Shopify Turbo theme Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings


Shopify Turbo theme Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings

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The appearance of your Shopify store holds significant importance. It acts as the pathway guiding visitors toward becoming loyal customers who return for repeated purchases. Turbo Shopify themes, being premium choices, contribute to making your store visually appealing and aim to engage customers on your website for extended periods.

In this article, you'll discover the specifics of a Turbo Shopify theme, its comprehensive features, and a step-by-step guide on installing the theme to set up your ecommerce site in minutes.

What is Turbo Shopify theme?

The Turbo Shopify theme from Out of the Sandbox is a really good and fancy theme for online stores

The Turbo Shopify theme from Out of the Sandbox is a really good and fancy theme for online stores. People like it because it makes stores look nice, works fast, and has its style. It’s great for making a website that stands out and makes customers happy.

It's easy to use because it loads quickly and looks good, especially on phones! The best thing about Turbo is that it makes the website work better and faster, which is essential because customers don’t want to wait long for pages to load.

Also, this Turbo theme has excellent features that can make customers even happier. For example, there are quick links at the bottom of every page so customers can easily contact the team if they have any questions without having to search the whole website. 

Who Should Use the Turbo Shopify Theme?

No matter what you're selling, Turbo is a good fit for businesses of all sizes, whether you're just starting with a small range of products or a big company with hundreds or even thousands of items.

  • Turbo theme suits larger businesses with extensive product catalogs (200+ products), ensuring smooth functionality and an appealing website layout.
  • Opting for Turbo guarantees a straightforward, user-friendly, and high-performing website, incorporating the latest features for an enhanced experience.
  • In terms of loading speed, Turbo theme achieves a performance score of 90 on desktops and a commendable 73 on mobile devices, showcasing its efficiency.
  • Potential buyers might need clarification on Turbo's slightly lower Page Speed Insight rankings. These rankings don't reflect certain performance-boosting features, like page preloading.
  • Some flagged issues on Page Speed Insights, such as "render blocking" CSS and JavaScript, persist due to the inherent structure of the Shopify theme framework. These limitations are part of the platform's setup and are not easily eliminated.

Why Choose the Turbo Shopify Theme?

High Performance: The Turbo Theme does a smart thing by guessing where the website visitor might click next and preloading that page, which makes the website load faster when the customer visits.

  • Flexible Design and Advanced: Turbo lets you change your store's appearance in many ways. If you know how to use HTML and CSS, you can customize the theme designs in the editor.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design: The store you make with Turbo will work well on phones and tablets, so you don't need to worry about it looking weird on mobile screens.
  • Big Storage Capacity: Turbo can handle many visitors and tons of products, which is excellent for big stores or Shopify Plus users.
  • Regular Updates: They keep improving Turbo, and all those new features are free for users when they come out.

But there are some things to think about before getting Turbo. It's pricey at $425, especially if you're just starting with Shopify. But it's a one-time payment, and you get all the cool features without extra charges.

Turbo theme Layout options

The Turbo Shopify theme offers 6 styles: Chicago Day, Dubai, Florence, Portland, Seoul, and Tennessee. Here are the main things to know about the Chicago Day style:

Chicago Day

Chicago Day is perfect for stores selling clothes, tech, music

Chicago Day is perfect for stores selling clothes, tech, music, etc. Choosing this style can leave a lasting impression on customers and make a strong visual impact. It’s a great choice if you want your store to look bold, powerful, and vibrant.

The Chicago Day style focuses on products made from natural ingredients that help customers relax and feel good every day. This style works well for businesses selling products that promote mental and physical relaxation and emotional balance.

Customers using these functional food products must pay close attention to dosage instructions and product details mentioned on the packaging to get the best results.


The Dubai theme is all about solid, simple colors and a fancy look

The Dubai theme is all about solid, simple colors and a fancy look. It's perfect for those super fancy stores selling high-quality stuff like leather bracelets, handbags, and expensive things made from top-notch leather. These luxury items make the website look rich and fancy.

Customers can see every product detail from different angles in the cart check-out parts and choose colors, sizes, and types before buying. Dubai keeps its color options minimal, making it easy for customers to choose. 

Every demo in this Turbo Shopify theme collection is similar but has its style. So, if you're into the design of the Dubai theme, you can start using it immediately.


The Dubai theme is all about solid, simple colors and a fancy look

Now, onto Florence. Going for the Florence theme in Turbo will make your website look fresh and attractive. It's got this subtle beauty that's perfect for people who love things that look good. The clean text and soft colors make the products look amazing.

Florence works great for high-end stores selling jewelry and accessories like necklaces, earrings, and rings. It takes inspiration from an old drawer handle and the dew on a lamppost, which is pretty cool.

One of the best things about Florence might be the ring sizer tool, which helps customers figure out the right size before they buy. If you want a theme that makes it easy for customers to find what they want, Florence is a great choice that businesses should consider. Try it out now for that luxurious Florence theme look.


The Portland theme in Turbo is amazing for creating an online store or a cool website for selling stuff. It's all about drag-and-drop designing, letting you create a whole site. You can use the same design or mix it up for different parts, so there are many choices.

The Portland theme in Turbo is amazing for creating an online store or a cool website for selling stuff

This theme mainly focuses on yoga gear and t-shirts in simple colors for both guys and girls. The idea is to bring confidence and comfort to everyone doing yoga daily.

It's a simple theme, perfect for folks into exercise, especially yoga, and the gear related to it. Portland is a great choice if you're into sports and yoga clothing.


The Portland theme in Turbo is amazing for creating an online store or a cool website for selling stuff

Seoul's known for its relaxed vibe, but it's also got this exciting feel. The Turbo theme shows off cool modern features with a shiny look that goes well with the white space. Plus, Seoul is all about the slogan "For work, for play," meaning you can take your favorite music everywhere with wireless Bluetooth headphones.

This theme is great for music lovers who want easy access to tunes at home or while traveling. If you're into subtle, warm beauty, try the Seoul Turbo theme. It's a smart way to impress visitors and show off your products.


Using the Tennessee Turbo theme will make customers return to your store

Using the Tennessee Turbo theme will make customers return to your store amazed by its sharp beauty and subtle charm. It's fantastic for showcasing the brighter side of life and making more people aware of and happy with your products.

Tennessee mainly features various barware accessories like glasses, tools, shakers, and kits for high-end drinks. For stores selling top-notch alcohol and beverages, this theme meets the high standards of pro bartenders and whisky experts.

So, Tennessee's design is simple but bold enough to match the luxury vibe, leaving a strong impression on customers. The website looks tidy and well-designed, thanks to how the photos and white space work together. Use Tennessee now to give your site a fantastic look with a hint of boldness.

Overall, each theme style in the Turbo Shopify theme has its look and features. With up to six styles, it's easy for users to pick what suits them best. Turbo is a solid choice for businesses looking for a speedy theme with various style options.

But that's not all; Turbo offers loads of customization for its features. In the following section, let's explore these features to learn more about them.

Features & Pricing of Turbo Shopify theme 


Quick Shop

Shopify Turbo themes come with a built-in Quick Shop functionality

Shopify Turbo themes come with a built-in Quick Shop functionality. This feature is highly advantageous as it minimizes page load times, mainly with content that loads slowly but is essential.

Moreover, the Quick Shop feature enables customers to swiftly view product details without opening the entire product page—just by hovering over the product image. It also facilitates a smooth process for customers to select and add products directly to their shopping cart from the collection page.

Page Load Speed

If the load speed of your website takes longer than 4 or 5 seconds, approximately 40% of visitors may abandon it. Slow load times can significantly reduce traffic. However, the Turbo Shopify theme tackles this problem head-on. It's equipped with features that enable lightning-fast page transitions, addressing the issue of slow load times.

Turbo employs clever page preloading functions to retain impatient customers by speeding up access to the website. It stands out with two-speed settings, Ludicrous and Sport, designed to keep your website operating rapidly and smoothly.

In Ludicrous mode, you can use all of Turbo's performance-enhancing features, although it might have technical issues with specific third-party applications or custom code. On the other hand, Sport mode reduces app incompatibilities but includes all performance-enhancing features except page preloading.

The Ludicrous mode's page preloading feature uses advanced techniques to predict which page the user might visit next—an excellent extension for all Turbo Shopify theme users.

Mega-menu With Multi-column Submenus

With the Turbo theme, you can create up to five Mega Menus, offering aesthetically pleasing layouts for longer navigation links. These menus can contain up to five content columns and are great for stores with extensive inventories.

Add CSS Customizations

Another feature allows you to add custom CSS for sections and theme elements, giving you more control over styling. This feature enables fine-tuning of individual components within your storefront.

Upgraded Product Layouts

The upgraded product layouts offer customization options, allowing unique sections, 

video embedding, and rearranging product descriptions. This feature optimizes product pages by emphasizing product attributes and benefits, improving SEO and customer assistance efficiency.

Predictive Search

The predictive search widget, another highlight, enables auto-complete and presents search queries as customers type. It enhances convenience and professionalism, aiding customers in finding what they need quickly and effectively, reducing bounce rates.

Built-in Newsletter Popup

The built-in newsletter popup is an essential feature.

The built-in newsletter popup is an essential feature. Although popups can be disruptive, this tool effectively encourages customers to sign up, stay updated on new products, and not miss out on deals, contributing to more effective marketing strategies and customer retention.

Pricing Options 

The Turbo Shopify theme costs $425 USD, and offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

It's important to note that these themes aren't available in the Shopify theme store. To make a purchase, you'll need to visit the Turbo theme website. Once payment is completed, a zip file containing the Turbo theme for Shopify will be sent to your email. To apply the theme, you'll have to navigate to the Online Store and then Themes in your Shopify dashboard, where you'll upload the theme file.

Pros & Cons of Turbo Shopify theme

The Turbo theme stands out as a premium choice among Shopify themes, highly favored by many store owners for its optimization in speed and performance. Below are the advantages and drawbacks of the Turbo theme for Shopify: 

Pros of Turbo Shopify theme 

  • Swift Performance: True to its name, the Turbo theme is built to prioritize speed, ensuring rapid loading of your store.
  • Flexibility: It offers multiple styles, allowing adaptation to various industries and brands through customization.
  • Feature-Rich: This theme boasts advanced functionalities like mega menus, multi-level dropdowns, and predictive search.
  • Responsive Design: Ensures seamless functionality and appearance across devices, including mobiles and tablets.
  • Regular Updates: Developers frequently enhance the theme to align with the latest Shopify features and address any issues.
  • Built-in Optimization: Includes tools to optimize images and content, contributing to faster load times.

Cons of Turbo Shopify theme 

  • Higher Cost: Turbo is a premium theme with a higher price tag than other Shopify themes.
  • Complexity: The abundance of features might overwhelm newcomers or those unfamiliar with website design.
  • Customization Limits: While versatile, there could be constraints in deviating from default designs without delving into code.
  • Potential Overhead: Improper utilization of advanced features might increase the website’s overhead, impacting the promised speed.

How to Purchase the Turbo Shopify Theme

You'll need to visit Out of the Sandbox to purchase the Turbo Shopify Theme for your Shopify store. Remarkably, this theme offers a trial period with complete functionality and customization options before committing to a purchase.

How to Purchase the Turbo Shopify Theme

Note: Remember, the Shopify Theme store offers a range of free and paid themes available for exploration and use!

How to add Turbo Shopify theme for your online store

Once you finish working on the theme, you must download a ZIP file containing the Turbo Shopify Theme onto your computer. To incorporate this theme into your Shopify store, you can effortlessly upload the ZIP file onto the Themes section within the Shopify admin.

Reminder: Ensure all theme files are compressed into a single ZIP file before uploading.

Step 1: Navigate to Online Store > Themes within your Shopify admin.

Step 2: Select “Add theme” and proceed to upload the zip file within the Theme library section.

Select “Add theme”

Step 3: In the Upload theme window, click “Upload zip file” to pick the ZIP file containing the Turbo Shopify Theme.

: In the Upload theme window, click “Upload zip file” to pick the ZIP file

Step 4: Complete the process by clicking “Upload file” to add the theme to your Shopify store.

Once done, the Turbo Theme Shopify will be successfully added to the Themes page in your Shopify admin.

2 Successful Examples Using Turbo Shopify Theme

For me by Dee (Stationery & Gifts)

For Me by Dee represents is exceptional instances of the Turbo Shopify Theme

For Me by Dee represents a Stationery & Gifts brand highlighted among the exceptional instances of the Turbo Shopify Theme. Led by Daniella Leo, also known as Dee, an accomplished watercolor artist hailing from Melbourne, Australia, this brand specializes in crafting artistic gifts, home décor, and customized pet portraits.

Dee, renowned for her mastery of watercolor artistry, infuses her hand-painted characters into creating exquisite home goods, gifts, and stationery. Through the website, customers can select their favorite character, providing them with a personalized and fulfilling experience. Among the characters available are Elliot the Elephant, Penny the Peacock, Pia the Pig, Pongo the Panda, Reg the Rhino, and Wanda the Cow.

Froy (Home Décor & Furniture)

Froy specializes in offering the latest trends in contemporary furniture and home décor

Froy specializes in offering the latest trends in contemporary furniture and home décor. They scour the globe for innovative products that blend top-notch quality with timeless allure. Froy's primary goal is to make these cutting-edge designs accessible to customers, enabling everyone to express their unique style and creativity at home.

Their website showcases eight primary styles: modern, rustic, mid-century modern, Scandinavian, coastal, industrial, farmhouse, and bohemian. With Froy's exceptional design, your home will have an eclectic, stylish charm.

Froy's impressive website is a gateway to exploring a diverse world of contemporary furniture and home furnishings. The site features a range of meaningful items from nautical to mid-century modern, bohemian to industrial. Only products meeting high quality and visual appeal standards are showcased, ensuring customers access top-notch offerings.

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Alternatives to Turbo theme

Opting for EComposer's Landing Page Builder offers you a personalized landing page perfectly matched to your brand, vision, and objectives. 

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  • Utilize a live drag-and-drop page builder boasting a user-friendly interface adhering to Shopify standards—no coding required.
  • Access a design library teeming with diverse page layouts, section templates, and an abundance of elements to enhance your pages.
  • Benefit from integrated add-ons such as Ajax Cart, Color Swatch, Image Optimizer, Cross-selling, and more.
  • Experience advanced features like Page Analytics, Global Blocks, AI Content Generation, Lazy Loading, and other powerful functionalities.


Is Turbo the ultimate choice among Shopify themes?

After our thorough assessment, Turbo emerges as a top contender in Shopify themes. Its exceptional speed, performance, and adaptable design truly stand out. With its outstanding performance, mobile-friendly features, and capacity to manage extensive product catalogs, Turbo is an ideal selection for established online stores.

What defines the Shopify Turbo theme? 

Turbo represents a fully-equipped, top-tier theme designed explicitly for Shopify Plus merchants. Boasting in-demand features, consistent performance, and extensive design adaptability, Turbo is preferred among industry experts and seasoned merchants. Purchase information available.

Do Shopify 2.0 themes offer improved speed? 

Yes, they do. These themes boast cleaner code, resulting in quicker loading times. They utilize streamlined CSS, reducing the number of CSS files for faster loading in visitors' browsers. Moreover, Shopify 2.0 themes avoid outdated JavaScript libraries that typically hinder website speed. This ensures stores remain current with the latest updates.

Are free Shopify themes worth it?

Although free Shopify themes offer a starting point, they might require additional apps or professional help for customization. Opting for a paid theme could be more cost-effective in the long term, offering essential features without the need for extra add-ons or extensive customization


Overall, exploring the Turbo Shopify theme is worthwhile due to its features. Turbo stands out from its competitors with its superior speed, customizable options, and impressive design.

The Turbo Shopify theme is excellent for businesses aiming to enhance these crucial factors. Its developers have considered various customer needs, ensuring ease of use and customization through a user-friendly design.

Ecomposer hopes that these insights shed light on the offerings of the Turbo theme and how they can bolster business growth. The theme's examples showcased in this blog illustrate its effectiveness. If you seek a reliable starting point for swift and efficient page loading, try the Turbo theme.

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