed me right from the start. Its versatile feature set and appealing design have led me to choose this theme for building my website.

    Notably, the customer support has been top-notch. Mie proved to be extremely helpful and patient in assisting me to understand and customize the theme. The quick and knowledgeable responses were highly beneficial and positively influenced my decision.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with Kalles by the 4 and can wholeheartedly recommend it if you are in search of a professional Shopify theme that also offers excellent customer support. I look forward to the next steps in designing my website with this theme!” 

  •  Rsusano25
  • Rated 5/5 stars:

    “ PERFECT! KALLES IS A PERFECT SHOPIFY THEME! I tried so many themes but Kalles and THE4 Products are all the best! Kalles has all the beautiful features that you will need its also easy to customize and has a mesmerizing User Interface its very beautiful! Also the support are Excellent! They help a lot and response quickly. They solve all your queries quickly and they are also very kind and considerate support. I thank a lot to the support who assist me especially Annie! Thank you so much! Much appreciated! I highly recommended Kalles and all The4 Products! Cheers!” 

    Support & Resources:

    Help and Guidance:

    Kalles Theme offers diverse support channels to assist users facing challenges or needing guidance. The addition of live chat support ensures quick solutions, with responses often received within minutes. This real-time aid aims to simplify issue resolution and enhance user satisfaction.

    Accessible Tools:

    To aid users in comprehending and leveraging the theme's features, Kalles provides an array of resources. These encompass comprehensive guides, tutorials, and a thriving community forum where users exchange experiences, seek advice, and gather insights to maximize their theme utilization.

    How to add Kalles Theme to your Shopify store

    Here are the steps to incorporate custom sections into your Shopify Kalles Theme

    Step 1: Access your Shopify account by entering your login details.

    Step 2: Access Theme Customization: Go to your Shopify account's "Online Store" section. Among the options provided, select "Themes."

    Go to your Shopify account's "Online Store" section. Among the options provided, select "Themes."

    Step 4: Customize the Kalles Theme: Choose the Kalles Theme from the listed themes and click on "Customize." This action will take you to the theme customization interface.

    Step 5: Add Custom Sections: Locate and select "Add section within the store interface." Pick the specific section type you wish to create or modify within the Kalles Theme. 

    Alternative for Kalles Theme


    Alternative for Kalles Theme

    Unsen features modern designs and vibrant color schemes appealing to contemporary tastes, emphasizing its commitment to delivering a seamless user experience. With a focus on user-friendly navigation and compelling visuals, Unsen becomes the top choice for online stores aiming to make a lasting impact. Its innovative slider design seamlessly blends color coordination with content separation, creating a polished and contemporary appearance.

    The product page achieves a perfect equilibrium between visual appeal and informative content by integrating Countdown, Last Sale, Hurry Stock, Ask a Question, Trust Badge, and other elements to boost conversion rates.

    Whether starting anew or rebranding, Unsen offers an ideal solution for crafting visually stunning and adaptable online platforms. Its versatile design caters well to businesses featuring a wide range of products, ensuring a cohesive and user-centered shopping journey.

    Key Features

    • Streamlined Swatches: Seamlessly display product colors and images without additional apps.
    • Mobile-Friendly Experience: Provide smooth navigation for mobile visitors.
    • Instant Product Filters: Quickly locate items using various filters like size, color, price, and categories.
    • Diverse Product Layouts: Speed up orders with different layout options, boosting conversion rates.
    • Enhanced Cart Display: Present products in irresistible layouts to enhance cart conversions.
    • 360-degree Product Showcase: Present products in 360, 3D, and video formats for customer engagement.
    • Free Sales Tools: Utilize Trust Badges, Countdown Timers, Stock Notifications, and more to enhance sales.


    Alternative for Kalles Theme

    BASEL is a sophisticated and sleek AJAX responsive theme crafted to develop robust, contemporary e-commerce websites. With a widely-used Drag & Drop page builder, extensive theme settings, premium sliders, and Shopify integration, it enables the creation of high-quality stores adaptable to all screen sizes. Versatile for various shops including clothing, electronics, furniture, accessories, flowers, and more.

    Key Features

    • Full-screen AJAX Search: Utilize the powerful full-screen AJAX search feature offered by the Basel theme.
    • Color Swatches: Display size or color options using color blocks or images, allowing customers to easily explore available colors and sizes.
    • 360-Degree View: Enhance customer satisfaction by providing a comprehensive view of products from all angles, offering insights into unique product features and improving visibility on-screen, impressing customers.
    • Efficient Shopping: The multitude of search options saves customers time by showcasing product details directly on the shop page, facilitating quick and informed decisions.
    • Quick Product View: Enable swift product previews, encouraging faster purchases and attracting repeat customers for efficient shopping experiences.

    Edit Theme with EComposer 

    If obtaining the Kalles Shopify theme is impractical due to cost or technical concerns, you can still achieve compelling parallax effects for your store using the versatile functionalities of the EComposer Page Builder.

    Utilizing the EComposer Page Builder allows you to replicate various effects from the Kalles Shopify theme, enhancing your store's visual allure and immersive feel. This guide focuses on creating fiixed effect resembling the Kalles theme, enriching your storefront's aesthetics and interaction without requiring the specific theme.

    Incorporating multiple pre-built extensions minimizes the reliance on numerous third-party apps, saving time, reducing costs, and driving sales. EComposer prioritizes store speed and code optimization, providing tools to improve performance and address concerns about website speed. Our 24/7 live chat support is also available for assistance at any time.

    Key Features:

    • Effortlessly generate various pages and sections, including landing pages, homepages, and collection pages.
    • Utilize an intuitive drag-and-drop page builder aligned with Shopify standards, eliminating the necessity for coding expertise.
    • Access a design library that offers diverse page layouts, section templates, and customizable elements.
    • Employ integrated add-ons such as Ajax Cart, Color Swatch, Image Optimizer, Cross-selling, and more to augment page functionality.
    • Discover advanced features like Page Analytics, Global Blocks, AI Content Generator, and Lazy Load for enhanced customization and optimization.

    Here are the steps to create a Fixed Kalles Shopify theme effect:

    Step 1: Access the EComposer Page Builder and generate a new section within your Shopify store, serving as the canvas for implementing the effect. Arrange elements like headings, text blocks, buttons, or other components to structure the section per your envisioned design.

    Step 2: Select a background that complements your content and aligns with your website's intended aesthetic. Opt for an image or graphic to serve as the backdrop for your parallax effect.

    Select a background

    (Image source: EComposer)

    Step 3: To create the Fixed Kalles Shopify theme effect using the EComposer Page Builder, navigate to the section's background design settings. Locate the attachment section, which typically includes background behavior options.

    (Image source: EComposer)

    Step 4: Within the attachment settings, identify the background attachment adjustments. Choose the "Fixed" option to set the background as stationary while allowing other content to scroll, producing the distinctive effect

    Choose the "Fixed" option to set the background

    (Image source: EComposer)


    What is kalles Shopify?

    The Kalles Shopify Theme stands out as an excellent option for those aiming to establish a sleek, adaptable, and customer-centric online store. Featuring a responsive layout, RTL support, and cutting-edge functionalities, it enables businesses to deliver an outstanding shopping journey to their customers, catering to diverse global markets.

    Is Kalles a recommended Shopify theme?

    Overview. Kalles is an excellent choice for burgeoning startups seeking to establish thriving online stores. Offering more than fifteen purpose-designed demos, each boasting multiple features and appealing designs, it allows one-click importation of demos, enabling swift content addition and publication within minutes.

    How can I enable the Kalles theme?

    Activating the theme is simple. 

    Step 1: To initiate theme activation within the Customize theme backend, navigate to Theme Settings. 

    Step 2: Locate the Theme Active option and insert your purchase code into the designated Purchase code field.

    How do I update my Kalles theme?

    To update your Kalles theme, access Theme actions, choose Edit code, and open the settings_data.json file. Copy the entire code from this file and paste it into the corresponding file of the new theme.


    The Kalles Shopify Theme is a versatile and customizable choice for constructing a distinct and captivating online store. Its adaptable layout choices, extensive features, and compatibility with Online Store 2.0 form a strong base for crafting an appealing and functional storefront.

    EComposer Landing Page Builder is an equally potent alternative for those without access. Select the route that best suits your specific needs—the intricate features of the Kalles Shopify Theme or the comprehensive customization capabilities offered by EComposer—to design an exceptional and tailor-made online storefront that resonates with your audience.

    Stay tuned to EComposer News and Blogs for further articles and guidance on diverse functions, apps, and themes!

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