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Using Image Hotspot is one of the ways that makes it easy for many businesses to showcase multiple products and product sets on the same featured image.

Regardless of your niche, as long as you own a Shopify store, you should use Image Hotspots on your Website. It will make it easier for you to make infographics to enhance customer interaction at first sight with your Website.

In this blog, we will show you how to create a unique Shopify Image Hotspot. Before going into the details, make sure you have built an eCommerce store on Shopify!

What is Shopify Image Hotspot?

In this blog, we will show you how to create a unique Shopify Image Hotspot. Before going into the details

Shopify Image Hotspot is a tool that enables you to transform an image into an interactive assessment or a content exploration activity. Customers can click areas of the image to reveal a multiple-choice question or content such as text, images, videos, or links.

Additionally, it allows e-commerce merchants to enhance their product image with interactive hotspots, provide customers with additional information, and highlight key features. This is especially useful for merchants selling complex products or those with multiple variations.

Benefits of Shopify Image Hotspot

In this blog, we will show you how to create a unique Shopify Image Hotspot. Before going into the details

1. Increase your store's interactivity.

When adding Image Hotspots to your store, customers will no longer feel bored with photos and they will find your store interesting and will return.

2. Provide more information and context to your website visitors

You may add interactive components to certain regions of a picture by using image hotspots, such as text, links, or pop-up windows. This is an effective way to give more details about a product, highlight features or advantages, or offer other resources.

3. Increase conversions for your store

Your Image Hotspot may be linked to any URL and made clickable. By making the navigation on your Shopify store better and simpler, you may increase conversions.


How to create Shopify Image Hotspot for FREE by EComposer? 

In this blog, we will show you how to create a unique Shopify Image Hotspot. Before going into the details

EComposer - Landing Page Builder is the ultimate Shopify app for building professional and high-conversion online websites. Whether you're looking to create a homepage, product page, about us page, or any other type of page, EComposer can definitely help.

Furthermore, EComposer is equipped with an AI Content Generator that helps you write smart and engaging content for your pages. Say goodbye to writer's block and let EComposer do the hard work for you.

With 200+ section layouts, 100+ page templates, 90+ customizable components, and 20+ extensions, EComposer is one of the best page builder apps available on Shopify. Shopify Image Hotspot is one of EComposer's outstanding elements to help you create the best points for your still images on your website. You can use it in EComposer free plan. 

Follow the steps below to create the right Image Hotspot for your Shopify store using EComposer!

Step 1: Sign up for your Shopify account 

- If you don't already own a Shopify store, you need to sign up for Shopify and build a basic Shopify store.

- Log in to your online store using your registered email and password.

Step 2: Install EComposer - Shopify Page Builder 

- In the Shopify App Store, search EComposer Landing Page Builder then click Add App

- To activate the use of the app, Install the app to your Shopify store.

Shopify Image Hotspot

Step 3: Open EComposer

In the Dashboard menu, go to Apps, click EComposer Landing Page Builder.

Shopify Image Hotspot

Step 4: Start building Shopify Image Hotpot

Click Start Building in the right corner of the dashboard and select a page where you want to place the Image Hotspot. 

Shopify Image Hotspot

Choose any EComposer template you want by clicking Select a template or create your own by clicking Setup page info. Then, select Start Building.

Shopify Image Hotspot

In EComposer's editor, go to Elements, select Basic and look for Hotspot.

Shopify Image Hotspot

Step 5: Customize Shopify Image Hotspot 

Now use EComposer's live drag and drop to drag the Hotspot anywhere you want. Then start customizing Shopify Image Hotspot to your liking.

Shopify Image Hotspot

In the content section, you can change the product image, add and change the location of hotspot items.

Shopify Image Hotspot

In the design section, you can edit everything related to visibility like image size, hotspot size, choose the appropriate hotspot icon, etc...

Shopify Image Hotspot

Finally, in the Advanced section, you can customize everything related to the code.

Step 6: Save and Publish 

Once you are satisfied with your customization, in the right corner of the edit page you have options to save and publish.

Shopify Image Hotspot

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of a hotspot?

A hotspot is an image-based link that allows visitors to quickly and conveniently access further information or other pages on a website. Hotspots enable the creation of interactive visuals that can give consumers with a more engaging and immersive experience. Hotspots may also be used to organize and organise information inside a picture, allowing people to find what they're seeking for more easily. A map of a city, for example, may have hotspots for various areas or sites of interest, allowing people to click on a specific region to learn more about it.

2. What are the different types of image hotspots?

Image hotspots are classified into three types: rectangular hotspots, circular hotspots, and polygonal hotspots. The x and y coordinates, as well as the width and height, form rectangular hotspots. The x and y coordinates, as well as the radius, form circular hotspots. A polygonal hotspot is described by a sequence of x and y coordinates that create the hotspot's shape. Hotspots can also be used to form more complicated shapes or to connect many sections of a picture to the same location.

3. What is the difference between an image map and an image hotspot?

An image map is a picture with several clickable sections, each of which leads to a distinct location. These clickable locations are referred to as hotspots. Hotspots, in other words, are a component of image maps, and an image map is a sort of visual that employs hotspots. Image maps enable users to interact more dynamically with photos and may be used to generate interesting and immersive content for websites and other online platforms.


Summing up

Create interactive images that will assist you in delivering important information via clickable regions. You will attract the attention of your website visitors by including Shopify Image Hotspot. Because of the eye-catching and useful photographs offered, users and visitors will spend more time on your website.

We hope this blog will help you in creating Shopify Image Hotspot. If you want more information or want to learn more about EComposer, follow us at or click on the message icon located in the right corner of the screen.


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