District Shopify Theme Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings


District Shopify Theme Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings

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In this comprehensive review, we delve into the District Shopify Theme, examining its features, highlighting its pros and cons, and providing insightful ratings. As one of the prominent offerings in the Shopify Theme Store, District Theme has garnered attention for its sleek design, customizable options, and user-friendly interface. 

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established merchant, navigating through the intricacies of this theme can significantly affect the trajectory of your online business. Join us as we explore the depths of District Theme, offering valuable insights to aid in your decision-making process and elevate your e-commerce endeavors to new heights.

What is the District Shopify Theme?

One of the numerous complete website templates available on the Shopify Theme Store is the Shopify District Theme. Developed exclusively for Shopify by third-party developers Style Hatch, Inc., 

Renowned for its sleek, contemporary design, it prioritizes presenting products and collections in an engaging manner. Versatile and user-friendly, Shopify's District Theme is suitable for businesses of any size, particularly those emphasizing visual narratives and product presentation aesthetics.

This template boasts a polished design spanning various sections, including the homepage, collection pages, product pages, and blog pages, among others. It simplifies the customization process with pre-set parameters for various elements, allowing users to easily input their own text and images into designated content boxes.

Who Should Use District Shopify Themes?

The District Shopify Theme caters to various types of businesses and entrepreneurs:

  • Artisan Craftsmen: Ideal for independent artisans and retailers of handmade goods, the theme's rollover images and detailed galleries effectively showcase the meticulous craftsmanship and unique features of artisan products.
  • Eco-friendly Fashion Brands: Eco-conscious brands can utilize the theme's color swatches and size charts to accurately represent their sustainable product lines, promoting informed purchases and reducing returns due to sizing issues.
  • Independent Beauty Entrepreneurs: Emerging beauty influencers launching their own product lines can benefit from the user-friendly design and customization options of the theme. The image galleries and rollover features enhance the appeal of their beauty offerings.
  • High-End Jewelry Designers: Luxury jewelry designers can leverage the rollover image feature and galleries to highlight the intricate details of their premium pieces, delivering a near in-person shopping experience online.
  • Dropshipping Entrepreneurs: Individuals entering the dropshipping realm can take advantage of the simplicity, navigability, and customization ease offered by the Shopify District Theme, ensuring a smooth initiation into ecommerce.
  • Stores with Physical Locations: Businesses with brick-and-mortar establishments, such as boutique coffee shops or vintage clothing stores, can utilize the Energy style of the District Theme to direct online visitors to their physical stores, potentially increasing foot traffic.

District theme Layout options

1. District

The District style, aptly named, represents a fusion of simplicity and effectiveness. Its classic fonts and smaller text set against a backdrop of ample whitespace exude professionalism at its best.

What makes it truly distinctive is its use of color swatches, seamlessly transitioning between product variants and providing realistic snapshots of different hues.

Moreover, its captivating product zoom animations on the homepage entice visitors to delve deeper into your offerings.

2. Energy

True to its name, Energy emanates vibrancy with bold colors and an immediate collection gallery. While it retains key features of the District style such as hover image animations and consistent font styles, it introduces word box color swatches instead of circular ones.

A notable feature of Energy is the inclusion of a map at the end of the homepage, particularly beneficial for physical store owners. This interactive map, integrated with Google Maps, offers directions, enhancing accessibility for your customers.

3. Coast

Coast seamlessly blends the calmness of District with the energy of Energy. Its soothing hues and circular color swatches evoke the serene ambiance of the seaside.

Unique to Coast are its additional features tailored for fashion, jewelry, or beauty sectors. The integrated product page on the homepage is perfect for showcasing featured items.

Furthermore, it includes a blog preview section at the bottom of the page, providing enticing glimpses into your most popular blogs. This feature can significantly influence decision-making, particularly in the highlighted niches.

Features of District Shopify Theme

The Shopify Theme Store highlights six essential features of the District Theme, which are consistent across all three of its styles. Let's examine these features across six real-world instances of the Shopify District Theme in action.

Promotional Banner

The promotional banner, positioned prominently at the top of the store's homepage, serves as a platform for significant announcements. Typically utilized for promoting sales or new products, it often includes attractive shipping policies and prominent call-to-action buttons. These banners are easier to create than standalone landing pages and less intrusive than pop-ups, often featuring large text and images for maximum impact.


Slideshows offer a convenient way to showcase multiple elements simultaneously on a store's homepage. With the ability to add numerous slides, adjust scrolling speed, and enable automatic scrolling, they provide versatility in presenting various promotions or featured products. While they're beneficial additions to any homepage, setting up slideshows is straightforward even without specific themes like the Shopify District Theme, thanks to Shopify's intuitive tools.

Marketing Popup

Marketing popups, appearing after a set duration or scrolling threshold, prompt visitors to take action, such as exploring discounts, limited collections, or subscribing to email offers. While the District Theme incorporates this effective feature, maximizing its conversion potential requires strategic elements like countdown timers, bold text, attractive images, and trust badges.

Collection Gallery

Collection galleries highlight the diverse range of products available in a store, typically featuring captivating images, interesting fonts, and clear call-to-action buttons. Easily added with a simple click, collection galleries are standard features of Shopify stores, essential for drawing attention to product collections.

Homepage Video

Recognizing the popularity of video marketing, the District Theme incorporates a video element to captivate visitors immediately. Whether used for an engaging 'about us' section or to provide additional sales angles on product pages, videos offer a dynamic way to showcase products and enhance user engagement.

Color Swatches

Color swatches, visual buttons displaying different color variations of a product, enhance the shopping experience by providing a sense of choice to visitors. Featured in the Shopify District Theme, these swatches are clear and compact, allowing quick exploration of product variants without reloading pages. They ensure essential variables like name, price, and available sizes are displayed seamlessly for each color variant.

Pricing of District Shopify Theme

The District theme for Shopify is available for $220 USD in the Shopify Theme Store, which is consistent with the standard pricing for themes on the platform.

Furthermore, the District Shopify Theme provides users with an unlimited free trial period. This allows ample time for users to explore and customize the theme according to the specific needs of their business without any time constraints or pressure to make a purchase decision.

Pros & Cons of District Shopify Theme

District Theme has made a distinct mark in the realm of Shopify with its sleek design, contemporary appeal, and user-friendly interface. However, is it the ideal choice for your online store? Let's explore its advantages and drawbacks to assist you in making an informed decision.


  • Visually Stunning: District Theme Shopify's emphasis on clean aesthetics and high-quality imagery elevates the presentation of your products, allowing them to stand out. With a plethora of customizable homepage sections, you can construct a layout that effectively communicates your brand narrative and showcases your offerings in an engaging manner.
  • Mobile-First Approach: The responsive design of District Theme Shopify ensures seamless viewing across various devices, catering to the prevalent mobile-centric browsing habits of today's consumers.
  • Customization Capabilities: From pre-set color swatches to intuitive drag-and-drop sections, District Theme Shopify empowers users to tailor the theme to suit their unique brand identity, offering flexibility beyond standard templates.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Even for Shopify novices, District Theme Shopify's intuitive interface and comprehensive documentation simplify the setup and management of your store, eliminating the need for coding expertise.
  • Feature-Rich: Packed with useful features such as email marketing integration, Instagram feed display, instant checkout buttons, and size chart popups, District Theme Shopify enhances the customer experience and drives conversions through streamlined functionality.


  • Limited Design Flexibility: While customizable, the design framework of District Theme Shopify may feel constraining for users seeking a highly personalized appearance. Those with specific brand visions might need to explore more flexible themes or involve developers for customization.
  • Price: With a price tag of $220, District Theme Shopify falls into the mid-range category of Shopify themes. While it offers good value considering its features and ease of use, some users might find it relatively expensive compared to other options.
  • Potential Performance Issues: Certain users have reported occasional loading speed issues, particularly on heavily customized stores. Optimizing images and selecting a reliable hosting provider can mitigate these concerns.
  • Limited App Integrations: While District Theme Shopify integrates with popular marketing and social media apps, its range of app integrations may not be as extensive as some competing themes, posing a limitation for stores with specific requirements.

District theme user reviews, Support and Resources

User reviews

Feedback from a broad spectrum of e-commerce users has been collected for the District Theme. Among 688 Shopify Themes reviews, approximately 100% (685 reviews) conveyed strong satisfaction and praise for different aspects of the theme. Users particularly commend its attractive design and its effectiveness in enhancing conversion rates. Nevertheless, about 3 of the reviews express dissenting opinions. 

Below are notable comments from reviewers:

- moderndesign.io (Sep 25, 2023)

Exceptional customer service; truly above and beyond. Always responsive and ready to support. I am far from a coder or a backend developer, but I know I can work confidently developing the store, the team will always be there to support me and help solve whatever problems come my way.

- nativashop (Aug 23, 2023)

It is user friendly for the most part and on the occasion we do need to change or fix anything we reach out to their help department. That is the best part about the theme for us, as we are not web developers sometimes things can be difficult to navigate. Their help team has always been very useful and efficient, very professional and friendly! :)

- SLEEPLETICS (Nov 14, 2022)

Excellent customer service. Very responsive and they go above and beyond to assist those who use their theme. Highly recommended.

- Your Health Boutique (Nov 10, 2022)

I chose this fantastic theme because of its clean and modern look, customisation abilities and the excellent reviews I saw and I wasn’t disappointed. If that wasn’t good enough, I spoke to Jonathan in the support team about how to integrate different apps with the site and he went above and beyond to help and now my site is fantastic. Highly recommend!!!!!!

Support & Resources

Support provided encompasses inquiries regarding theme features, technical concerns, integration with Shopify, and guidance on maximizing the theme's potential. However, it does not extend to custom development, third-party apps or code, and general shop setup. 

They also offer vetted resources for queries that fall outside the scope of theme support. For detailed information, please refer to their comprehensive theme support policy.

How to Purchase the District Shopify Theme

To make District the central visual element of your e-commerce storefront, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the District Theme page and click on "Try theme" to begin the purchase process. This step allows you to preview the theme before making a decision.

Step 2: Follow the on-screen prompts to seamlessly complete the transaction. Make sure to enter all required information accurately to ensure a smooth acquisition of the District Theme for your Shopify store.

Add custom sections to District theme using EComposer

EComposer Page Builder is a dynamic tool designed to simplify page customization, revolutionizing how merchants shape their online presence. This intuitive drag-and-drop editor allows for easy creation of landing pages, collections, products, blogs, and more, eliminating the need for external applications.

Setting itself apart with extensive customization capabilities across various page types, EComposer ensures superior store performance with optimized speed tools while providing a seamless live editing experience. Plus, users can rely on dependable live chat support for assistance.

Renowned for its robust features and updated templates, EComposer boasts an intuitive interface and responsive performance, allowing for tailored adjustments for different devices, all backed by exceptional customer service.

To enhance the customization capabilities of your District theme using EComposer, follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Log in to Shopify: Access your Shopify account to begin customizing your District theme.

Step 2: Install EComposer Page Builder: If you haven't already, visit the Shopify App Store and install the EComposer Landing Page Builder app to seamlessly integrate it with your Shopify store.

Step 3: Access Theme Customization: Navigate to the "Online Store" category within your Shopify account and select "Theme" to enter the theme customization interface.

Step 4: Choose District Theme: Locate the District Shopify Theme in your list of available themes. Click on "Customize" to enter the dedicated customization interface for the District theme.

Step 5: Add Custom Sections: Explore the "Add section" option within the customization interface. EComposer Page Builder offers various section types in the “Library” for personalizing the District theme. Choose the specific section type you wish to create or customize within your storefront.


Alternatives to District theme

If you find yourself not entirely satisfied with the District theme, consider exploring alternative themes below that share similarities in style and characteristics with District to discover the best fit:

1. Gecko

Gecko is brimming with remarkable attributes, offering unparalleled versatility and boundless potential. It enables users to build an online store perfectly aligned with their brand, exceeding expectations and seamlessly achieving objectives.

Ideal for: Gecko particularly shines in the fashion and beauty sectors, providing a platform that effortlessly adapts to brand requirements and enhances the online shopping experience. Its user-friendly design and versatility make it a perfect option for businesses finding a dynamic and efficient online presence within these industries.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Store Locator: Simplifies navigation with a map for location tracking.
  • Speed Optimization: Ensures quick loading for significantly enhanced user experience.
  • No Coding Skills Required: User-friendly interface eliminates the need for coding expertise.
  • Code Optimization: Guarantees seamless and efficient performance.
  • High Flexibility: Adaptable to unique eCommerce requirements.

Price: $99.00

2. Basel

Basel is a professionally crafted, minimalist AJAX responsive theme tailored specifically for creating powerful and modern e-commerce websites. With a user-friendly Drag & Drop page builder, extensive theme settings, premium sliders, and leveraging Shopify's robust capabilities, Basel empowers users to build impressive stores that appear flawless across all screen resolutions. Whether your shop specializes in clothing, electronics, furniture, accessories, flowers, or any other niche, Basel is a fitting choice.

Ideal for: Basel caters excellently to a wide range of industries, including clothing, electronics, furniture, accessories, and more. Its adaptability, combined with immersive shopping features like color swatches and 360-degree view, makes it suitable for businesses aiming to create modern and visually appealing e-commerce websites across various product offerings.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Header Variations: Offers diverse options for site header designs.
  • Full AJAX Shop Functionality: Enables seamless and dynamic shopping experiences.
  • AJAX Search: Provides quick and responsive search functionality.
  • Quick View Option: Speeds up browsing for efficient product exploration.
  • Color Swatches: Enhances product visualization for customers.
  • 360-Degree View: Provides an immersive shopping experience.
  • Powerful Options Panel: Facilitates advanced customization through comprehensive settings.

Price: $49.00

3. Taiga

Taiga, crafted by the award-winning Shopify Plus agency Woolman, stands as a blazing-fast and mobile-first premium Shopify theme tailored for D2C brands. It champions unparalleled visual freedom and user-friendly design settings, effortlessly empowering brands to establish a unique online presence.

Ideal For: Designed specifically for direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, Taiga caters to those seeking outstanding visual freedom, lightning-fast speed, and modern design sections to generate an unique and engaging shopping experience for their customers.

Key Features:

  • Visual Freedom: Taiga offers over 10+ video-supporting sections, allowing unparalleled access to define design settings without needing customized code, ensuring each brand feels unique.
  • Fast and Efficient Performance: Crafted for modern merchants, Taiga prioritizes quality code, delivering lightning-fast speed and performance—essential for sustainable businesses aiming for rapid growth.
  • Modern Sections: The theme includes current sections like a Banner grid with video, Quick view, Countdown timer, Cart upsell, and Visual menu, enhancing the shopping experience with contemporary features and functionalities.

Price: $380.00

Others also read:

3 Excellent Instances of Stores Utilizing Shopify District Theme

Here are three instances of full-website implementations by users of Shopify District Theme. Explore how any of District's styles can be adapted to create a fully functional and highly professional store.

1. Mexicali Blues

Mexicali Blues embraced the District Style while infusing it with a touch of Coast style. Utilizing blue hues and ample whitespace, they evoke a Mediterranean ambiance, complemented by a custom font replacing the title font. Noteworthy adjustments on their homepage include featuring customer reviews instead of a 'lookbook preview' section and integrating a social feed from their Instagram account in place of the 'shop the look' section, both contributing to enhancing social proof.

On their customer page, much of the original Shopify District Theme elements remain intact, including selection boxes, swatches, image zoom, and social sharing buttons. However, they opted for a more prominent call-to-action button (the striking yellow 'add to cart' button) and added a product review section to further bolster social proof.

2. Snarky Tea

Snarky Tea implemented significant adjustments to the Shopify District Theme, utilizing the 'featured grid' section to spotlight their featured products on the homepage. They personalized the marketing popup to slide in from the side after a certain level of homepage exploration.

Further down the page, they showcase their best-selling teas in the 'featured collection' section, alongside a vertically aligned blog section. Above these sections, a full 'featured product' section, reminiscent of Coast style, highlights the product they aim to promote the most.

Their product page underwent substantial customization, bearing little resemblance to the original theme. While maintaining selection boxes, image layouts, and a 'similar products' section, they introduced different fonts, colors, icons, and a review section, demonstrating how the Shopify District Theme can be tailored to individual needs.

3. Smack Apparel

Smack Apparel exemplifies creating an exceptional store with minimal customization using the Shopify District Theme. Their homepage combines elements of District and Energy styles, with main components rearranged but largely unchanged.

Sections like 'shop the look' and 'featured collection with text' remain similar, as do the blog, video, and 'featured grid' sections. Notable adaptations include image animations and sports icons accompanying header menu items.

Similarly, their product pages closely resemble the template, with selector boxes, social buttons, color swatches, and quantity counters remaining consistent. However, they incorporated a review counter below the title and modified the 'add to cart' and 'buy it now' buttons, along with introducing a comprehensive review section below.


In conclusion, the District Shopify Theme offers a compelling package for businesses aiming to establish a visually stunning and user-friendly online presence. With its clean design, extensive customization options, and focus on enhancing the customer experience, District Theme stands out as a versatile choice for various industries and business sizes. 

Overall, the overwhelmingly positive user feedback, coupled with its robust feature set and ease of use, solidifies District Shopify Theme as a commendable option for businesses looking to create appealing and professional online stores. With careful consideration of its features, pros, and cons, merchants can make an informed decision tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Note: If you want to further explore the potential of these themes, make a difference for your store and help boost sales, please use it EComposer - provides the flexibility to create a variety of captivating pages, from standard layouts to entirely customized designs. Explore the impressive templates offered by EComposer for free – give it a try today!