Top 17+ Shopify Restaurant Theme To Inspire You


Top 17+ Shopify Restaurant Theme To Inspire You

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Did you realize that 90% of customers research online before patronizing a restaurant? This underscores the significance of creating a website that effectively transforms visitors into customers. 

Let's explore the utilization of Shopify Restaurant Themes to build a standout website for your restaurant. Whether you have an existing website that requires updating or are starting a new one, this guide will help you make the most of your online presence.

Key Features of Shopify Restaurant theme

When considering Shopify restaurant themes, it is crucial to prioritize some key features, primarily focusing on a mobile-optimized layout. The significance of a mobile-friendly design stems from the rapidly increasing use of mobile internet compared to desktop usage.

Simultaneously, the size of the theme is paramount in selecting high-performing options for restaurant and food businesses. Let's delve into the nine essential features of restaurant Shopify themes:

Responsive Layout

Optimal mobile Shopify themes drive substantial traffic and profit potential, making them ideal for businesses entering the online store arena. Choosing Shopify restaurant themes with responsive layouts ensures your online store appears visually appealing on desktop and mobile devices.


Visual appeal is essential, especially when showcasing food. High-quality, mouth-watering images, organized in a filterable portfolio enhance the user experience. Consider incorporating video content for added engagement.

Contact Section

A built-in contact section with a form, clickable phone number, and Google Maps for location display streamlines communication, saving you and your customers time.

Table Reservation

Simplify the reservation process by incorporating an online system. This minimizes manual efforts, allowing you to manage reservations and keep track of daily bookings efficiently.


Enhance the user experience and overall business success by providing customer reviews and feedback. Recognizing that many visitors research before dining, displaying reviews is crucial to instilling confidence in potential customers.

About Us/Tell Your Story

Share the narrative behind your restaurant's inception and the reasons driving your culinary passion. Including interesting aspects or anecdotes adds a personal touch, making visitors feel more connected and comfortable trying your cuisine.

Social Media Integration

Given social media's significant role in restaurant advertising, integrating social feeds or sharing buttons in your Shopify theme is imperative for providing additional content.

Foods & Drinks Menu

Beyond visuals, include a detailed food and beverage menu, ensuring it stays updated with any changes in your offerings. Simple designs work well, but you can also enhance it with filters, pricing details, allergen information, and other relevant features.

Online Ordering

If you offer online ordering, integrate your menu seamlessly. While this might involve additional costs with your Shopify installation, the efficiency gained in organizing orders makes it a worthwhile investment.

Mobile Optimization: Make sure the theme looks good and works well not just on desktops but also on mobile phones and tablets.

Language Support: Since your restaurant might attract tourists, ensure your website can handle different languages.

These are just a few things to consider, but we'll delve deeper into other features in our detailed theme reviews later. Always check out theme demos to see if it suits your needs!

Top 17+ Shopify Restaurant Theme To Inspire You


Lezada is a super flexible Shopify theme

Lezada is a super flexible Shopify theme with a whopping 225 homepage designs and even more in the works. In simple terms, it fits into any business you can think of. What's cool is, if you add your creative touch to it, you can customize it in unlimited ways. Lezada isn't just for any business; it's also an excellent Shopify theme for restaurants. So, if you want to take your restaurant online, Lezada is a must-consider option.

Price: $79



Hey, fast food places and restaurants, boost your business smartly with HoloFood! This Shopify restaurant theme is your secret weapon for creating a website about your business. HoloFood isn't picky – it works great for different types of food joints like cousins, bakeries, and cake shops. It's super versatile! And guess what? You can tweak it to make it fit your style.

It has cool features like a newsletter pop-up, a button to go back to the top, wishlists, a quick view option, and menus that can go horizontally and vertically. Ready to stand out? HoloFood is just a few clicks away. It's also set up to be good friends with search engines, load fast, and look fantastic on phones and computers. You don't need much to get the word out. Let HoloFood do its thing and get more people to check out your food business!

Price: $56



If you want your food business to look even more delicious than it already does, you should consider Tartine. This unique Shopify theme is perfect for cake shops, bakeries, and restaurants. With its five homepage designs, you can easily create a stunning and eye-catching website. And the good news is there are more layouts coming in future updates. Plus, you can make it exactly how you want with customization options.

As expected, Tartine has all the features and functions you need. It takes care of site identity, search engine optimization, automatic price changes, multi-currency support, and one-click import, and it even includes Facebook chat. To truly experience how impressive Tartine is, check out its live demo preview first and go from there.

Price: $56



Utilize the Yummi Restaurant Shopify Theme to grow and embark on a new phase in your company's journey. Yummi is an attractive and modern theme that is easy to customize.

Opting for Yummi allows you to save costs on hiring designers and programmers, as you can handle everything on your own.

With Yummi, you can easily switch between currencies, monitor orders, encourage customers to follow you on various social media platforms and gather new leads through the pop-up newsletter option. 

Regardless of challenges, remember that a supportive and knowledgeable team is available to assist you. Give Yummi a try, please.

Price: $69



Makali is a Shopify theme that suits everyone. It offers a whopping sixty beautiful and versatile home pages, more than forty drag-and-drop sections, and fourteen headers, giving you plenty of choices. Makali is also fully compatible with RTL languages. You can personalize and brand the default settings, aligning Makali perfectly with your branding.

Furthermore, the layout is 100% fluid and flexible, ensuring it works seamlessly on all modern devices and web browsers. If you want to expand the reach of your food and restaurant business, consider establishing an online presence with Makali. You don't need specific skills or experience because Makali is designed for everyone, whether a newbie or a pro. Along with presenting your business comprehensively, you can kickstart an engaging blog and take your online presence to a new level.

Price: $48



Foodie is a versatile and conversion-focused theme designed specifically for smaller inventory shops. It's perfect for professional chefs or food enthusiasts looking to earn money by selling their creations. The Grind theme from Foodie gives your online store a fresh and appealing look, making it more attractive to potential customers.

This theme is an excellent choice if you aim to sell products while also encouraging visitors to check out your physical store.

To make it convenient for customers to inquire about deliveries, you can feature your contact information prominently at the top of this template.

Foodie also supports the sale of age-restricted items like lottery tickets, alcohol, and cigarettes.

If you have a physical store and want to expand your presence through an online store, Foodie is the ideal Shopify theme to use.

Price: $180 

La Cafe

La Cafe

While La Cafe may not be exclusively designed for Shopify restaurants, it's still a fantastic addition. True to its name, it's a tool primarily crafted for creating websites for coffee shops, but it's versatile enough to suit various other business purposes. You don't have to limit yourself when using La Cafe; it's a highly adaptable tool designed to cater to even the most discerning tastes.

In terms of features, La Cafe offers quite a few. From sliders and newsletter pop-ups to five different mega menu styles, a deal counter, and animated masks, La Cafe equips you to navigate the online world like a pro. Regarding professionalism, here's the best part – you won't need coding or design knowledge. It's very user-friendly and perfect for beginners.

Price: $55



Now, anyone in the food business can benefit big time from using Emerge. This Shopify restaurant theme is like a box of delicious goodies, promising a strong impact.

With its clean and attractive design, Emerge immediately grabs everyone's attention. Its awesome framed look sets you apart from the crowd, without a doubt. Emerge is designed to boost your potential and encourage more customers to take action, especially if your focus is on online food ordering.

With a bundle of features, you get everything you need. You can create engaging presentations with videos on your home and product pages to capture everyone's interest. What's more, Emerge supports quick buying, a multi-level menu, a mailing list pop-up, and a live search function. Turning Emerge into an active restaurant website requires minimal effort.

Price: $320



Fame stands out as one of the most imaginative Shopify restaurant themes, thanks to its unique animated components like carousels, an impressive mega menu featuring in-menu promotions, highlighted collections and items, and other features that add vibrancy to your business.

Additionally, the theme offers a rich assortment of promotional elements to announce your presence, including prominent scrolling text in major fonts, animated collections, promotional banners, tiles, videos in prominent sections, image hotspots, and more.

The Fame Shopify theme offers two styling choices: Dark and Crystal, each with unique characteristics to cater to the design preferences of various stores.

Price: $270



One of the must-have Shopify restaurant themes is Combine. It's a fantastic choice for restaurants with a large inventory, offering features that boost conversions like product sets, bundle builders, buy-one-get-one-free deals, and quick purchasing.

This restaurant theme is designed to efficiently and quickly manage a high volume of transactions. Combine Shopify theme for restaurants prioritizes showcasing visuals for effective brand storytelling, uniquely presenting items, collections, brand features, and promotions to ensure your visitors don't overlook anything. You can achieve your desired look with over 25 elements, a flexible layout, and numerous customization options.

Price: $360 



Vegist is the top Shopify theme for vegetable stores, organic food, supermarkets, grocery shops, and restaurants. It's not just limited to these – Vegist also works well for selling electronics, clothes, devices, and mobile accessories.

With Vegist, you get awesome features like different grid and list options, custom product filters, an advanced mega menu, and a vega menu. It also includes a wishlist, sales popup promotion, ajax add to cart, sticky cart, direct checkout, and a product countdown.

Vegist has a versatile homepage that supports both box and RTL (right-to-left). It provides various header and footer options to choose from as well.

Price: $59



The Shopify Local theme is a premium restaurant theme for Shopify that provides a clean yet attractive appearance for your restaurants. It's an ideal choice for businesses looking to showcase their products or cuisines straightforwardly. Packed with features to enhance store performance and improve the customer experience, the theme includes Quick Buy, Mega Menu, and Multiple Language Translation.

The Local Restaurant Shopify Theme offers three impressive presets tailored for small fashion, boutiques, restaurants, and startups, helping you enhance your online presence.

This theme is loaded with features to improve the shopping experience, boost customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive sales.

You can find this Shopify Theme in the Shopify Theme Store for a one-time purchase of $300. Additionally, it comes with an unlimited free trial, allowing you to thoroughly explore and evaluate the theme before deciding to invest your money.

Price: $360



Employ this Bakery Restaurant Shopify Theme to swiftly establish a fully operational website for your online bakery store. Being built on Shopify, one of the top platforms available, it comes with diverse features. Notably, this theme supports multiple currencies. The MegaMenu feature enables you to design attractive menus with submenus effortlessly.

Furthermore, it incorporates a QuickView feature for products, enabling users to inspect product details within a lightbox without navigating away from the website. Users can easily navigate between products using the next and previous buttons within the same lightbox.

Price: $48



The next option in our top Shopify restaurant themes is Sushi – Food & Restaurant. Created by BuddhaThemes, it's perfect for any restaurant or hotel business website.

Sushi templates mostly feature a lovely combination of yellow and brown. This blend gives your website a simple yet sophisticated vibe, greatly improving the shopping experience for customers.

Moreover, this Shopify restaurant theme has a handy feature that automatically calculates shipping costs and delivery times based on the destination and service. This saves time and ensures you provide the best service to your clients.

Price: $45



The Crave Shopify theme is an excellent option for food and beverage stores. Its vibrant and playful design, paired with high-quality food photos, creates an enticing and appetizing experience.

Crave not only boasts an appealing look but also comes with impressive features. These include dynamic checkout options, full mobile optimization for shoppers on the go, and the essential inclusion of ingredients and nutritional information for an online food store. These are just a few highlights of what Crave has to offer. And the best part is, since this theme is entirely free, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try!

Price: Free



Burgs is a customizable Shopify restaurant theme that offers a stylish website design. It provides various blog layouts, attractive and clean default themes, impressive graphic elements, pop-up notifications, and seamless integration with social sharing. Burgs also has premium features such as Slider Revolution, Owl carousel, mega menu, and Ajax tools.

When using Burgs, your website's performance will consistently be top-notch. If you're in search of an optimized and user-friendly eCommerce site, Burgs is worth considering

Price: $58



Organici is a premium Shopify theme designed specifically for organic stores, including organic food, fruits, vegetables, bakery, farms, coffee, cosmetics, and restaurants.

This ultimate responsive Shopify Theme blends an appealing style with a robust backend interface, offering high editability and user-friendliness. Packed with flexible options, quick loading, full responsiveness, retina readiness, live theme customizer, SEO-friendly features, one-click demo installation, dedicated support, and more. Organici stands out as the latest and delightful Shopify Theme for restaurants.

Price: 56$

Customize Your Theme with EComposer 

Transform your Shopify store's speed and design flexibility with the Shopify restaurant theme, enhanced by the EComposer Landing Page Builder app.

EComposer Landing Page Builder

EComposer is a perfect choice for Shopify restaurants and elevates your online presence to new heights. This dynamic tool empowers both beginners and seasoned users with its live drag-and-drop editor, allowing you to effortlessly craft unique pages and sections.

Say goodbye to the complexities and costs associated with third-party apps—EComposer seamlessly integrates various extensions designed to boost sales. Worried about store speed? Fear not, as EComposer's speed-up tools and optimized codes ensure a smooth user experience without compromising performance.

Experience the freedom to build any page type or section, from stunning landing pages to captivating product showcases. The live drag-and-drop page builder provides instant previews, streamlining the customization process for a seamless workflow.

Unlock a world of possibilities with EComposer, offering:

  • A diverse design library featuring various page layouts, section templates, and a plethora of elements.
  • Built-in add-ons such as Ajax Cart, Color Swatch, Image Optimizer, Cross-selling, and more to enhance your store's functionality.
  • Advanced features like Page Analytics, Global Blocks, AI Content Generator, Lazy Load, and others, providing cutting-edge tools to elevate your store's performance and engage customers.

With EComposer, embrace unparalleled speed, design versatility, and powerful features to enhance your restaurant theme and transform your Shopify store experience. Stand out in the digital landscape with EComposer's innovative and user-friendly capabilities.


Is Shopify a suitable option for restaurants?

It's an excellent option! Shopify is ideal for restaurant owners looking to expand their online presence. With a variety of features, including customizable themes and a user-friendly interface, Shopify provides the tools to elevate your business to new heights.

How to set up a restaurant menu on Shopify?

Select a Shopify theme supporting menu sections to set up a restaurant menu on Shopify. Explore demo stores of various restaurant themes to identify those with built-in menu features integrated into their pages.

Deciding between Premium and Free Restaurant Website themes?

While Free restaurant website templates are acceptable, they may lack certain advantages, such as an elegant and distinctive appearance, enhanced customer interaction, superior quality, and comprehensive support, which a premium theme can offer. Opting for a premium theme also allows testing making a final decision.


Choosing a theme depends on your brand's style, products, inventory, and business goals. These Shopify Restaurant Themes can help you build a powerful online presence that enhances your potential. To boost sales, restaurant websites must be fast, user-friendly, and fully responsive.

After checking out the top Restaurant Shopify Themes, which ones are the best and worth trying?

If you need guidance from experts on selecting the perfect Shopify restaurant theme or if you want to customize a theme to match your business requirements, feel free to reach out to Ecomposer.

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