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In the ever-expanding world of e-commerce, launching a Shopify store is a pivotal step toward success. However, with significant budget constraints, finding the right balance between quality and affordability becomes paramount. 

This guide delves into budget optimization by presenting the top 10 cheapest Shopify store build services. Whether you're a seasoned company owner or a new entrepreneur, this extensive list provides priceless insights into using economical tactics to launch your internet endeavor confidently.

Shopify Store Builder Service: Who Are They?

Shopify Store Builder Services encompass skilled agencies or individuals dedicated to assisting businesses in constructing and tailoring their online stores using the Shopify platform. These services encompass various offerings, including: 

  • Store setup
  • Design customization
  • Theme development
  • App integration
  • Performance optimization… 

Providing guidance and expertise ensures that each online store aligns with the customer's objectives. These services prove invaluable for businesses seeking professional support to establish a compelling online presence on Shopify.


Importance of Affordable Shopify Store Building Services

Affordable Shopify Store Building Services

Affordable Shopify store building services can be a game-changer for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to establish an online presence. Here's why:

  • Lowers barrier to entry:  Starting an online store can be expensive with custom development and web hosting. Affordable Shopify services make it accessible for businesses with limited budgets to quickly get a professional-looking store up and running.
  • Focus on what you do best:  Building an online store can be time-consuming. Affordable services allow you to focus on your core business strengths, like product development, marketing, and customer service.
  • Expertise and Efficiency: Specialists who can efficiently set up and customize your store often provide affordable services. They understand the platform's functionalities and can leverage pre-built themes and functionalities to save time and money.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, affordable services can adapt your store to meet your evolving needs. Many services can add functionalities or integrate new apps as your product range or customer base expands.

In short, affordable Shopify store building services make ecommerce accessible, efficient, and scalable for businesses of all sizes.

Top 10 Cheapest Shopify Store Builder Services to Choose

1. The4 



5.0 ⭐ (3,236) - Since 2017

Contact information

(+84) 989 555 241/the4studio.net@gmail.com

Location: Vietnam

Languages: Vietnamese, English

Pricing: Start from $30

Business Description: 

With eight years of experience in ecommerce, The4 excels as a service provider specializing in frontend solutions, offering tailored Shopify Store Builder services on the Shopify platform. The brand expertise ensures seamless integration of features and functionalities to meet your business needs while offering a reasonable price that is affordable for all business sizes. Receive unparalleled support from the most dedicated customer success team that rated 5.0/5 over 3000+ reviews on ThemeForest.

Why should you choose The4?

  • Premium eCommerce Solutions
  • Extensive Theme Selection
  • Unrivaled Customer Support
  • Regular Updates and Improvements

Specialized Services: 

  • Shopify website development services
  • Shopify speed optimization service
  • Shopify website design services
  • Shopify store setup service
  • Shopify theme customization service
  • Shopify theme setup service

Pricing: Just from $30 for a Shopify Store Building Plan.

Other Services: Hire a Shopify expert, provide Shopify maintenance service, provide Shopify app install & Integration services, provide Shopify bug & Issues services, Shopify store building service

Industries: All

Featured Work: 

Theme Customization

Pasta Evangelists

Shopify Full Size Development

Kanamed Products

Shopify App Integration

Blomdahl Medical Beauty Australia

Reviews: Clients rave about The4 for delivering exceptional store builder service. The sleek and intuitive user interface, robust features, and visually stunning design showcase a commitment to creating remarkable website experiences. Priced competitively, The4 surpasses more expensive themes, offering extensive customization options. Kalles, in particular, stands out with integrated features like size charts and wishlists, supported by continuous updates and exceptional customer service. Clients highly recommend The4Studio for top-notch websites with cost-effective pricing plans

2. Hubako Media

Hubako Media

4.9 ⭐ (107) - Since 2019

Contact information

+91 9958504092/contacthubako@gmail.com

Location: India, United States, Canada, United Kingdom +9 more

Languages: English, Spanish, German +8 more

Pricing: Start from $14

Business Description: 

Hubako Media, a Shopify partner since 2019, is a  top-rated website development, optimization, and consulting company based in India. With a reputation for excellent communication and quality work, they boast a team of 20 members and have accumulated 5 years of valuable experience in the industry.

Store Builder Service: 

Starting at $14

Description: Included in starting price:

Charge $18/Hour or ask for Fixed Quotation

  • Store Creation & Theme installation
  • Navigation Setup
  • Social network connections
  • All Back-end Settings, Shipping,Tax
  • Products Upload 
  • Collections Setup

The team is easily accessible and always on-time. 

Other Services: Business strategy guidance, Custom apps and integrations, Logo and visual branding, Product and collection setup, Site performance and speed, Store settings configuration,...

Industries: Clothing and fashion, Food and drink, Health and beauty, Jewelry and accessories

Featured Work: 


The Artment


Reviews: Users praise Hubako Media for their seamless communication and expertise in handling Shopify Plus stores. Their adept team optimizes stores for speed and conversion rates, integrating apps effectively. Even when faced with template issues, Hubako's proactive approach and personalized tutorials ensure a positive experience, garnering strong recommendations for future collaborations.

3. The Fold Tech

The Fold Tech

4.9 ⭐ (319) - Since 2016

Contact information


Location: Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States, Australia +20 more

Languages: English, Spanish, German +15 more

Pricing: Start from $20

Business Description: 

With a robust 14-year tenure in Shopify customization and mastery over all major tweaks, The Fold Tech stands as a stalwart in the industry. Their impressive track record includes the development of over 9000 Shopify stores, a testament to their expertise and reliability. Renowned for offering high-quality work coupled with affordable pricing, The Fold Tech consistently delivers a delightful customer experience, solidifying their position as a go-to choice for Shopify solutions.

Store Builder Service: 

Price: $20-5000

Description: Store Migration starting from  USD 20/hour

Other Services: POS setup and migration, Product descriptions, Custom apps and integrations, Product and collection setup, Website and marketing content, Business strategy guidance

Industries: Clothing and fashion, Food and drink, Health and beauty, Pet care

Featured Work: 


MHYK Store


Reviews: Merchants praise The Fold Tech for exceeding expectations with their exceptional work and fast responses. Clients appreciate the beautiful designs and swift completion of projects. Their professionalism, kindness, and efficient layouts leave customers thoroughly satisfied. Hubako's attention to detail and ability to fix issues while enhancing visual appeal showcase their expertise. Partnering with them for store redesigns proves transformative, positioning clients for sustained growth in e-commerce. Highly recommended for their dedication and knowledge in dropshipping.

4. ArenaCommerce


4.9 ⭐ (254) - Since 2017

Contact information


Location: Vietnam, Canada

Languages: English, Spanish, German +4 more

Pricing: Start from $35

Business Description: 

With over 7 years of expertise in Shopify and Shopify Plus development, the team has successfully completed 60,000+ tasks for Shopify merchants. Whether your needs range from minor adjustments to a complete e-commerce store builder, their expertise covers it quite comprehensively. The team prioritizes efficiency, ensuring prompt completion of small tasks while empowering you to realize your larger business vision. Additionally, there is a round-the-clock support team standing ready to assist you with any questions or challenges you may encounter, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience at every step.

Store Builder Service: 

Starting at $35

Description: Included in starting price:

Your Shopify store will have a stunning responsive design that functions flawlessly on all mobile platforms. 

After an initial meeting with your project manager, design and development team, your project will go into the design phase. The team works with you to create an expression of your brand. They will create a website utilizing one of the greatest themes out there and set up your Shopify store. Additionally, based on the plan you select, they can create unique solutions or alter your business using Shopify applications.

Additional work and price information: The service can provide more prices as part of the scoping process, based on your needs.

Other Services: 3D modelling, Banner ads, Custom domain setup, Logo and visual branding, POS setup and migration, Product and collection setup

Industries: Automotive, Clothing and fashion, Electronics, Sports and recreation

Featured Work: 


AutoDeraku Rebuild & Design

Dongle.com Custom Theme Development

Reviews: Clients commend ArenaCommerce for their exceptional service in setting up new sites, offering patient and thorough responses to queries, and even providing custom services at no extra cost. The team impresses with their quick turnaround on tasks, demonstrating deep expertise and delivering high-quality work. Despite potential time zone differences, their excellent communication ensures efficient completion of tasks, leaving clients highly satisfied and eager to recommend their services.

5. IT TechZilla

IT TechZilla

5.0 ⭐ (8) - Since 2014

Contact information


Location: India, United States, United Arab Emirates, Canada +22 more

Languages: English, Spanish, German + 13 more

Pricing: Start from $50

Business Description: 

IT TechZilla is a well-established authority in the realm of e-commerce, specializing in comprehensive services ranging from end-to-end Store Builder to Theme Customization, Store Maintenance, and App Setup/Development. With an impressive tenure of over 12 years in the industry, they have successfully executed over 200 store setups, demonstrating their prowess and reliability. Their availability guarantees help anytime needed, demonstrating their devotion to client pleasure. Additionally, their pricing makes them a viable choice for companies of all kinds.

Store Builder Service: 

Starting at $50

Description: Store build and redesign services fulfills all your business's needs, resources, and goals.

  • Expertise & Experience 
  • Customization Skills 
  • Design Proficiency 
  • SEO Optimization 
  • Mobile Responsive 
  • E-commerce Functionality 
  • Timely Delivery
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Cost-Effective Solution
  • Up-to-Date with Shopify Feature
  • Scalability

Other Services: Analytics and tracking, Conversion rate optimization, Custom apps and integrations, Custom domain setup, Email marketing, Logo and visual branding

Industries: Clothing and fashion, Food and drink, Health and beauty, Jewelry and accessories

Featured Work: 

Joly Clothing Site


Fast Lift Parts

Reviews: IT TechZilla stands out as an exceptional team that swiftly responds to customer needs. Their expertise shines through as they adeptly resolve issues, even those challenging to pinpoint while building a Shopify Store. With a friendly, professional approach and speedy service, they prove invaluable assets to any team. Their dedication to meeting customer needs and relentless pursuit of solutions make them highly recommended for their top-notch services.

In the quest to enhance businesses, focusing on customer satisfaction and ensuring easy product access via a thorough website is crucial. EComposer, a prominent Shopify App, offers a cost-effective remedy for establishing an appealing online presence.

Recognized as a top-notch Shopify Page Builder, this tool simplifies the creation of diverse pages, from captivating landing pages to attractive homepages, informative blog pages, useful FAQ pages, and more. Its intuitive drag-and-drop editor eliminates the need for coding while providing a variety of impressive templates.


Generating optimized pages has become more accessible, featuring a wide range of elements and extensions to enhance your online presence. The Landing Page Builder introduces advanced features like an AJAX cart, AI content generator, and image compressor, boosting your store's effectiveness. This comprehensive solution streamlines the process, reducing time, effort, and costs, enabling swift development of polished Shopify stores.

Enhance your eCommerce ventures with EComposertry it out for free! For those without a Shopify account, take advantage of a special offer: only $1 per month for the first three months.

6. For Success

For Success

4.9 ⭐ (107) - Since 2018

Contact information


Location: Dallas, United States

Languages: English, Spanish, German +2 more

Pricing: Start from $100

Business Description: 

For Success is a distinguished player in the dynamic landscape of direct-to-consumer (DTC) and e-commerce industries. Renowned for their expertise, they've crafted numerous bespoke Shopify digital plans tailored to various brands. Their collaborative efforts with medium and large businesses have been instrumental in realizing success, all while maintaining a commitment to affordability. 

Store Builder Service: 

Starting at $100

Description: Included in starting price: Build the Shopify Store from scratch and redesign the existing website

Additional work and price information:

  • Custom theme development
  • Customize the existing theme in the Shopify theme Store
  • Integrate the 3rd party services
  • Develop the custom apps

Other Services: Checkout upgrade, Conversion rate optimization, Custom apps and integrations, Custom domain setup, Headless commerce, Ongoing website management

Industries: Clothing and fashion, Health and beauty, Home and garden, Jewelry and accessories

Featured Work: 




Reviews: Users comments For Success for their exceptional service and swift response times. Whether it's Shopify theme customizations or adding metafields for course dates, their team delivers precisely what clients need. With efficient communication and excellent work quality, they ensure a seamless experience. Clients highly recommend For Success for their reliability, ease of collaboration, and speedy task completion, making them a go-to choice for Shopify updates.

7. Hura Apps

Hura Apps

5.0 ⭐ (112) - Since 2014

Contact information


Location: Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany

Languages: English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean

Pricing: Start from $100

Business Description: 

Hura Apps, a specialized division of 2B I/O, epitomizes excellence in the realm of Shopify-centric solutions. With over a decade of experience as a trusted Shopify Expert Partner, their team boasts a comprehensive skill set encompassing theme customization, bespoke app development, and the creation of fully-fledged websites from the ground up. Their extensive expertise and nuanced understanding of the Shopify ecosystem make them a go-to choice for businesses seeking tailored, high-quality solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Store Builder Service: 

Starting at $100

Description: Explore our diverse package options:

  • Launch your online store with a free Shopify trial, with no limitations. You can even own it later.
  • Elevate sales with our top-notch website redesign and development services. User-friendly, SEO-optimized, and secure.

Other Services: Product and collection setup, Store settings configuration, Troubleshooting

Industries: Clothing and fashion, Food and drink, Health and beauty, Jewelry and accessories

Featured Work: 

65 Direct Club

Safe Fair

Margot Elena

Reviews: Users highly praise Hura Apps for their exceptional service, dedicated support, and friendly staff. They efficiently handle requests, listen attentively to clients' opinions, and offer reasonable plans to complete projects. Their outstanding service at affordable prices, along with their professionalism, patience, and swift responses, make them a top choice for Shopify solutions. Clients look forward to continued cooperation with Hura Apps for their expertise and reliability in Shopify Store Builder Service.


8. Vowel Web

Vowel Web

4.9 ⭐ (159) - Since 2016

Contact information


Location: Nagpur, India

Languages: English, Hindi, Urdu

Pricing: Start from $100

Business Description: 

Vowel Web comprises a team of seasoned Shopify developers with over a decade of collective experience in the field. Their approach revolves around harnessing cutting-edge design and online technology to create captivating web and mobile experiences. With a focus on speed, engagement, and aesthetic appeal, Vowel Web strives to foster more effective connections between businesses and their customers in the digital realm.

Store Builder Service: 

Price: $100-1500

Description: Our Services Include:

  • Shopify Theme provision
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Banners Addition
  • Shipping Settings
  • Email Notifications
  • Shopping Cart/Checkout Integration
  • Collection Setup/Organization
  • Navigation Menus
  • App Setup & Configuration
  • Legal/Policy Pages upload
  • Product upload if required
  • Domain Setup
  • Payment Gateway provision

Other Services: Conversion rate optimization, Search engine advertising, Email marketing, Sales channel setup, Business strategy guidance, Product sourcing guidance

Industries: Clothing and fashion, Food and drink, Health and beauty, Jewelry and accessories

Featured Work: 




Reviews: Clients consistently commend Vowel Web for their exemplary communication and seamless collaboration. The team's work is consistently excellent, thorough, and executed with precision. Their proficiency in understanding client needs ensures projects are completed swiftly and to satisfaction. With reliable delivery and exceptional design-dev skills, Vowel Web earns high recommendations and remains a preferred partner for future endeavors for store builder.

9. Store Experts

Store Experts

4.9 ⭐ (368) - Since 2013

Contact information

+923194310300/ ali.asif55@gmail.com

Location: Pakistan, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan + many more

Languages: English, Spanish, German + more

Pricing: Start from $150

Business Description: 

Store Experts is a distinguished collective of Shopify Experts, each wielding over 12 years of hands-on experience in Shopify development, design, and speed optimization. Renowned for their mastery in crafting visually striking websites, they specialize in tailoring solutions to suit the diverse needs of brands and businesses. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Store Experts emerges as a trusted ally for those navigating the complexities of the digital landscape, ensuring unparalleled results and lasting success.

Store Builder Service: 

Price from $150

Description: Discover the power of Shopify Store Build or Redesign Service:

  • Craft a visually appealing
  • High-performance e-commerce platform
  • Enhance user experience and drive sales. 
  • Uplift your online business and supercharge your success

Other Services: Site performance and speed, Store migration, Custom domain setup, Analytics and tracking, Banner ads, Content marketing

Industries: Clothing and fashion, Food and drink, Health and beauty, Jewelry and accessories

Featured Work: 

 N V L T Y

The Henna Guys


Reviews: Store Experts exemplifies professionalism and creativity, providing exceptional service and intelligent customization solutions. Their team's responsiveness and troubleshooting expertise ensure a seamless experience, making them invaluable partners in achieving digital goals. With their thorough and creative approach, Store Experts delivers outstanding results, earning them high recommendations for anyone seeking reliable and innovative Shopify solutions.

10. eCommerce Web Guru

eCommerce Web Guru

4.9 ⭐ (325) - Since 2016

Contact information

ecommercewebguru.com/ ecommercewebguru@gmail.com

Location: India, United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom

Languages: English

Pricing: Start from $200

Business Description: 

eCommerce Web Guru distinguishes itself with an innovative approach to technology, consistently surpassing customer expectations. Renowned as a top-rated expert in Shopify, they specialize in delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed client needs. With a track record of excellence, eCommerce Web Guru stands as a trusted partner for businesses seeking cutting-edge e-commerce solutions.

Store Builder Service: 

Starting at $200

Description: Using the Shopify theme, the team will assist you in designing and configuring your Shopify store, everything included at the beginning fee. 

1) Logo Design. 

2) Theme setup as per your selection.

3) Sample products created and sorted into their respective collections.

4) Payment gateway configuration. 

5) Shipping configuration. 

6) Policy documents for the store.

Additional work and price information:

Factors that can contribute to cost :

1) Wholesale store

2) URL redirects if required

3) Number of products required

4) Subscription feature

Other Services: Logo and visual branding, Custom apps and integrations, Custom domain setup, Store settings configuration

Industries: Clothing and fashion, Health and beauty, Jewelry and accessories, Sports and recreation

Featured Work: 

SomerSide a towels brand

VOZ Ethical Fashion Company

ERA81- Hand Made Bags Company

Reviews: eCommerce Web Guru has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their extensive knowledge and ability to tackle challenging tasks are commendable. They are quick to respond to changes and issues, ensuring a smooth project experience. Communication was excellent, and the pricing for the job was very reasonable. Overall, their fantastic work and attention to detail make them a top choice for Shopify expertise. 

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Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Shopify Store Builder Service

Factors to Choose Shopify Builder Service

Here are some key things to consider when selecting a Shopify store builder service:

  1. Budget and Needs:
  • Define your budget:  Shopify store builder services can range from basic setup packages to comprehensive design and development. Determine how much you're comfortable spending upfront and consider ongoing maintenance fees.
  • Determine what you need:  List the things necessary for your store. Do you need a highly customized design, advanced product filtering, or integration with specific marketing tools? Choose a service that offers the functionalities you need.
  1. Expertise and Experience:
  • Portfolio review:  Review the service provider's portfolio for examples of their work. Do their previous projects align with the style and functionality you envision for your store?
  • Shopify expertise:  Ensure the service provider has a strong understanding of the Shopify platform and its latest features. This will ensure they can build a store that effectively leverages the platform's capabilities.
  1. Communication and Support:
  • Clear communication:  Choose a service provider who is responsive to your questions and clearly explains the process throughout the project.
  • Support options:  Consider the level of ongoing support offered. Do they provide tutorials, answer technical questions, or offer maintenance packages?
  1. Client Reviews and Reputation:
  • Read reviews:  Check online review platforms and Shopify app stores to see what other clients say about the service provider's work ethic, communication, and quality of service.
  • Case studies:  Look for case studies on the service provider's website to understand how they've helped businesses like yours succeed.
  1. Contract and Terms:
  • Examine the contract:  Carefully review the terms of the agreement before signing, noting the costs, the project's scope, the deadlines, and the modification.
  • Clear terms:  Ensure the contract outlines communication channels, payment schedules, and dispute resolution procedures.

Taking these things into account, you can choose a Shopify site builder service that meets your demands in terms of price and competence and provides the support and communication essential for an online business to succeed.

Ensuring Effective Cooperation with a Shopify Store Builder Service

Effective Collaboration

To guarantee successful collaboration with a Shopify shop-building service, consider the following essential points:

Before the Project Begins:

  • Clear Vision and Goals: Communicate your vision for the store, including the target audience, brand identity, and desired functionalities. To measure progress, define your success metrics (e.g., sales goals and conversion rates).
  • Detailed Scope of Work: Work with the service provider to create a detailed scope of work document outlining the project deliverables, timelines, and milestones. This ensures everyone is on the same page and avoids confusion later.
  • Content Preparation:  Gather all necessary content (product descriptions, images, logos)  beforehand. Having content readily available streamlines the design and development process.
  • Communication Channels:  Establish clear communication channels (email, project management tools) and preferred response times. This promotes efficient communication and avoids delays.

During the Project:

  • Regular Feedback:  Provide regular feedback on design mockups, functionality prototypes, and content implementation.  The earlier you provide feedback, the easier and less expensive it is to make changes.
  • Accessibility and Availability:  Be accessible for project discussions and feedback requests. Set up time for frequent phone conversations or meetings with the service provider to discuss any issues and monitor progress.
  • Transparency and Flexibility:  Be transparent about any changes you request and understand there may be additional costs associated with significant revisions outside the initial scope. Be flexible within reason to accommodate unforeseen challenges.

After the Project Launch:

  • Training and Support:  Get proper training on managing your Shopify store, including adding products, managing orders, and using essential features. Leverage the service provider's support options for any technical difficulties.
  • Ongoing Communication:  Maintain open communication with the service provider. Discuss future needs like maintenance, marketing integrations, or potential store expansions.

By following these tips, you can foster a collaborative and productive working relationship with your Shopify store builder service. This will ensure a smooth project experience, a store that meets your expectations, and a foundation for a successful online business.


How We Rank Top 10 Shopify Store Builder Service

  • The affordable pricing plans with good quality of service
  • The number & quality of the company ratings & reviews on Shopify Partner
  • The company ranking on its category & search result on Shopify Partner
  • The company’s rank on other search engines (Google, Bing, etc)
  • The service prices and features
  • The service provider’s reputation
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +
  • Reviews and real experience by EComposer.io


Choosing the right affordable Shopify store builder can be overwhelming. By considering your budget, needs, and the factors outlined above, you'll be well-equipped to select a service provider that delivers a high-quality store within your budget. Remember, clear communication, well-defined goals, and a collaborative approach are key to a successful partnership and a thriving online store.

Ensuring customer satisfaction and easy product accessibility are also pivotal factors in building a comprehensive Shopify website. Pages with vibrant visuals, quick loading times, and detailed information are essential for store success. 

EComposer offers the flexibility to create captivating pages, offering various options from standard layouts to fully customized designs. Explore EComposer's outstanding templates with a complimentary trial to start your journey today!