Top 15+ Best One Product Shopify Theme in 2024


Top 15+ Best One Product  Shopify Theme in 2024

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Shopify is a good platform for selling stuff online, even if you're just selling one thing. 

A best one single-product Shopify theme that shows your item is a perfect way to do it. It's easy to use, has many valuable features, and works differently to get paid. It's got everything you need to grow your business.

Plus, Shopify has many designs that allow you to change your store's appearance. You know how important it is for people to like how your store looks when they first see it. But with so many lovely designs, how do you pick the best one for your store that only sells one thing?

In this article, we've picked out the 15+ best Shopify themes for stores selling only one thing to help you decide.

What advantages do single-product Shopify themes offer?

A Shopify theme designed for just one product can effectively highlight all the important details. It gives your product lots of space to stand out, with big pictures and text boxes, which can boost how many people buy it.

Even though some might think having fewer products means missing out on selling other things together, having only one product can help customers make decisions easier and lead to more sales. You can still use single-product Shopify websites to sell subscriptions and bundles quickly.

In summary, single-product Shopify themes are a fantastic way to make one-product stores stand out. 

Top 15+ Best One Product  Shopify Themes


The Kalles Theme shines as the ultimate choice for a one-product Shopify store, setting the standard for premium quality. With its sleek design, adaptability, and user-friendly interface, Kalles ensures an exceptional online shopping experience. Featuring a responsive layout, RTL support, and advanced functionalities, it enables businesses to cater to global markets effortlessly. Whether you're just starting or expanding your business, Kalles offers a range of features and pricing options to suit various needs.

Key features

  • Extensive Variety of Demo Designs: Kalles stands out with its over 50 captivating demo designs, offering a wide range of visually stunning options. From sleek and modern to elegant and minimalist, businesses can find the perfect aesthetic to showcase their one-product store uniquely.
  • Mobile-Responsive Design: With Kalles, your online store will look exceptional on any device. Its mobile-responsive design ensures a seamless browsing experience for customers, whether shopping on their smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers, enhancing accessibility and user satisfaction.
  • Effortless Layout Importer: Setting up your store with Kalles' intuitive layout importer is effortless. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, Kalles offers simplicity and convenience when building your online presence.
  • Advanced Features for Enhanced Functionality: Kalles goes beyond aesthetics with its advanced features designed to boost your store's performance. From smart filters that simplify product navigation to product upsell functionality that increases sales, Kalles empowers your one-product store with the tools it needs to succeed in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Price: $89

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Flex is an excellent theme for people who want to personalize their Shopify theme and let their creativity flow. It offers over 10 demo stores, so you can start quickly without building everything from scratch.

With Flex, you can tweak the CSS in the theme editor, pick from different header and footer designs, select three product page layouts, and more. Plus, there's a huge library of icons to jazz up your store.

Key Features

  • Unparalleled Customization: Craft exceptional one-product Shopify stores. Its extensive customization options empower you to create a truly unique and captivating online shopping experience.
  • Diverse Pre-designed Demo Stores: Explore 13 meticulously crafted pre-designed demo stores, each offering a distinct aesthetic and layout. Flex provides the perfect starting point for your one-product store journey, whether you seek minimalist elegance or bold creativity.
  • Versatile Product Page Layouts: With three versatile product page layouts at your disposal, Flex ensures your product is showcased in the most engaging and conversion-focused manner possible. From immersive full-screen displays to sleek minimalist designs, you can choose the perfect presentation style.
  • Tailored for Creativity: Designed with creative minds in mind, Flex enables you to unleash your imagination and bring your vision to life. Seamlessly integrate custom CSS to fine-tune every aspect of your store's appearance, ensuring it reflects your brand identity with precision and flair.

Price: $495

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Booster is a supercharged Shopify theme suitable for businesses, including single-product stores. With over 50 ready-made layouts and a range of tools, it can save you £281 per month on app fees.

Booster has everything you need to create a quick, efficient, and successful Shopify store. Features like upselling, cross-selling, customizable design, and SEO optimization make it a top choice.

Although it's a bit pricey upfront, Booster offers long-term benefits. While it may not be ideal for those on a tight budget just starting, once your business picks up, you won't need to spend extra on marketing, SEO, or design apps.

Key features

  • Unmatched Customisation: Booster offers unparalleled customization options, allowing you to perfect every aspect of your one-product Shopify store.
  • Tailored for Single Product Stores: With dedicated presets designed explicitly for one-product stores, Booster streamlines the setup process and ensures optimal performance for your unique business model.
  • Versatility Across Niches: Whether you're selling electronics, fashion, or anything in between, Booster is versatile enough to cater to various niches, making it the ideal choice for any one-product Shopify store.

Price: $39

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Craft is a free, simple Shopify theme ideal for small stores and those selling just one product. With a high % approval rating of 70%, it offers a genuine and understated design and many useful features. Although fancier than some other themes, Craft is perfect for new entrepreneurs wanting their unique style.

Craft is designed to help you tell a story, with special sections and templates for creating compelling narratives. It also gives you plenty of freedom to customize your store's look so you can create a single-product shop that perfectly matches your brand.

Key features

  • Unmatched Flexibility: Craft provides a highly flexible design and plenty of options for customising, allowing you to create a unique and outstanding Shopify store focused on a single product. 
  • Stylish Minimalism: Craft embodies a sleek and minimalistic style characterized by elegant typography and clean design elements, ensuring your store exudes sophistication and professionalism.
  • Effortless Setup and Configuration: With Craft, setting up your one-product Shopify store is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive design. 

Price: Free


    Wokiee has features and templates, making it a top choice for single-product websites. Although it may seem basic at first glance, rest assured: There are many of ways to make it visually appealing and boost your sales.

    With Wokiee, you'll also get access to social media feeds, full-page media displays, custom headers, banner sections, and fantastic product variant switching options, all included in the same subscription.

    Key features

    • Dynamic Social Media Integration: Wokiee seamlessly integrates social media feeds, allowing you to engage with customers across various platforms directly from your one-product Shopify store.
    • Versatile Design Options: With a flexible design, Wokiee empowers you to customize every aspect of your store, ensuring it perfectly reflects your brand and product.
    • Customisable Banner Section: Enjoy the flexibility of Wokiee's banner section, allowing you to showcase your product visually compellingly and capture potential customers' attention.
    • Optimized for Dropshipping: Wokiee is optimized for dropshipping, making it ideal for entrepreneurs looking to start their one-product Shopify store easily and efficiently.

    Price: $79


    Votto is specially designed for one-product Shopify stores, offering 8 distinct page layouts. Each layout comes with different styles, colors, and example products, providing a great foundation for your store without any extra effort.

    The easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor allows you to rearrange sections and add additional information effortlessly. You can customize headers and footers and incorporate modern blog and menu sections to give your site a unique and contemporary look.

    Key features

    • Effortless Website Editing: Votto simplifies the process of editing your site, making it easy for you to tailor it to your specific needs and showcase your single product effectively.
    • Multiple One-Page Layouts: Choose from various one-page layouts to highlight your single product compellingly and enhance customer engagement.
    • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Shop Builder: Votto's drag-and-drop shop builder makes it simple for you to create and organize your product listings, saving you time and effort while maximizing the impact of your store.
    • Tailored Specifically for Single-Product Stores: Explicitly designed for single-product stores, Votto is optimized to effectively showcase your product's unique features and benefits, making it the perfect choice for your Shopify store.

    Price: $59


      MyMedi may seem geared towards medical websites, but it offers more versatility. Owners of single-product websites will appreciate its extensive capabilities in showcasing product information. With five different product page types, including options for color variations, product ratings, key features, stock alerts, social sharing, wishlist functionality, and more, MyMedi caters to various needs.

      Moreover, the website is optimized for speed, boasting low page load times and high Google PageSpeed rankings. This boosts user satisfaction and enhances your website's visibility on search engines.

      Key features

      • Advanced Product Display Features: MyMedi offers a wide array of features to showcase your single product effectively, including versatile layouts, customizable color options, detailed product ratings, and more.
      • Mobile-First Design: Designed with a mobile-first approach, MyMedi ensures that your one-product store looks and functions flawlessly on all devices, providing an exceptional user experience.
      • Perfect for Small Businesses: Ideal for small businesses, MyMedi provides everything you need to establish and grow a successful one-product Shopify store, from comprehensive product display options to integrated marketing tools.

      Price: $79

      Chrono Dial

        Chrono Dial is a theme designed specifically for watch stores. Visuals play a significant role in selling watches and single-product pages, so it's no wonder this theme is an excellent fit for any product where looks matter.

        The theme includes an image carousel feature that makes it easy to display multiple product pictures. You can combine various design elements to highlight your product and its different variations, allowing you to provide more details.

        Key features

        • Effortless Customisation: Using Chrono Dial makes customizing your store effortless and straightforward, enabling you to establish a distinct and visually impressive online presence that mirrors your brand identity.
        • Unique Shopping Cart Designs: Stand out with Chrono Dial's customizable designs, providing customers with a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.
        • Multi-Currency Support: Chrono Dial supports multi-currency transactions, enabling you to cater to a global audience, expanding your reach, and increasing your conversion opportunities.

        Price: $59


        Boom is explicitly designed for single-product Shopify stores, offering over 70 starting points featuring various products. These themes have a clean and simple design, putting the product front and center.

        Editing your store with Boom is straightforward, thanks to its modern full-size sections that seamlessly blend. Additionally, Boom comes with a range of features designed to boost sales, potentially saving you money on additional Shopify apps.

        Key features

        • Abundance of Single-Product Templates: Boom offers a wide selection of templates explicitly tailored for single-product Shopify stores, providing ample options for various products and preferences.
        • Straightforward Design Customisation: Boom simplifies the process of customising your store's look with its straightforward design options, ensuring seamless alignment with your brand identity and product range. 
        • Robust Section Functionality: Boom's powerful sections functionality allows for seamless editing and arrangement of content, enabling you to create engaging and visually appealing product pages.

        Price: $59


          Lezada offers more than 200 different templates and an extensive list of additional features, earning its title of multipurpose. However, what truly sets it apart from single-product websites is its exceptional product display capabilities, allowing you to highlight your star product in the best possible way.

          You can showcase your product beautifully with features like videos, 3D models, and AR models. A well-designed product page with options for colors and sizes allows for easy customization, while features such as combo selling and Ajax cart popups can significantly boost sales. Lezada ensures that your product takes the spotlight – a crucial aspect for all single-product websites.

          Key features

          • Extensive Variety with Over 200 Styles: Choose from a wide selection of over 200 styles in Lezada, ensuring that you find the perfect design to showcase your single product effectively.
          • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Site Editing: Lezada's drag-and-drop site editing feature makes customizing your store effortless and intuitive, Enabling you to craft a distinctive and visually striking online presence effortlessly.
          • Highly Customisable: Lezada offers extensive customization options, allowing you to precisely adapt every store element to suit your brand identity and product range. This ensures that your store stands out from the competition.

          Price: $79


            Optimal is a versatile Shopify theme known for its all-in-one capabilities. It's no wonder it offers a strong layout designed explicitly for single-product stores and impressive editing and sales features to enhance your store further.

            With its powerful editing features, you can design the ideal layout for your product. You can customize headers, footers, collections, and product pages to suit your preferences. Plenty of attractive half and full-width elements fill your page with engaging content and additional sales tools to boost conversions.

            Key features

            • Versatile Editing Capabilities: Optimal offers multiple editing options, allowing you to customize your single-product Shopify store according to your preferences and needs.
            • Full-Width Design Options: Choose from full-width design layouts in Optimal to create impactful and immersive product displays that enhance your store's visual appeal.
            • Diverse Pre-made Templates: Optimal offers a selection of 27+ pre-made templates, giving you a head start in creating your single-product store with ease and efficiency.

            Price: $89


              Queen is a straightforward single-product Shopify theme offering 5 variations and 6 header styles. It is an excellent option if you prefer a website that's easy to create, modify, and manage while still giving your product the spotlight it deserves.

              Featuring full-screen video integration at the top of your site, Queen is perfect if you have compelling video content. Additionally, seamlessly connecting your Instagram feed to the store allows visitors to get a glimpse of you and your business.

              Key features

              • User-Friendly Editing: Queen offers beginner-friendly editing tools, making it easy for anyone to customize their single-product Shopify store.
              • Comprehensive Menu Options: Queen includes an extensive menu, allowing you to efficiently organize your store's navigation and provide easy access to different sections and products.

              Price: $24


              Minimog stands out as more than just another ordinary Shopify theme. This advanced theme is designed to cater to both single-product and multi-product websites. With over 50 page templates, numerous customizable content blocks, and various features to boost your sales, Minimog is an ideal choice for creating a modern, conversion-focused website.

              What sets Minimog apart is its FoxKit app, which serves as an additional marketing and product management tool. With extra editing capabilities and a range of premium marketing features, Minimog offers exceptional value for your online store.

              Key features

              • Advanced Sales Features: Minimog is an exceptional choice for single-product Shopify stores, offering many advanced sales features to drive conversions and maximize revenue.
              • Tailored Seasonal Layouts: Minimog's specially crafted layouts for seasonal sales allow you to promote and showcase your products during peak shopping and holiday seasons effortlessly.
              • Prominent Featured Product Sections: Highlight your star products with Minimog's prominent featured product sections. This ensures that your best-selling items receive the attention they deserve, driving engagement and boosting sales.

              Price: $88


                Created by CRO experts boasting over a decade of experience, the Electro theme shines as a fast and robust theme tailor-made for electronics and high-tech stores. Yet, its versatility extends further, seamlessly fitting the unique needs of any online store.

                A standout feature of Electro is its unparalleled page speed. Through rigorous testing, we've found that every page built with the Electro theme achieves an impressive Google Pagespeed score on mobile devices, which increases conversion rates and sales.

                With a primary focus on optimally presenting product details, Electro offers multiple sections dedicated to showcasing rich content and various media formats. Electro boasts a unique Product Page Navigation feature, enabling visitors to navigate your product pages and swiftly find relevant information effortlessly.

                Whether you're managing a single-product or multi-product website, Electro is scalable and poised to grow alongside your catalog.

                Key features

                • Unique Product Sticky Bar: Electro introduces a unique Product Sticky Bar feature that ensures easy access to crucial product details as visitors browse your site, enhancing user experience and driving conversions.
                • Intuitive Hotspots: With Electro, intuitive hotspots enable you to highlight key product features effectively, engaging visitors and encouraging purchase decisions with informative visual cues.
                • Diverse Range of Unique Sections: Electro offers a diverse selection of over 30 unique sections, empowering you to customize your store and create a visually captivating online presence that effectively showcases your product.

                Price: $89


                  Ella is a versatile one-product Shopify theme that combines the best features from different worlds. It provides various ready-made layouts and styles, catering to single-product and large inventory stores. With its impressive editing tools, you can mix and match elements, creating fully customized single-product websites that reflect your unique vision.

                  Featuring 12 product page layout options, Ella allows you to showcase your item with images and product videos. Its modern design is highly customizable, offering around 100 content blocks to help you transform your website into the single-product store you've always envisioned.

                  Key features

                  • Unlimited Creative Control: Ella empowers you with full creative freedom, allowing you to design your single-product Shopify store precisely as you envision it.
                  • Extensive Customisation Options: With approximately 100 customizable content blocks, Ella provides a wide range of options to tailor your website's appearance and functionality to suit your brand and product.
                  • Optimized for Mobile Devices: Ella's mobile-optimized layout ensures that your single-product store looks and performs flawlessly on smartphones and tablets, providing a seamless browsing experience for your customers.
                  • Supports 3D Product Images: Ella endorses using 3D product images, which enable you to showcase your product from every angle and provide visitors with a more immersive shopping experience.

                  Price: $53

                  What should you look for in a one-product Shopify theme?

                  Finding the perfect Shopify theme for a single-product store can be tricky. Many themes made for multiple products can also work well for single-product stores.

                  Here's what you should consider when choosing a one-product Shopify theme:

                  • Design Features: Look for a theme that offers extensive editing options, including plenty of content blocks and various layout choices to help you create a unique website that matches your vision.
                  • Image-Centric Design: Visuals are crucial on single-product websites. Choose a theme with smart product pages and multiple product image views to showcase different angles effectively. Opt for themes with full-width photos and modern designs.
                  • Conversion-Boosting Features: With only one product to highlight, strategically placed banners, pop-ups, and messages can bring your website to life and increase sales. Look for themes that include premium business features to maximize your earning potential.

                  What are the best strategies for maximizing a single-product Shopify store's potential?

                  A single-product Shopify store can be a strong business model if you get it right. Here are some important ways to make the most of it:

                  Product & Presentation:

                  • Special Selling Point: Make sure your product solves a particular problem or offers a benefit that sets it apart from competitors.
                  • Great Images: Invest in professional photos that clearly show off every detail of your product.
                  • Interesting Descriptions: Write descriptions that explain what your product does and why it's great. Use customer photos and videos to add trust.

                  Brand & Trust:

                  • Clear Brand: Create a story and image for your brand that your target audience will connect with.
                  • Social Proof: Show off reviews, testimonials, and mentions on social media to build trust and encourage people to buy.

                  Conversion & Optimisation:

                  • Easy Checkout: Keep the checkout process simple and offer guest checkout to make buying easy.
                  • Mobile-friendly: Make sure your store works well on phones and tablets, as lots of people shop on them.
                  • Testing & Learning: Use Shopify's data to see what customers do on your site and test changes to make it better.

                  Marketing & Growth:

                  • Targeted Ads: Use paid ads on Facebook and Google to reach people who are likely to buy from you.
                  • Content Marketing: Write useful and interesting content about your product or niche, like blog posts or social media posts.
                  • Influencers: Work with people who have a following in your niche to promote your product.

                  Extra Tips:

                  • Great Customer Service: Be quick and helpful when people have questions or problems.
                  • Upselling & Bundles: Offer related products or packages with your main product to make more money per order.
                  • Keep Up with Trends: Pay attention to what's popular in your industry and adjust your product or marketing to match.

                  By focusing on these ideas, you can make your single-product Shopify store a success.

                  Alternative Best One Product  Shopify Theme 

                  EComposer Page Builder stands out as an excellent alternative to the Best One Product Shopify Theme. This innovative tool allows you to effortlessly design a variety of page types and sections using its intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Whether you're crafting landing pages, product showcases, or blog posts, EComposer streamlines your customization process by integrating all necessary features within one platform. 

                  Moreover, EComposer prioritizes store performance with its meticulously engineered speed tools, ensuring an optimal user experience. With its robust customization options, user-friendly interface, and dedicated customer support, EComposer empowers you to create a unique and responsive website that excels in the digital realm.

                  Key features

                  • Effortless Customisation: With EComposer Page Builder, you can easily customize every aspect of your store. Whether you're refining landing pages, homepages, collection pages, or product pages, EComposer offers intuitive tools that allow you to tailor your store precisely to your liking. This level of customization ensures that your one-product Shopify store stands out and reflects your unique brand identity.
                  • Extensive Design Options: One of the key features of EComposer is its extensive design library, which offers a wide range of page layouts, section templates, and elements. Whether you want a simple or striking look, EComposer has everything you need to make your website look just the way you want. With lots of choices, you can make a website that really grabs people's attention and sticks in their minds.
                  • Built-In Enhancements: EComposer has a range of built-in add-ons designed to enhance user experience and drive sales. Features like Ajax Cart, Colour Swatch, Image Optimizer, and Cross-selling streamline the shopping process for your customers, making it easier for them to find and purchase your products. By integrating these enhancements directly into your store, EComposer ensures a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers, increasing sales and revenue.
                  • Advanced Functionality: Besides its user-friendly interface and extensive design options, EComposer offers advanced functionality that sets it apart as the best choice for one-product Shopify stores. Features like Page Analytics, Global Blocks, AI Content Generator, and Lazy Load are designed to optimize website performance and functionality, ensuring your store performs at its best. With these advanced features, you can take your one-product Shopify store to the next level.

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                  What characterizes a one-product store?

                  A one-product store is an online retail shop concentrating solely on selling a single product. These stores typically have a narrow focus and are tailored to promote and sell a specific product or product line. A one-product store aims to establish a strong brand identity around the product and convey a clear message to potential customers about its benefits and features. Such stores can be highly effective for niche products or those with a dedicated following.

                  Is a one-product store ideal for dropshipping?

                  Typically, drop shippers should start with 5-10 products, with the primary focus on 1-3.

                  This approach helps to sustain the business. Even if one product doesn't generate profit, others might, allowing you to develop your business through trial and error.

                  What are the best products for single-product Shopify stores?

                  The ideal products for your single-product Shopify store are unique ones that can sustain your business with healthy profit margins.

                  Here are some popular trending products you may consider for your single-product venture:

                  • Rugs and doormats
                  • Men's grooming products
                  • Loungewear and shapewear
                  • Reusable kitchenware
                  • Home office equipment

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                  Best one Single-product Shopify pages can be created using themes specifically designed for stores with just one item. Alternatively, you can also build them from versatile multipurpose themes that offer a wide range of design options.

                  The choice is yours to make. Ensure you prioritize excellent product photos and well-designed pages and put effort into boosting conversions. With these strategies in place, your single-product store will thrive.

                  Now, explore the power of EComposer Page Builder to optimize your theme and enhance user experience.  Try it out