Shopify Superstore Theme Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings


Shopify Superstore Theme Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings

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When establishing an online presence, selecting a suitable theme is pivotal. In this review, we'll thoroughly examine the Shopify Superstore Theme, dissecting its features, layout options, pricing, and user feedback to aid your decision-making process. Whether you're a novice in the eCommerce realm or a seasoned merchant seeking a potential upgrade, this review aims to offer valuable insights without any bias.

Stay tuned as we explore the Superstore Theme's functionality, strengths, weaknesses, and potential impact on your online store. Let's embark on this journey of discovery together!

About the Shopify Superstore Theme

About Shopify Superstore Theme

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The Shopify Superstore Theme emerges as a powerhouse designed to cater specifically to wholesalers and high-volume stores within the eCommerce landscape. Crafted with epic design flexibility, it offers a robust platform to build and expand your business while accommodating diverse needs.

Tailored explicitly for wholesalers and those managing extensive product catalogs, the Superstore Theme boasts an array of design and layout options. Its standout feature lies in its adaptability, allowing seamless branding integration and the creation of a distinctive storefront that resonates with your unique identity.

What sets the Superstore Theme apart is its focus on functionality catering to different aspects of eCommerce. From predictive search capabilities enhancing discoverability to an enticing promotion section, it's designed to amplify the shopping experience for both merchants and customers.

This theme is a prime choice for:

  • High-volume Stores: Engineered to handle large transaction volumes efficiently.
  • Visual Storytelling: Geared towards leveraging imagery to craft compelling brand narratives.
  • Dropshippers: Explicitly tailored to meet the needs of dropshipping businesses, streamlining their operations.

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Superstore theme Layout options

Each layout option within the Shopify Superstore Theme is carefully curated to resonate with specific niche markets. This enables merchants to customize their storefronts according to their industry focus and target audience preferences.

1. Beauty

The Beauty layout option within the Superstore Theme is a visually captivating design tailored for cosmetic brands, skincare products, and beauty lovers. With a focus on aesthetics, it provides an elegant canvas to showcase products while ensuring a seamless browsing experience. This layout boasts elegantly designed sections, facilitating the highlight of featured products, exclusive deals, and engaging content aimed at captivating beauty enthusiasts.

Shopify Superstore theme Layout options - Beauty

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2. Fashion

For fashion-forward retailers and brands, the Fashion layout option stands out and sets the stage for style with its chic and stylish presentation. It's crafted to spotlight clothing, accessories, and trendy items, facilitating an immersive shopping journey for fashion enthusiasts. Its dynamic sections allow for the presentation of seasonal styles, curated looks, and captivating visuals to entice fashion-forward shoppers.

Shopify Superstore theme Layout options - Fashion

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3. Tech

The Tech layout option caters to tech-savvy audiences and electronic gadget enthusiasts. It's structured to highlight technological products, gadgets, and devices, offering a sleek and organized storefront to showcase innovation. Its creative and modern design provides an ideal platform to showcase tech products. Modular sections enable detailed product descriptions, specifications, and reviews, fostering an immersive experience for consumers exploring the world of cutting-edge technology.

Shopify Superstore theme Layout options - Tech

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4. Interior

Ideal for interior design enthusiasts and furniture retailers, the Interior layout option emphasizes showcasing home decor, furnishings, and interior design elements. Curate room sets, offer styling tips, and showcase product pairings to elevate the shopping experience for customers envisioning stylish and harmonious living spaces. It's designed to create a visually appealing space for customers to explore interior aesthetics.

Shopify Superstore theme Layout options - Interior

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IV. Features & Pricing of Shopify Superstore Theme 

Features & Pricing of Shopify Superstore Theme

1. Superstore Theme Features

  • Optimized for Large Catalogs: The Superstore Theme is purpose-built to support online stores managing extensive catalogs and advanced merchandising requirements. Its architecture is geared towards handling vast product inventories seamlessly.
  • Dynamic Highlights Banner: Display vital store information, including contact details and shipping policies, using stylish and customizable icons within the dynamic highlights banner, ensuring easy access to essential information.
Banners of Shopify Superstore Theme
  • Ultra-Powerful Navigation: Efficiency is key in guiding customers swiftly toward checkout. With customizable multi-column drop-down menus and quick links, the Superstore Theme ensures a streamlined navigation experience for users.
  • Wholesale Club Integration: Seamlessly integrate Wholesale Club with Superstore to effortlessly offer exclusive wholesale pricing to tagged customers within your Shopify store. This integration simplifies the process of providing wholesale deals to specific clientele.
  • Fast Collection Filtering: Leveraging AJAX technology, the Superstore Theme enables rapid and responsive filtering and sorting of products directly on collection pages, enhancing the browsing experience for customers.

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  • Fully Integrated Custom Scripts: Enjoy the flexibility of modifying your theme’s code within the theme editor itself, eliminating the hassle of navigating away from the editing interface.
  • Epic Design Flexibility: The Superstore Theme boasts highly configurable design, styling, and layout options, allowing merchants to achieve a distinct and branded appearance for their online storefronts.
  • Predictive Live Search: Enhance discoverability and expedite conversions with lightning-fast, dynamic search results for both products and content, facilitating a more efficient shopping experience.

Live Search of Shopify Superstore Theme

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  • Speed and Performance: Loaded with speed-boosting features such as Turbolinks, lazy loading, and minified JS, the Superstore Theme prioritizes performance, ensuring a snappy and responsive online shopping environment.
  • Eye-Catching Promotions: Similar to major online retailers, the Superstore Theme includes sections dedicated to promoting sales, discounts, and featured products, capturing customer attention effectively.

2. Superstore Theme Pricing Options 

Original Price: $320

The standard price for the Shopify Superstore Theme is $320, offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored for wholesalers and large-scale stores.


Special 14-Day Guarantee

To ensure customer satisfaction, the Superstore Theme comes with a special 14-day guarantee. Users have the opportunity to implement and experience the theme within their shop for 14 days. If, within this period, they find that it doesn't meet their expectations, a full refund is available, providing added assurance to potential buyers.

V. Pros & Cons of Shopify Superstore Theme 

Pros & Cons of Shopify Superstore Theme

1. Pros of Shopify Superstore Theme

Seamless Wholesale Club Integration

The Shopify Superstore Theme seamlessly integrates with Wholesale Club, offering exclusive, on-page wholesale pricing functionality. This integration provides a unique opportunity to offer wholesale pricing, thereby boosting average order values effortlessly.

Extensive Design Customization

Users can enjoy unparalleled flexibility in designing their storefront with Superstore's multitude of customization options for layout, typography, styling, highlights, and promotions. This flexibility enables merchants to align their branding and create a unique and personalized appearance.

Unmatched Speed and Performance

With Turbolinks, lazy loading, and minified JavaScript, the Shopify Superstore Theme boasts lightning-fast loading times, even with extensive product catalogs. It achieves impressive desktop speed scores of up to 98 out of 100, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for users.

Enhanced Product Discovery and Conversion

Superstore enhances product discovery and conversion rates through its predictive live search, facilitating rapid and accurate search results for customers. The AJAX-powered product filtering on collection pages simplifies new product exploration, contributing to increased conversions.

Convenient Code Editing

The integrated custom scripts feature enables hassle-free code editing within the theme editor, ensuring ease of customization without the need to navigate away from the editing interface.

Additional Noteworthy Features

Superstore also offers a range of additional features, including epic design flexibility, dynamic highlight banners, support for images with text, and a vast array of 21 language translations, further enriching the user experience and expanding accessibility.

2. Cons of Superstore Shopify Theme 

Lack of Clear Instructions

Users have reported a lack of adequate instructions or guidance within the theme, potentially leading to confusion or difficulty navigating specific settings or functionalities.

Technical Issues

Occasionally, there are significant issues with theme functionality, specifically with filters and menus, after making specific selections within the theme's settings. 

Lack of Responsiveness from Support

There were challenges in receiving prompt or helpful assistance. Complaints suggest a need for more responsiveness or attention to resolving these technical issues, citing a perceived lack of care or willingness to address reported issues, leaving users frustrated with unresolved problems.

VI. Superstore theme user reviews, Support, and Resources

1. User review

Shopify Superstore theme user reviews

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Positive Experiences

Some users have highlighted the Superstore Theme's customer service, commending the team for prompt and helpful assistance. They appreciated the support's efficiency in resolving issues and providing guidance for future occurrences.

Others praised the theme's user-friendly interface, emphasizing its ease in creating visually captivating storefronts. The support team also received accolades for promptly addressing any issues that arose during usage.

Mixed Experiences

While many users found the theme beneficial for managing extensive catalogs with features like live search, mega-menu, and tag sorting, a few noted areas for improvement, they suggested enhancements such as a "Recently Purchased" section and improvements in support and documentation.

Negative Experiences

Some users encountered functional issues, particularly after customizing specific theme settings. Critical features like filters and menus ceased to function correctly, leading to dissatisfaction. These users reported challenges in receiving timely and practical support, expressing disappointment in the support team's responsiveness in addressing technical issues.

Below are some detailed reviews with different opinions on the theme:

Amber on Oct 18, 2023: Excellent customer service

I had a problem with my site that I needed help with. Not only did their support help me with the problem, but they also sent me screenshots of how to fix it if it happens again. They were very helpful and were super quick with their replies!

Aaron on Oct 19, 2022: Love the Theme and Support!

I've owned my business for over 10 years and have used Shopify for the same length of time. I wasn't 100% happy with previous layouts for my online store until I took the plunge and invested in the Superstore theme. It makes creating a visually rich and engaging online store easy and fast. I can keep things fresh for returning customers and it's a breeze to do; no coding knowledge is required. I haven't had many, but any problems I've had along the way were promptly addressed by the great support team. Recommended.

Joe on Jun 19, 2019: The perfect fit for large catalogs

This theme has almost everything that we were looking for, and being a brand-new theme, it has no problems outside the box (impressive!). The live search looks great and features like the mega-menu and tag sorting are super helpful and easy to use. The support and documentation are lacking but are good enough to get by if you have a bit of previous Shopify experience. A "Recently Purchased" section would put this theme over the top; otherwise, it has several other great features that are Amazon-inspired and perfect if you are shooting for that type of site. Great job on this theme, guys!

Jekaterina_Guss on March 02, 2023: Out Of The Sandbox Superstore Theme Full Of Bugs

I have purchased the Out of the Sandbox Superstore theme, and the filters and the menu stopped working after I selected the infinite scroll option inside the theme's settings. The Out of the Sandbox support team does not care or bother to answer.

2. Support and Resources

Support Services

Out of the Sandbox extends support services through its Help Center, catering to various inquiries and issues associated with their themes. The support services encompass the following:

  • Query Resolution: Providing comprehensive information about Out of the Sandbox products, addressing functionalities, technical capabilities, and pre-sale inquiries to facilitate informed decision-making.
  • Theme Setup Guidance: Guiding users in navigating and configuring theme settings for optimal performance, ensuring a smooth setup process.
  • Bug Fixing: Addressing and resolving bugs or issues within unaltered theme installations to maintain a seamless user experience.
  • Providing Theme Updates: Supplying updated theme files to maintain compatibility with evolving software versions and ensuring continued functionality.

However, there are certain limitations to the technical support services provided by Out of the Sandbox that users should consider:

  • The support scope excludes integration or troubleshooting of third-party apps or custom code.
  • Modifications made after theme purchase, including design alterations, new features or code integration, or addressing issues resulting from prior customizations post-theme update, do not fall under the provided support.

Waiting Time: Users availing support services should expect at least 3 business days for issue resolution.

Request Procedure: To request support, users must complete a specified form detailing their issue, email address, subject, shop URL, theme, and relevant attachments if applicable.


Superstore version 4.0.0 is now compatible with Online Store 2.0, offering users access to new features and reduced limitations. Updating your theme enables leveraging these enhancements.

The documentation can be found in the Help Center for Shopify Superstore Theme of Out of the Sandbox. These provided resources cover various categories, aiming to assist users in effectively utilizing the Shopify Superstore Theme:

  • Getting Started with Superstore: A comprehensive guide to help users initiate their journey with the Superstore Theme, providing a step-by-step introduction. Including: Superstore release notes; Upload Superstore to your Online Store; Preview Superstore in your store.
  • Sections: Details and instructions about utilizing different sections within the theme to create a well-structured storefront. Including: Superstore Sections: Blog Posts; Superstore Sections: Collections List; Superstore Sections: Custom Liquid; Superstore Sections: Featured Collection;...
  • Templates: Information on available templates and how to use them effectively for different purposes. Including: Where is the 3-Column Product Page Layout Setting?; Create a FAQ-Style Page with Superstore's Compressed Blocks; Add a call-to-action button to the product form; Superstore Templates: Cart Page;...
  • Header and Footer: Guidance on customizing and managing header and footer sections within the theme. Including: How Do I Add a Logout Link to Superstore's Basic Header?; Superstore Footer; Superstore Header: Search; Superstore Header: Navigation; Superstore Header: Logo; Superstore Header: Layout;...
  • Theme Settings: Insights into managing and configuring various theme settings to suit specific preferences and requirements. Including: Superstore's Performance Settings; Set Up Swatches with Superstore; Superstore's Stock Levels and Back-In-Stock Form; Color Settings in Superstore; Superstore's Site and Page Width Settings; ...

VII. How to Purchase the Shopify Superstore Theme

Given its premium status, the Shopify Superstore Theme is not directly available for purchase through the Shopify theme store. To procure this theme, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by navigating to the official Out of the Sandbox website.
  2. Look for and select the "Shopify Themes" category within the website's interface.
  3. Find and select the "Superstore Theme" and opt for your preferred theme variant.
  4. Add the selected theme to your cart and implement the checkout by clicking the "Add to Cart" button, then select the “Go to cart” button from the notification. Follow the provided instructions to finalize your purchase.

Shopify Superstore Theme

(Image source: Out of the Sandbox)

Purchase Details: Upon purchase completion, expect delivery of the Shopify Superstore Theme as a ZIP file sent to your email address. The delivered file encompasses ALL built-in styles of the Superstore Theme, including variations like Beauty, Fashion, Tech, and Interior.

VIII. Add custom sections to the Superstore theme using EComposer

Enhance the appeal and functionality of your Shopify Superstore Theme by seamlessly integrating custom sections using the EComposer Page Builder. Follow these clear steps to get started:

1. Log in to your Shopify account.

2. Install EComposer Page Builder and ensure the app is seamlessly integrated into your Shopify store. Or, if you have already installed the app, you can simply open it.

EComposer Page Builder

(Image source: Shopify App Store)

3. Go to the "Online Store" category within your Shopify account. Select "Theme" from the available options.

Shopify Superstore Theme

4. Locate the Superstore theme from your available themes list and click "Customize." This action will redirect you to the theme's customization interface.

5. Find and select “Add section” inside the store interface. Here, you can specify the type of section you wish to create or personalize within the Superstore theme. Choose from the diverse options provided by the EComposer Page Builder.

Shopify Superstore Theme

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IX. Alternatives to Shopify Superstore Theme

If the Shopify Superstore Theme isn't an option for your store, consider leveraging the EComposer Page Building tool for comprehensive store customization. EComposer offers a wide array of features tailored to meet the needs of wholesalers and those managing extensive product catalogs. These features include:

  • Diverse Templates and Section Layouts: Access an extensive library featuring over 100+ page templates and 260+ section layouts. This wealth of options serves as a various starting point for shaping your store's unique appearance.
  • Flexible Page Creation: Craft a multitude of pages, including Landing Pages, Home Pages, Product Pages, Collection Pages, Blogs, and more, using EComposer's intuitive interface.
  • Robust Analytics Suite: Dive into comprehensive built-in analytics tools to meticulously track page performance and provide insight into product-related factors. This empowers you to make targeted improvements and optimizations where needed.

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  • Visual Customization Ease: Embrace visual customization through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This intuitive tool negates the necessity for coding expertise while offering unparalleled design flexibility.
  • Extensive Element Repository: Explore an extensive collection of elements, each offering multiple pre-designed layouts. This diversity enables tailor-made and personalized designs for your store.
  • ChatGPT Integration: Seamlessly integrate ChatGPT for streamlined content generation, significantly reducing the time and effort typically required in content creation.

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  • Four pricing options with different numbers or pages allowed enable users to choose the most suitable option for their store and product quantity with the most saving cost.

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EComposer Page Builder

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Try EComposer FREE

X. Conclusion

The Shopify Superstore Theme, boasting four meticulously crafted layouts, empowers businesses across the beauty, fashion, tech, and interior sectors. Its diverse features, from extensive templates to robust analytics and ChatGPT integration, redefine storefront customization. 

In summary, this theme's versatility and feature-rich landscape position it as a powerhouse within Shopify's repertoire, enabling businesses to create immersive, tailored storefronts that resonate with their audiences.

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