PiPiADS Review: Is This The Best TikTok Ads Spy Tool?


PiPiADS Review

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Are you seeking a PiPiADS review to determine whether this tool is appropriate? You've come to the right place.

In this complete review, we'll review PiPiADS' features, benefits, and shortcomings and help you decide whether it's the right tool for your TikTok advertising arsenal.

What is PiPiADS?

PiPiADS’s website

PiPiADS's website.

PiPiADS is a TikTok ad intelligence tool. It helps e-commerce store owners and marketing researchers in a few key ways:

  • Spying on competitor TikTok ads: Look at what your TikTok rivals are doing that's working on getting ideas for your ads.
  • Discovering winning products: Find trendy items on TikTok that could sell a lot.
  • Creating compelling ad creatives: Access a vast library of ad examples and models to help you make your TikTok ads.
  • Advanced targeting: Use PiPiADS's tools to get your goods or services in front of the right people.

As the online business world changes constantly, company exposure is significant. Because PiPiADS gives your business the tools and features it needs to succeed in the digital world, they understand this.

PiPiADS Main Features

PiPiAds has established itself as a prominent name in TikTok ad intelligence. But what exactly makes it tick? To get relevant information for your TikTok advertising strategy, let's explore the essential functions that PiPiAds uses:

#1. Find winning Products

Finding winning products on TikTok is one of the best things about PiPiADS. This is more than a list; PiPiADS uses its huge database to analyze product trends and help you find the best and most sought-after items on the market.

PiPiADS's finding winning products feature

PiPiADS's finding winning products feature.

What truly sets PiPiADS apart is the flexibility and customization it offers. You can sort and filter goods based on many factors, such as:

  • Location: Target products relevant to your specific market.
  • Price: Find products within your budget range.
  • Category: Discover trending items in your niche.
  • Ad Impressions & Likes: Gauge audience interest and potential reach.

This detailed search lets you narrow your choices and find goods that fit your target audience.

But PiPiADS doesn't stop there. For each product, you gain access to detailed information and metrics:

  • Impressions: See how many people have viewed the ad.
  • Likes, Comments, Shares: Understand audience engagement levels.
  • Ad Performance: Gain insights into the overall effectiveness of the ad campaign.
Use the filter feature to find PiPiADS' winning products

Use the filter feature to find PiPiADS' winning products.

This data lets you assess a product's potential engagement and which ones to market for optimal success.

#2. Product Search

PiPiADS's product search feature

PiPiADS's product search feature.

PiPiADS does more than show off popular items. With many search options, it lets you look more deeply, and it's easy to target particular groups. Look no further than PiPiADS if you're looking for best-sellers, trendy things, or goods in a specific area.

You can drill down by:

  • Ecommerce platform: Focus on products that are readily available on platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce.
  • Landing page: Focus on products with dedicated landing pages for optimal conversion potential.
PiPiADS's product search filter

PiPiADS's product search filter.

Also, PiPiADS does more than just sort files. Price, location, ad views, and likes are the tip of the iceberg. Use these extra factors to narrow your search and find great products for your target group.

Making smart decisions is very important. PiPiADS gives you a lot of information about each product to determine how well it will work. Impressions, likes, comments, and shares are all valuable metrics for determining how engaged your audience is.

PiPiADS TikTok ad analytics page

PiPiADS TikTok ad analytics page.

PiPiADS empowers you to discover winning products and gain valuable insights from competitors and audiences. It's a comprehensive product discovery tool that can give your e-commerce business a significant edge.

Check out our complete guide on how to spy on TikTok ads to get even more ideas for content!

#3. Advertiser Search

PiPiADS's advertiser search feature

PiPiADS's advertiser search feature.

PiPiADS takes competitor analysis to a new level with its powerful advertiser search feature. This game-changer allows you to effortlessly search for ads run by successful Shopify stores and gain invaluable insights into their TikTok advertising strategies.

Want to see how well a specific Shopify store or marketer is doing on TikTok? PiPiADS has what you need. It's accessible to:

  • View a list of all the ads they're currently running.
  • Leverage keyword search and filters to pinpoint specific campaigns within the list.

Go beyond the surface with PiPiADS' Data Analytics section. Here, you'll uncover crucial metrics for each ad, including:

  • Impressions: Gauge audience reach.
  • Ad Costs: Understand campaign profitability (consider including this with caution; it might depend on the pricing tier).
  • Days Running: Analyze campaign longevity and effectiveness.
  • Likes: Measure audience engagement.
PiPiADS' data analytics page

PiPiADS' data analytics page.

Advertiser search gives you a complete picture of successful companies' products and advertising methods. This gives you the tools to follow their lead and reach your marketing objectives.

Beyond Products, Understanding Your Audience

PiPiADS does more than just look at ads and products. With the Advertiser Search tool, you can learn a lot about your competitors' audience, which helps you improve your targeting tactics so they have the most impact.

Website Traffic Analysis:

Find out how your rival's website gets people to visit it. View changes in traffic over time and look at the types of people who come based on location, platform, and placement. This gives you the power to make ads that connect with similar groups of people.

Website traffic analysis feature of PiPiADS

Website traffic analysis feature of PiPiADS.

Global & Category Rankings:

Gain a broader perspective on your competitor's performance. See their global rank, country rank, and category rank. This can help you identify potential market gaps and opportunities.

Global ranking of PiPiADS

Global ranking of PiPiADS.

The Advertiser Search feature isn't about mimicking your competitors' every move. It's about gleaning valuable data and insights for your unique and successful marketing strategy.

PiPiADS Pricing

There are different price plans for PiPiADS to fit various business sizes and budgets. A free plan is available but has fewer benefits than the paid plans.

PiPiADS’s pricing

PiPiADS's pricing.

Main Pricing Plans:

  • Starter: This plan is excellent for novices or budget-conscious businesses. It gives you a strong base for discovering PiPiADS's main features.
  • VIP: This mid-tier plan has more tools and data access than the Starter plan. It works for companies that want to research their products and competitors more.
  • Pro: This premium package is for high-volume merchants and agencies that need sophisticated data and tools for competitive analysis and campaign optimization.
  • Enterprise (Customizable): For businesses with particular needs, PiPiADS offers a customizable Enterprise plan. Pricing is tailored based on individual requirements.

NOTE: All paid plans offer a 3-day trial for only $1, allowing you to test-drive the features before committing.

Find out which of PiPi ADS's three primary price options is best for your needs by taking a closer look at them now.

1. The Starter Plan

The PiPiADS Starter Plan costs $77 a month or a more affordable $54 a month if paid yearly. It's made for people just starting in the exciting world of e-commerce.

This plan works excellently for dropshippers and people just starting their online businesses.

Don't be fooled by the starter label - this plan equips you with powerful tools to make informed decisions. You can analyze up to 200 ads and 50 products/advertisers daily.

Access to all ad filters also allows you to refine your search and gain valuable insights into competitor strategies and target audiences.

However, the Starter Plan only allows one user to log in at a time.

The Starter Plan is an excellent place to start if you ask us. But, high-volume businesses that do a lot of searches and view data daily might need a higher level.

2. The Vip Plan

The VIP plan is $155 a month, or a more affordable $128 monthly if you pay for it all at once. With the VIP plan, you can see 2,000 ads per question, which lets you study your competitors deeply and find secret trends.

Moreover, by accessing 200 products daily, you can stay ahead of the trend and find winning goods before they become hugely popular.

But PiPiADS VIP is more than just products. You can look at 1000 ads per question, giving you a complete picture of your competitors. With daily in-depth information on 200 marketers, you can break down your competitors' strategies, figure out who they're trying to reach, and improve your strategy to have the most impact.

But, like the Starter Plan, the VIP plan only lets one person log in at a time. This means that it's not a good price list for big companies.

3. The Pro Plan

If you're serious about dominating the e-commerce sector, you need the PiPiADS Pro plan's robust capabilities. This plan allows up to 5 team members to share access, making it suitable for collaboration in enterprises of all sizes. While the price is $263 per month, or $181 per month when invoiced yearly, the value is clear.

There are 5,000 ads for each question, which is a lot. Get information on 1000 items and advertising daily to remain ahead of the trend and identify successful products and how they're promoted.

It also lets you use more powerful tools that will help you get better results faster. Landing page details (available after proof) can help you create attractive pages and turn people into buyers.

Pros & Cons Of Using PiPiADS

Furthermore, the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing this tool are included in this PiPiADS review.

PiPiADS's Pros

✅ Deep Dive into Winning Ads:

First, PiPiADS grants access to a searchable database of TikTok ads. Analyze top performers, glean valuable insights, and replicate winning strategies to optimize advertising efforts.

✅ Laser-Focused Search with Filters:

Second, refine your research with PiPiADS' extensive filtering options. Narrow down searches by target audience demographics, product category, and more. This ensures you find the most relevant ads aligned with your target market and niche.

✅ Data-Driven Product Selection:

Third, go beyond trends with PiPiADS' detailed product information. Gain insights into popular, trending, and best-selling products within your market. This empowers you to make informed decisions about product selection and tailor your marketing strategy for maximum impact.

✅ Understanding Your Competitors:

Finally, PiPiADS isn't just about products. It unlocks a wealth of advertiser details, revealing your competitors' promotional and advertising strategies. This invaluable information equips you to design effective campaigns that stand out and stay ahead of the curve.

Cons of Using PiPiADS

❌ Potential Search Result Limitations:

While PiPiADS offers a powerful search function, the total number of results available might be limited. This could restrict your ability to gather a comprehensive picture of competitor strategies.

❌ Only TikTok Ads:

If your marketing efforts span multiple social media platforms, PiPiADS' functionality might be limited for other channels, as its core strength lies in analyzing TikTok ads.

If you find specialized spy tools for Facebook and Instagram, refer to AdSpy Review.

❌ Separate Chrome Extension Required:

To unlock PiPiADS' full potential, you must install a separate Chrome extension. While not a significant hurdle for some, it might inconvenience those who prefer a browser extension-free experience or use a different browser.

❌ Pricing Considerations:

Lastly, PiPiADS plans start at $77 a month, and the VIP plan that comes highly suggested costs $155 a month. This might be a more expensive research product than other tools, even though the value is excellent.

If you want a tool similar to PiPiADS but more affordable, read below or refer to the article: 18 of the best Shopify spy tools to look into your rivals.

PiPiADs Alternatives

Regarding ad spy tools for TikTok, PiPiAds has made a name for itself. However, the vast landscape of marketing information presents many choices. This section will give you the information you need to make a smart decision and find the best tool for your TikTok advertising plan.

#1. PiPiADs vs. BigSpy

PiPiADs vs. BigSpy

Dropshippers nowadays use ad espionage technologies to find successful items and assess competitors. This competition is led by BigSpy and PiPiADS. Let's analyze their pros and cons to assist you in choosing an e-commerce weapon.





More affordable, especially for TikTok.

Potentially higher, especially for TikTok.

Free Plan

(No free trial for spy on TikTok Ads)


TikTok Ads.

Multiple Platforms (including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.)

Database Size

Potentially smaller.

Largest ad library across platforms.

Filtering Options

Extensive filters for TikTok ads.

Granular filters across all platforms.

Ad Analysis

Deep analysis of TikTok ad performance.

In-depth insights for various platforms.

Competitor Tracking

Monitor competitor strategies on TikTok.

Track competitors across multiple platforms.

Shopify Spy Tools

Etsy Product Research

Choose PiPiADs if your focus is TikTok Ads, you have a budget to consider, and you'd like additional features like Shopify spying and Etsy product research.

If you advertise across many social media platforms and need a comprehensive solution, pick BigSpy. Budget is a lesser concern.

Open BigSpy’s website

Read BigSpy Review for more details.

#2. PiPiADs vs. Anstrex

PiPiADs vs. Anstrex

This in-depth review breaks down PiPiADS and Anstrex, showing their pros and cons so you can choose the winner that best fits your advertising needs.





More expensive (especially for basic plans)

More affordable.

Free Plan

(Limited functionality for TikTok In-Stream Ads)


TikTok Ads

Multiple Platforms (Push, Native, Pop, Facebook Ads, TikTok In-Stream).

TikTok Support

Other Platforms


Push, Native, Pop, Facebook Ads (e-commerce).

Winning Product Discovery

Yes (through the Top Stores and Viral Products tool)

Shopify/Etsy Analysis

Competitor Ad Tracking

(limited to the platform but includes related creatives/landing pages).


Advanced (including image content)

Advanced (including technology, language, carrier).



Basic (engagement, ad strength/gravity, some ad statistics).

Landing Page Features


View, Download, Deploy, Edit landing pages.

Data Caps

Choose PiPiADs if your primary focus is TikTok Ads and you're willing to spend more time on in-depth analysis and features like Shopify spying and Etsy product research. Budget is a secondary concern compared to specializing in TikTok.

Choose Anstrex if you need a comprehensive ad spying toolkit for various platforms (including TikTok) and value features like landing page analysis, editing, and deployment.

#3. PiPiADs vs. Minea

PiPiADs vs. Minea

Minea and PiPiADS are two well-known tools for spying on TikTok ads, which were compared in this article. You can choose the right one by looking at this list of their pros and cons:





Potentially higher.

More affordable.

Free Plan


TikTok Ads.

Multi-platform (incl. upcoming Snapchat).

TikTok Support


Extensive (ad details, product details, etc.)

Standard (country, likes, etc.)

Winning Products

Dedicated section with daily updates.


Competitor Tracking

Shopify Spy Tools

Etsy Product Research

Who should choose PiPiADs?

If your focus is laser-sharp on TikTok Ads, and you're willing to invest more for in-depth analysis with extensive filtering options. PiPiADs offers dedicated sections for discovering winning products and spying on competitors, along with bonus features like Shopify store analysis.

Who should choose Minea?

If you're on a tight budget and need a general ad spying tool across various social media platforms.

Remember: Both offer trials; use them to test functionalities before committing.


1. Are PiPiADs Worth The Cost For The Features It Offers?

Yes, PiPiADs is a terrific option if you own an Etsy store and require a TikTok-focused spy tool. If your demands exceed that, consider alternative, more adaptable, and reasonably priced tools.

2. Is PiPiAds Safe To Use?

Yes, you can be sure that PiPiADs' privacy policy makes it clear what information they collect about users and how they use it.

3. Can I Track My Competitors' Ad Campaigns Over Time With PiPiADs?

Yes, you can. PiPiADs has PiPiAds' time adjustment filters that can effectively track your competitors' ad campaigns over time.

Key Takeaways

PiPiAds is a fantastic tool to find out more about TikTok advertisements. Access to rival ad data and filtering options may assist you in organizing your TikTok commercials.

To discover the ideal match for your TikTok advertising strategy, check out our blog for more detailed evaluations of other well-known ad spy tools!