Expanse Theme Shopify Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings


Expanse Theme Shopify Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings

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Enter the Expanse Theme Shopify – a versatile, feature-rich theme designed to elevate your store's aesthetics, functionality, and, ultimately, your bottom line.

In this comprehensive review, we'll explore Expanse Theme’s features, layout options, pricing, pros and cons, user reviews, support, resources, and more.

Whether you're a seasoned Shopify merchant looking to refresh your storefront or a budding entrepreneur stepping into online retail, this review aims to equip you with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision.

Now, let’s start!

What is Expanse Theme Shopify?

Expanse Theme Shopify is a sophisticated solution for businesses with medium to large inventories.

Picture this: You've poured your heart and soul into curating an extensive catalog of products, each one deserving of its moment in the spotlight. But what good is a treasure trove if it's buried beneath layers of cluttered design and labyrinthine navigation? This is where the Expanse Theme shines.

Purpose-built to showcase and promote large product catalogs, Expanse is more than just a Shopify theme – it's a gateway to an intuitive user experience. Imagine your customers gliding effortlessly through your virtual aisles, guided by the smooth contours of a clean, versatile theme.

Expanse Theme Shopify

(Image source: Shopify Theme Store)

With Expanse, simplicity is key. Gone are the days of endless scrolling and fruitless searches. Thanks to its advanced navigation and filtering features, customers can swiftly pinpoint their desired products with surgical precision.

Whether they're hunting for the latest gadgets or scouring for timeless classics, Expanse ensures that every item is just a click away.

Expanse theme Layout options


For the forward-thinkers and trendsetters, the Modern layout option boasts sleek lines, minimalist elements, and a contemporary vibe. It's perfect for brands looking to convey a sense of sophistication and innovation, drawing customers in with its clean, elegant, and aesthetic.

Expanse Theme Shopify - Modern

(Image source: Shopify Theme Store)


The Classic layout option combines timeless elegance with modern functionality. With its timeless design elements and understated charm, this layout option appeals to traditionalists and modernists alike. Whether selling vintage-inspired goods or cutting-edge technology, the Classic layout provides a versatile canvas for your brand's story.

Expanse Theme Shopify - Classic

(Image source: Shopify Theme Store)


Striking the balance between function and form, the Contemporary layout option exudes effortless style and versatility. With its dynamic design elements and bold accents, this layout option is ideal for brands seeking to make a statement in the crowded e-commerce landscape. Whether you're showcasing artisanal crafts or high-tech gadgets, the Contemporary layout option ensures that your products take center stage.

Expanse Theme Shopify - Contemporary

(Image source: Shopify Theme Store)

Features of Expanse Theme Shopify 

Showcase and Promote Large Product Catalogs

With Expanse, your expansive inventory takes center stage. Whether flaunting a diverse range of products or boasting an extensive collection, Expanse provides the perfect canvas to showcase and promote your offerings.

Boost Upsell and Cross-sell

Capitalize on every opportunity to increase sales with Expanse's built-in upsell and cross-sell functionality. Encourage customers to explore complementary products and upgrade their purchases, driving revenue and maximizing average order value.

Mega Menu

Navigation is made effortless. Expanse's mega menu empowers customers to navigate your store easily, offering intuitive access to categories, subcategories, and featured collections. Get rid of endless scrolling, and hello to streamlined navigation.

Mega Menu of Expanse Theme Shopify

(Image source: Shopify Theme Store)

Clean Design

In the cluttered world of online shopping, simplicity is critical. Expanse's clean design ensures that your products shine without distraction, fostering a seamless browsing experience that keeps customers engaged and focused.

Product Filtering and Sorting

Get rid of the frustration of endless scrolling and fruitless searches. Expanse's robust product filtering and sorting options make browsing a breeze, with powerful multi-category sidebar filters, multi-column menus, subcollection tiles, and quick view functionality.

Enhanced Search

Help customers find what they're looking for in a flash with Expanse's enhanced search feature. Whether they're searching by keyword, category, or product attribute, Expanse ensures that every query yields relevant results, reducing friction and improving the shopping experience.

Enhanced Search of Expanse Theme Shopify

(Image source: Shopify Theme Store)

Quick Buy

Expanse's quick buy feature streamlines the purchasing process. With just a few clicks, visitors can add products to their cart and go to checkout without leaving the product page, minimizing friction and maximizing conversions.


In an increasingly mobile-centric world, responsiveness is non-negotiable. Expanse's mobile-first design ensures that your store loads quickly and looks impeccable on every device, optimizing both user experience and search engine visibility.

Mobile-first of Expanse Theme Shopify

(Image source: Archetype Themes)

Expanse Theme Pricing Options

With the unlimited free trial, you can test drive the theme with your own products, brand colors, and customizations at no cost. Experience firsthand how Expanse enhances your storefront's aesthetics and functionality.

Unlock its full potential, unleashing myriad features and capabilities designed by publishing to your store for a one-time payment of $360.

Pros & Cons of Expanse Theme Shopify 

Pros of Expanse Theme Shopify

  • Powerful Promotion: Increase sales effortlessly with Expanse's dynamic promotion feature. Seamlessly highlight promotions across various sections of your store, including the homepage, collection page banners, product page images, and even the footer. This strategic placement maximizes visibility and drives conversions at every customer journey stage.
  • Built for Conversion: Backed by a decade of e-commerce expertise, Expanse is meticulously crafted to optimize conversion rates. Its designs leverage proven patterns for both conversion and longevity, ensuring that your online store remains competitive and future-proofed.
  • Speed Optimized: Say goodbye to sluggish loading times. Expanse's lightning-fast themes meet Shopify's stringent performance standards, bringing a seamless browsing experience across all devices. With optimized code and modern design principles, Expanse prioritizes speed without compromising on style or functionality.
Expanse Theme Shopify optimized speed
  • Advanced Navigation: Expanse's advanced navigation features make navigation easy. Whether intuitive menu structures or seamless category browsing, Expanse empowers customers to explore your store effortlessly, reducing friction and enhancing user satisfaction.
  • Flexibility in Design: Unleash your creativity with Expanse's flexible design options. Whether you're a stickler for detail or a fan of bold experimentation, Expanse provides the tools and flexibility needed to bring your brand's vision to life, ensuring that your online store stands out.

Cons of Expanse Theme Shopify

  • Potential Feature Issues: Users may encounter issues with certain features such as animations, layout customization, and the width of the search tab. While these elements offer versatility, they may require troubleshooting to ensure seamless functionality.
  • Low Loading Speed: Some users have reported subpar loading speeds with the Expanse Theme. While the theme prioritizes aesthetics and functionality, sluggish loading times may detract from the overall user experience, particularly for impatient shoppers.

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  • Confusing Customer Support: Customers have expressed frustration with the level of clarity and responsiveness from Expanse Theme's customer support. Unclear communication and delayed responses can hinder users' ability to resolve issues promptly, impacting their satisfaction with the theme.

Expanse theme User reviews, Support, and Resources

User Review

Expanse Theme Shopify's User review

(Image source: Shopify Theme Store)

Positive Comment: Users appreciate the Expanse theme for its aesthetic appeal and flexibility in design. They find it user-friendly with customizable options, allowing them to create unique product and page templates. The responsive customer support receives praise for timely assistance.

Constructive Comment: Some users encounter minor issues like drop-down menu functionality or footer color changes. While the support team promptly addressed these, a few users noted that specific speed-related issues persisted, impacting SEO and site performance. They express a need for more comprehensive assistance in resolving such matters.

Negative Comment: A minority of users express dissatisfaction with the theme, citing disappointment with post-purchase experiences. They highlight issues such as diminishing appeal of animations, disruption to site flow due to layout changes, and frustration with the developer's support. Lack of responsiveness, demands to alter reviews, and difficulties in obtaining timely and effective support are among the grievances expressed.

Below are some of the most recent and detailed comments from Expanse’s users:

Techno PM - Project Management Templates Download Mar 8, 2024

I love this theme. I have used it on four Shopify stores and am working on the fifth store with the Expanse theme. We love the theme's look and feel. It provides a lot of flexibility in terms of design. The best part for me is the ability to create your own product and page template designs. On top of all this, customer support is just outstanding! Phoebe and her team are very responsive!

CASELIX Mar 6, 2024

I adore the theme and the fantastic support it offers! I've been using this theme for several years now. It's incredibly user-friendly, with a plethora of customizable options. It has all the features I require to manage my website successfully!

Koldkiss Jan 25, 2024

I had a problem with my drop-down menu not functioning, and Archetype could identify the issue (which was caused by another app) and give me some ideas about how to fix it. I ultimately deleted the associated app, and the problem went away.

Eagle Leather Dec 22, 2023

While preparing their newest version of the Expanse theme (5.0.0) for implementation on my website, I noticed the footer color needed to be changed. I mentioned this to them and was going to wait for their next update. However, I received a reply, and a fix was implemented within 2 days. Their support has always been very responsive, and I appreciate that.

Sanojtape Sep 18, 2023

[UPDATE] This theme has worked well for us in the past, but we need to change it soon. We have speed-related issues, some theme-related, and the support cannot assist with all related speed issues. When SEO and Speed are critical, we must look for another solution soon. Andway, we love the theme design and the support replies in 3-4 days.

Imam Carpet Co Mar 16, 2024

I am disappointed with the Expanse theme. Its initial appeal with animations vanished post-purchase. Recent layout changes disrupted site flow. The developer's lack of support for reverting changes is frustrating. It is inconsistent and unreliable. It is not recommended.

Forever Embroidered Sep 28, 2023

Update: The developer demanded I change my review, and when I refused, they refused to continue support. I have had to file a dispute with Shopify. Avoid this theme. I am very disappointed with the lack of support. They have outsourced poor-quality support that is only available in the middle of the night. Simple tasks like changing the color of a header need code added to the theme.


Accessing assistance with the Expanse Theme Shopify is facilitated through the Archetype Help Center, featuring an AI chatbot for quick user queries.

Included Support:

  • Understanding and Configuration: Assistance is available to comprehend theme features and configure settings to optimize your store's performance.
  • Functionality and Technical Queries: Users can seek clarification on theme functionality and general technical abilities to ensure smooth operation.

Excluded Support:

  • Third-Party Issues: Conflicts arising from third-party apps or products are not covered under support services.
  • Theme Upgrades and SEO Optimization: Support does not extend to theme upgrades, SEO issues optimizations, or design tweaks.
  • External Tracking Apps: Setup or troubleshooting for Google, Facebook, or other third-party tracking apps is not provided.

Support Procedures:

  • Issue Resolution: Archetype Themes commits to promptly addressing valid theme issues and bugs, releasing updates via Shopify's standard procedure.
  • Complex Issues: Resolving uncommon or complicated issues may require additional time, and alternative suggestions are offered if needed.

Support Limitations:

  • Product Exclusivity: Support is limited to Archetype Themes' products and requires a valid theme license for eligibility.
  • Communication Channels: Support is unavailable via phone, live chat, or messenger services, ensuring efficient handling through designated channels.


Accessing documentation for the Expanse Theme Shopify is facilitated through the Archetype Help Center. Upon navigating to the Help Center, users encounter four distinct categories:

Expanse Theme Shopify's Resources

(Image source: Archetype Themes)

  • Getting Started: Offers introductory resources to assist users in setting up and configuring the Expanse Theme for their Shopify store.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Provides answers to common queries and troubleshooting tips to address recurring user issues.
  • Themes: This section contains comprehensive instructions specific to the Expanse Theme Shopify, guiding users through its features, customization options, and potential challenges.
  • Sections: This section offers insights into utilizing various sections within the Expanse Theme to enhance the layout and functionality of Shopify stores.

Upon selecting the "Themes" category within the Archetype Help Center, users are prompted to choose the "Expanse" theme to access detailed instructions explicitly tailored to the Expanse Theme Shopify. These resources offer step-by-step guidance on leveraging the theme's capabilities to maximize the effectiveness of your online store.

How to Purchase the Expanse Theme Shopify

The Expanse Theme Shopify offers seamless accessibility for purchase and download from two distinct platforms: the Shopify Theme Store and Archetype. Follow the steps listed below to acquire the theme on each platform:

From Shopify Theme Store:

  • Click the button below to directly navigate to the Expanse Theme page on the Shopify Theme Store.


Get Expanse!

  • Once on the Expanse Theme page, select "Try theme" to initiate the purchase process.
Purchase Expanse Theme Shopify
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the purchase and installation of the Expanse Theme for your Shopify store.

From Archetype:

  • Visit the Archetype website to access their offerings.
  • Navigate to the Theme section and select Expanse from the available options.
Purchase Expanse Theme Shopify
  • Click on "Try for free" to begin the process.
  • You will be redirected to the Shopify Theme Store website. To finalize the purchase and installation of the Expanse theme, follow the steps mentioned above from the Shopify Theme Store section.

Add custom sections to the Expanse theme using EComposer

EComposer Page Builder is an intuitive tool that enables businesses to swiftly craft diverse pages or sections through an interactive drag-and-drop editor. Follow these steps to personalize your Expanse theme:

  • Log in to Shopify: Begin the customization journey by accessing your Shopify account.
  • Install EComposer Page Builder: If you still need to install the app, head to the Shopify App Store and install EComposer Page Builder. Ensure seamless integration with your Shopify store. For existing users, simply open the app to proceed.


Get EComposer HERE!

Get EComposer to customize Expanse Theme Shopify
  • Access Theme Customization: Navigate to the "Online Store" category within your Shopify account. From the available options, select "Theme."
Customize Expanse Theme Shopify with EComposer
  • Choose Expanse Shopify Theme: Locate the Expanse theme from your list of available themes and click "Customize." This action directs you to the theme's customization interface.
  • Add Custom Sections: Explore the "Add section" option inside the customization interface. Here, EComposer Page Builder presents a diverse array of section types to personalize within the Expanse theme. Select the specific section type you wish to create or customize within your storefront by choosing “Explore Library.”
Customize Expanse Theme Shopify with EComposer

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Alternatives to the Expanse theme


Alternative to Expanse Theme Shopify - Kalles

(Image source: The4)

Regarding Shopify themes, Kalles is a top-selling option on ThemeForest. Renowned for its versatility and robust features, Kalles offers an extensive selection of over 50 stunning demos and various add-ons, making it a go-to choice for merchants aiming to establish a strong online presence.


  • Mega Menu: Kalles enhances navigation with a mega menu feature, providing customers with a seamless browsing experience and easy access to different sections of your store.
  • Optimized Search Layout: The optimized search layout ensures that customers can find the products they're looking for in no time, improving user satisfaction and increasing conversion rates.
  • Ajax Product Filter Support: With Ajax product filter support, Kalles enables customers to refine their product searches in real-time, resulting in a more intuitive and efficient shopping experience.
  • Super Fast Loading Speed: Kalles prioritizes loading speed, ensuring your store loads swiftly and efficiently. This not only enhances user experience but also positively impacts search engine rankings.
  • Currency Switcher Support: Offer a currency switcher feature to cater to a global audience. This feature lets visitors view prices in their local currency and enhances convenience and accessibility.
  • Responsive and Retina-Ready Design: Kalles boasts a responsive and retina-ready design, ensuring your store looks stunning and smooth across devices, from desktops to smartphones.
  • Versatile Product Layouts: Choose from a selection of over 15 versatile product layouts, which allow you to showcase your products that align with your brand identity and effectively highlight your offerings.
  • Trust Badges: Prominently display trust badges throughout your store to instill trust and credibility in your customers and reassure them of the security and reliability of their transactions.

Price: $69


Try Kalles for FREE!

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Alternative to Expanse Theme Shopify - Molla

(Image source: The4)

Molla emerges as a modern and niche eCommerce template designed to elevate your online retail business to new heights. With its sleek design and comprehensive features, Molla offers a versatile solution designed to meet the specific needs of eCommerce entrepreneurs. Boasting an impressive array of 20 niche demos and promising even more powerful features in the pipeline, Molla is poised to redefine the eCommerce landscape.


  • Advanced Mega Menu: Molla's advanced mega menu feature enhances navigation and user experience, providing customers with intuitive access to various sections of your online store.
  • Fast Performance: Speed is paramount in today's digital landscape, and Molla delivers a speedy performance that ensures swift loading times and a seamless browsing experience for your customers.
  • Product Grouped: Simplify product organization and browsing for your customers with Molla's product grouped feature, allowing for efficient categorization and presentation of your inventory.
  • Instant Search: Molla's instant search functionality enables customers to find what they need quickly and effortlessly, enhancing usability and driving conversions.
  • Ajax Filters: Molla's Ajax filters empower customers to refine their product searches in real time, providing dynamic filtering options for a more personalized shopping experience.
  • Quickview Popup: Streamline the shopping process and improve user engagement with Molla's quickview popup feature, allowing visitors to preview product details without leaving the current page.
  • Responsive and Mobile Optimized: Molla's responsive and mobile-optimized design ensures that your Shopify store looks impeccable and functions smooth on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.

Price: $99


Try Molla for FREE!


Selecting the right theme is pivotal in the world of e-commerce. The Expanse Theme Shopify stands out with its myriad features. It offers seamless navigation, powerful promotions, and clean design, making it a compelling choice for merchants seeking to enhance their online presence. 

Alternatives like Kalles and Molla provide further options, highlighting the diversity of Shopify themes. Additionally, the integration of EComposer Page Builder offers merchants an additional layer of customization and creativity within the Expanse Theme Shopify ecosystem.

With EComposer, users can effortlessly design and personalize their storefronts, adding unique sections and elements to showcase their products and brand identity.


Download EComposer NOW!


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