12+ Amazing Shopify Contact Us Page Templates

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Shopify Contact Us Page templates

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There are numerous considerations to take into account when developing a website for your company. To guarantee that people have the best experience and can navigate and comprehend your site easily, you should design your business website with your clients in mind, from the website's general layout to its finer points.

Many business owners question whether or not contact information is necessary. Let's find out how important a “Contact Us” page is to enhancing the customer experience and how to build an amazing one for your Shopify store with EComposer

What is Contact Us page?

What is contact us page - EComposer

(image source: EComposer.io)

The contact page is typically used to connect sellers and buyers.  Rather than It allows visitors to contact in charge people of your stores directly through some information displayed on your online stores.

What should the Contact Us page include?

There are some key components which must be included in your Shopify Contact Us page to provide full contact information for your customers conveniently. 

- Email address

- Phone number

- Physical address

- Contact form

- Social media links

- Attractive visuals

Why do you need a Contact Us page for your Shopify stores?

important of Shopify Contact Us page

The long-term success of a company depends on developing a strong connection with its customers. Customers feel more secure and engaged with brands when there is a close relationship built on trust and open communication. This connection can also increase customer retention and your rate of purchase. 

Contact Us page is the first important element to start building customer relationships. Hence, It has a big influence on your success. 

Help customers access contact information easily and comprehensively

Although there is still a small part of contact information in the footer or other page of your online stores, it is not enough. A Contact Us page provides various ways that they can apply to connect to you from online to offline. From that, your customers can choose the most convenient way for them. 

Moreover, it is also an effective way to introduce your visitors to other channels of your stores, then they can find out more about your business and your products.

Build trust from customers

The customers feel more assured because they can contact you whenever they have questions with the product or service that your business provides. Hence, a Contact Us page builds credibility of your company to your audiences. 

12+ Best Contact Us page templates

1. Brand Affair Contact Us page

    Shopify Contact Us Page template

    (image source: brandaffair.ro)

    Brand affair draws the visitor's attention with three different channels of communication in addition to the prominent pink flamingo. The "Meet Us" section contains a phone number and email for general queries, the "Pitch Us" section includes a template that enables businesses to submit their ideas directly to the company for consideration, and the map reveals the actual location of the office.

    2. Hubspot Contact Us Page

      Shopify Contact Us page template

      (image source: hubspot.com)

      How a contact page can be used as a customer care tool is demonstrated on HubSpot's Contact Us website. There are two large CTAs at the top linking users to the HubSpot Sales and Support teams. 

      HubSpot is aware that visitors to this page are probably looking to solve a problem with a product or make a purchase. These buttons at the top of the page enable HubSpot to offer visitors proactive customer assistance.

      The Contact Us page's integration into the HubSpot portal is a noteworthy feature. The user can access the page more easily and more quickly as a result. You don't have to leave your account if you're working in a HubSpot portal and need to search up the support phone number; this makes the customer's experience more omnichannel and user-friendly.

      3. Atlas 1031 Exchange Contact Us Page

        Shopify Contact Us page template

        (image source: atlas1031.com)

        The Contact Us page for Atlas 1031 Exchange doesn't have the most attractive layout at first sight. But if you look closely, you'll see that it possesses every single feature of a superb Contact Us page.

        The page outlines what users will receive when they submit a question, including a guarantee of a quick response time of 12 hours or less. Additionally, the website has easy-to-read contact details, social media share buttons, offers links, and even a list of recently updated blog pieces. Good work.

        4. Moz Contact Page

          Shopify Contact Us page template

          (image source: moz.com)

          The Contact Us website of Seattle-based SEO software provider Moz has a big, obvious CTA. This takes users to a more in-depth "Help Hub," where they may get the support they need for a particular piece of software or service that Moz provides.

          It's a smart concept to avoid overwhelming someone who needs assistance straight away, especially with Moz's extensive and diverse services.

          Instead, Moz gives visitors to its main Contact Us page the necessary contact information, with more in-depth resources available if users select "Contact the Help Team." Additionally, it has a cool Seattle map that pinpoints Moz's location for those who want to come in person.

          5. Happy Cork Contact Page

            Shopify Contact Us page template

            (image source: happycork.com)

            While New York may never sleep, Happy Cork most definitely does as it makes plain on its Contact Us website what hours it is open. Happy Cork's schedule is divided into two tables, Store Hours and Delivery Hours, which explain when and how customers can make purchases from the company.

            An interactive map at the top of the page shows visitors where Happy Cork delivers. You can simply determine whether your location is within the company's delivery range by filtering by each neighborhood. Customers won't have to cancel their online orders after placing them if Happy Cork can't deliver to their location.

            6. Scribd Contact Us Page

              Shopify Contact Us page template

              (image source: scribd.com)

              The Contact Us page on Scribd's website is interesting and distinctive, much like the rest of it. The address of the company's corporate headquarters can be found on Google Maps at the top of the page. Additionally, it provides connections to its social media profiles and its address in a transparent manner for website users.

              Users can choose the resource they require, engage in live chat with customer support, or send an email address to customer service based on their issue using the interactive and interesting map of grouped buttons that is located below.

              In order to save time for both visitors and Scribd, Scribd makes sure that website users can get the assistance they require immediately on the contact page. Additionally, the contact form's layout is creative and entertaining.

              7. Burger King Contact Page

                Shopify Contact Us page template

                (image source: bk.com)

                Burger King is aware that customers may want to get in touch with them for a variety of reasons. And for that reason, its Contact Us Page aims to resolve a variety of grievances.

                The Burger King contact website has all the information a consumer would need, whether they're seeking for restaurant or digital support. Customers can also use the shop locator to find the closest Burger King locations.

                8. Ban.do contact page

                  Shopify Contact Us page template

                  (image source: bando.com)

                  The entire website for Ban.do features playful animations, vibrant colors, and amusing typefaces that represent the brand's aesthetic.

                  Its Contact Us page includes all the details a visitor to this page could require, as well as an animation of vintage, vibrant phones "ringing," lots of brilliant pink, and witty, informal web content. You can contact ban.do, get in touch with customer care, and learn how to return a product all from the same page.

                  Every page of your website, especially the Contact Us page, should reflect the brand. This page does an excellent job of maintaining humor while assisting Ban.do's clients.

                  9. The Crabby Shack Contact Page

                    Shopify Contact Us page template

                    (image source: thecrabbyshack.com)

                    Along with the details on the Contact Us page, The Crabby Shack also offers a ton of pictures of delectable seafood. (This should be sufficient motivation for you to contact the restaurant and inquire about its operating hours.)

                    The Crabby Shack also offers an interactive map, a phone number, and an email address so that customers in need of seafood know exactly where to go.

                    10. Zashadu Contact Us Page

                      Shopify Contact Us page template

                      (image source: zashadu.com)

                      Zashadu is included on our list due to how easily accessible its contact details are. The organization has a Contact Us page that you can use to get in touch with them, or you can use one of the numerous choices that are automatically presented in the footer of every page. This makes it simpler for customers who might struggle to find the business' Contact Us page.

                      11. Coca Cola Contact Page

                        Shopify Contact Us page template

                        (image source: coca-colacompany.com)

                        Coca-Cola is one of the most well-known brands in the world, your company could benefit from reviewing their "contact us" page

                        Customer service is the main priority here, as one could anticipate from a retail establishment. A chatbot is the main focus of the page. Any inquiry can be easily entered by visitors, and the virtual assistant will provide an answer.

                        It's a terrific approach to eliminate brief, unusual, or unimportant inquiries that don't warrant taking the time to complete a contact form. But like all good brands, Coca-Cola also provides a link to a more detailed contact form.

                        12. Cool Machine Contact Page

                          Shopify Contact Us page template

                          (image source: coolmachine.store)

                          Visitors have a few simple ways to reach the company via Cool Machine's condensed contact page.

                          The business includes connections to its social media platforms along with an email address and a brief form for on-page inquiries. Social media may offer the answers if they want to learn more about your goods or services, or maybe they want to know where you are located.

                          This helps to filter out questions that you would otherwise have to spend time answering and gives potential customers a true omnichannel experience of your store.

                          How to create a Shopify Contact Us page using Shopify default theme

                          If you haven’t had a Shopify store, sign up your Shopify account here to start with amazing features which are produced by Shopify platform. 

                          There are two ways for you to create a perfect Contact Us page: using Shopify's default theme or Using EComposer’s stunning templates. Let’s start with the first way.

                          If you use Shopify's default theme to design your stores, it has already provided you with a template of contact page, you just need to adjust the information to your store following below steps:

                          - In your Shopify admin, go to “Themes” in the “Online Store” section. 

                          - Click Customize 

                          customize Shopify contact us page

                          - In the dropdown menu, go to “Pages” at the center

                          Customize Shopify contact us page

                          - Choose “Contact” option to open the Shopify default Contact Us page

                          open Shopify default contact us page

                          - You can see the editing section on the left sidebar. Hover over each section of contact Us Page to edit the content as well as the design.

                          edit Shopify default contact us page

                          - If you want to add any other things in this page, click on the “Add section” option in your design location or hit “Plus Button” between each section.

                          customize Shopify contact us page in default theme

                          - After completing page customization. Click the “Save” button in the top right corner to protect your changes. Your live theme will update the changes.

                          Save Shopify contact us page in default theme

                          How to create a Shopify Contact Us page using EComposer’s stunning templates

                          EComposer - Landing Page Builder is an amazing application which provides tons of page builder solutions to help you build professional online stores. Let’s explore how to customize the Shopify Contact Us page with EComposer.

                          Step 1: Install EComposer - Landing Page builder for Shopify stores.

                          - In Shopify app store, click add app

                          add app EComposer for Shopify store

                          - Choose Install to activate the functions of EComposer

                          Step 2: Open EComposer to start building Contact Us page

                          - Click apps in your Shopify admin, choose EComposer’s symbol

                          open EComposer - landing page builder in Shopify store

                          - In EComposer, choose “Start building”.

                          start building contact us page with EComposer

                          - Hit the “plus button” of the Standard page in Popup.

                          Shopify contact us page is a standard page

                          - Scroll down the left sidebar, click “Contact Us” option

                          Choose contact us templates

                          You have two choices: using EComposer’s elements to design your own Contact Us page or Using Premade Page to customize.

                          Use EComposer’s elements

                          - Choose “Blank Template”

                          choose blank template in EComposer contact us page

                          - Fill in the Page Title then hit Start Building to start creating Contact Us page

                          start building contact us page template

                           - You can see a lot of elements from EComposer for you to design the page in your way

                          EComposer elements to build Shopify contact us page

                          - Go to the needed elements then drag-drop it in your desire location.

                          Drag drop editor of EComposer - Shopify Contact Us page

                          - An editing section will appear on the left, adjust the text in the “content” part and image/ colours in the “design” part.

                          Shopify contact us page editing

                          - Click “Publish” at the top right corner then choose “Save and Publish” to complete the launching process of your Contact Us page.

                          Use EComposer’s premade page

                          - EComposer has four templates for you to choose the most suitable one. Click Choose to start customizing the template. You also can click on Preview to see it before making a decision.

                          choose EComposer template for Shopify contact us page

                          Step 3: Customize Contact Us page

                          - Adjust information of the template to suit with your online store by hovering each part, then editing section will appear

                          Change text in Content section

                          edit text in content section of Shopify contact us page template

                          Customize image, colours in Design section

                          design in Shopify contact us page template

                          - Besides, you can customize your Contact Us page with EComposer’s elements using the power drag-drop editor. 

                          add EComposer elements in Shopify contact us page template

                          How to add Google Map to Shopify Contact Us page

                          The EComposer’s templates are already given the Google Map. You just need to adjust the address information in a few steps below:

                          - Hover the Google Map section, click editing pen to open editing section on the left of screen


                          You can adjust the Google Maps Element's settings to make it more suited for your store by changing the location, zooming in or out, the height of the maps, or the maps ratio depending on your devices.

                          add google map to Shopify contact us page


                          Design category provides some specific features such as Normal and Hover CSS Filters, it allows you to adjust the Blur, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue by Default or by Hovering over the Map.

                          Design google map in Shopify contact us page


                          There are 4 sub settings in this setting, including:

                          - Advanced: This is where you may adjust the width and position of the maps as well as the padding and margin.

                          - Background: This feature gives you the option to alter the backdrop automatically or when you hover over an element, but it won't function in this example because Google Maps doesn't have a background.

                          - Visibility: You can use this to make the maps on your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices invisible.

                          - Attributes: For experienced users who know how to code, this section contains CSS ID, CSS Classes, Custom HTML, and Custom CSS.

                          - If your Contact Us page hasn’t had Google Map, please use “Google Map'' elements from EComposer, drag and drop it to your desired location; then customize it like the previous guide.

                          google map element of EComposer in Shopify

                          Looking for detailed guides here: Google Map - EComposer element

                          How to add social media to Contact Us page

                          If your business works on various platforms such as social media, and you want to insert links to these online stores into the Contact Us page. Follow these steps to make it.

                          - Open your Shopify Contact Us page in EComposer to start customization. In the left sidebar, search for the “Icon” element with the flag symbol.

                          - Use a powerful drag - drop editor to put these elements in your desired locations.

                          add social media in Shopify contact us page template

                          - Hover through this section, click the editing pen to open the editing window on the left screen. Hit “icon” to change the icon as you want.

                          customize icon of social media in Shopify contact us page template

                          - Fill your social media in the text box , choose your favorite icon and click select to finish.

                          Choose suitable icon of social media for Shopify contact us page

                          - In the “content” category, you insert your social link to connect it with your website.

                          Shopify contact us page template social media

                          - With the Design category, you can easily change the colours and effects.

                          Shopify contact us page template design social media icon

                          - Similar to other social networks, when you finish to customize them, move to the last step to publish the page.

                          Step 4: Save and Publish

                          Choose Publish in the top right corner, hit the “Save and Publish” button on the Publish Contact Us page. You also can fill in a meta description box and insert Image for this page.

                          Save and publish Shopify contact us page template in EComposer

                          Watch the guide here:

                          Best Practice for a Successful Contact Us

                          Best practice for a successful Shopify Contact Us page

                          Let’s check out the key success components of a helpful Contact Us page.

                          Make it simple to access your Contact Us page

                          There is no use in having a Contact Us page if no one can find it. When a consumer needs to contact you, they can do so by going to your Contact Us page. Your navigation bar and the footer are the two locations that function extremely effectively.

                          Add Google Map on your Contact Us Page

                          Google map is an effective method to show your visitors about your physical address with high interaction. This element helps customers visualize the stores easily; Moreover, in case the customers want to come to the stores directly, they can quickly find the address by using Google Map’s function.

                          Include more than one communications channels

                          Your contact information is the most important thing to provide on your Contact Us page, obviously. Consider it from the perspective of the user experience. You are unaware of your clients' preferred method of contact. Older customers might prefer the phone or the mail, while younger ones might choose social media. 

                          The majority of people will want to email you, but it's best to list every contact method your firm utilizes, unless it's your company's policy to exclusively conduct business through a select few methods.

                          Stick with Brand Image

                          All store pages should be consistent with your brand voice. No exception is made on the Contact Us page. This is a key area where your brand's personality may stand out, luring them confidently toward their solutions.

                          A company recognized for its witticisms doesn't suddenly turn obnoxious when they write their Contact Us page. While providing them with the necessary information, they lean into it.

                          You should maintain consistency with your brand's design appeal in addition to the copy. Make sure that every page on your website benefits from your fantastic shop experience.

                          Final thought

                          In conclusion, the Contact Us page plays an important role in making strong relationships between customers and business in the long term. Hope that this blog can help you create a professional page for your Shopify store and inspire you with typical examples.