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98 percent

Yes! Every day, 98% of visitors to your website leave without taking any action.

That's a worrisome fact, especially if you own an eCommerce store that relies on sales.

If you start building an online store on Shopify platform and still struggling with increase more sales, you must know How to Create a Sales Notification as the best way to raise FOMO feelings to purchase quickly, reduce cart abandonment rate, as well as enhance customers’ trust and level up Conversion rates. 

So let’s stick around and explore How to create Sales Notification popup your Shopify sites to increase your bottom lines.

What is Sales Notification/ Recent Sales popup?EComposer-Sales-Notification-1

Using sales notifications as social proof is not really a new idea. Many eCommerce businesses have applied it in the past with various degrees of success.

A sales notification popup implies a small popup appearing somewhere on your visitor’s screen whenever another customer had purchased on your site.

The reality is that a large portion of the people visiting your website will merely be browsing. In other words, they are "window shopping" for now even if they are aware of their predicament.

To deal with it, tiny Sales Notification pop-up ads make use of the FOMO (fear of missing out) marketing strategy. Casual browsers will get more interested in your product if you can convince them that other consumers are actually buying it.

Additionally, you'll develop new visitors' trust, improve conversion rates, and then, this goes beyond simply increasing revenue.


Benefits of Using a Recent Sales Notification

According to Nielsen's research, 92% of consumers trust peer referrals. Social proof marketing allows you to display all of your subscribers and consumers who have already voted in your favor by purchasing and subscribing.

Here are some of the advantages of employing sales notification popups:

1. Build Trust

Customers desire evidence from independent third parties. 

Considerably, 92% of customers check reviews before making a purchase. Product reviews are 12X more trustworthy than manufacturer or store owner sales copy.

Adding recent sales popups allows you to display verified site activity on any page of your website, eliminating the need for shoppers to search for product reviews.

2. Help Visitors Make Decisions

Seeing a sales notification can assist visitors with making decisions because they don't need to go to a specific page on your site to see what others are buying or doing activities.

If a shopper is on a product page debating whether to buy one thing or another, receiving a live sales notification may be precisely what they need to make a decision.

3. Inspire a Sense of Urgency

Recent sales popups are another excellent approach to leverage FOMO to promote sales and other activities.

Seeing a lot of activity for a product they're interested in may be enough to convince a shopper to buy now before they miss out!

4. Build Targeted Campaigns

Recent sales popups can target particular site visitors or actions you want them to do.

You can even use it to move stale products by building a campaign that displays purchases for those products or by adding sales details including those products.

5. Increase Conversions

Sales notification can level up your site’s conversions.

This is achievable because you have the ability to draw visitors' attention in the direction of the goods or activities you want them to engage in.

After discussing the advantages, let's make a recent sales notification popup.

How to show Sales Notification on your Shopify store?

There are several ways for you to set a recent sale popup

1. Add Shopify apps


By going to Shopify App Store and searching for "Sales notification", you can see there are 1000+ apps assisting you with setting up promoting sales popups, from Free plan available to paid.

But WAIT! Here are the things that you need to consider before adding these apps:

- To have full services, you need to pay a high fee which’s around $4.99 up to $299 per month to maintain those apps' work.

- Adding many third-party applications may affect your page loading speed significantly.

- The application has a fairly simple function and configuration, but it would not a cost-effective choice for you. Try EComposer to see how to go beyond basic function.

2. Use EComposer extension

If you have EComposer - Landing Page Builder installed, you may now create a variety of pages, including the homepage, product page, blog page, and more.

What's more, You can possess a large updated extension library, including Sales Notifications that increase sales and boost customers’ credit. 


We assure you that EComposer’s Sales Notification is a helpful tool that must have in your Shopify site. 

To get Sales Notification extension in EComposer, please follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Click here to add EComposer Visual Page Builder app to your store.

Step 2: 

Apply Sales Notification by

- Click on the Extension icon at the top left corner.

- Under the Extension tab, click Add more.


Step 3: 

After installing this extension and granting access, you can customize your Sales Notification as you want.


EComposer allows you to choose between two options to get your order data shown:

- Auto-generate order data from your Shopify store

- Manual import order data (which allows you to add certain orders you wanna show only)

Not stop of that, you can also configure how the popup display and its appearance.


From now on, you did complete generate the ideal Sales Notification popup which saves your cost and time, and no code intervention.


You can watch the full tutorial of this cool extension here


In the nutshell 

We sincerely hope that our instructions can give you a clear understanding of the Sales Notification popup, its necessity, and a step-by-step setting up guide, then you can apply it to your store easily and attract sales more effectively. 

Please feel free to share our guide with your social network group if you find it useful. 

Also, don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions. We are always eager to hear from you.

Don't forget to let us know via live chat from the EComposer app if you need any help.


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