Responsive Theme Shopify Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings


Responsive Theme Shopify Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings

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Responsive Shopify themes are tailored to excel and operate seamlessly across various digital devices like desktops, mobile phones, tablets to ensure customers experience. 

Moreover, this themeoffer straightforward customization options within Shopify's user-friendly platform, enabling users to tweak themes without extensive coding expertise.

Currently, there are many Responsive themes for your store, and Responsive theme by Out of the Sandbox is one of the best responsive themes. This article will delve deeper into why the Responsive theme by Out of Sandbox is chosen. What distinct features does it offer? Is the investment worthwhile? All these queries will be addressed shortly.

What is Responsive Theme Shopify? 

The Responsive theme by Out of the Sandbox is an ideal option for Shopify stores emphasizing superior, impactful product visuals adaptable to diverse device screens, hence its name. It is a technically robust and versatile Shopify theme suitable for multiple industries.

This theme caters to high-volume stores and entrepreneurs seeking comprehensive, robust features. However, it comes at a price, making it less suitable for beginners.

Who should use Responsive Theme Shopify?

The Responsive Shopify Theme caters to diverse businesses with unique requirements. Let's delve into who can maximize the benefits of this theme based on different criteria.

Business Type

This theme suits various industries like fashion, beauty, automotive, furniture, and home decor. Its adaptable design ensures an engaging online shopping experience, making it an excellent fit for businesses emphasizing aesthetics and product display.

Business Size

Designed for high-volume stores, it suits businesses managing many transactions. Its user-friendly interface accommodates smooth shopping experiences, even during high customer traffic.

Industry Focus

The theme's emphasis on full-width visuals aligns well for the fashion and beauty industries. Meanwhile, vehicle and furniture sectors benefit from its layout, hero videos, and image features, effectively showcasing products.

Specific Needs

Ideal for businesses combining online and in-person sales, this theme seamlessly integrates into physical retail setups, ensuring a consistent shopping experience.

Moreover, if your brand storytelling is a priority, this theme excels with features supporting longer-form text. It provides an optimal platform for sharing your brand's story, and fostering deeper connections with your audience.

Responsive theme Shopify  layout options

Paris – theme style for all home goods

Paris theme style exudes an elegant and contemporary aura, merging classic serif typography with ample modern white spaces. Its meticulously organized sections contribute to a cohesive and sophisticated layout without any elements seeming misplaced.

Paris – theme style for all home goods

London – Shopify layout style for fashion stores

London – Shopify layout style for fashion stores

London represents an ideal selection for those venturing into fashion-based e-commerce. Its minimalistic layout, well-structured mega menu, and clean product presentation provide an uncluttered and organized shopping experience.

San Francisco –Shopify theme style for beauty stores

San Francisco –Shopify theme style for beauty stores

The San Francisco theme style suits stores specializing in beauty and skincare merchandise. While minimalistic, its serene and refined design exudes sophistication, instilling a sense of tranquility. The visible product ratings further enhance brand credibility and trust.

New York – refreshing theme style with a pop of color

New York – refreshing theme style with a pop of color

The New York theme style brings a vibrant and airy essence through its bright, colorful design and simplified navigation. Its lively and playful ambiance makes it an excellent match for sports or children-oriented stores.

Why Should I Use Responsive Shopify Themes?

Utilizing responsive Shopify themes brings various advantages:

Enhanced SEO Performance

Responsive themes automatically adjust content for optimal display on various devices, elevating a website's SEO ranking. As Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites, responsive Shopify themes significantly improve SEO performance, positively impacting website visibility and traffic.

Heightened Customer Retention

Offering a positive shopping experience across all devices increases customers' likelihood of returning to the store. A consistent and favorable buying encounter is key as customer retention proves vital in driving revenue amidst escalating customer acquisition costs.

Increased Sales Potential

An improved shopping journey due to responsive themes often translates into higher sales. When users find a store's website user-friendly and accommodating across devices, they're more inclined to convert into customers, boosting sales and revenue.

Enhanced User Experience

Responsive Shopify themes cater to diverse user needs by ensuring seamless compatibility across devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles. Their customizable options provide a smooth experience, fostering ease of use and navigation for all users seeking customization flexibility.

Features of Responsive Theme Shopify

The Responsive theme offers a myriad of integrated functionalities designed to optimize marketing strategies and elevate conversion rates. Let's explore some standout features:

Cart & Checkout Features

Cart & Checkout Features

Pre-order buttons facilitate sales before product launches. Quick buy options enable seamless purchases from the homepage or collection pages. The slide-out cart feature provides an instant view of purchase details, motivating swift purchases.

Conversion-Boosting Features

Back-in-stock alerts notify customers about item availability. Product reviews foster trust and engagement. Integrated EU translations cater to diverse language audiences. In-menu promos and product badges enhance visibility for promotions.

Merchandising Features

Merchandising Features

High-resolution image displays without compromising website performance. Image galleries, slideshows, and image rollovers enhance the visitor experience. A built-in size chart feature streamlines the presentation of product details.

Product Discovery Features

Product Discovery Features

Enhanced search functionality accelerates item discovery. Mega menus improve navigation by categorizing products visibly. Product filtering and sorting aid in quick item identification. A sticky header maintains navigation accessibility throughout browsing.

Other Features

The related products section encourages additional purchases. Google Maps integration displays physical store locations. Customizable page templates offer unique layouts for product and information pages.

Pros & Cons of Responsive Theme Shopify


  • Universal responsiveness: Tailored for all screens, ensuring a seamless shopping experience across various devices, recognizing the prevalence of mobile shopping.
  • Media-centric layout: Ideal for showcasing products through full-length images and even hero videos, perfect for stores emphasizing visual content.
  • High-volume readiness: Engineered to manage substantial transaction loads, making it an excellent choice for Shopify stores with extensive product inventories.
  • Four unique styles: Access four theme variations—Paris, New York, London, and San Francisco—each carrying its distinct ambiance while maintaining a modern, user-centric design.
  • Everlasting license: Upon purchase, the theme comes with a perpetual license for a single store, remaining valid as long as your store is active and operational.

Compatibility assurance: Continuously aligns with the latest Shopify features, ensuring the theme remains functional and up-to-date with Shopify's evolving capabilities.


Below are some drawbacks associated with the Responsive theme:

  • Higher price point: Positioned among the pricier options in the market, the theme's cost might deter those seeking more budget-friendly alternatives, especially among the numerous Shopify themes available.
  • Limited trial period: While there's a trial option for testing the Responsive theme on an unpublished store, transitioning to the live launch stage requires purchasing the theme without a full-fledged free trial period.

Pricing and Plans

Paid Option:

The pricing structure for this Shopify theme is straightforward. Acquire the Responsive Shopify theme for a single payment of $170.

Free Option:

As for the free trial, you can utilize the Responsive theme on your store without charge until you launch it. Moreover, this theme delivers remarkable value for its price, providing an array of features and customizable choices, enriching your e-commerce journey.

ResponsiveTheme user reviews, Support and Resources

The Responsive Theme has garnered extensive acclaim from users in the e-commerce community. Out of 332 Shopify Themes reviews, an impressive 96% reflect positivity and satisfaction, praising various aspects of the theme. Users particularly admire its visually captivating design and remarkable ability to enhance conversion rates notably.

User reviews:

  • Ribbon & Charm Studio

“ I purchased this theme three years ago and I love it. I don't need much help because it is very useful in so many ways but when I do, the team is always super helpful and resolves my issues. It has been well worth the money I spent and more. I originally had the Instagram integration but it has since gone away. I am not sure why but I am glad I got the theme anyway- 10/10 recommend”

  • B.minton

“ We've been using this theme for over six months. Its easy to work in, and they've anticipated many needs (so a noncoder like me can pretty much do what we need). We've not used support much, but when we reached out, they got back to us quickly with the fix we needed. I would recommend a beautiful, clean website with a ton of resources in the documentation.” 

  • Jeff Deegan Designs

“ The tech service for this theme is very good. After updating I had a problem with the mobile page view and tech support was fast to respond and patient with my questions. They tested out my store, identified the problem and provided the latest update; porting all my newly updated content over. Support then explained in plain english what had caused the code conflict. Fixed, fast, friendly.” 

  • Overall experience

“ I am happy to write a positive review of the "Responsive" e-commerce Shopify theme. This theme is an excellent choice for online retailers who want a professional and visually appealing website that is optimized for mobile devices. The theme is very easy to install and customize, with a wide range of options available for color schemes, fonts, and layouts. One of the things I appreciate about this theme is its flexibility. It can be used for a wide range of product types and industries, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes. The theme is also designed to be SEO-friendly, which is a critical feature for any e-commerce site. The team behind the "Responsive" theme is very responsive and helpful, providing timely and professional support to users who need assistance. I highly recommend the "Responsive" Shopify theme. It is a well-designed, easy-to-use theme that is perfect for any online retailer looking to create a high-quality website that will engage and convert customers.” 

Support & Resources:

Assistance and Support:

Responsive Theme provides various avenues of support to aid users encountering challenges or seeking guidance. The inclusion of live chat support ensures prompt solutions, with responses often delivered within minutes. This real-time assistance aims to streamline issue resolution and elevate user contentment.

Available Resources:

Responsive offers an assortment of resources to assist users in understanding and utilizing the theme's features effectively. These include in-depth guides, tutorials, and an active community forum where users exchange experiences, seek advice, and glean insights to optimize their theme usage.

Successful Cases Using Shopify Responsive Theme

Studio Wallaby 

Successful Cases Using Shopify Responsive Theme

Studio Wallaby presents an exclusive home décor line featuring metal origami items delivered flat and assembled by customers. Their website, designed with a Responsive theme, embodies a clean and minimalist layout, effectively highlighting their intricate products. This theme ensures their creations remain the focal point, offering users an elegant and uncluttered browsing experience.

Briar Baby 

Successful Cases Using Shopify Responsive Theme

Briar Baby specializes in creating contemporary bonnets and sun hats for infants and toddlers. Their selection of the Responsive theme provides a neat and intuitive interface that perfectly matches their brand identity. The theme's color palette complements their product visuals, resulting in a unified and aesthetically pleasing browsing journey for customers.

Alternatives to Responsive Theme Shopify you can explore


Colorblock Shopify theme

The Kalles theme seamlessly integrates with Shopify, offering adaptable section placement and harnessing advanced technology. With an array of over 40 templates for effortless setup and an enhanced search function, it eliminates the necessity for coding.

Elevating product pages becomes effortless by enabling the upload of 3D models or videos alongside images, offering comprehensive displays of fashion items and showcasing new collections. Furthermore, Kalles introduces a Lookbook feature, effectively showcasing top outfits and promoting products aesthetically pleasingly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Image Focal Points: Command attention with control over primary image areas, potentially boosting conversion rates.
  • Customizable Product Fields: Tailor displayed product information, influencing purchase decisions and distinguishing businesses.
  • Advanced Search and Discovery: Simplify product exploration, enhancing shopping experiences and offering valuable data insights.
  • Smart Filtering and Sorting: Expedite decision-making, indirectly enhancing customer satisfaction and guiding strategic choices.
  • Animation Effects: Captivate customers visually, potentially decreasing bounce rates and boosting SEO performance.
  • UX/UI Optimization: Prioritize intuitive shopping experiences, increasing satisfaction and reducing cart abandonment.
  • Fast Loading Speed: Ensure seamless user experiences, improve SEO rankings, and bolster sales.
  • Upselling Opportunities: Encourage higher spending and expose customers to a broader product range.
  • Video Thumbnails and 3D Integration: Enhance product presentations, delivering an immersive shopping experience.
  • Color Swatches: Visualize products in various colors, enhancing presentation and potentially reducing return rates.
  • Advanced Mega Menu: Offer a structured navigation menu for seamless browsing, leading to increased conversions and a better shopping journey.


Expression Shopify theme

Experienced retailers and adept web creators might find the Expression theme by Clean Canvas beneficial, as it effortlessly adapts to diverse devices. Offering an array of functions, such as homepage sliders and promotional tools, it grants full customization opportunities.

With no coding background required, its customizable aspects encompass homepage sliders, promo banners, and beyond. This theme stands adjustable to any objective without technical know-how, owing to its diverse functionalities, customizable choices, and responsive performance across multiple devices. The following section will discuss further details about the top features and pricing for the Expression theme.

Key Features

  • Facilitates visual storytelling for brand support
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout features include cart notes and in-store pickups
  • Merchandising options encompass animations, color swatches, high-resolution images, ingredient or nutritional details, lookbooks, slideshows, shipping/delivery information, and usage instructions.
  • Product variations and video options are available
  • Image functionalities involve galleries, rollover effects, and zoom capabilities
  • Product discovery attributes include breadcrumbs, collection page navigation, enhanced search, product filtering and sorting, recently viewed items, and suggested products.

Pricing: $240 


Emerge Theme

Emerge is one of the finest responsive Shopify themes, boasting a chic and contemporary vibe that elevates the store's aesthetic. Tailored for online and physical stores, the Shopify Emerge Theme presents exceptional promotions that significantly enhance sales and revenue.

This theme is a versatile choice for any store, regardless of the product catalog's size or the shop's scale. Its layout exudes sophistication and professionalism, lending the online business a captivating and elegant appeal. With many valuable features, the Emerge theme is designed to cater to businesses aiming for swift setup, the flexibility to sell in various settings, and scalability for considerable growth.

Key Features

  • Store Visit Product Discovery Tools: Mega menu, collection page navigation, advanced search, product filtering and sorting, sticky header, and recently viewed items.
  • Cart and Checkout Features: Quick buy option, slide-out cart, cart notes, sticky cart, and in-store pickups.
  • Detailed Information on Supplement Ingredients and Nutritional Facts.
  • Back-in-stock Alert Functionality.
  • Comprehensive Product Details and Reviews for Customer Trust.
  • EU Translations are Available in Multiple Languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES) along with a FAQ section.
  • Support for Banner Ads, Tiles, and Pop-ups.
  • Color Swatches for Product Variety.

Pricing: $320

Add custom sections to theme using EComposer

EComposer offers a comprehensive overview:

Opt for EComposer's Landing Page Builder to craft a bespoke landing page tailored to your brand's identity and objectives.

EComposer optimizes landing pages for SEO, speed, and performance, enhancing the potential to convert visitors into loyal customers. In addition to enriching pages with interactive elements and engaging designs, it ensures clear calls to action, prompting visitors to take desired actions.

Key features for your online store include:

  • Effortlessly create diverse pages and sections, spanning from landing pages, homepages, collection pages to product displays.
  • Utilize a live drag-and-drop page builder adhering to Shopify standards—a user-friendly interface requiring no coding skills.
  • Access a design library comprising varied page layouts, section templates, and multiple elements to elevate your pages.
  • Leverage integrated add-ons like Ajax Cart, Color Swatch, Image Optimizer, Cross-selling, among others.
  • Experience advanced functionalities such as Page Analytics, Global Blocks, AI Content Generation, Lazy Loading, and robust features.

Instructions on adding custom sections to the Shopify Responsive theme using EComposer.

Follow these steps to seamlessly integrate custom sections into your Responsive Theme using the EComposer Page Builder for your Shopify storefront:

Step 1: Access Your Shopify Account: Sign in to your Shopify account using your credentials.

Step 2: Install EComposer Page Builder: Install the EComposer Page Builder app or open it if already installed to ensure it's integrated into your Shopify store.

EComposer Page Builder

Step 3: Access Theme Customization: Navigate to the 'Online Store' category and select 'Theme' to access theme customization.

Navigate to the 'Online Store' category and select 'Theme' to access theme customization.

Step 4: Customize Responsive Theme: Choose the Responsive Theme and click 'Customize' to enter the customization interface.

Navigate to the 'Online Store' category and select 'Theme' to access theme customization.

Step 5: Add Custom Sections: Within the store interface, click 'Add section.' Choose the specific type of section desired for customization within the Responsive Theme.

Click 'Add section.

Following these steps, users can effortlessly incorporate unique and tailored custom sections into their Responsive Theme using the EComposer Page Builder for their Shopify storefronts.


What is a responsive Shopify theme?

A responsive Shopify theme like Responsive is a versatile design crafted to maintain a polished appearance on various devices. It ensures your customers can easily and swiftly shop from anywhere, enhancing their shopping experience.

Do Shopify websites adapt to different devices?

Shopify presents an excellent array of responsive themes tailored to diverse layouts and screen resolutions. Regardless of whether your customers access your site from a tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop, your website showcases flawlessly, maintaining its intended appearance across all devices.

Are all Shopify themes responsive?

Not every Shopify theme is responsive. The responsiveness varies, often due to outsourcing to unreliable contractors. All default Shopify themes, whether free or purchased, are designed to be responsive. However, there's a possibility of encountering a non-responsive theme developed by an untrustworthy developer.


Selecting the ideal theme is vital for your online store, and the Responsive Theme Shopify stands out as a stellar option. Its seamless shopping experience across all devices caters well to the fashion, beauty, automobiles, furniture, and home decor industries.

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