33+ Best-selling Products On St. Patrick’s Day 2024


Best-selling Products On St. Patrick’s Day

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Dive into the St. Patrick's Day spirit and unlock the secret to boosting your online sales! Our exclusive guide reveals the hottest-selling St. Patrick’s Day products guaranteed to captivate customers and maximize profits this holiday. From lucky charms to Irish-inspired delights, equip your store with the essentials for a sham-rocking success. Embrace the luck of the Irish and embark on a journey to unlock the door to unparalleled eCommerce prosperity this holiday season.

About St. Patrick’s Day 2024

About St. Patrick’s Day 2024

When is St. Patrick’s Day 2024?

St. Patrick's Day 2024 will be celebrated on Friday, March 17th, 2024. 

St. Patrick's Day 2024 promises to be a vibrant celebration of Irish culture and heritage. Held annually on March 17th, this iconic holiday commemorates the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. Expect lively parades, festive gatherings, and a sea of green as people worldwide come together to honor Irish traditions. From shamrock decorations to traditional Irish fare like corned beef and cabbage, the day offers a chance to revel in merriment and camaraderie. Whether you're Irish by blood or honorary for the day, St. Patrick's Day 2024 invites everyone to join in the festivities and embrace the luck of the Irish! 

Symbols of St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day is rich in symbols that reflect Irish culture and traditions. Here are some of the most iconic symbols associated with the holiday:

  • Shamrock: The three-leafed clover symbolizes Ireland and St. Patrick's Day. Legend has it that St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity.
  • Leprechaun: These mischievous fairy-like creatures are often depicted as shoemakers who hide their pots of gold at the end of rainbows. Leprechauns have become a whimsical symbol of Irish folklore.
  • Pot of Gold: According to Irish mythology, at the end of every rainbow lies a pot of gold guarded by a leprechaun. This symbolizes luck, wealth, and prosperity.
  • Green: Green is closely associated with Ireland and St. Patrick's Day. It symbolizes the lush landscape of the Emerald Isle and is worn proudly by worldwide celebrants on March 17th.
  • Celtic Cross: A traditional symbol of Celtic Christianity, the cross features a unique design with a ring encircling the intersection of the crossbars.
  • Harp: The harp is Ireland's national symbol, appearing on Irish coins, official documents, and the Guinness beer logo.
  • Claddagh Ring: This traditional Irish ring features two hands holding a heart, symbolizing love, friendship, and loyalty.

These symbols and others contribute to the rich tapestry of St. Patrick's Day celebrations and remind us of Ireland's enduring cultural heritage. 

Opportunities for online merchants

St. Patrick's Day 2024 presents a golden opportunity for online merchants to tap into the festive spirit and drive sales. With more consumers than ever planning to celebrate - a staggering 62% - and an expected average spending of $44.40 per person, there's a prime market waiting to be catered to. 

The demand for St. Patrick's Day merchandise is high, from shamrock-adorned apparel to themed party supplies. By curating a selection of festive products, offering special promotions, and leveraging creative marketing campaigns, online merchants can capitalize on this holiday to boost revenue and strengthen customer engagement.

33+ Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

Custom Apparel

1. Custom T-shirts

Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

T-shirts are one of the most popular and sought-after items during this festive occasion; custom T-shirts offer a personalized touch that resonates deeply with celebrants. T-shirts have become an iconic staple, offering a fun and casual way for people to showcase their Irish spirit. With their versatility and universal appeal, T-shirts have emerged as a top choice for celebrants of all ages. 

Whether adorned with whimsical leprechauns, traditional shamrocks, or witty Irish slogans, these tees allow customers to express their unique style and embrace the holiday spirit. Ensure your customers can access the hottest designs and elevate their St. Patrick's Day celebrations with trendy T-shirts!

2. Green & Custom Hoodie

Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

Elevate your St. Patrick's Day ensemble with signature green hoodies, customizable for a touch of personal flair! The hoodies are a must-have item during the festivities, blending comfort with style. Their vibrant green hue perfectly complements the holiday's theme, while customizable options allow customers to express their individuality. From festive graphics to personalized messages, the green hoodies ensure wearers stand out, making them a top-selling choice for St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

3. Shamrock Hats and Beanies

Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

Embrace the luck of the Irish with charming shamrock hats and beanies, a perennial favorite on St. Patrick's Day! These festive accessories add a touch of whimsy to any ensemble and are cherished by celebrants of all ages. Adorned with the iconic symbol of Ireland, shamrock hats and beanies are stylish and symbolic, making them a top choice for those looking to immerse themselves fully in the St. Patrick's Day spirit. Deck your customers in these delightful headpieces and watch them become instant hits at every celebration! 

4. Shamrock-patterned socks

Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrock-patterned socks are a must-have accessory for St. Patrick's Day enthusiasts. These socks, adorned with the iconic symbol of Ireland, add a touch of festive flair to any outfit. Whether worn with casual attire or as part of a themed costume, shamrock-patterned socks are a fun and stylish way to celebrate the holiday in comfort and style.

5. Green-themed scarves

Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

Green-themed scarves are essential accessories for St. Patrick's Day celebrations. These scarves, adorned with shades of green ranging from emerald to lime, capture the essence of the holiday's vibrant spirit. Whether draped around the neck or worn as a stylish accent, green-themed scarves add a touch of Irish charm to any ensemble. Perfect for staying cozy while showing off your festive flair, these scarves are a popular choice among revelers worldwide.

6. Leprechaun costumes

Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

Leprechaun costumes are quintessential attire for St. Patrick's Day revelry. These whimsical ensembles, inspired by the mischievous folklore character, embody the playful spirit of the holiday. With green jackets, top hats, buckled shoes, and oversized belts, leprechaun costumes transport wearers to the enchanting world of Irish mythology. Whether worn for parades, parties, or pub crawls, leprechaun costumes will charm and delight all who encounter them.

Irish-themed Jewelry and Accessories

7. Shamrock pendants

Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrock pendants are cherished symbols of Irish heritage and luck, making them popular for St. Patrick's Day adornment. Crafted in various materials like gold, silver, or enamel, these pendants feature intricately designed shamrock motifs, evoking the spirit of the Emerald Isle. Whether worn as a subtle accent or a statement piece, shamrock pendants add an elegant Irish charm to any outfit, making them cherished accessories for this festive occasion.

8. Claddagh rings

Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

Claddagh rings are timeless symbols of love, loyalty, and friendship deeply rooted in Irish tradition, making them cherished accessories for St. Patrick's Day. Featuring a distinctive design of two hands clasping a heart with a crown atop, these rings represent enduring relationships and connection to one's heritage. Wearing a Claddagh ring on St. Patrick's Day symbolizes pride in Irish culture and serves as a meaningful adornment for celebrating the holiday's spirit of unity and camaraderie.

9. Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms are cherished symbols of Irish folklore and superstition, making them sought-after items for St. Patrick's Day celebrations. From four-leaf clovers to horseshoes, these charms are believed to bring good fortune and ward off misfortune. Whether worn as jewelry, carried in pockets, or displayed as decorations, Lucky Charms add an enchanting touch to the festivities, symbolizing hope, luck, and positivity for the customers and those around them.

10. Bracelets

Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

Bracelets adorned with Irish symbols and colors are beloved accessories for St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Whether featuring shamrocks, Celtic knots, or Claddagh motifs, these bracelets embody the rich cultural heritage of Ireland. Wearing them on St. Patrick's Day is a festive way of showing pride in Irish ancestry or simply joining the holiday spirit. With various styles and materials available, a bracelet suits every taste and outfit, making them versatile and popular choices for this joyful occasion.

11. Trinkets

Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

Trinkets are delightful keepsakes imbued with Irish charm, perfect for St. Patrick's Day festivities. From miniature leprechauns to tiny pots of gold, these whimsical treasures capture the magic of the Emerald Isle. Whether as party favors, collectibles, or decorative accents, trinkets add a touch of whimsy and luck to the celebration. Small in size but big in spirit, these charming tokens make delightful souvenirs for commemorating the joyous occasion of St. Patrick's Day.

12. Bead Necklace

Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

Opt for lightweight yet resilient bead necklaces, timeless and attention-grabbing accents for St. Patrick's Day. Adorned with iconic symbols like shamrocks and green hats, these accessories exude festive charm suitable for any age. Consider dropshipping an array of green bead necklaces, each boasting diverse styles and plentiful pieces, to cater to varied preferences and ensure a successful holiday sale.

13. Nails for St. Patrick’s Day

Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

Nail adornments are essential feminine accessories, and there's a rising trend in St. Patrick's Day-themed nail designs. Consider exploring options from Chinese suppliers, offering a variety of wearable nail art in various specifications and sizes at competitive prices. Enhance your product lineup with St. Patrick's Day Nails for those seeking standout accessories at great value.

14. Headband

Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

Get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit with festive headbands! Adorned with shamrocks or green hats attached with a spring, reminiscent of real clovers swaying in the wind, these accessories will bring good luck and become a best-selling product this holiday.

15. Bow tie & Necktie

Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

Green bow ties and neckties are excellent additions to St. Patrick's Day festivities and party supplies. Designed with the holiday's signature green color, these ties seamlessly complement various ensembles and costumes. They represent ideal product selections to meet customers' demands, looking to celebrate the occasion in style.

16. Eyeglasses

Best Products to sell on St. Patrick’s Day

Each St. Patrick's Day eyeglass boasts vibrant hues and an array of charming designs. Beyond serving as festive eyewear, they double as delightful props for St. Patrick's Day photo booths. Perfect for capturing memorable moments at parties, these eyeglasses are sure to draw attention. Ideal for dropshipping, these eyeglasses are must-have items for any online merchant looking to cater to the holiday market.

17. Hair Clips

best selling products on St. Patrick's Day

Hair clips offer a playful way to add a touch of Irish charm to any hairstyle. Adorned with shamrocks, leprechauns, or vibrant green hues, these clips are popular among celebrants of all ages. Whether worn solo or paired with other St. Patrick's Day accessories, hair clips are versatile additions to any ensemble. Stock up on these festive hair accessories to cater to customers eager to showcase their holiday spirit!

18. Temporary Tattoos

best selling products on St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day temporary tattoos rank among the top choices for young revelers at parades and parties. Typically featuring adorable clover-themed designs and lucky shamrocks, these tattoos encapsulate the quintessential elements of the holiday. Perfect for adorning the face, cheek, arm, hand, ankle, and more, they offer a whimsical way to invite Irish luck into celebrations. Easy to apply and safe for kids, these temporary tattoos are a must-have for any St. Patrick's Day festivity.

19. Personalized Keychains

best selling products on St. Patrick's Day

Personalized keychains are more than just practical accessories; they're heartfelt tokens that add a personal touch to any set of keys. Ideal for commemorating St. Patrick's Day, these keychains can be customized with names, initials, or special messages, making them thoughtful gifts for loved ones or cherished keepsakes for oneself. Crafted with durable materials and featuring festive Irish motifs like shamrocks or leprechauns, personalized keychains are a stylish and meaningful way to celebrate the holiday. 

Decor Items

27. String Lights

best selling products on St. Patrick's Day

String lights adorned with green hues and festive designs illuminate St. Patrick's Day celebrations with enchanting charm. Whether draped along walls, hung from ceilings, or wrapped around banisters, these lights infuse spaces with a joyful Irish ambiance. Featuring shamrocks, leprechauns, or Irish flags, St. Patrick's Day string lights create a whimsical atmosphere for parties, parades, and gatherings. With their sparkling glow and delightful designs, these lights add a touch of magic to the festivities, inviting revelers to bask in the luck of the Irish.

21. Balloons

Balloons are quintessential decorations for St. Patrick's Day festivities, adding a touch of whimsy and color to any celebration. Available in vibrant shades of green and adorned with shamrocks or leprechauns, these balloons capture the holiday spirit.

22. St. Patrick banners

St. Patrick's Day banners are eye-catching focal points to set the mood. Adorned with traditional symbols such as shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots of gold, these banners infuse spaces with Irish charm and whimsy. Perfect for adorning party venues, storefronts, or homes, St. Patrick's Day banners add a festive touch to any setting. Stock up on these vibrant decorations to help your customers create memorable St. Patrick's Day celebrations! 

23. Shamrock Garland and Wall Decor

Enhance your St. Patrick's Day decor with our delightful shamrock garlands and wall decorations! These charming accents are crafted with care, featuring intricate shamrock designs that capture the essence of the holiday. Perfect for adorning mantels, doorways, or party venues, shamrock garlands and wall decor add a festive touch to any space.

24. Candles

Infused with the scents of spring and adorned with festive designs like shamrocks or leprechauns, these candles add a warm and inviting ambiance to any space. Whether placed as centerpieces on dining tables or scattered around the room for a soft glow, St. Patrick's Day candles create an Irish charm and magic atmosphere. Perfect for home decor and gift-giving, these candles are a delightful way to celebrate the holiday in style.

25. Figurines and ornaments

best selling products on St. Patrick's Day

Crafted with exquisite detail and featuring whimsical designs inspired by Irish folklore, Figurines, and ornaments will fly off the shelves. Perfect for adorning mantels, shelves, or tabletops, they capture the essence of the holiday, making them irresistible to customers looking to add a touch of Irish charm to their homes.

26. Home Decor Kit

Designed to make decorating a breeze, these kits include everything needed to infuse homes with festive Irish charm. From shamrock garlands to leprechaun figurines, the kits feature a variety of themed decorations to suit any space. Whether customers are hosting a party or simply looking to add a touch of St. Patrick's Day spirit to their homes, home decor kits are the perfect solution. Stock up on these items and watch them fly off the shelves this holiday season!

27. Table Runners

Transforming your St. Patrick's Day dinner into a memorable experience starts with attention to detail. Consider enhancing your table settings with delicate table runners and comfortable placemats to leave a lasting impression on your guests. With their elegant designs and festive flair, these accessories will elevate the ambiance of your dining space and showcase your attention to hospitality. By offering these charming additions to your store, you can help customers create unforgettable moments and set the stage for impressive celebrations this St. Patrick's Day.

28. Lucky Coins

best selling products on St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate the luck of the Irish in style with St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Coins, the ultimate tokens of prosperity and good fortune! Crafted with exquisite detail and adorned with iconic shamrock motifs, these lucky coins are the perfect addition to any St. Patrick's Day celebration. Whether used as party favors, table decorations, or keepsake gifts, these coins will leave a lasting impression on all who receive them.

29.  Flags

Flags symbolize St. Patrick's Day celebrations, adorning streets, homes, and establishments with vibrant green hues and shamrock motifs. These festive emblems evoke the spirit of Irish pride and unity, signaling the arrival of the joyous holiday. Whether fluttering in the breeze or proudly displayed, St. Patrick's Day flags are beloved products that infuse every corner with the charm and magic of the Emerald Isle.


30. Mugs

best selling products on St. Patrick's Day

Mugs adorned with St. Patrick's Day motifs are essential for celebrating the holiday in style. These mugs feature shamrocks, leprechauns, or cheerful Irish sayings, which add a festive touch to morning coffee or evening drinks. Whether enjoyed at home or gifted to friends and family, St. Patrick's Day mugs bring warmth and cheer to every sip.

31. Cards

best selling products on St. Patrick's Day

Featuring whimsical designs and heartfelt messages, these cards are perfect for sending warm wishes to friends and loved ones. Whether adorned with shamrocks, leprechauns, or traditional Irish blessings, our cards capture the holiday spirit and bring a smile to recipients' faces. The card collection offers simple notes to elaborate designs for every taste and style. 

32. Photo Frames

Photo frames are popular for St. Patrick's Day, as they offer a unique way to capture and preserve special holiday memories. These frames provide a charming display for cherished photographs and serve as festive decor pieces in their own right. People love them for their ability to commemorate joyful moments while infusing their homes with holiday spirit. Make sure to stock up on these beloved items to meet the demand for St. Patrick's Day decor and keep your customers smiling all season long!

33. Craft Kit for Kids

It offers a delightful blend of entertainment and education, immersing children in the holiday spirit while honing their creativity skills. With a diverse range of engaging craft activities, this kit provides endless hours of fun for young ones and their families. Its appeal lies in its ability to foster imagination and hands-on learning, making it a top choice for parents and educators. 

34. DIY Kit

best selling products on St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day DIY Kit stands out as one of the best products to sell during this festive season for its ability to offer both entertainment and engagement. As families and friends celebrate, this kit provides a hands-on way to create personalized decorations and treats, fostering a sense of joy and camaraderie. Its versatility makes it appealing to customers of all ages, making it a top choice for enhancing the St. Patrick's Day experience.

Tips to maximize sales on St. Patrick’s Day 

best selling products on St. Patrick's Day

Plan Early

Start preparing for St. Patrick's Day well in advance to ensure you have sufficient time to stock up on popular products, create marketing campaigns, and optimize your online presence. By planning ahead, you can avoid last-minute stress and capitalize on the holiday's sales potential.

Transform Your Website

Create a visually appealing and user-friendly online store that reflects the festive spirit of St. Patrick's Day. Use the St. Patrick’s Day landing page template with color schemes to decorate your website and convey a celebration. Ensure that your product pages are well-organized, with clear descriptions, high-quality images, and easy navigation to help customers find what they're looking for quickly and easily. 

Shopify is a popular platform for creating & managing an online store with many features. If you own a Shopify store, you can leverage EComposer - Shopify's #1 Drag & Drop page builder. With this app, you can create a stunning landing page for St. Patrick’s Day fast and easily using a robust drag & drop editor (no coding knowledge required). Besides, you can also use tons of excellent tools (cross-selling, product variants, Shopify markets, etc.) to enhance your store and optimize it for the best performance and conversion. EComposer Free Plan is available. Try it Now!

EComposer best Shopify page builder

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly to accommodate the growing number of consumers who shop using smartphones and tablets. Streamline the checkout process, optimize loading times, and ensure that all content displays correctly on various screen sizes to provide a seamless shopping experience.

A well-designed online store attracts customers, instills confidence, and encourages repeat visits, ultimately driving sales during the holiday season.

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Offer Special Deals and Discounts

Attract customers with enticing promotions such as limited-time discounts, buy-one-get-one offers, or themed bundle deals. Highlight these offers prominently on your website and social media channels to drive traffic to your Shopify stores and incentivize purchases.

Curate St. Patrick's Day Collections

Create dedicated product collections featuring festive items such as green apparel, themed decorations, and Irish-inspired gifts. Organize these collections on your website for easy browsing and showcase them in your marketing materials to capture the attention of holiday shoppers.

Leverage Social Media Marketing

Utilize advantages of social media platforms to promote your St. Patrick's Day offerings and engage with your audience. Share captivating content, including holiday-themed posts, product showcases, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, to generate excitement and encourage interaction.

Host Giveaways and Contests

Run St. Patrick's Day-themed giveaways or contests on your social media channels to boost engagement and attract new followers. Encourage participants to share user-generated content related to the holiday, such as photos of themselves wearing your products or creative St. Patrick's Day decorations.

Personalize the Shopping Experience

Tailor recommendations and offers to individual shoppers based on their browsing history, purchase behavior, and preferences. Implement personalized product recommendations, targeted email campaigns, and dynamic website content to enhance the shopping experience and increase conversion rates.

By implementing these tips, you can maximize sales and capitalize on the opportunities St. Patrick's Day presents to grow your business and delight your customers.

Final words

In conclusion, St. Patrick's Day presents a golden opportunity for online merchants to maximize sales and delight customers with a diverse range of festive products. From green apparel and themed decorations to indulgent treats and personalized gifts, the best-selling products for St. Patrick's Day cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Let's embrace the spirit of celebration and innovation to make it a truly unforgettable holiday for all!