Shopify Venture Theme Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings


Shopify Venture Theme Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings

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Among Shopify's array of themes, the Venture Theme is a popular option, renowned for its versatility and functionality. This comprehensive review delves into the features, pros, cons, and ratings of the Shopify Venture Theme, providing valuable insights for merchants seeking to optimize their storefronts.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or embarking on your first foray into e-commerce, this review will provide you with the information needed to make informed decisions about utilizing the Shopify Venture Theme for your online store.

What is the Shopify Venture Theme?

The Shopify Venture Theme is a versatile and robust solution tailored for online stores offering various products. It's trendy among businesses operating in the sports and outdoor niche due to its daring and adventurous design. 

Venture is optimized for large product catalogs, facilitating seamless browsing and customer shopping experiences. Notable features include a multi-column menu for comprehensive collections, promotional banners for highlighting sales or discounts, and a slideshow for showcasing top products or brand imagery. 

Its tidy and well-organized layout is responsive across various devices, ensuring a uniform shopping journey. Whether you're preparing to launch your online store or contemplating a theme upgrade, the Shopify Venture Theme offers a sturdy foundation with ample room for customization to align with your brand's distinct style and requirements.

Venture Theme Layout options

Snowboards Theme

The initial option is the Snowboarding theme, featuring a blue hue complemented by a grey palette, ideally suited for marketing snowboarding gear and related snow equipment. Additionally, it lends itself well to promoting water-related products.

Outdoors Theme

The second choice is the Outdoors theme, designed to evoke a sense of thrilling adventures through its layout. This style imparts a rugged aesthetic, making it an excellent fit for online stores specializing in camping and trekking merchandise.

Boxing Theme

The final selection is the Boxing theme, characterized by a self-explanatory layout and a dark red color scheme. This design is particularly suited for selling t-shirts and accessories associated with boxing, martial arts, MMA, and similar sports.


Features of Shopify Venture Theme

Multi-column Menu

In the Shopify Venture theme, a spacious dropdown menu with multiple columns appears when users hover their mouse over it. Positioned alongside your product, these menus enable quick access to details or images without the need to scroll through additional content.

Product Filtering

On the collection page of the Venture Shopify Theme, customers can conveniently filter products by type and sort them by best-sellers. This functionality streamlines the shopping experience, allowing visitors to locate their desired products without extensive scrolling swiftly.

Promotional Banner

With the Theme Venture Shopify, you can present your top items and promotions distinctively. This theme enables the placement of eye-catching banners atop each slide, perfect for highlighting promotions or time-sensitive offers that demand immediate attention.

Single Featured Product

In the Venture Shopify theme, you can prominently feature a single product at the center of the page. This feature is not just any product—it's an opportunity to showcase specific items or new releases, enhancing their visibility and potentially accelerating their promotion.


Upon visiting your online store, customers' initial impression is a captivating slideshow showcasing your top offerings, and the Theme Venture Shopify excels in presenting these selections with a stylish flair.

The homepage slideshow provides a comprehensive display of your entire collection. Its horizontal orientation ensures a seamless transition between slides, eliminating any space and ensuring users are consistently engaged. Each image can also feature its heading and subheading, catering to individual viewer preferences.

Utilizing the Venture Theme Shopify allows you to incorporate a substantial slideshow on your homepage, with recommended image dimensions of 1800 x 1000 pixels. These slideshows are designed to be responsive, automatically adjusting image sizes across various devices for optimal viewing.

Collection List

On desktops and tablets, the homepage's featured collections can be expanded to accommodate up to six. Mobile users, on the other hand, will encounter your store's main menu, offering a more convenient browsing experience.

Dynamic Checkout Button

Including dynamic checkout buttons is an effective strategy for driving sales, providing a simple and expedited purchasing process for customers seeking immediate gratification. By clicking "Checkout," they can swiftly complete their purchase without navigating through additional steps, saving valuable time.

Product Recommendation

The Shopify Venture theme has robust features, including default product recommendation displays, eliminating the need for manual adjustments to backend settings. This streamlined functionality allows for seamless product suggestions without requiring any coding expertise.

Inventory Display

A clever feature of the Venture Theme Shopify is its ability to notify customers when inventory levels are low. This strategic notification may encourage customers to purchase and incentivize return visits to your store.

Pricing of Shopify Venture Theme

It's free.

Being free doesn't diminish the quality or richness of the theme's features. It includes many tools, designs, and customization options, offering a thorough and versatile platform for users to establish, adjust, and refine their online presence at no cost.

Pros & Cons of Shopify Venture Theme

Below are the advantages and disadvantages associated with Shopify Venture Reviews:


  • Tailored for Extensive Inventories: Venture is specifically designed for stores housing many products, providing a neat and orderly method to navigate through extensive product ranges.
  • Multi-Column Menu: Incorporates a dropdown menu capable of showcasing multiple product categories simultaneously, facilitating easier product discovery for customers.
  • Options for Promotional Banners: Offers dedicated space for promotional banners on the homepage, highlighting sales, new arrivals, or specific products.
  • Free and Flexible: As a complimentary theme, it is accessible to all users and offers flexibility with various styles suitable for diverse industries.
  • Responsive Layout: Guarantees a seamless shopping experience across all devices, effectively adapting to desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.


  • Simplistic Design: Some users may perceive the design as too basic or generic, lacking the distinctive elements found in premium themes.
  • Limited Customization: In comparison to premium alternatives, Venture may offer fewer customization options, potentially limiting the extent to which the store's appearance can be personalized.
  • Potential Overwhelm: The theme's emphasis on accommodating extensive inventories could overwhelm stores with smaller product selections or those seeking a minimalist aesthetic.
  • Lack of Advanced Features: Due to its free nature, it lacks certain advanced features such as quick view or advanced filtering commonly found in premium themes.

Shopify Venture Theme user reviews, Support and Resources

User reviews

Most users express satisfaction with Venture, finding it effectively meets their needs. However, a minority of reviews are critical of the theme.

Overall, out of 59 reviews on the Shopify theme store, 46 percent are positive. Many users commend Venture for delivering on its promise of a free, responsive theme tailored for high-volume stores. Below are some outstanding comments:

- Kimberly Lee Davis

I love using the Venture theme because it suits the needs of my store, and the customization options given in the theme are what I need. I also like that code can be altered to help with CSS and design.

- Jian Lin

I am using the free Venture theme for my store. Since I know how to use Shopify, the process of building my web does not make me panic. The only thing I would complain about the free theme is its limited customization. I would like to have diverse layouts to tell stories about my products to customers.

- Ronald Reichmann

Easiest and most attractive among free themes. Almost all the necessary features for a modern site are ready to use. Great 3 variations. It would be great to be able to navigate between big images. Great to sort search results from newest to oldest and not only by alphabetical order. Add more visual options for blog posts. Another way to see tags in blog posts (drop down?). It's confusing to have exactly the same page in so many different URL adresses (SEO issues?). Thanks!

Meanwhile, the negative comments mainly revolve around concerns regarding limited customization options, issues with the theme's code, and various minor glitches:

- Unleashed 

“Why it isn’t written that the theme can’t be customized? I paid for someone to make me a popup cart just to find out that Free themes don’t support this option. It would have been honest to mention it before someone spends money on code that he can throw to the trash!!!”

- Bumblebee Buzz Pte. Ltd. 

“Overall, the theme is good only if the slideshow image does not matter even if the image is cropped. I used an image 1800 x 1000 which is recommended from Shopify. The resolution is shown on laptop and mobile (worst resolution ever) very blurry. My site looks so unprofessional. I even increased the resolution higher, it is still blurry!!! but when I used in other themes, it is sharp n good.”


Support and Resources


Users of the Shopify Venture Theme have access to comprehensive support through the Shopify Help Center. This resource offers a chatbox with a virtual Help Center assistant, providing immediate assistance to users. Within this interface, users can explore various topics and use a search bar to efficiently find explanations and solutions for their queries or issues. This dynamic support system enables users to seek guidance and address concerns effectively.


For users seeking specific Venture-related materials, the Shopify Help Center provides tailored documentation for customizing Venture. This documentation guides users through the process of adding and personalizing sections and blocks within the theme, along with instructions on modifying theme settings. Serving as a comprehensive guide, this resource empowers users to efficiently navigate and make the most of the customization capabilities offered by the Shopify Venture Theme.

How to Purchase the Shopify Venture Theme

The Venture Shopify Theme is entirely free to use. To access it:

- Visit the The Venture Shopify Theme on  Shopify themes store.

- Click on "Try theme." This will install the Venture theme in your store.

Once installed, you can customize the theme according to your preferences and goals.

Add custom sections to Shopify Venture Theme using EComposer

Introduction to EComposer

EComposer Page Builder presents a dynamic tool designed to simplify page customization, revolutionizing how merchants shape their online presence. This intuitive drag-and-drop editor streamlines the creation of landing pages, collections, products, blogs, and more, eliminating the reliance on external applications.

EComposer stands out with its extensive customization capabilities across diverse page types. Its optimized speed features ensure top-notch store performance while delivering a seamless live editing experience, supported by reliable live chat assistance.

Renowned for its robust features and contemporary templates, EComposer boasts an intuitive interface as its hallmark. Its responsive performance allows tailored adjustments for various devices, bolstered by exceptional customer support.

Basic Guide to Utilizing EComposer

Elevate the customization potential of your Venture theme by integrating custom sections through the user-friendly EComposer Page Builder. Follow these straightforward steps to personalize your Shopify store:

Step 1: Log in to Shopify: Access your Shopify account to begin customizing your Venture theme.

Step 2: Install EComposer Page Builder: If not already installed, visit the Shopify App Store and add the EComposer Landing Page Builder app to seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store.

Step 3: Access Theme Customization: Navigate to the "Online Store" section in your Shopify account. Choose "Theme" to access the theme customization interface.

Step 4: Select Venture Theme: Locate the Venture Shopify Theme from your list of available themes. Click on "Customize" to enter the dedicated customization interface for the Venture theme.

Step 5: Add Custom Sections: Explore the "Add section" option within the customization interface. EComposer Page Builder offers a range of section types in the “Library” for personalizing the Venture theme. Select the desired section type to create or customize within your storefront.

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Alternatives to Shopify Venture Theme

If you discover that the Shopify Venture theme falls short of meeting your expectations, there are alternative themes with similar styles and features worth exploring. Exploring these alternatives can assist you in finding the most fitting option for your preferences. Here are a few alternatives to consider:

1. Kalles

Kalles is a Shopify theme crafted to empower brands in establishing a strong online presence, offering customers a seamless shopping experience. With its modern design approach, minimalist aesthetic, and a range of unique demos, Kalles enhances product presentation and simplifies the browsing, selection, and purchasing process for consumers across various industries.

Key Features:

  • Over 20 distinctive homepage layouts: catering to a wide range of tastes and styles. Customize to your heart's content with limitless options for adjusting colors and layouts to suit your preferences.
  • Library of more than 500 Google Fonts: conveniently previewing them before making your final selection.
  • Experience unrestricted creativity: with unlimited variant image options, seamlessly integrating and customizing product visuals to enhance your store's aesthetic appeal.
  • Ensure seamless integration: with RYVIU, a popular app for product reviews and testimonials, as the theme is fully compatible with its features.
  • Enjoy additional functionalities: stock countdown, easy demo configuration import, social sharing, and Ajax technology for smooth and efficient browsing experiences.
  • A modern and efficient website structure: with HTML5 and CSS3-based tableless design. Plus, enhances product visibility with jQuery inner zoom functionality, enabling customers to inspect details up close.

Price: $89.00

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Kalles Shopify Theme Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings

2. Basel

Basel is a professionally designed, minimalist AJAX responsive theme tailored to create powerful and modern e-commerce websites. With a user-friendly Drag & Drop page builder, extensive theme settings, premium sliders, and leveraging Shopify's robust capabilities, Basel empowers users to craft impressive stores that appear flawless across all screen resolutions. Whether your shop specializes in clothing, electronics, furniture, accessories, flowers, or any other niche, BASEL is a fitting choice.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Header Variations: Offers diverse options for site header designs.
  • Full AJAX Shop Functionality: Enables seamless and dynamic shopping experiences.
  • AJAX Search: Quick and responsive search functionality.
  • Quick View Option: Speeds up browsing for efficient product exploration.
  • Color Swatches: Enhances product visualization for customers.
  • 360-Degree View: Provides an immersive shopping experience.
  • Powerful Options Panel: Facilitates advanced customization through comprehensive settings.

Price: $49.00

3. Paper

Paper, a creation of Brickspace Lab, emerges as a user-friendly and contemporary Shopify theme. Its design focuses on ease of use and modernity, characterized by clean lines and large imagery, offering extensive branding customizations to elevate your store's visual appeal.

Key Features:

  • Imagery-Centric Design: Paper's design emphasizes large imagery and in-depth branding customizations, allowing businesses to create visually engaging storefronts aligned with their brand identity.
  • Online Store 2.0 Compatibility: Leveraging the capabilities of Online Store 2.0, Paper empowers users to craft custom templates with expertly designed drag-and-drop sections, enabling seamless customization without intricate coding.
  • Conversion-Boosting Features: The theme enhances conversions through its design, performance-optimized page speeds, and in-cart upsells, facilitating a more profitable shopping experience.
  • Performance Optimization: Performance-optimized page speeds ensure a smooth and efficient browsing experience for visitors, contributing to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Price: $320.00

4. Parallax

Parallax, designed to build modern e-commerce sites, stands out for its striking Parallax scrolling effect, adding flair to your brand's style and enhancing its appeal to customers. Developed by Out of the Sandbox, Parallax offers a seamless combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Parallax Scrolling Effect: Parallax showcases a captivating parallax scrolling effect across its four styles—Aspen, Madrid, Vienna, and Los Angeles—offering a visually dynamic experience to visitors.
  • Feature-Rich Styles: The styles share features like multi-level menus, promotional banners, multiple homepage videos, and a slide-out cart, catering to enhanced user experience and convenience.
  • Creative Control: Parallax offers extensive creative control with options for full-width images, slideshows, videos, testimonials, featured promotions, and more, enabling businesses to customize their storefront extensively.
  • Distinctive Scrolling Style: With a unique scrolling style designed for long-format homepage layouts, ParallaxParallax elevates the visual appeal and uniqueness of the shopping experience.

Price: $240.00

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Some problems with themes

Unsupported URL Redirection Issue:

Unsupported URL redirection can arise from code embedded in your Shopify theme or upon installing an app. This issue may lead to unexpected redirects to URLs unrelated to your Shopify store. To resolve this, ensure that instances of "window.location.rel="nofollow" href =" in your theme's JavaScript code are replaced with "window.parent.location.rel="nofollow" href =", or utilize a reference to the window—Shopify.designMode variable in JavaScript.

Loading Failure Due to Error:

Your Shopify site may fail to load due to network connectivity issues or incorrect Liquid code within your theme, especially during peak traffic times. Once these issues are identified, access the "Preview Theme" section in the "Theme Actions" of the theme editor to quickly locate and address errors. Alternatively, seek assistance from Shopify support to troubleshoot your storefront.

HTML Error Detection:

Discovery of an HTML error within your theme code may trigger a warning message in the editor, indicating a syntax issue. You can promptly resolve this by reviewing the code of the referenced Liquid file mentioned in the error message. For instance, if you receive a notification stating: "Broken HTML has been detected in the theme's the.liquid file. Check for missing or extra HTML tags," simply click "the.liquid" to navigate directly to the problematic file for immediate resolution.


The Shopify Venture Theme offers a robust platform for online stores, particularly those with large catalogs, seeking to establish a compelling online presence. Its array of features, including the multi-column menu, promotional banners, and responsive design, cater to the diverse needs of merchants aiming to enhance their customers' shopping experiences. 

Overall, the Shopify Venture Theme earns favorable ratings for its functionality and user-friendly interface, making it a viable choice for businesses looking to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Don't forget: In essence, while the Venture theme serves as an excellent entry point for those new to Shopify, expanding its capabilities with a page editor app can unlock further creative potential. Utilizing tools like the EComposer Page Builder enables the creation of more refined and engaging storefront elements as your business flourishes. This integration enhances customization options and allows for the seamless incorporation of dynamic features, ultimately elevating the overall shopping experience for your customers.

EComposer provides the flexibility to create a variety of captivating pages, from standard layouts to entirely customized designs. Explore the impressive templates offered by EComposer for free – give it a try today!



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