Shopify Testament Theme Review: Is Good Choice for Your Stores?


Shopify Testament Theme Review: Is Good Choice for Your Stores?

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Consider a different approach if you've invested extensive time browsing the free themes in the Shopify Theme Store without success. One option is investing in a premium theme, like the Testament Shopify theme. This article will spotlight its comprehensive functionalities and sophisticated design, tailored to accommodate extensive collections.

Later on, we'll explore further to determine its compatibility with your specific online store. Ready to begin? 

Overview of Shopify Testament Theme

What is Testament Theme

The Testament theme is a popular and best-selling choice among Shopify users. It's highly versatile, catering to businesses across various industries. Its user-friendly setup enables swift activation or deactivation of specific sections, offering extensive customization options to suit diverse needs.

Testament's flexibility allows for remarkable design modifications for individuals with minimal coding expertise. Users can create layouts and designs aligned with their preferences and goals, adding personal touches that might deviate from the theme's core style.

Types of Shopify Testament Theme

Types of Shopify Testament Theme

This eCommerce template offers four distinct presets, each exuding a unique vibe. Purchasers can effortlessly switch between presets by personalizing the theme and selecting the desired preset from the store admin section.

  • Genesis: Showcases warm, earth-tone colors coupled with a masonry layout, accentuating your brand's missions effectively.
  • Exodus: A harmonious blend of black, white, and soft pastel pink hues.
  • Revelation: Features pastel purple tones designed to enhance vibrant images, giving your store a youthful and luxurious appearance.
  • Deliverance: Embraces a minimalist approach, characterized by black, white, and gray elements for a clean and straightforward style.

Click here for an exploration of the 4 variants.

Who benefits from Testament?

Primarily favored by the fashion industry, Testament stands out among the 12,000 Shopify stores due to its emphasis on elegance.

Designed with a strong focus on visual presentation, Testament suits those seeking to engage in visual storytelling, manage extensive product collections, or showcase products from their best perspectives. Here are additional niche examples that align well with this premium theme:

  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Interior design agencies
  • Art galleries
  • Print-on-demand businesses
  • Original artisan works
  • Green stores
  • Home decor
  • Gardening

Why you should choose the Testament Shopify theme?

Thanks to its exceptional customization capabilities, Testament is an excellent theme suitable for various industries. However, it particularly excels in serving health and beauty companies. These industries often prioritize showcasing product improvements in appearance and health, which Testament aptly covers.

Ranked among the top 5 favored themes in the Shopify theme store, as indicated by We Are Underground, Testament has significantly impacted over 9,300 Shopify websites. Here's why:

  • High-end Aesthetic: Testament embodies trends, elegance, and luxury, offering a theme that resonates with those seeking these qualities in a Shopify theme.
  • Adaptability: Testament's SEO-friendliness ensures smooth functionality across all devices and platforms, promising fast loading times and higher search rankings. Stand out and make an impact with Testament's distinct features.
  • Multi-column Menu: Facilitating easy navigation, this theme includes a multi-column drop-down menu, aiding customers in seamlessly exploring your store.

Key Features of Shopify Testament Theme

Instant Preview

Ensuring an optimal User Experience (UX) is pivotal in converting site visitors into customers. Recognizing that not everyone has ample time to spare, some visitors might already have a clear visualization of the product they seek. For them, a swift and visually appealing shopping experience is paramount.

Instant Preview

The "quick view" feature caters to this browsing behavior adeptly. Upon hovering the cursor over a specific product, the Testament theme integrates a compact "Quick view" button. This prompts a sliding sidebar showcasing the product's primary image, color variants, quantity adjustment options, and an instant "add to cart" button, streamlining the purchase process efficiently.

Slide-Out Cart with Notations

Enhancing the conversion rate is a pivotal aspect for any thriving business, whether it's operating online or in a physical store. Consequently, optimizing the checkout process becomes an utmost priority.

Surprisingly, statistics reveal that the cart abandonment rate, especially at the final checkout stage, reaches a staggering 69.82%. Among these cases, 17% abandon their purchases due to complicated checkout procedures, 13% because of website malfunctions, and up to 24% seek a purchase process without creating an account.

To address these issues, Testament has streamlined the checkout experience for Shopify stores. The slide-out cart allows customers to review their items seamlessly, eliminating the need to navigate away from the collection page or open additional tabs. Customers can swiftly glance at the cart, conceal it with a click, and resume their browsing.

Moreover, this feature empowers customers to leave specific notes in the cart. This functionality proves immensely beneficial if your store offers product customization or flexible shipping options, significantly enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Optimized Display for Large Images and Collections

The standout feature of the Testament theme lies in its ability to showcase high-resolution product images across your store effectively. It offers options for a full-width banner and presents images side by side, creating a more dynamic and engaging aesthetic.

Optimized Display for Large Images and Collections

Tailored for Shopify stores with extensive collections, it allows for padding adjustments between images and customization of image sizes for a more streamlined product display. It's important to avoid overcrowding images in a single row to maintain a visually appealing layout, particularly in mobile view.

Target Audience

Primarily catering to clothing, jewelry, accessories, or beauty store owners, this theme aims to showcase products against a backdrop of luxury while maintaining an inviting atmosphere. Emphasis is placed on optimizing the customer experience, ensuring ease of navigation for all users, even those less accustomed to online shopping. Customers appreciate the versatility of the four theme options, finding them all suitable for their needs.

High-quality image

Testament is all about visual appeal! With this theme, you have multiple design options to flaunt your top-notch images across your Shopify store. Utilize a full-width slideshow on the homepage to showcase your collections prominently.

As visitors scroll down, incorporate a parallax scrolling effect for engaging and enjoyable browsing. Moreover, leverage image galleries to create an ambiance of abundance within your store. If you maintain a blog for enhanced marketing strategies, easily link your images to blog articles or exhibit the entries directly on the homepage for convenient access.

Customer support

The customer support team is reputed for their exceptional problem-solving abilities, recognizing the criticality of ensuring your shop runs smoothly. They aim to provide detailed responses within a speedy 12-hour window, prioritizing quick resolutions. Furthermore, the team operates cohesively while being organized into distinct units, ensuring a professional and unified approach.

When reaching out to the support team, they initiate an investigation into your issue promptly and subsequently direct it to the appropriate specialized department for resolution.

Pros & Cons of Shopify Testament Theme

Thanks to its exceptional customization capabilities, Testament is an ideal theme for various industries. Notably, it shines within the health and beauty sector, where customers often seek demonstrations of product efficacy in improving appearance and wellness. Testament excels in fulfilling these needs.

Here's what sets Testament apart:

According to We Are Underground, Testament ranks among the top 5 favored themes in the Shopify theme store. It has made an impact on over 9,300 Shopify websites for the following reasons:


  • Testament suits a broad range of online stores, as highlighted earlier.
  • Comprehensive and precise guidance.
  • Dependable customer service assistance.
  • Abundance of theme features and capabilities
  • High-end aesthetics: Testament embodies trendiness, elegance, and luxury, catering to those seeking these qualities in a Shopify theme.
  • Flexibility and compatibility: Testament's SEO-friendly nature ensures smooth functionality across devices and platforms, facilitating fast loading times and higher search engine rankings. It allows your store to stand out and perform optimally.
  • Multi-column menu: Featuring a multi-column drop-down menu, this theme aids in easy navigation for customers browsing your store.

But the Shopify Testament Theme also exist some weaknesses: 


Truthfully, there have been no significant negative reviews regarding this theme, except for minor concerns about slightly complex update procedures and occasional double-scroll issues that may give the impression of inadequate mobile optimization. However, these reviews date back a while, suggesting developers have already addressed these issues.

If Testament doesn't meet your preferences, and if you're searching for an equally dependable theme, explore their other available themes on the Shopify theme store.

How customers rate Shopify Testament Theme

The consensus is that the Shopify Testament Theme offers many highly valued features by users, who appreciate its design and its adaptable appearance.

Anna Klose Hamburg: Exceptional customer service! The support team helped us with various coding issues and made crucial yet minor adjustments to our website layout. They are truly hands-on and willing to invest the time needed to ensure customer satisfaction. The design options offer clean and tasteful product pages, which was our priority.

Ultrachic Château: I'm thrilled with this theme! I have encountered zero issues, and collaborating with the developers has been a pleasure. We requested minor adjustments (not necessary, but because we wanted them), and Tiffany promptly and efficiently addressed them within a reasonable timeframe. Their efficiency and communication are commendable! Give them a try... You won't be disappointed!

Maruko Beauty: This is the first website I've ever built, so I reached out to support several times for help, and each time, they promptly resolved everything for me. I receive many compliments on our website's appearance, partly due to this theme (along with our branding). While I need to improve my store's speed, and I'm not well-versed in technical aspects as this is my first website, I've been satisfied thus far.

Examples Of Stores Using Testament Shopify Theme

Cooper & Boo

Drawing inspiration from Tanya's beloved pets, Cooper and Boo, this brand endeavors to delight pet enthusiasts with high-quality, personalized pet portraits. Additionally, they also create portraits of people!

Cooper & Boo

Cooper & Boo's approach stands out by effectively displaying their work directly on the homepage, leaving a fantastic first impression on visitors.

While browsing through the collection page, given that the store offers personalized services rather than pre-made photos, the selection for showcasing might be limited. However, the layout design, characterized by Testament, remains evident and iconic within the collection presentation.

Armed with Truth

The company offers temporary tattoos crafted from non-toxic soy-based ink, with the majority featuring inspirational messages derived from God’s word, truth, and promises. Their inventory includes temporary tattoos featuring scriptures, catchphrases, and graphic designs.

Armed with Truth

The eCommerce store incorporates a calming and serene design aesthetic, characterized by a palette of light green and vibrant colors. Despite the tranquil ambiance, the images remain visually engaging and dynamic, especially as visitors scroll through the homepage and the collection page. The use of image rollovers significantly aids customers in expediting their purchase decisions.

Alternatives to Testament Shopify Theme


Kalles Theme

The Kalles theme seamlessly integrates with Shopify, offering versatile section placement and leveraging cutting-edge technology. With over 40 templates available for effortless setup and an enhanced search function, it eliminates the need for coding. Elevating product pages becomes effortless with options to upload 3D models or videos alongside images, showcasing fashion items comprehensively and highlighting new collections. Additionally, Kalles introduces a Lookbook feature, effectively presenting top outfits and promoting products in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Key Features

  • Image Focal Points: Control primary image areas to grab immediate customer attention, potentially boosting conversion rates.
  • Customizable Product Fields: Tailor displayed product information, influencing purchasing decisions and setting businesses apart.
  • Advanced Search and Discovery: Streamline product exploration for enhanced shopping experiences and valuable data insights.
  • Smart Filtering and Sorting: Facilitate quick decision-making, indirectly boosting customer satisfaction and guiding strategic decisions.
  • Animation Effects: Engage customers visually, potentially reducing bounce rates and enhancing SEO performance.
  • UX/UI Optimization: Prioritize intuitive shopping experiences, increasing satisfaction and reducing cart abandonment.
  • Fast Loading Speed: Ensure smooth user experiences, better SEO rankings, and improved sales.
  • Upselling Opportunities: Encourage higher spending and expose customers to a broader product range.
  • Video Thumbnails and 3D Integration: Enhance product presentations, providing an immersive shopping experience.
  • Color Swatches: Visualize products in different colors, improving presentation and potentially reducing return rates.
  • Advanced Mega Menu: Offer a structured navigation menu for seamless browsing, leading to increased conversions and a better shopping journey.


Unsen Theme

Unsen theme boasts contemporary designs and vivid color palettes that cater to modern preferences. Yet, its standout feature lies in its unwavering dedication to delivering a seamless user experience.

Prioritizing user-friendly navigation and captivating visuals, Unsen stands out as the go-to choice for online stores aiming to leave a lasting impression. Its innovative slider design merges color synchronization with content separation for a polished and modern appearance.

The product page perfectly balances aesthetics and informative content, integrating Countdown, Last Sale, Hurry Stock, Ask a Question, Trust Badge and more to drive increased conversion rates.

Whether starting an online venture or revamping an established brand, Unsen provides an ideal solution for creating visually stunning and adaptable online platforms. Its versatile design caters well to businesses with diverse product ranges, ensuring a cohesive and user-centric shopping experience.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Swatches: Display product colors and images seamlessly without extra applications.
  • Mobile-Centric Shopping: Offer a smooth, mobile-friendly shopping journey to your visitors.
  • Instant Product Filters: Quickly find items using filters for size, color, price, categories, and more.
  • Diverse Product Layouts: Boost conversion rates by reducing order completion time with various layout options.
  • Optimized Cart Display: Showcase products in irresistible layouts to enhance conversions in the cart slide.
  • 360-degree Product Display: Present products using 360, 3D, and video formats to entice customers.
  • Complimentary Boost Sales Tools: Utilize Trust Badges, Countdown Timers, Stock Notifications, and more.

How to add custom sections to the Shopify Testament theme using EComposer

Overview of Ecomposer

EComposer's Landing Page Builder

By choosing EComposer's Landing Page Builder, you gain a tailored landing page perfectly aligned with your brand, vision, and goals.

EComposer optimizes your landing page for SEO, speed, and performance, maximizing its potential to convert visitors into dedicated customers. Beyond enriching your page with interactive elements and captivating designs, EComposer ensures clear calls to action, encouraging visitors to take desired actions.

Explore these key features for your online store:

  • Effortlessly create various pages and sections, from landing pages to homepages, collection pages, and product displays.
  • Utilize a live drag-and-drop page builder with a user-friendly interface conforming to Shopify standards—no coding necessary.
  • Access a design library filled with diverse page layouts, section templates, and many elements to elevate your pages.
  • Leverage integrated add-ons like Ajax Cart, Color Swatch, Image Optimizer, Cross-selling, and more.
  • Experience advanced functionalities such as Page Analytics, Global Blocks, AI Content Generation, Lazy Loading, and other robust features

How to add custom sections to the Shopify Testament theme using EComposer

Customizing the  Shopify Testament theme with unique sections is achievable through the EComposer Page Builder. Follow these steps to integrate custom sections into your Parallax theme seamlessly:

Step 1: Log in to Your Shopify Account: Gain entry to your Shopify account by logging in with your registered details.
Step 2: Set Up EComposer Page Builder: Integrate the EComposer Page Builder app into your Shopify store by installation. If you've already installed the app, access it accordingly.
Step 3: Access Theme Customization: Navigate to the "Online Store" category and select "Theme" from the options available.

Access Theme Customization
Step 4: Customize the Shopify Testament theme Choose the Shopify Testament theme and select "Customize" to enter the theme customization interface.
Step 5: Add Custom Sections: In the store interface, locate and click "Add section." Select the specific kind of section you aim to create or customize within the Shopify Testament theme from the available options.

Add Custom Sections

By following these steps, users can effortlessly incorporate custom sections into their Shopify Testament theme using the EComposer Page Builder, enabling unique and tailored designs for their Shopify storefronts.

Read more: How to create Shopify Theme Sections

In general, is Testament a viable Shopify Theme?

If you're considering a new Shopify theme, assessing Testament's suitability might be on your mind. Here's an evaluation of the Testament Shopify theme.

Testament is an excellent choice for stores specializing in image-heavy products such as fashion or jewelry. The theme showcases a sleek, minimalistic design that simplifies customers' browsing experiences and facilitates product purchases. It offers multiple features to boost conversions, including an integrated order form and support for product reviews.

One limitation of the Testament Shopify theme is its lack of a built-in blog function. Consequently, if you wish to incorporate a blog into your store, you must install a separate blogging app or utilize Shopify's blogging platform. Nevertheless, this offers more autonomy in shaping the blog's design and layout.

In summary, Testament stands as an optimal choice for stores vending products abundant in images. However, exploring other options might be advisable if a theme with an integrated blog is preferable.


Is there a market for purchasing Shopify themes?

Who benefits from opting for a paid Shopify theme? Paid themes cater to both beginners and seasoned business owners. Despite their abundant features and customization choices, they remain straightforward to install. Moreover, they include extensive support documentation and exceptional customer service.

Can a theme be imported into Shopify?

Navigate to the Sales channels, then select Online Store. Access Manage themes. Choose Add theme within the Theme library section, followed by Upload zip file. In the Upload theme window, click Choose File to select the ZIP file for uploading.

Am I able to market my Shopify theme?

Themes are crafted using Liquid, Shopify's theme templating language, in combination with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JSON. You can sell your theme through the Shopify Theme Store, enabling access to a global audience comprising millions of merchants.

Are paid Shopify themes a worthwhile investment?

Free themes lack access to advanced customization features. If you prefer to follow standard designs, free Shopify themes are suitable. However, investing in paid themes is the recommended choice if you aim to set the trend rather than follow it.


To sum it up, we've presented the Testament theme on Shopify. Hopefully, this article has added another option to your theme library, giving you more choices to make the best decision for your website. Stay tuned for our upcoming content!

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