How to add sections in mass Shopify pages using EComposer’s Global Block


Shopify Global block

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You frequently need to make a few minor modifications to particular sections across multiple pages because you have lots of post-click landing pages. You take a long time to make manual modifications. Thus, you want to find an optimal solution for this case. 

In this blog, I will introduce to you a special feature named Global Block from EComposer for your Shopify stores.

What is Shopify Global Block?

Global Block is a feature of EComposer, it allows you to create sections and add them in a lot of Shopify themes, pages quickly and easily. 

Additionally, it has high reuse ability in Shopify. This function helps you manage effectively because you can update sections in all pages at once conveniently. 


Why should you use Shopify Global Block?

Block Builder plays a special role for your stores in the process of building the website and running campaigns. It can save your time as well as your effort alot. Also, it creates high consistency among all pages. Find out more below.

Save Time and Effort

In order to construct campaigns for a lot of prospects at once, advertisers and marketers must create post-click landing pages that must be tested, optimized, and regularly updated in order to boost conversions.

With reusable, branded blocks addressed the issue of swiftly creating many post-click landing pages. However, updating material still takes a lot of time and requires a lot of repeated manual labor.

Now, you can design, maintain, and update global brand templates at scale thanks to Global Blocks of EComposer. This new capability enables you to personalize, test, tweak, and update content to continuously enhance conversions, whether it's a testimonial block, CTA block, or anything else.

High consistency

Imagine that you add the same section on multiple pages to promote a new product launch campaign. In the next stage of the campaign, you have to change some details in that section. 

Normally, you go to each page and edit one by one the same changes; however, you may make some differences among these versions and it will affect customer’s experience as well as campaign effectiveness.

With Global Block, you just need to edit Block then the information will be updated automatically in every page which uses this block. Hence, you can avoid manual mistakes and create high consistency among all pages.

Understand the importance of EComposer’s Global Block in Shopify. If you have not had any Shopify accounts or stores, sign up Shopify now to use these features with a 3 months free trial.

How to create a new Shopify Global Block by EComposer

EComposer landing page builder provides features and premade pages to support you creating your own store professionally and beautifully. 

In this case, EComposer’s Global Block as a saved section helps you edit and update information on multiple pages quickly. Follow the guides below  to explore how Global Blocks work!

Step 1: Install EComposer app - Landing page builder

- Add app at Shopify stores - EComposer landing page builder

EComposer landing page builder
- Click install applications in your Shopify admin to approve the use of the app.

Step 2: Start create Global block

- In the sale channels section, click apps then choose the EComposer symbol which appears at the top center.   

open ecomposer app on shopify                                 

- On EComposer’s interface, in Action dropdown, go to Extra builder, choose Global Block to create a new one.

create global block

- Click “Create global block”

create global block

- Choose blank template first

choose blank template global block
- Secondly, name the block template and click start building

start building global block

Step 3: Customize Global Block

There are two ways for you to design your Global Block. You can utilize an available layout from EComposer’s library or the elements to build the content for your new Global Block.

Use premade section

- Click on the button “Explore Library” or the symbol “Library template” at the top bar to open the template library.

Shopify Global Block
- Choose the Pages option, there are a lot of options for you to select the most suitable and professional one. Here, you can sort the layout according to the categories at the top bar for better searching. Choose Preview to see the layout first.

create Shopify Global Block
- Scroll down to see all the sections. Click “Insert this section” if you want to add it in your block.
- Hit the Cross button at the top right corner to back to the builder to continue.

customize Shopify Global Block
- Now, you can adjust the content to match with your store by hovering the components then click in the editing pen. An editing window will appear in the left sidebar. 
- You can edit content, design or advanced one by one 

editing Global Block in Shopify

Using EComposer’s elements

You can create your own block using elements.

- On the left sidebar, you can see a lot of elements to freely customize your  Global Block
- Drag and drop your element you need, Product Grid is chosen in this case

Customize Shopify Global Block
- Hit on “select a collection” to opt one for the grid to show the products

select collection for product grid in Shopify Global Block
- After tick one collection, choose select to complete this step

select collection for Shopify global block
- Now, you can adjust the product grid, customize the background, etc in the editing section like previous parts.

Step 4: Save and Publish

After finishing to customize the block, click the “Publish” button on the top right corner and choose “save and publish” in the popup to save successfully.

save and publish Shopify global block

How to insert a Global Block to your Shopify store pages

It is quite similar to adding a section to store pages. Follow the 3 steps guide below to stick the block into the Shopify pages successfully.

Step 1: Open your edit page (the page that you want to add the block on)

Step 2: Add Block to pages

- Click on the plus button to add section

add section Shopify Global Block
- Navigate for Global Block on the left bar, drag and drop it in the desired location.

Shopify Global Block customization
- Select block

Select Shopify Global Block
- You choose one of your built blocks in the list, choose select to complete.

Shopify Global Block - EComposer

Step 3: Click Publish at the top right corner, a save popup appears, fill in the name and hit the “save” button.

save Shopify global block

Note: If you want to make any changes to the Block, you can edit a specific block in the Global Block list then save. All pages that include the block section will have the modification updated.

How to embed a Global Block into a template

The Global Block can be used for your theme article, standard, product page, and collection page thanks to this feature. 

For instance, you could use this to insert a Product Grid to each of your articles, but this isn't possible using Shopify Editor's extremely restricted modification options. Now the Global Block of EComposer can solve this problem simply. 

Here is a detailed instruction:

- From the dashboard menu, in the dropdown Action menu, hit the Global Block under extra builder.

open Shopify Global Block
- Select embed into template

embed Shopify global block
- Choose the Page type and template of your preference, then click the Embed button.

customize shopify global block
- Now you see “embed successfully”. It means that the page has already been embedded.

Shopify global block
- Scroll Down, on the block you just made, click Copy Shortcode.

Shopify global block
- Click Copy Shortcode once more. 

Shopify global block

- Go to your page

Shopify global block
- Paste the shortcode in the editor, then hit Save to finish.

Paste code of Shopify Global Block

- This is the result.

result Shopify global block - EComposer

Follow for more details guide here Global Block

How to remove Global Block from Shopify store

- Navigate Global Block under extra builder, dropdown Action menu from Dashboard
- Scroll down, click remove button to delete the block

remove shopify global block


Final thought

We can not deny the convenience and effectiveness of Global Block in website building, especially in the promotion campaign which needs to customize the common content in all pages. 

Moreover, Global Block can help you adjust information for all of the pages just in a single click. By this way, you can save a lot of time and effort; additionally, it ensures accuracy and consistency of the content.