13+ Best Shopify Themes for Electronics Stores


13+ Best Shopify Themes for Electronics Stores

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A great Shopify theme designed for technology can boost your electronics store.

Tech products, like gadgets and devices, are among the top-selling items online. So, whether you're launching an electronics store or transitioning your brick-and-mortar shop to the digital world, having the right theme is key.

That's why we've assembled a collection of 13 best shopify themes for electronics explicitly tailored for electronics. With this list, finding the perfect fit for your store in terms of features and affordability is a breeze.

Why is Shopify Good for Electronics Stores?

Shopify is an excellent platform for various e-commerce ventures, including electronics stores. Here are five compelling reasons why Shopify is an ideal choice:

Shopify offers several advantages that make it a good platform for electronics stores:

  • Easy to set up and use: Shopify boasts a user-friendly interface that allows entrepreneurs with no coding experience to create a professional-looking online store. This is a major benefit, especially for those just starting out in e-commerce.
  • Scalability: Shopify offers plans that cater to businesses of all sizes. As your electronics store grows, you can easily upgrade your plan to accommodate more products, traffic, and sales.
  • Wide range of features: Shopify provides a robust set of features out of the box, including inventory management, product listings, secure payment processing, and built-in marketing tools. There's also a vast app store where you can find additional functionalities to customize your store to fit the specific needs of your electronics business.
  • Mobile-friendly platform: In today's mobile-first world, it's crucial to have an online store that offers a seamless experience on smartphones and tablets. Shopify ensures your store is optimized for mobile devices, allowing customers to browse and purchase electronics conveniently.
  • Large electronics community: There's a thriving community of Shopify users and developers specializing in e-commerce for electronics. This means you can find plenty of resources, tutorials, and support specific to the electronics industry. Examples include successful Shopify electronics stores serving as inspiration and app recommendations tailored to electronics businesses.

Shopify sign up here: https://shopify.pxf.io/JzNq1E


The 13+ Best Shopify Themes for Electronics

1. Kalles

Kalles stands as the unrivaled choice for a Shopify theme, meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of electronics stores. Elevating your brand's digital footprint, Kalles offers an extensive array of features meticulously curated to enhance customer engagement and drive heightened sales. Kalles is engineered to deliver a visually captivating and intuitive platform. Its unparalleled customization options, advanced functionalities, and streamlined e-commerce utilities set itself apart, ensuring a seamless and effective operational journey.

Key features

  • Over 50 Impressive Demo Designs: Kalles offers access to a diverse and visually stunning collection of over 50 demo designs, providing an extensive range of options to showcase electronic products effectively.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Designed with seamless browsing in mind, Kalles ensures optimal performance across various devices, ensuring a smooth experience for users shopping on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Optimized SEO Capabilities: Kalles prioritizes search engine optimization, enhancing overall performance and boosting visibility for electronic products, ensuring they rank higher in search engine results.
  • Easy Setup with User-Friendly Layout Importer: Setting up your electronics store is effortless with Kalles, thanks to its user-friendly layout importer that simplifies the process for both beginners and experienced users.
  • Advanced Features: Kalles stands out with its advanced features, including smart filters and opportunities for product upselling, providing a tailored and engaging shopping experience for electronic products.

Price: 89$

2. Empire

The Empire theme presents three lively and dynamic theme styles, ideal for showcasing electronic devices. This theme allows you to exhibit products against a pristine, white backdrop from all angles. It embodies a classic Shopify theme with essential features for the smooth and effective operation of large stores.

Key features

  • Perfect for Extensive Catalogues: Empire is tailored for large product inventories, providing ample space to effectively showcase a wide range of electronic devices.
  • Navigation Optimised for Conversions: With its conversion-boosting navigation system, Empire ensures that users can easily browse through your electronic products, enhancing the likelihood of conversions.
  • Extensive Customisation Options: Empire offers highly customizable features, allowing you to tailor your electronic store to match your needs of your customers.

Price: $340 

3. Warehouse

The Warehouse theme is an excellent choice for large electronic stores. It offers extensive customization options and is designed for optimal performance and speed. When you explore the theme demo, you'll notice a sleek and contemporary design that effectively presents products with comprehensive information. Its robust code enables ample customization and features, including uploading high-resolution product photos.

Key features

  • Tailored for expansive product inventories, perfectly suited for electronics retailers with diverse offerings
  • Prioritises speed and performance optimisation, ensuring swift loading times and smooth navigation for enhanced user experience
  • Includes advanced features tailored to meet the specific needs of electronic goods retailers, enhancing the overall shopping experience

4Electro Theme

The Electrox Shopify theme is crafted for e-commerce and tailored for electronics appliance businesses. It boasts full responsiveness, multi-currency support, AJAX sidebar filters, drag-and-drop homepage blocks, and additional features. Users can select from various header and footer styles and menu designs. Moreover, the theme prioritizes SEO optimization, utilizes HTML5 and CSS3 coding, integrates Google web fonts, integrates social media, and more.

Key features

  • Fully Responsive Design: Ensures your online store looks impeccable and functions flawlessly across all devices, from desktop computers to smartphones, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers on the go.
  • Extensive Customization Options: Tailor your store to reflect your brand identity and showcase your electronic products uniquely with many customization features, including varied layouts, color schemes, and typography choices.
  • Optimized for E-commerce Excellence: Explicitly designed to meet the demands of electronic businesses, this theme offers specialized functionalities and intuitive design elements to maximize sales and enhance the overall shopping experience.

5. Electrox Theme by Designthemes

The Electrox Shopify theme is tailored for e-commerce, particularly catering to electronic appliance businesses. It boasts a fully responsive design, ensuring seamless functionality across various devices. It also supports multi-currency transactions and incorporates AJAX sidebar filters drag-and-drop homepage blocks, among other features.

Users can select from a range of header and footer styles and menu options. Furthermore, this theme prioritizes search engine optimization (SEO), complying with HTML5 & CSS3 coding standards. 

Key features

  • Exceptionally responsive design ensures optimal viewing experience across all devices, enhancing accessibility and user engagement.
  • Tailored specifically for e-commerce, particularly ideal for electronics, offering specialized features and functionalities geared towards maximizing sales and conversions.


The Launch Shopify theme caters to emerging brands, providing essential tools to kickstart their business journey. It boasts features tailored to drive sales, facilitate Kickstarter campaigns, and enhance product education. The example below illustrates that the theme is highly customizable and visually appealing.

Key features

  • Tailored for efficient showcasing of small electronic product catalogs, perfect for emerging brands or niche markets.
  • The streamlined setup process ensures the swift establishment of your online store, getting you up and running in no time.
  • Prominent display of product details directly on the homepage facilitates easy browsing and informed purchasing decisions, enhancing the shopping experience.

Price: $240

7. Phono

The Phono Shopify theme is fully responsive, ensuring compatibility with modern devices. It boasts many features, including a robust admin panel, quick shop and cloud zoom functionalities, a newsletter popup, AJAX product filters, a currency switcher, order tracking, and more.

Moreover, it excels in SEO performance and offers built-in Google Web Fonts and seamless social integrations. With its drag-and-drop Shopify builder, customizing your store according to your preferences becomes effortless. Particularly suitable for electronic devices and gadgets, this theme allows you to showcase specifications and product details visually directly on the homepage.

Key features

  • Highly Customizable Design: Tailor the look and feel of your online store to showcase your electronics products perfectly. 
  • Advanced Animation Features: Bring your electronics products to life with captivating animated sections. These dynamic elements grab visitors' attention and create an immersive browsing experience, encouraging them to explore your offerings further.

Price: $59

8. Loft Theme

The Loft Shopify Theme is ideal for those aiming to narrate a tale within the realm of technology. It prioritises brand storytelling over extensive product listings, making it perfect for showcasing electronics where aesthetics significantly influence buyers' decisions.

Key features

  • Perfect for Visual Storytelling: The theme enables captivating narratives through visuals, making it an ideal choice for brands keen on storytelling within the electronics sector.
  • Brand-Centric Design: Unlike generic marketplace themes, this one focuses on brand identity, ensuring electronic businesses can effectively convey their unique essence.

Price: $59

9. Digital World 

Digital World by Tadathemes provides Shopify templates tailored for electronics retailers, catering to those selling phones, computers, cameras, and other tech products. It represents a contemporary e-commerce Shopify theme with essential features for achieving e-commerce success.

The theme encompasses various section types, including slideshows, galleries, featured products, and more. Additionally, users can select from three distinct collection-style layouts and four blog-style layouts. Moreover, the dedicated page builder makes designing and customizing this theme effortless.

Key features

  • Tailored for Electronics: Specifically designed to meet the requirements of electronic products, optimising their presentation and functionality.
  • Advanced Features Integration: Incorporates cutting-edge functionalities to enhance the performance and appeal of your electronics store.

Price: $59

10. ShowTime 

ShowTime is an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary Shopify theme, ideally suited for catalogs of any size but particularly well-suited for larger electronics retailers. While marketed as a theme for home goods, apparel, and beauty products, its versatility also extends to the technology sector. It may be the perfect choice for your needs if you are drawn to the theme's appearance and functionality.

Key features

  • Advanced functionality: Equipped with powerful features designed to enhance the shopping experience for electronics products, ensuring smooth navigation and seamless transactions.
  • Modern design: Boasting a sleek and visually appealing design that effectively showcases electronic gadgets, capturing the attention of potential customers and encouraging browsing.

11. Electbox theme

Electbox emerges as an ideal Shopify theme tailored for electronic stores, covering gadgets, games, and more. With its flexibility, rich set of features, and affordability, Electbox presents an appealing option for aspiring store owners in this industry.

Designed with a mobile-first approach, Electbox acknowledges the increasing trend of smartphone shopping, making it a wise investment. Its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality simplifies customization, allowing users to tailor their store effortlessly. Moreover, it incorporates conversion-boosting elements such as quick view, Ajax wishlist & compare, sticky shopping cart, and various others, enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.

Key features

  • Mobile-first design: Prioritising mobile functionality ensures seamless navigation and shopping experiences for customers accessing your store from various devices, making it ideal for capturing the growing mobile market in the electronics sector.
  • Conversion-driven features: Equipped with tools such as quick view, Ajax wishlist & compare, and sticky shopping cart, the theme is tailored to drive conversions and maximize sales, enhancing the overall profitability of your electronics store.
  • Integrated cost-saving solutions: By offering essential features within the theme itself, Electbox eliminates the need for additional apps, helping you save on expenses while still providing a comprehensive and user-friendly online shopping environment.

Price: $39

12. Impulse

The Impulse Shopify theme boasts eye-catching visuals and prioritizes brand storytelling, making it an ideal choice for electronics and tech brands. With support for videos, high-resolution images, and other engaging content, it provides all the necessary features for effective and efficient selling. Although primarily marketed as a lifestyle theme, its versatility allows it to apply to various product categories easily.

Key features

  • Tailored, robust promotional tools: This Shopify theme offers customizable and powerful promotional features, allowing you to create targeted campaigns that drive sales and engagement effectively. 
  • Sales-focused functionalities: Built with sales in mind, this Shopify theme integrates various features designed to enhance the shopping experience and drive conversions. From intuitive navigation to streamlined checkout processes, this theme ensures that customers can easily find and purchase the electronics they desire, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Price: $350

13. Fashionopolism

The Fashionopolism Shopify theme offers a sleek and sophisticated design that can elevate your electronics brand. Tailored for brand-centric stores, this theme boasts modern and luxurious aesthetics. Setting up your store is effortless, and the theme provides extensive customization options, empowering you to tailor the layout to your preferences with ease.

Key features

  • Tailored for drop shippers: This product was specifically crafted to cater to the unique needs and workflows of dropshipping businesses, ensuring seamless integration and efficient inventory management.
  • Versatile catalog support: Designed to effortlessly handle catalogs of any size, from small product selections to extensive ranges, providing scalability to accommodate the growth of your electronics business.

Price: $250

How to Choose the Best Shopify Themes for Electronics Stores?

Identify Your Needs: List the specific features and functionalities you need for your electronics store before searching for themes. Consider product showcase, mobile responsiveness, filtering options, integration with third-party apps, etc.

Browse Shopify Theme Store: Explore the Shopify Theme Store, where various themes are categorized based on industry and features. Look specifically for themes designed for electronics or technology stores.

Check Reviews and Ratings: Pay attention to reviews and ratings provided by other users who have used the themes you're interested in. This can give you insights into the theme's performance, customization options, and customer support.

Demo the Themes: Most Shopify themes offer live demos that show how your store will look and function with the theme. Take advantage of these demos to get a feel for the user experience and ensure it matches your brand image.

Customization Options: Evaluate the customization options offered by the theme. Ensure that you can easily customize colors, fonts, layout, and other elements to match your brand identity and create a unique storefront.

Responsive Design: Make sure the theme is responsive and adapts well to different screen sizes and devices. With the increasing number of users shopping on mobile devices, a responsive design is crucial for providing a seamless shopping experience.

SEO-Friendly: Look for optimized themes for search engines (SEO). This includes clean code, fast loading times, customizable meta tags, and structured data markup to help improve your store's visibility in search engine results.

Support and Updates: Check whether the theme developer provides regular updates and offers reliable customer support. You may encounter issues or need assistance with customizations, so responsive support can be invaluable.

Consider Budget: While free themes are available, premium themes offer more features, customization options, and support. Consider your budget and weigh the benefits of investing in a premium theme for your electronics store.

Third-Party Integrations: Consider any third-party integrations you may need, such as payment gateways, email marketing services, or inventory management systems. Ensure that the theme supports these integrations or can be easily extended with apps from the Shopify App Store.

5 Inspiration-Worthy Shopify Electronics Stores You Need To See

1. Ugreen

First, let's discuss Ugreen, a Chinese eCommerce brand that sells electronic accessories such as chargers, cables, power stations, and more.

Their website, using the Kalles Shopify theme, has a neat and modern layout that catches the eye with its image-centric design. On the homepage, there's a big banner displaying their products in a fun way. They use high-quality images and primarily green and white color schemes across the site. This helps the pictures stand out so customers can see exactly what they're buying.

The browsing experience provides a seamless shopping journey, featuring a clutter-free drop-down menu showcasing all products at a glance. The product zoom-in feature lets customers view product colors and details in depth. Enhancing the customer experience further, the support option in the drop-down menu is readily accessible, enabling customers to obtain the assistance they require quickly.

2. Boult Audio

Boult Audio is an Indian company specializing in audio products like earphones, speakers, neckbands, and smartwatches. It is well-liked among Indian customers for its top-notch products, which boast excellent features and stylish designs. The website has a modern yet straightforward layout, focusing primarily on displaying its range of products for sale.

The homepage has a broad carousel-style banner that simplifies the process for customers to discover the latest products and enticing offers. The product images are eye-catching, with engaging backgrounds that highlight the products.

Boult opts for a straightforward, non-sticky header menu instead of the traditional drop-down navigation menu. This menu categorizes products into sections such as those on sale, newly launched items, etc., making it easy for customers to find their desired products.

3. jimmyCASE

jimmyCASE is a US-based brand renowned for its distinctive phone cases and accessories. Their phone cases stand out with a genuine wood core and an elastic band that serves two functions, making them unique and stylish. This dual functionality is a key selling point for the brand.

Their range also includes high-quality wallets and phone accessories with a sophisticated finish. A full-width banner image on the homepage showcases their phone cases as the main highlight. A white background is used throughout the website t accentuate the images and visual elements.

4. Nomad Goods Inc

Nomad Goods website sells trendy tech accessories designed specifically for Apple products. Their product lineup includes phone cases, chargers, lifestyle gear, and more. The website has a serene and stylish vibe, achieved through the clever use of white space and captivating product photography

Navigation is effortless, allowing users to preview each drop-down simply by hovering over it. A prominent banner on the homepage displays select products and encourages customers to explore ongoing sales, a clever sales tactic. The product images are of high quality, aiding customers in making swift purchasing decisions.

The overall online shopping experience with Nomad is remarkably convenient and user-friendly.


LSTN is a company that sells earbuds, headphones, and speakers for both adults and children. But with so many headphone companies out there, what sets this one apart?

LSTN stands out in a crowded market because of its unique mission. It combines top-notch sound quality with beautiful design while also being environmentally friendly, which isn't something you often see with audio or electronic brands. Additionally, LSTN donates to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, helping people with hearing loss regain their hearing.

The brand effectively tells this story on its website so customers can understand the impact of their purchase. The Shopify electronics store is designed to highlight the products and their quality with stunning product photography. It also features an easy-to-read section that quickly outlines the product's details for customers.

The homepage features a large banner image displaying one of LSTN's key products, emphasizing their items' distinct shapes and materials. The product pages focus on functionality and design, providing comprehensive descriptions, pricing details, and customer reviews.

How to custom theme with Ecomposer? 

Here's how to integrate custom sections into your Shopify Kalles Theme:

Step 1: Log in to your Shopify account using your credentials.

Step 2: Access Theme Customisation: Navigate to your Shopify account's "Online Store" section. From the options available, choose "Themes."

Step 3: Choose the Kalles Theme: Locate the Kalles Theme from the list of available themes and click on it. Then, select "Customise" to proceed to the theme customization interface.

Step 4: Customise the Kalles Theme: Once in the theme customization interface, you can customize various aspects of the Kalles Theme to suit your preferences.

Step 5: Add Custom Sections: Find and click " Add section " Within the store interface." From there, choose the specific type of section you want to create or modify within the Kalles Theme.

You can read more: How to create Shopify Theme Sections: Build Stunning Store Layouts 


After perusing this compilation of the best shopify themes for electronics tailored for tech products, you're edging nearer to launching your eCommerce store.

Before investing in advertisements, it's imperative to ensure your store exudes professionalism through Shopify themes.

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