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Running successful giveaways on Shopify is not only a fun way to engage your audience but also a powerful marketing strategy to drive brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales. 

In this comprehensive guide on how to do a giveaway on Shopify, we will explore the importance of running effective giveaways and provide you with valuable insights and practical tips to plan, execute, and maximize the results of your Shopify giveaways. Whether you're new to the world of giveaways or looking to improve your existing campaigns, this blog will take you step-by-step through the process, from setting clear goals and selecting enticing prizes to promote your giveaway and measuring its success. 

Before going into the details, make sure you have built an eCommerce store on Shopify!

What is Shopify Giveaway? 

Shopify Giveaway

Shopify Giveaway is a promotional event or contest where participants have the opportunity to win prizes or receive free gifts. It is often used as a marketing strategy to attract attention, engage with an audience, and create buzz around a brand, product, or service.

It can be set up with various entry requirements, such as subscribing to a newsletter, following social media accounts, making a purchase, or referring friends. These campaigns can be an effective way for Shopify store owners to generate excitement, attract new customers, encourage customer engagement, and build brand loyalty.

Benefits of running a giveaway on Shopify

Shopify Giveaway

1. Increased Brand Awareness

Running a giveaway on Shopify can significantly increase brand awareness by attracting attention and reaching a wider audience. Participants and their networks become familiar with your brand and offerings, leading to increased visibility and potential customer acquisition.

2. Customer Engagement

Giveaways create an interactive and engaging experience for customers. By encouraging participation, you foster a sense of excitement and connection with your brand, leading to increased customer engagement and interaction.

3. Growing Email List

Giveaways provide an opportunity to grow your email subscriber list. By requiring participants to provide their email addresses for entry, you can expand your email list and reach a broader audience for future marketing campaigns and promotions.

4. Driving Sales and Conversion

Giveaways can drive sales and conversions by incentivizing participants to make a purchase. Offering bonus entries or exclusive discounts to giveaway participants encourages them to become paying customers, boosting your sales and conversion rates.


5. Social Media Exposure

Giveaways generate buzz and social media exposure. Participants are often required to share the giveaway on their social media platforms, leading to increased visibility, organic reach, and brand exposure among their networks.

6. Building Customer Loyalty

Giveaways help foster customer loyalty by rewarding and appreciating your existing customers. By offering exclusive giveaways or special perks, you reinforce their loyalty, encourage repeat purchases, and strengthen the bond between your brand and your customers.

7. Market Research and Feedback

Giveaways provide an opportunity to gather valuable market research and feedback from participants. By incorporating survey questions or feedback forms, you can gain insights into customer preferences, opinions, and suggestions for improvement, helping you refine your products and services.

6 Steps to Do a Successful Shopify Giveaway

Step 1: Define Your Goals and Objectives

Shopify Giveaway

Setting a goal for your contest is a simple task that revolves around understanding your sales funnel.

For Shopify store owners unfamiliar with funnels, here's a quick overview:

- Awareness: When prospects first become aware of your brand through various channels like advertising, social media, or search engines.

- Audience: Individuals who have shown interest in your brand by subscribing to your email list or following you on social media, but haven't made a purchase yet.

- Browser: Prospects who actively browse your products, categories, or add items to their cart, indicating strong consideration.

- Sale: Customers who trust your brand and make a purchase from your store.

The funnel starts with awareness and gradually narrows down. It's crucial to reach a broad audience at the top to generate conversions at the bottom. Keep in mind that only a small percentage of people who visit your store will make a purchase, typically around 1-2%.

Ultimately, by aligning your contest goals with the different stages of your sales funnel, you can optimize your efforts and achieve better results.

Step 2: Select a Prize

Running a successful giveaway requires prizes that capture attention and create excitement among participants. Ordinary prizes are unlikely to generate the desired level of engagement. To make your giveaway stand out, your prize should have a high perceived value and be related to your business. Fortunately, as a retailer, your products can serve as excellent prizes. You have the flexibility to choose between:
- Offering less valuable inventory, such as out-of-season or underperforming stock, or 

- Showcasing your popular products. 

Both approaches have their merits. The former helps build awareness and clear out low-value items, while the latter drives interest and increases website traffic as participants browse your product range to see what they could win. Additionally, offering store gift cards as prizes provides flexibility and allows participants to choose items that best suit their preferences. Experimenting with different gift card values can influence the number of entries you receive, with higher values generally attracting more participation. Ultimately, selecting prizes that hold value and relevance to your target audience will greatly enhance the success of your giveaway.

Step 3: Plan Your Giveaway

To create a successful giveaway, you need a clear plan. Consider the following key factors to include in your plan:

- Giveaway duration: Choose a start and end date that create urgency without dragging on for too long. Typically, successful giveaways last 3-7 days, with a maximum of 14 days.

- Guidelines: Define who can enter the competition based on factors like age, gender, and locality. Make sure participants understand the eligibility criteria to avoid disappointment.

- Entry methods: Align entry methods with your campaign goals. Focus on social media engagement for awareness, email sign-ups or website visits for leads and traffic, and user-generated content for social proof.

- Winner announcement: Decide how winners will be chosen when they will be announced, and if there will be multiple winners. Communicate these details to participants to generate excitement.

Make sure you don't leave anything out in your planning, and you can launch a well-organized and engaging giveaway that aligns with your goals.

Step 4: Decide on the entry requirements

Shopify Giveaway

To encourage participation in your giveaway, many eCommerce brands running social media giveaways prompt participants to engage in various actions such as following the brand, sharing the post, commenting, tagging friends, signing up for an email list, liking the photo or post, and uploading photos or videos. The simpler the entry process, the higher the participation rate. Some brands even consider each action as a separate entry, allowing participants to accumulate multiple entries. 

Before determining the entry requirements, consider your giveaway's objective. If you aim to grow your email list, make signing up a requirement. For creating brand buzz, encourage participants to tag friends and share the post. Limit the entry requirements to two or three, making it easy to enter while still aligning with your giveaway's goal.

Step 5: Promote Your Giveaway

Running a giveaway provides a limited opportunity to leave a lasting impression on new followers. To maximize engagement, it's crucial to maintain an active presence on the platforms you're promoting. This allows users to experience what it's like to engage with your brand firsthand.

Once you've established the start and end dates for your giveaway, develop a content schedule tailored to the duration of the competition. For example, during a 7-day contest, consider the following posting schedule:

- Day 1: Make a captivating announcement about the giveaway on your social media channels.

- Day 3: Incorporate information about the giveaway into your regular content, encouraging followers to visit the original post.

- Day 6: Utilize your feed, stories, and reels to remind participants that the competition is closing in 24 hours.

- Day 7: Update the announcement post with the winner's details and express gratitude through stories, reels, and messages to newsletter subscribers.

Throughout the campaign, strive to share high-quality content across your platforms. Ensure that the content aligns with your brand identity and genuinely adds value to your followers' experience. It's essential to avoid repetitive giveaway-focused posts and focus on creating engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Step 6: Announce the Winner and Fulfillment

All giveaways must be ethical and fair at all times. Nothing hurts your brand more than being accused of bias or competitive fraud. Therefore, you need to be fair to choose the winner. Depending on how your Giveaway works, there will be different ways to find winners. Currently, on Shopify, there are many applications that help you create Giveaways, you can use them to find winners for your Giveaway simply.

How to Create a Giveaway Landing Page for Your Shopify Store 

A Giveaway Landing Page is crucial for Shopify stores to run successful giveaways. It serves as the entry point for participants, providing key details about the giveaway. A well-designed landing page captures attention and encourages entry. It should have compelling visuals, persuasive copy, and clear calls to action. 

Currently, on Shopify, there are many applications that help you create a landing page, but not all of them are easy to use and reasonably priced. In this blog, we will introduce you to EComposer - Landing Page Builder, the top page builder in Shopify platform. EComposer allows you to build any page type in your website such as a landing page, homepage, product page, collection page, about us page, contact us page, policy page, etc. Moreover, you can freely customize various templates without coding requirements. All you need to do is just drag and drop the elements in the desired location.

Shopify Giveaway

EComposer offers you a dedicated Giveaway template, check it out here! With this template, Shopify store owners can easily customize and optimize their landing pages to maximize participant engagement and increase conversion rates. 

Step into the electrifying world of EComposer's Giveaway Template. The minute you arrive, a red countdown timer stirs a sense of urgency, nudging you towards action. Bold colors of yellow and red set the stage, with a radiant "Enter to Win" button that's impossible to resist.

Complementing the visual excitement, high-resolution team images add a personal touch, enhancing credibility and connection. Practicalities aren't overlooked - a handy FAQs section and clear 'Terms and Conditions' provide clarity around the giveaway process. In essence, this template is a captivating mix of excitement, engagement, and information, designed to elevate your eCommerce experience.

With EComposer's Gifting Landing Page template, you can create a seamless user experience that enhances your brand image and increases your chances of achieving your giveaway goals.

Shopify Giveaway

To use the EComposer Gift Landing Page template, see details in the blog: How to build a Landing Page for Lead Generation + Examples

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Run a Giveaway on Shopify for Free?

Yes, you can run a giveaway on Shopify for free. Shopify offers various apps and plugins that allow you to create and manage giveaways without incurring additional costs. These apps provide features such as entry forms, random winner selection, social sharing options, and more, making it easy for you to set up and run a giveaway on your Shopify store without any upfront fees.

2. How do I Measure the Success of my Giveaway?

To measure the success of your giveaway on Shopify, you can track key performance metrics such as the number of entries, website traffic, social media engagement, email sign-ups, and conversion rate. These metrics will help you assess the reach and impact of your giveaway, as well as its effectiveness in achieving your marketing goals. Additionally, you can monitor sales and customer feedback following the giveaway to evaluate its impact on your business.

3. How do I Choose a Prize for my Giveaway? 

When choosing a prize for your giveaway on Shopify, consider your target audience, their interests, and what would incentivize them to participate. The prize should align with your brand and be relevant to your products or services. It could be a popular product from your store, a limited edition item, a gift card, or an exclusive experience. Additionally, consider the value of the prize and ensure that it is appealing enough to generate interest and excitement among potential participants.


In a nutshell

In conclusion, running a successful giveaway on Shopify can be a game-changer for your business. By following the key steps and considerations outlined in this blog, you now have the knowledge and tools to create engaging and impactful giveaways. 

Remember to set clear goals, select enticing prizes, promote your giveaway effectively, and measure its success. The benefits of giveaways for growing your Shopify business are undeniable - increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales. So don't wait any longer, it's time to put your newfound knowledge into action and start planning your own giveaway. 

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