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Sometimes retailers are so focused on finding ways to increase orders that they forget to build customer trust. Creating trust for customers is one of the effective ways to increase sales for stores. Only when customers feel secure with your store will they decide to purchase and return next time or not.

A Shopify Shipping Policy page is a great way to increase trust in your customers. When purchasing, customers can know the delivery route, return policies and shipping-related issues.

It is considered a guarantee of your store's transparency and makes customers feel right when choosing your products.

In this blog, we will guide you in detail how to create Shopify Shipping Policy and suggest you some beautiful templates for your reference.

Before going into the details, make sure you have built an eCommerce store on Shopify!

What is Shopify Shipping Policy?

shopify shipping page template

The shipping policy is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions set forth by the seller/shipper for delivery to the customer and the requirements that must be met if the order is returned.

The shipping policy provides customers with the necessary terms and conditions regarding shipping and delivery, so it serves as a trust-building tool with your customers. Here are some must-haves in the shipping policy:  

- Shipping Costs: When you include Shipping costs in Shopify's shipping policy, your customers can easily determine the full cost of their purchases accurately. The minimum cart value specified in the Shipping Policy is required if you offer free shipping for your items.

- Restrictions: Any shipping restrictions you may have must be made clear in the Shopify Shipping Policy. Your carrier partners might not ship to certain pin codes or nations, or they might require a specific format for the address in order to execute the purchase.

- Shipping Methods And Delivery Times: It is preferable to detail the costs and the variations in these techniques in the shipping policy if you have a choice of several delivery options and deadlines. To more clearly show the differences in the arrival times and prices of the various shipping options, utilize a tabular format.


- Lost/Damaged Shipment: The logistic supply chain includes shipping and delays. Use your shipping rules to inform consumers about how to get in touch with you and to promptly update them on their orders. You provide the criteria for the cargo to be labeled as damaged in the case of damaged shipments. 

- Rules For International Shipping: If you cater to a worldwide consumer base, you must include the relevant information and procedures for importing your goods to the most popular nations.

- Return And Exchange Information: If you offer a return or exchange service on your platform, you should address the terms and conditions for product returns and exchanges. You must cover many bases in the return policy, such as eligibility and time frame for the return/exchange, the cost of reverse logistics, and so on.

Benefits of Shipping Policy on Shopify store

shopify shipping page template

1. Provide detailed information about shipping

Most customers often search for shipping policies every time they need to know more about shipping information. This helps them know more about shipping costs, available shipping options, processing times, payment methods and delivery deadlines before placing an order.

2. Provide other store's policies

The shipping policy pages show important store policies regarding returns, damage, foreign exchange, international transactions and so on. As a result, customers can check the return policy before placing an order and ensure profits for businesses.

3. Make Your Online Store Legit and Trustable

The privacy policy page makes your e-commerce store legit, trustworthy, and transparent. Customers will be pleased with the transparency of the delivery process and schedule in your shipping policy. And the chances are high that they will come back to buy again the next time.

4. Improve Customer Loyalty

Consistently updating your Shopify shipping policy page and trying to enhance your shipping procedure can build client loyalty. It is a factor that influences whether your new consumer will return.

How to add shipping policy on Shopify store?

Step 1: Log in your Shopify store

- If you don't already own a Shopify store, you need to sign up for Shopify and build a basic Shopify store.

- Log in to your online store using your registered email and password.

shopify shipping page template

Step 2: Open Store Policies

On the main page, click the Settings button, then choose Policies.

shopify shipping page template

Step 3: Write Shipping policy content

In Policies, you can enter your store policies directly or choose to create from a template (if you already have one). 

shopify shipping page template

Remember to customize and edit the template copy to represent the ideas of your online store. Furthermore, the on-page content editor includes extra formatting options to help you design your regulations to your liking.

Step 4: Review and save 

Check all the content you have entered into Shipping Policies, then click Save to finish editing

shopify shipping page template

Creating Shopify Shipping Policy by EComposer 

Creating a shipping policy page using Shopify's default is more restrictive than using the Shopify Page Builder app as the page template is not diverse and lacks outstanding features. The Shopify Page Builder application you should use is EComposer Page Builder.

EComposer is the leading Shopify app in website building that allows customers to create professional online businesses without coding experience. It provides a lot of templates and components to help you create any type of page with EComposer, including Landing pages, Product pages, Home page, Collections, Blog pages, Blog posts, Password pages and Standard pages (Policy, About us, Contact us, etc.)

shopify shipping page template

The steps to create a Shopify Shipping Policy Page using EComposer are similar to the steps to create a Shopify Policy Page. Check out step-by-step details here.

5+ Shopify Shipping Policy templates


shopify shipping page template

Users may buy and sell sneakers on the GOAT website. Its objective is to authenticate each pair of sneakers and confirm their authenticity. GOAT provides a distinct shipping experience, requiring merchants to ship products to GOAT warehouses before sending them to customers during the verification process. In addition, the complete procedure is fully outlined in GOAT's FAQs regarding the slower delivery times issues. Furthermore, GOAT offers a fixed charge for shipping dependent on your location.

2. Your Super

shopify shipping page template

Your Super has the Superfood eCommerce brand, which is intended to clearly disclose local and international shipping charges and projected time frames for clients to view. Furthermore, readers may quickly access the FAQs page by using a drop-down FAQ menu or searching for answers in the sidebar.

3. Hiut Denim

shopify shipping page template

Hiut Denim is an online business established in the United Kingdom that sends jeans all over the world. Their shipping information page is simple to find, follow, and comprehend. This page covers some of the most important aspects, such as available shipping options, delivery time frames, processing periods, returns, and refunds.

4. Terre Bleu

shopify shipping page template

Terre Bleu is a lavender-infused products-only eCommerce business situated in Ontario. Their shipping and returns policy is straightforward, providing clients with vital information such as current shipping limits, processing time, and directions for returning an item.

5. Makeup For Melanin Girls

shopify shipping page template

Makeup For Melanin Girls (MFMG) is a cosmetics business that advocates for the acceptance of females with darker skin tones. The MFMG shipping policy website follows a FAQ structure and addresses questions concerning shipment schedules, processing, charges, refunds, and payment information.


To sum up

In short, investing the time and effort into creating a Shopify Shipping Policy will make it easier to ensure the transparency of your store. We hope this blog helps you come up with an effective and informative shipping policy for your Shopify store.

If you have any questions, contact us via EComposer.


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