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Hi folks, 

Welcome back to the EComposer Product Updates series. 

In this May 2023, EComposer is back with version 1.7, with lots of awesome updates and improvements. 

What are they? Let’s read this article and make sure you will not miss any!

New templates for diverse purposes

Sight your stores now with New eye-catching and fully responsive page templates.

Our EComposer team has released 23+ new templates that support you in building diverse eCommerce pages such as Landing, Home, Blog, About us, and Contact. 

Go to the Newest Collection on the EComposer templates library now and add try visual layouts for your pages.

New function: EComposer Page Analytics


Analyzing website performance is critical for understanding user behavior and improving website conversions. 

The built-in EComposer Page Analytics function allows you to track the performance of your web pages in real time by examining six metrics:

- Sessions

- Visitors

- Add-to-cart

- Page Revenue

- Bounce Rate

- Conversion rate

The EComposer Page Analytics function is currently in alpha testing. 

If you see any incorrect reports, please contact us via live chat in-app or for assistance.

Click to read more about how to enable this function on your pages.

New Extension: EComposer’s Related Products

Currently, using the EComposer Related products extension is one of the most straightforward and affordable solutions.

You can encourage customers to keep shopping and boost conversions by presenting related products in a pertinent and visible area on the product page.

EComposer related products extension is available for all paid plans. Click here to upgrade now.

Tap here to learn how to set up Related Product Extension in detail.

New CRO elements

To boost up your page interface and customer experience, EComposer 1.7 has released various elements. Those all are needed elements for your store conversion rate optimization.

EComposer Store locator

As e-commerce sales rise, brands with physical storefronts seek a competitive advantage.

A store locator on a website is chosen as an effective way for businesses to encourage people to return to their stores and convert internet traffic into offline customers.

Understanding the necessity of this feature, the EComposer team has developed the Store Locator element. You can find this on the EComposer Advanced elements tab.

EComposer-Store Locator

The EComposer Store locator is available for all pages. 

Click on our user guide to understand how to apply this element to your page visually.

EComposer Advanced Heading

Do you want to highlight many values of your brand in the visitors’ minds, just through a sentence?

The EComposer Advanced Heading element is all you need.

EComposer-Advanced Heading

This is one of the awesome features on the EComposer Advanced element lists, which helps you add and customize your heading more visually. 

One special thing about this element is that you can add multiple highlight keywords on your heading, and make them more eye-catching with different font sizes, colors and animations.

EComposer-Advanced Heading

Tap to read more about this incredible element.

EComposer Delivery time

Another cool element that we would love to announce to you in this article is the Delivery time, which is used to provide estimated/specific delivery times for your customers’ orders.

This element is promised as the needed tool for any Shopify store that helps reduce customer inquiries about delivery times, freeing up customer service resources for other tasks. 

Adding this element to your page can enhance your customer experience and efficiently streamline your business delivery processes.

The EComposer Delivery Time element can be used for all pages.

Check out the guideline now to know how to configure this element.

New App Integrations

Let's dive into the EComposer's successful integration case here.

Yotpo SMSBump x EComposer

Being tired of manually collecting subscribers for your Shopify store?

And you’re still finding a quick and effective solution to acquire email and SMS subscribers? Don’t worry because the integration between EComposer and SMSBump can help you achieve just that.

Check out this blog to understand deeper what benefits of this integration you can earn from.

EComposer x PushOwl Integration: Improve customer experience with Web push notification

Maintaining your customer’s connection and engagement is essential for success in today's competitive e-commerce environment. Web push notifications have become a potent tool for increasing conversions and increasing consumer engagement. EComposer and PushOwl's smooth integration is a game-changer for Shopify business owners eager to take advantage of online push alerts. 

Explore this page to learn more about the benefits of this integration.

EComposer x Selleasy integration: New sale boosting solution

If you are struggling in increasing sales, let’s consider integrating EComposer and Selleasy! 

By combining the features and functionalities of these two apps, you can create an engaging and effective shopping experience for your customers.

Reach out more information here to understand this integration more and see how it can benefit your Shopify store.

EComposer x Opinew integration: Improve your store's social proof

Trust in the product and brand decides 80% of customers’ purchasing decisions. 

Understanding that matter, EComposer and Opinew decided to integrate, in order to provide their mutual users with new solutions to leverage customers' review power, then improve conversion rate and boost sales.

Tap to learn more about all of the benefits of this incredible integration.

Other integrations

Besides, EComposer has been integrated successfully with Vitals, Bold Product Options, and Dibble Back in Stock alert, with the aim of providing EComposer merchants with new methods of improving their customer's shopping experience. 

Tap on our help center guide to understand what benefits of those integrations for your online store.

Other Improvements

Along with researching and releasing new functions and features, the EComposer team is also concerned on eliminate tweaks and bugs in each version, with the hope of providing smooth and seamless page-building experiences for all merchants. 

Let’s see what advancements were made in EComposer v1.7 over its earlier iterations.

Move Section Up/ Down

Pressing and dragging a section on a page may make you move this section to the wrong place and consume much of your time. 

Instead of doing that, EComposer now added the Up/ down arrows on each section. You just hover on this section, then click on those arrows to move your chosen section up and down in the editor as you want.

New interface for Free Image Picker

 Shopify free image picker

The EComposer team has already upgrade the Free Image Picker. Therefore, when you pick an image on the Free image library, you will see limitless existing categories on. 

Choosing high-quality images for pages now is much faster and easier.

Clickable image on Feature box element

In the previous versions, the users only added a link to the button on the Feature Box Element.

Great news for EComposer users. You now can add a link to the Feature Box's images/icons.

New configuring options in the Ajax Cart extension

In the old version, EComposer Ajax Cart Extension only provided basic configuring options such as choosing Enable order notes, adding and adjusting Trust Seal Image.

After improvement, EComposer users now can configure their owned Ajax cart with more options on the settings, including:

- Checkout button

- Continue shopping button

- Button style


EComposer Announcement bar allows multiple messages

An announcement bar is an essential part of a page, especially an indispensable part of on-page promotion campaigns. 

Understanding its importance, the EComposer team has upgraded the Announcement bar extension. Accordingly, users can add multiple promotional messages and customize them more visually.


Along with many improvements

- The Buy Now button works as dynamic checkout

- Enhancement for better UX-UI in the Feature element, Quick View, Video Background, Product Accordion, etc.

- Mini bug fixing in Page Status, Library Tab, Product Grid Element, Product Attribute, and Product Quantity.

For a complete list of whole updates related to requests we received from the EComposer community, visit the EComposer changelog here.

Look forward to new updates

That is all news we want to convey to you in this EComposer Product Updates article.

We’re working day by day to listen to your feedback and feature requests. You can submit if have any ideas to make EComposer better here.

Thank you for scrolling to this part, you’ve made our day! We’re looking to seeing you again in the next update announcement.


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